Friday, February 20, 2015

PEGIDA UK to Bring Anti-Islamisation Demonstrations to Britain as First Meeting Given Go-Ahead

By Oliver Lane 

Britain’s own chapter of counter-Islamisation group PEGIDA has got the go ahead from police to hold its first demonstration in Newcastle next Saturday, with speeches expected from organisers and anti-Islamism speaker Paul Weston. Speaking to Breitbart London, the leaders of PEGIDA UK said they had learnt lessons from the experiences of other PEGIDA groups in Europe, some of which have seen rapid growth, and others that have failed to gain traction. The organisers said they had specifically chosen Newcastle as a city which they felt would, like Dresden, be receptive to their warnings of rapid Islamisation, and which was a significant distance from the most active centres of English “political correctness” to avoid violent counter-protests.
After weeks of negotiation, the group has now agreed with Northumbria police to hold the march through the city of Newcastle. Although PEGIDA UK, as they are known, had originally requested permission to march through the city in the evening they have instead been given an early morning slot, owning to a clash with a major football match.
It is presently believed that while the PEGIDA demonstration will be ‘static’ and confined to the market place, a counter-protest organised by ‘Newcastle Unite’ will be allowed to march.
Paul Weston AP
Paul Weston is arrested for reading aloud from a book in 2014 / AP
Paul Weston, the leader of political party Liberty-GB has been confirmed as a speaker at the event. He shot to national attention last year when he was arrested on the front steps of Winchester Guildhall for reading from a book by wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill.
Quoting The River War, an autobiographical account of Churchill’s experience of recapturing the Sudan published in 1899, Weston read aloud: “Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.
“Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.
Newcastle Wikimedia
Once an important centre of British industry, Newcastle retains many of its fine Georgian and Victorian architecture / Wikimedia
“No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith”.
Despite Churchill having been voted the greatest ever Briton in a public poll in 2002, Weston was charged with committing a ‘racially aggravated crime’ for repeating his words in public. If convicted, Weston could have faced two years in jail for reading in public, but the charges were later dropped.
PEGIDA UK spokesman and co-organiser Matthew Pope told Breitbart London they were going to great lengths to ensure the protest went off peacefully, saying it would be a families and ordinary people with no political background would be welcome to attend. Pope said: “The main aim is to increase awareness about extreme Islam”, and said in vetting speakers, PEGIDA UK had even taken advice from British Anti-Fascist groups, to make sure no one with extremist links could hijack the event.
In a post on the official PEGIDA UK page, a statement read: “It has been brought to our attention that a variety of self proclaimed extreme right wing violent groups are planning to attend our demonstration… We welcome everybody. No matter of political nor religious background… All we ask is that people acknowledge our agenda of peaceful protest”.
“We would prefer it if the media published our views and principles instead of linking us to other groups. I hope the members of these various groups will respect our agenda”.
Pope also said he welcomed the local Muslim community, and people of all faiths to join the demonstration, as he believes radical Islam was every bit as bad for ordinary Muslims as anyone else. He said: “We would like the Muslim community, if they actually stand by Britain and are British, we urge them to stick with us and do this protest with us, because the extreme elements of Islam affect everyone”.
Despite the offer, local media metroradio reports the invitation for Newcastle’s different communities to join together to reject extremism was rejected out of hand by a local Muslim community leader, who said supporting the group would be a “paradox”.
A counter-protester is arrested in Leipzig after fireworks and bottles were thrown at police officers by left-wing ‘antifa’ groups, frustrated at being unable to get at the PEGIDA marchers / Breitbart London / Oliver Lane
When discussing the United Kingdom’s first PEGIDA event, we asked Pope whether he thought there would be a repeat of events at PEGIDA marches in Germany, which have seen extremely violent counter-protests by left-wing anti-fascist groups. Although Pope said there would be strong security at the event, and he hoped the counter-protesters wouldn’t throwfireworks and glass bottles as they have in Berlin and Leipzig, he did have some concerns.
Pope said there were some groups very strongly opposed to the existence of PEGIDA, remarking “they seem to have a violent agenda, but we want peace”.
“One of PEGIDA’s points of principle is freedom of speech, we don’t want to stop any one else protesting or counter protesting”, said Pope. Despite that, there have already been threats towards the group, and we were told a number of potential volunteer organisers had already withdrawn due to intimidation.
The German PEGIDA organisation has also seen a number of it’s organisation committee resign over harassment. Former PEGIDA spokeswoman and single mother of three Kathrin Oertel resigned her post in the group earlier this month, complaining of constant threats and being woken in the middle of the night by people climbing through her garden.
Police have reassured locals that despite fears, there shouldn’t be any trouble on the day. Police Chief Superintendent Laura Young said: “The organisers from both groups have assured us they do not want any trouble and their intention is to hold peaceful protests before moving on and we will act in a neutral capacity to facilitate this.
“There are other events taking place on that Saturday and the city will be busy. I want to reassure people that there will be adequate resources in place to deal with all of the events taking place that day.
“People often ask why we can’t ban protests. Police forces do not have the power to ban a protest or the right to peaceful assembly. This is a fundamental democratic right and is laid down in the European Convention of Human Rights… Our priority is ensuring public safety and minimum disruption to the local community.”

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