Sunday, February 22, 2015

500 Muslims Attend Funeral of Copenhagen Jihadist

By Thomas Lifson  

Yesterday saw an outpouring of grief in Copenhagen related to the jihad murders aimed at cartoonists and Jews. But the mourners were honoring Omar El-Hussein, who killed filmmaker Finn Nørgaard, 55, and volunteer synagogue guard Dan Uzan, 37, on February 14th.  Apparently they didn’t think El-Hussein was “a violent vicious zealot” who “randomly shot a bunch of folks.”
The Daily Telegraph reports:
A man of east African origin, who refused to give his name, told AFP about the ceremony: "There were a lot of young people that you don't normally see there... because they knew Omar. Some of them were gang members.
"They are my brothers too because they believe in Allah and the Prophet Mohammed, but their lifestyle doesn't have a lot to do with Islam," he said.
But, not all Muslims were mourning El-Hussein:
Copenhagen's Muslim community was divided ahead of the funeral.
A spokesman for the Danish Islamic Burial Fund objected to El-Hussein being buried at a cemetery run by his group.
Sounds promising, right? A rejection of this attack on innocents? Except:
"My concern is over extremist attitudes and actions on both sides," Ahmet Deniz told the Jyllands Posten newspaper ahead of the burial.
So both sides are responsible? Where are the Danes assassinating Muslims?

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