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ISIS Family, Whose 7-Year-Old Posed with Severed Head in Photo, Plot to Return to Australia

by Mary Chastain 

Tara Nettleton, the wife of Australian Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, announced she wants to come back to Australia. However, Prime Minister Tony Abbott issued a harsh warning that the family will face punishment for their crimes. “Crime is crime is crime, and criminals will face the full severity of Australian law, whether they’re male or female,” he explained. “I’m afraid you don’t get off scot-free just because you say, ‘I’ve seen the error of my ways.’”
Sharrouf took his wife and five children to Syria in 2013 via Malaysia. He caused an international storm when he posted a picture of his 7-year-old son holding a severed head with the caption, “That’s my boy!” Fairfax Media found Nettleton’s mother in Malaysia “in what police suspect was an effort to arrange the repatriation of Sharrouf’s wife and children,” including the 7-year-old.
“The point I want to stress is that criminals will be punished whether they’re young, whether they’re old, whether they’re male, whether they’re female, whether they’re criminals abroad or criminals at home,” continued Abbott.
In December, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop issued a ban on Australians traveling to Syria’s Raqqa province, which is the terrorist group’s capital of their caliphate. Over 75 passports were cancelled and ten people were refused passports under the new law passed in September. Anyone who breaks the law, “including family visits, journalism or aid work,” could receive a sentence of 10 years in prison. The law allows spies to monitor the Australian Internet for anyone who passes out confidential “information… [that] relates to a special operation.” These people can also receive 10 years in prison.
There is no evidence Sharrouf wants to leave the sadistic terrorist group. He enjoys posting pictures of his children with guns in front of the ISIS flag and pushing them into propaganda videos. He allegedly married off his 14-year-old daughter to a 31-year-old male friend.
“Criminals will be punished and to participate in the kind of barbarism that we have seen so often in the Middle East is just wrong,” stated Abbott. “It’s morally wrong and it’s a crime under Australian law and it will be punished.”
The criticism Nettleson received after her plans went public worried her mother.
“I plead with the Australian government and its institutions to put politics aside and do everything in their power to assist my family’s safe passage and return to my home,” she pleaded. “They are young Australians in real danger.”
Unfortunately, if the family returns, the children’s former schools already made it known none will take them. The eldest sons studied at Rissalah College, “but their attendance was plagued by unpaid fees and the community’s fear of their father.”
“You could tell he was ruthless, he had it in his eyes, many people were scared of him,” described one parent.
The principal stated the pictures of the children are only one reason why the school will not admit them again.
“Given the horrifying and barbaric experiences they have been exposed to, I don’t believe Rissalah College has the means to address their potential needs,” said principal Afif Khalil.

Erdogan urges Muslims to conquer J’lem & ‘al Andalus’

Erdogan wants to make peace between Sunnis and Shi’ites and together reconquer Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, the third holiest site in Islam. Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu had remarked recently, that “Jerusalem belongs to the Muslims, not to the Jews“.
The world belongs to allah, we just don’t know it yet.
Not content with Jerusalem, Erdogan wants Spain (Al Andalus) back as well.
Erdogan and Davutoglu focus on one technique to win the crowds by mesmerizing millions in their audience with pure emotion in order to magnetize the Muslim world to view Erdogan as Sultan.

Blair demanded £330,000 to speak about world hunger

by Andre Walker 

Tony Blair has been dropped from appearing at a world hunger conference in Sweden after he allegedly demanded £330,000 to do a twenty minute speech.
The former Prime Minister was asked to speak tomorrow at the Eat conference in Stockholm which, according to its website, will be ‘featuring the brightest minds from the fields of science, politics, business and civil society.’
The Eat conference first took place last year where US president Bill Clinton was the main speaker. Clinton was paid £327,000 to give a half an hour talk but Eat only offered Mr Blair £215,000 for his twenty minute slot. However, despite being offered this six figure sum there was no agreement between Eat and Kruger Crowne talent agency, which represents Mr Blair. It is alleged that Kruger Crowne asked eat for £250,000 plus £80,000 in expenses for the former PM’s speech.
A source within Eat has said that “Blair is just not Clinton, and even his star peer is fast diminishing.
“So for his talent reps to think Eat was going to pay massive bucks for him shows they overestimated his worth.”
Since leaving Number Ten Downing Street in 2007 Mr Blair has been making a substantial amount of money giving speeches. He was reportedly paid £327,000 for a speech in China to an audience containing Communist Party Officials and given £400,000 after a talk in the Philippines.
Kruger and Crowne asked Eat to pay all the money to the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, that campaigns for equal opportunities for women across the globe.
Tony Blair’s office released a statement stressing that the money from Eat would have gone to his wife’s charity and that “prior commitments had meant [attending the Eat conference] would be logically impossible”. Furthermore “His office at no point negotiated ‘the amount of money he would be earning’ because if he had been able to do the event, he would not have earned anything.”

UK Feared Terrorism from Microchip-Hating Christians and Star Trek Fans

by Daniel Greenfield 

 This dates back from the late 90s. Just before the current wave of Islamic terrorism would dominate the dialogue. But Scotland Yard was worried about X-Files and Star Trek fans.
It has emerged that Scotland Yard kept a secret dossier on Star Trek, The X-Files, and other US sci fi shows amid fears that British fans would go mad and kill themselves, turn against society or start a weird cult.
The American TV shows Roswell and Dark Skies and the film The Lawnmower Man were also monitored to protect the country from rioting and cyber attacks. Mission accomplished. Pay no attention to mass Muslim rapes. Keep an eye on the UFOs.
The two-page memo on UFO NRMs opens by saying ‘the purpose of this note is to draw attention to the risk posed by UFO NRMs in relation to the Millennium…it should be remembered that UFO NRMs are new and draw inspiration from sources one would not normally associate with religious devotion, particularly rock music, television drama and feature films.’
And religious groups that aren’t Islam who hate microchips.
Given their antipathy towards areas of modern technology, it may be prudent to broaden our view of what such an attack might constitute. An obvious area of interest to UFO and Pentecostal factions is microchip and bar code technology. This could have implications for various industries, most notably international banking, as some groups appear to be interpreting their computer systems as the tool of the Anti-Christ.
I think we all remember the scourge of Christians running around and bombing microchip factories. Anything and everything except Islam.

NYT: Mohammed Cartoons Too Offensive, Dung Virgin Mary Just Fine

by Daniel Greenfield 

 Just in case anyone was wondering whether the New York Times’ post-Hebdo massacre stance went for all religions, it doesn’t. It is a privilege specifically reserved for Islam and Muslims.
Here are the excuses that the New York Times made for not publishing Hebdo’s Mohammed cartoons.
New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet explained Thursday that the Grey Lady won’t republish provocative Muhammad cartoons from a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo because the images are simply too obscene.
“Was it hard to deny our readers these images? Absolutely. But we still have standards, and they involve not running offensive material,”
“I agree that the cartoons are central to the story. And it was hard as hell not to publish them. But to understand the real sensitivity of this issues you would have to publish the most sensitive images,” Baquet said.
“Have you seen them? They are sexual, and truly provocative. They are not the ones a handful of papers have run. Those are mild. If you really want to understand the issue, you would have to show the most over-the-top images,” he said. “And they don’t meet our standards. They are provocative on purpose. They show religious figures in sexual positions. We do not show those.”
Elsewhere, in separate statement to Politico, Baquet explained that the New York Times is also trying to avoid offending its Muslim readers: “[L]et’s not forget the Muslim family in Brooklyn who read us and is offended by any depiction of what he sees as his prophet.”
“I don’t give a damn about the head of [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] but I do care about that family and it is arrogant to ignore them,” he said
In 1999, the New York Times republished an image of Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary,” a painting “with a clump of elephant dung on one breast and cutouts of genitalia from pornographic magazines in the background,” Politico reported.
Now that photo is back.
Clearly the New York Times does publish “offensive material”. It publishes “obscene materials”. It does not have a problem with sexual materials involving religious figures.
It just has one exception. Mohammed.
Dean Baquet lied. He doesn’t care about the Catholic family in Brooklyn. He is arrogant enough to ignore them. Like the rest of the media, he is only concerned with pandering and catering to Muslims.
The media has implemented an unofficial blasphemy law on Islam.

Britain could turn into 'Nazi Germany' if it dumps Human Rights Act, blasts UN envoy

A senior United Nations official has compared the UK with NAZI GERMANY over its stance on human rights.UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Francois Crepeau, says that any plans to scrap the Human Rights Act would lead to parallels with the persecution of Jews in the 1930. The Canadian bureaucrat and academic said that any changes to Human Rights legislation in the UK would lead to persecutions. He said "We have to remember the 1930s and how the rights of the Jews were restricted in Germany and then the rights of the whole German people. "Countries that go down the path of reducing the rights of one category of people usually don't stop there." This is not the first time that Mr Crepeau has attracted controversy for his comments, many of which could be seen as anti-British. In February this year, he argued that illegal immigrants should gain access to healthcare and housing. And at the end of last year, he argued that claims British culture would be affected by immigration were 'fantasy' and 'b******t'. The Conservatives said it would get rid of the 1998 Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights, separate from the 1689 document of the same name, in its manifesto. Many pundits believed that it was a matter that was intended to be negotiated away in any coalition talks with the Liberal Democrats. However, the shock Tory overall majority has meant it could be implemented by the end of the parliament. Although specific legislation was not mentioned in this week's Queen's speech, a commitment was made to discuss proposals on the matter. The Government would, however, have to negotiate past the devolved assemblies as well as a number of rebellious backbenchers.

Belgium: Municipal employee wishes he could kill all Jews in Israel

Via Le Soir:

A municipal guard / traffic warden for Molenbeek (Brussels) posted antisemitic comments on Facebook.  The mayor is looking into firing him.

Mohamed N., posting as "Bebeto Gladiateur", joined a discussion about a Turkish-origin MP who was expelled from his party for refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide, but insisted on talking about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:  "Jews means dirty.. if I was there in Israel, frankly, I would do the same to the Jews and shoot them down one by one as they do to the Palestinians".

Mohamed N., who meanwhile deleted his account, says it had been hacked.   According to Le Soir, this is not the first time he posted antisemitic comments.  In July 2014 he posted a quote attributed to Mohammed, "the Jews are your enemies, but you will vanquish them".


Belgium: Belgocontrol employee wants a pogrom (in response to Israeli request for US aid)

Last year we reported the story of a Belgocontrol employee Johan Vercarre who posted insults against Jews ('dirty Jews') on the Facebook site of Knack, a supposedly respectable Belgian magazine.  The insults remained online for close to a month, until the Belgocontrol chief was contacted directly.

But the thing about antisemites is that trivial insults can easily turn to death threats.

And so Johan Vercarre is at it again.  This time, in response to an article about Israel requesting more US aid, his response is: Organize a little pogrom, then?

My previous post was about a Belgian Muslim who posted that he wants to kill all Israeli Jews.  This made headlines and he might be dismissed from his job.

Once again, it is important to note: You do not need to be Muslim to want to kill Jews, and you don't need to be a Muslim in order to 'confuse' between Jews and Israelis.  Antisemitism is equal-opportunity and accepts people of all faiths, races, backgrounds, genders, political and sexual orientations.

Maybe it's time Belgocontrol do something about their employee?

Welfare Jihad in Europe

by Soeren Kern
  • Social welfare fraud of the kind perpetrated in Denmark is being repeated throughout Europe.
  • Because his Anjem Choudary's welfare payments are not taxed, his income is equivalent to a £32,500 ($50,000) salary. By comparison, the average annual earnings of full-time workers in Britain was £26,936 ($41,000) in 2014.
  • A Swedish soldier deployed in Afghanistan said that he was likely to get less help when he came back to Sweden than returning jihadists were.
More than 30 Danish jihadists have collected unemployment benefits totaling 379,000 Danish krone (€51,000; $55,000) while fighting with the Islamic State in Syria, according to leaked intelligence documents.
The fraud, which was reported by Television 2 Danmark on May 18, comes less than six months after the Danish newspaper BT revealed that Denmark had paid unemployment benefits to 28 other jihadists while they were waging war in Syria.
The disclosures show that Islamists continue to exploit European social welfare systems to finance their activities both at home and abroad — costing European taxpayers potentially millions of euros each year.
According to Television 2 Danmark, the welfare fraud was discovered after the Danish intelligence agency PET began sharing data about known Danish jihadists with the Ministry of Employment to determine if any of these individuals were receiving unemployment benefits.
As a percentage of the overall population, Denmark is the second-largest European source of foreign fighters in Syria after Belgium. At least 115 Danes have become foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq since Syria's civil war broke out in March 2011, according to a recent report by the Center for Terrorism Analysis, an agency of PET. The report states:
"CTA assesses that approximately half of those who have gone abroad are now back in Denmark, while a quarter of them remain in the conflict zone. CTA assesses that two thirds of these individuals have been in the conflict zone for more than a year. The remaining travelers are located elsewhere abroad. CTA assesses that at least 19 travelers from Denmark have been killed in Syria and Iraq."
The CTA admits that, "the number may be higher" than 115. The comment is a tacit recognition that it does not know exactly how many Danes have become jihadists abroad.
In April, it emerged that the parents of Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein — a Danish-Jordanian jihadist responsible for the terror attacks in Copenhagen in February 2015 in which two people died — have been welfare recipients in Denmark for more than 20 years. Omar's parents received a total of 3.8 million krone between 1994 and 2014, amounting to roughly 500,000 euros or $560,000.
Social welfare fraud of the kind perpetrated in Denmark is being repeated throughout Europe.
In Austria, police arrested 13 jihadists in November 2014 who were allegedly collecting welfare payments to finance their trips to Syria. Among those detained was Mirsad Omerovic, 32, an extremist Islamic preacher who police say raised several hundred thousand euros for the war in Syria. A father of six who lives exclusively off the Austrian welfare state, Omerovic has benefited from additional payments for paternity leave (Väterkarenz).
Austrian police also arrested, in August 2014, nine other jihadists who were attempting to join the jihad in Syria. Their trip was being financed by Austrian taxpayers by way of social welfare payments.
In Belgium, 29 jihadists from the Flemish cities of Antwerp and Vilvoorde were prevented from receiving social welfare benefits from the state. The move came after an investigation found that the individuals had been accessing their Belgian bank accounts by withdrawing money from banks in Turkey, just across the Syrian border.
Per capita, Belgium is the largest European source jihadist fighters going to the Middle East; up to 400 Belgians have become jihadists in Syria and Iraq.
In Britain, Terri Nicholson, an assistant commander at the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism command unit, told the Telegraph newspaper in November 2014 that taxpayers' money was being claimed fraudulently and used by jihadists in Iraq and Syria. "We are seeing a diverse fraud, including substantial fraud online, abuse of the benefits system, abuse of student loans, in order to fund terrorism," she said.
Nicholson added that women were increasingly being used to smuggle welfare money out of Britain to fund terrorists abroad, because they supposedly arouse less suspicion.
In November 2014, for example, Amal El-Wahabi, a British mother of two, was jailed for 28 months for trying to arrange to smuggle €20,000 to her husband, a jihadist fighting in Syria. She persuaded her friend, Nawal Msaad, to carry the cash in her underwear in return for €1,000. Msaad was stopped at Heathrow Airport. The money she was carrying is thought to have come from social welfare payments.
Anjem Choudary, a British-born radical Islamic cleric who lives off the British welfare state, has repeatedly urged his followers to quit their jobs and claim unemployment benefits so they have more time to plot holy war against non-Muslims.
Choudary believes that Muslims are entitled to welfare payments because they are a form of jizya, a tax imposed on non-Muslims in countries run by Muslims, as a reminder that non-Muslims are permanently inferior and subservient to Muslims.
In 2010, The Sun reported that Choudary takes home more than £25,000 ($39,000) a year in welfare benefits. Among other handouts, Choudary receives £15,600 a year in housing benefit to keep him in a £320,000 ($495,000) house in Leytonstone, East London. He also receives £1,820 council tax allowance, £5,200 income support and £3,120 child benefits. Because his welfare payments are not taxed, his income is equivalent to a £32,500 ($50,000) salary. By comparison, the average annual earnings of full-time workers in Britain was £26,936 ($41,000) in 2014.
Although analysts are divided over the question of how many followers Choudary actually has, no one disputes the fact that he is far from alone in exploiting the British welfare system.
British taxpayers have footed the bill for the Moroccan-born Najat Mostafa, the second wife of the Egyptian-born Islamic hate preacher Abu Hamza, who was extradited to the United States in October 2012. She has lived in a £1 million, five-bedroom house in one of London's wealthiest neighborhoods for more than 15 years, and has raised the couple's eight children there.
Abu Hamza and his family are believed to have cost British taxpayers more than £338,000 in benefits. He has also received £680,000 in legal assistance for his failed U.S. extradition battle. The cost of keeping him in a British prison since 2004 is estimated at £500,000.
Fellow extremist Islamic preacher Abu Qatada, a Palestinian, has cost British taxpayers an estimated £500,000. He has also won £390,000 in legal aid to avoid deportation to Jordan.
The Islamic preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, a Syrian, obtained £300,000 benefits before being exiled to Lebanon. The money was provided to raise his six children, including Yasmin Fostok, a single mother who makes a living as a pole-dancer in London nightclubs.
More instances of British welfare abuse can be found here.
In France, the government in March 2015 cut welfare benefits for 290 persons identified as jihadists. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve downplayed the problem. "We shouldn't make a controversy of this subject or allow people to think no action has been taken. We're taking this seriously and will continue to do so," he said.
In Germany, an analysis of the estimated 450 German jihadists fighting in Syria found that more than 20% of them were receiving welfare benefits from the German state. In addition, the 150 jihadists who have returned to Germany are eligible to begin receiving benefits again.
The Interior Minister of Bavaria, Joachim Herrmann, said:
"It should never come to this. German taxpayers' money should never directly or indirectly finance Islamist terrorism. The benefits of such terrorist parasites should be eliminated immediately. Not working and spreading terror at the expense of the German state is not only extremely dangerous, it is also the worst provocation and disgrace!"
Separately, a study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research found that Muslim immigrants were more likely to be unemployed and living off the social welfare state than any other immigrant group in Germany.
According to the study, 55% of the immigrants from Lebanon are unemployed, as are 46% from Iraq, 37.5% from Afghanistan, 37.1% from Iran, 27.1% from Morocco and 21.5% from Turkey. In real terms, immigrants from Turkey (140,000) constitute the largest number of unemployed. The report said the root cause for the high unemployment rates was the lack of educational attainment and job training qualifications.
In the Netherlands, a Dutch jihadist named Khalid Abdurahman appeared in a YouTube video with five severed heads. Originally from Iraq, Abdurahman was living on social welfare benefits in the Netherlands for more than a decade before he joined the Islamic State in Syria. Dutch social services declared him to be unfit for work and taxpayers paid for the medication to treat him for claustrophobia and schizophrenia.
Meanwhile, city councils across the Netherlands are attempting to help rather than to prosecute returning jihadists. In the city of Delft, for example, local politicians are using taxpayer money to "reintegrate" jihadists and to help them "rebuild their lives." Dutch public television explained it this way: "The idea is that the local authorities do not want to alienate the returnees by means of a repressive approach which might lead to their further radicalization."
Separately, several Dutch-Moroccan organizations sent a letter to the Labor Party (Partij van de Arbeid, PvdA) in which they threatened to urge Dutch-Moroccans to stop supporting the party if it agreed to a proposal by its Minister of Social Affairs, Lodewijk Asscher, to cut social welfare payments to Moroccans who do not live in the Netherlands. Asscher accused the organizations of using an "improper electoral threat."
In Spain, police arrested five Muslims in the Basque Country who allegedly pocketed the social welfare payments of Redouan Bensbih, a Moroccan immigrant killed on the battlefield in Syria in March. Despite his no longer living in Spain, Bensbih continued receiving monthly payments of €836 euros ($920), which the suspects are accused of having wired to Morocco.
Meanwhile, a network of more than 250 butcher shops, grocery stores and telephone call centers was accused of financing the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. The network used the so-called hawala system — defined by Interpol as money transfer without money movement — where money is transferred through an informal and virtually untraceable system.
According to the El País newspaper, "the secret hawala network in Spain is comprised of about 300 hawaladars — the majority of them Pakistanis — who run clandestine offices in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Bilbao, Santander, Valencia, Madrid, Logroño, León, Jaén and Almería, and other cities with large Pakistani communities." They manage the savings of over 150,000 Muslims, many of whom are believed to be receiving social welfare payments from the Spanish state, without any legal oversight.
The network allegedly paid the salaries of Spanish jihadists in Syria: They received about $800 if they were single and $1,200 if they were married.
In February 2015, a Pakistani couple residing in the Basque capital of Vitoria were accused of falsifying identity documents to fraudulently obtain social welfare payments for ten fictitious individuals. The man was receiving six different welfare payments and his wife was receiving four. Each welfare payment was between €6,000 ($6,600) and €10,000 ($11,000) per month. Police say that over a period of three years, the couple defrauded the Basque government of more than €395,000 ($453,000).
The Basque Country is known for its liberal social welfare policies; all residents, including illegal immigrants, are eligible to receive welfare payments. In 2012, a massive wave of immigrants from Morocco and Algeria arrived in the Basque Country in order to — in the words of a local politician — "live off of welfare benefits without working."
According to local observers, more than 65% of the immigrants from Morocco and Algeria are receiving benefits. Auditors found that in 2012 alone the Basque Country made €86 million ($95 million) in dubious welfare payments.
In Sweden, the state employment agency, Arbetsformedlingen, terminated a pilot program aimed at helping immigrants find jobs. Information had emerged that Muslim employees at the agency were helping job-seekers find jobs as jihadists for the Islamic State. Operatives from the Islamic State had also allegedly bribed — and in some cases issued death threats against — agency employees in efforts to recruit fighters from Sweden.
Also in Sweden, the government said it wanted to impose a special tax to finance a jobs program for returning jihadists. The project is based on a scheme in the Swedish city of Örebro, where the city is using taxpayer money to help returning jihadists find employment. Town councilor Rasmus Persson said:
"We have discussed how we should work for these guys who have come back, to ensure that they do not return to the battlefield. They should be helped to process the traumatic experiences they have been through."
The project was challenged by a Swedish soldier deployed in Afghanistan, who said that he was likely to get less help when he came back to Sweden than returning jihadists were. Soldier Fredrik Brandberg wrote:
"It would be wonderful if I was met with a comparable program after my homecoming, after which I could feel safe in having a regular job, with monthly income and a social stable situation in the society where I wouldn't need to wonder whether I'm wanted or not."
A spokesperson for the Swedish Armed Forces said that what happens to soldiers upon their return from war was not an issue that fell under its mandate.
Mona Sahlin, Sweden's "national coordinator of the struggle against violent extremists," poses with Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan in July 2010. Sweden's government wants to impose a special tax to finance a jobs program for returning jihadists. Meanwhile, Sweden's armed forces said that what happens to soldiers upon their return from war was not an issue that fell under its mandate. (Image source: Social Democratic Party)

The West's "Ardent" Feminists Abandon Women to the Caliph

By Giulio Meotti 

After attacking a village, the Islamic State splits women from men and executes boys and men aged 14 and over. The women and mothers are separated; girls are stripped, tested for virginity and examined for breast size and prettiness.
The youngest, and those considered the prettiest virgins fetch higher prices and are sent to Raqqa, the IS stronghold.
There is a hierarchy: sheikhs get first choice, then emirs, then fighters. They often take three or four girls each and keep them for a month or so, until they grow tired of a girl, when she goes back to market. At slave auctions, buyers haggle fiercely, driving down prices by disparaging girls as flat-chested or unattractive. We heard about one girl who was traded 22 times, and another, who had escaped, told us that the sheikh who had captured her wrote his name on the back of her hand to show that she was his "property.’
This is an excerpt from the testimony of Zainab Bangura, the UN representative for sexual crimes in war, who denounced the atrocities of the Islamic state.
In the hands of Islamic State there are now 5,000 women, mostly belonging to the Yazidi syncretistic minority. If you change country and go to Nigeria, the situation is the same. Now it is the turn of “Chibok girls” who unleashed Twitter’s mobilization of the first lady, Michelle Obama. Most of these girls have been raped and are now pregnant.
Even the corrupt United Nations has spoken, while the Western feminists keep silent. This is the revolting double standard of Western feminists, who are always ready to denounce the “homophobic” Christians, sexism on the US campus or the Israeli Ahava beauty creams. 
These feminists have been busy the past few months fighting for the Irish referendum which just approved gay marriage, while treating as heretics, criminals and sexual predators all the brave opponents of this vote against the natural family. Feminists are also very busy in Israel in demonizing the traditional Orthodox Jewish familes.
In the words of the feminist Rebecca Brink Vipond, “I won’t take the bait of a patronizing call for feminists to set aside their goals in America to address problems in Muslim theocracies”.
Many will remember how these feminists abandoned Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch-Somali dissident of Islam, to her own defenses.
For these so very liberal females, it is much more comfortable to focus on hymens in California. With their defeatist multicultural relativism, they have been unable to utter one word on behalf of the Yazidi young women, the unfortunate blonde girls in the hands of the genocidal Caliph.

VIDEO: Brawl at Labour-Linked Muslim Community Centre

A large-scale brawl broke out today at a Labour Party-linked, Muslim community centre in Leeds in the northern of England. The video (below), caught on a mobile phone before being uploaded to Facebook, depicted a violent scuffle between two warring sides of the Bangladeshi Community. Facebook users familiar with the situation claimed the row broke out due to ongoing tensions over who runs the centre, which has served as a hub of political activity for the local Labour Party as well as national Labour figures.
Local police were caught in the middle of the violence. The video shows chairs being hurled across the room, with police officers being tugged back and forth between those attempting to fight. At one point, a policeman is shown to punch one man in the face as he tries to wrestle his truncheon from him.
Asghar Khan with Ed Miliband
The Bangladeshi Community Centre is in the Roundhay Road in the Harehills area, just north-east of Leeds City Centre. It has been used as a congregating point for Palestinian activists, Labour Party officials, and the Islamic Relief charity, which has held a number of events in the building.
Specifically, Labour councillor Asghar Khan (pictured left with former Labour leader Ed Miliband) – who has campaigned alongside Shadow Foreign Secretary Hillary Benn – has repeatedly been pictured at the venue.
Ghulam Hussain with Harriet Harman
Ghulam Hussain with Harriet Harman
As has Cllr Ghulam Hussain, pictured (below right) with Labour’s acting leader Harriet Harman. The pair are key campaigners for the Leeds Labour Party, and between them have also been pictured with Labour’s new MPs for the area, as well as other high profile figures. It is not yet known whether the pair were present at today’s brawl.
In 2012, Islamic Relief used the community centre to host separate fundraising events for Syrian and Palestinian causes. Islamic Relief has been the subject of controversy around the world in recent years, with the Israeli and UAE governments both banning the organisation for its involvement with terrorism. Islamic Relief strongly denies these allegations, and claims that its own internal audit has cleared it of any wrongdoing.
Meanwhile, local police in Leeds are putting extra resources onto the streets of Harehills in order to reassure locals.
A statement from local police said: “Officers were called to the Bangladeshi Centre, Roundhay Road in Leeds around 12.30pm today following reports of a disturbance where it is believed four people have been injured.
“A number of arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing as to the circumstances of the incident. Increased Neighbourhood Patrols will be in the area to reassure the local community.”
It is not the first time an altercation has occurred at the venue. In 2013, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports a fight on the morning of Eid celebrations.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Brexit MEP: Voters Must Ignore Europhile Scaremongering

Dan Hannan MEP
by A.B. Sanderson

Leading eurosceptic Daniel Hannan has said that voters should ignore the scaremongering which is being used by supporters of the EU in a bid to stop Britain leaving the political bloc. Writing in the Daily Mail,the Euro MP said europhiles were being disingenuous as they queued up to say the country could not survive without the control of Brussels and the debate risked being a rerun of the 1975 EEC referendum.
‘It’s as if the intervening 40 years have taught us nothing; as if we were still talking about participation in a common market rather than about the political amalgamation EU membership now involves,’ he wrote.
‘As in 1975, the multinational giants and the mega-banks are telling us that we must not leave; and, as in 1975, the Confederation of British Industry is pretending that its Euro-fanaticism is typical of British business as a whole.’
CBI President Sir Mike Rake used his position in the big business community to tell others they must “turn up the volume” on the benefits of EU membership but did not mention that the biggest of its members, including the BBC, take tens of millions of pounds in hand outs from the EU. The CBI itself is part-funded by the EU, having received £800,000 in grants from Brussels.
His comments led to UKIP trade spokesman William Dartmouth saying questions must be asked about his judgement, saying it has been “so consistently wrong that one wonders why he does not blush every time someone puts a microphone in front of him.”
“It remains a mystery how he has the nerve to offer advice to anyone on anything,” the MEP added.
Mr Hannan said that those who wanted Britain to remain in the EU were acting as though the NO campaign wants to stop trading with other EU members. ‘No one is talking about Britain leaving the European market,’ he said.  ‘I don’t know a single Eurosceptic who wants to put up trade barriers against our allies in Europe. What we want is free trade rather than political union.’
And he added that he had not met ‘a single Eurocrat who says that withdrawing from the political institutions in Brussels would mean leaving the internal market.’
‘On the contrary, EU leaders keep telling us that the alternative to our current EU membership is a free-trade-only relationship.’
‘The idea that we’d face trade barriers if we pulled out exists only in the press releases of British pro-EU campaigners. They know perfectly well that it’s a straw man — though that doesn’t stop them bashing away at it for all they’re worth.’
In a classic example of Mr Hannan’s comments, Airbus UK last week hinted that they might not keep a factory in the UK should it withdraw from political union, although it stayed clear of making any definitive statements.
UK chief Paul Kahn warned that between 150,000-200,000 jobs in Wales alone were dependent on being ‘in Europe.’
He  acknowledged that the EU could be “bureaucratic” but said doing business would be far more difficult if Britain voted to leave: “It’s a hell of a lot more difficult, more bureaucratic and more costly to do so from outside the EU than it is from within it.”
Mr Hannan said the reason that big businesses were so keen on EU membership wasn’t that jobs would be lost and markets closed off to the UK should the country vote to be an independent, self-governing nation but that they had invested so much time and money lobbying the EU institutions to get rules which suit them and disadvantage their rivals.
The EU is a paradise for big business, setting up barriers to entry and trade under the guise of necessary legislation, he said.
‘When I was a new MEP, I was surprised by how keen big businesses were on regulation; I had innocently assumed that they would want less government interference,” he said.
‘Now I know better. The multi-nationals see EU rules as a useful way to raise barriers against smaller competitors, who can’t as easily afford the compliance costs. A glance at the EU’s lobbying register tells me that, last year, Airbus spent €500,000 (£360,000) on making its case in Brussels, employing ten lobbyists.’
Instead, Mr Hannan says, we should listen to the entrepreneurs who don’t have a vested interest in stopping Brexit. Peter Hargreaves, who co-founded Hargreaves Lansdown said: “If you took a blank sheet of paper and wrote down all the benefits that derive from EU  membership, you’d still have a blank sheet of paper.”
‘Or listen to Dr Nigel Wilson, chief executive of the insurance giant Legal & General, who told the Daily Mail earlier this week that the costs of EU regulation were holding Britain back in global markets.
“I see the world as a huge opportunity for the UK, but we are underachieving by concentrating on Europe, which is growing too slowly,’ he said. ‘This will not lead to economic growth in the UK.”
The question which will be put to voters is ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?’ something, Mr Hannan thinks makes the question ‘loaded’.
In response the NO side need to come out as positive and forward looking, he said. ‘The case against the EU is not nostalgic, fearful or petulant; it’s optimistic, modern and global,’ he wrote.
‘We are a buccaneering nation, able to see opportunities beyond the stagnant trade bloc on our doorstep. We are a secure democracy, which finds no reason to accept the primacy of unelected foreign officials.
‘We are a forward-looking people, who have outgrown the EU’s Fifties-style corporatism. We are a trading country, our eyes fixed on more distant horizons. We can do better.’

Merkel Throws Struggling Cameron a Bone Over EU Reform

by A.B. Sanderson

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has thrown David Cameron a bone in his bid for EU reform by saying treaty change was not “totally impossible”. In a press conference following the pair’s meeting which rounded off the first part of the Prime Minister’s tour of EU leaders, Mrs Merkel said European leaders must look carefully at Mr Cameron’s demands before ruling anything out, the Telegraph reports.
It was a positive note to what has been a tricky two day tour: the first leg of his campaign which will take him all around the EU to meet leaders individually before the EU summit in June.
The words came just hours after Poland rejected Mr Cameron’s plans for benefit reform as a “definite no”.
The Prime Minister’s suggestions are starting to reveal differences of opinion in EU countries with net contributor nations such as Germany looking to stop abuse of welfare systems including automatic rights to housing or child benefit which can be claimed in wealthier countries even if the child is not present.
In November last year Germany won a significant case when the European Court of Justice ruled that it could deny welfare payments to migrants who had no money but refused to work.
Mrs Merkel wants to continue down that road to stop benefits tourism and said she is closely watching rules from the ECJ.
Speaking about Mr Cameron’s proposals, she said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and that she would  “go into these discussions constructively.”
“I want to find a solution,” she added.
“Of course, when you are convinced of an idea you cannot say that treaty change is a total impossibility” and pointed out that the EU is “not a social union.”
“We have strike a fair balance with social benefits,” she said.
Mr Cameron said he was “very heartened” by her remarks and said that EU leaders need to be open minded about change, understanding the need for ““the flexibility of a network, not the rigidity of a bloc.”
His counterparts must not be “frightened” of a looser arrangement, he warned.
The meetings with Ewa Kopacz and Angela Merkel show the crack which have appeared between richer and poorer countries in the bloc, with Western Europe wanting to clamp down on benefits tourism which they feel undermines the benefits of a flexible cross border labour market.
The Polish Prime Minister told Mr Cameron over a breakfast of strawberries and smoked trout that she is “strongly opposed” to measures which may lead to discrimination against Poles and other Eastern Europeans who migrate to richer countries for work. She warned Mr Cameron that she would be fighting his benefits plans which have caused outrage among some politicians who view the EU laws as enshrining their citizens “rights” to send earnings and welfare payments back home.
“She defended one of the fundamental rights on which the EU common market is based,” her office said, although the law enshrined is one of freedom of Labour, rather than freedom to claim welfare payments.
Mr Cameron also had a positive meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, as he hailed The Netherlands as  an “old friend” and a “like-minded ally”.

Turkish Fairy Tales from Uncle Tayyip

by Burak Bekdil
  • It is truly fascinating that Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a professor of political science, believes that Jerusalem, built a millennium before the birth of Islam, is originally a Muslim city.
  • It is as if, for Davutoglu (and Erdogan), Jerusalem did not exist before 1187. If it did not, why do the Turks talk about "conquest," a euphemism they always seem to prefer to avoid the words "occupation" or "invasion."
  • Erdogan may be thinking that he is the 21st-century reincarnation of Saladin. So may be his Muslim Brothers or Qatari allies. For the rest of the Muslims, all that is merely "fairy tales from Uncle Tayyip."
It is truly fascinating that Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a professor of political science, believes that Jerusalem, built a millennium before the birth of Islam, is originally a Muslim city. And, according to the Turkish president, -- Saudis should please not get offended -- Jerusalem is the Muslims' "most important Mecca." Jerusalem has always had a spectacular place in a Turkish Islamist's heart and mind. But pre-election fervour in Turkey has lifted "Jerusalem-fetish" to new heights.
Turkey's Islamists today look like Egypt's second president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, a Pan-Arab nationalist, and his army commanders almost half a century ago. On May 16, 1967, Nasser ordered U.N. Emergency Force Commander, Indar Jit Rykhye, to evacuate his force from the Sinai buffer zone within 48 hours. When Rykhye asked one Egyptian commander if Egypt was aware of the consequences, the commander replied: "Oh sir, I'll meet you at lunch in Tel Aviv." The UN force left, and Egypt and Israel were left alone to fight the 1967 war. This author does not know where the Egyptian commander had lunch the next day, but definitely not in Tel Aviv. His words, however, may have inspired Turkey's leaders.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, formerly foreign minister, has reiterated countless times since he joined the Turkish cabinet in 2009 that, "We will have prayers at the al-Aqsa mosque in the Palestinian capital 'Quds' ([Jerusalem]." This wish remains to be fulfilled. But that does not discourage Turkish leaders from cherishing increasing doses of "Jerusalem-fetish."
When a Kurdish politician said in a public speech that "Jerusalem is the holy city for the Jews," a furious Davutoglu held a rally and said at the top of his voice: "Jerusalem is our holy place;" and that he would never allow the city's "Islamic character" to change.
Davutoglu, in another election rally speech, added: "One day al-Aqsa will definitely reach liberation ... Jerusalem is our eternal cause." In yet another speech, Davutoglu claimed that his government has faced multiple coup d'état attempts only because he says "Jerusalem is our cause.".
In still another, he claimed that Jerusalem's final period in peace was "our (Ottoman) times." And in another, he commemorated "the Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Zaza (a Kurdish tribe) and Arab in the glorious army of Saladin." It is as if, for Davutoglu (and Erdogan), Jerusalem did not exist before 1187. If it did not, why do the Turks talk about its "conquest," a euphemism they always seem to prefer to avoid the word "occupation" or "invasion."
President Erdogan has no less-eccentric ideas. "Jerusalem," according to the president, "is the holiest place of Muslims and it belongs to the Palestinians." In a recent speech, he claimed that Jews are [secretly] educating people on the Zoroastrian faith at mountain camps. "We have evidence [to prove] that," Erdogan added. Yet he has never produced this "evidence."
Most recently, in a speech on May 15, Erdogan said that: "Unfortunately we the Muslims lost our aim to head towards Jerusalem. The water of our eyes froze, making us blind, and our hearts that were destined to beat for Jerusalem are now instead conditioned for rivalry, in a state of war with each other."
In other words, Erdogan is calling the ummah [the Muslim community] to end its conflicts in order to unite behind a jihad march toward Jerusalem. This is not surprising for Turkey's political Islam, whose Arab ideological next-of-kin is the Muslim Brotherhood. Mohammed Badie, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, declared in a public message published by Egyptian daily, Al-Ahram, that "the Zionists only understand force," and that Arabs cannot hope to achieve justice from the Jews "through the corridors of the United Nations or through negotiations." Badie was quoted as saying,
"The time has come for the Islamic nation to unite around one man for the sake of Jerusalem and Palestine ... The Jews have dominated the land, spread corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profaned holy places, including their own ... Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress ... This will only happen through holy Jihad, high sacrifices and all forms of resistance. The day they realize we will march this path and raise the banner of Jihad for the sake of God, is the day they will relent and stop their tyranny."

Does Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan think of himself as a modern-day Saladin, who will conquer Jerusalem?

Is Erdogan that one man around whom the Islamic nation should unite for the sake of Jerusalem and Palestine? Erdogan may be thinking that he is the 21st-century reincarnation of Saladin. So may be his Muslim Brothers and Qatari allies. For the rest of the Muslims, all that is merely "fairy tales from Uncle Tayyip."

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ex-UKIP Leader Asks Government To Support Draw Mohammed Competition

by A.B. Sanderson 

Former UKIP leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch has asked the British government if they will support a competition by artists to depict the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.
Lord Pearson, who led the party during the 2010 General Election when Nigel Farage stepped down to contest the seat of Buckingham, submitted the question to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport yesterday, according to the Huffington Post.
He asked if the Government “plan to support a contest in the United Kingdom between artists depicting the prophet Mohammed, and if so, whether they will provide security protection for such an event.”
A similar event in the United States resulted in the killing of two heavily armed men who opened fire at an art show where pictures were being displayed near Dallas, Texas. The first annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest was held on Sunday, May 3, hosted by human rights and free-speech activist Pamela Geller and her organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).
The exhibit featured images of Islam’s prophet in both historical and contemporary settings, showcasing the top 200 artistic renditions that were submitted for consideration.
She has said she will be holding another event, refusing to be scared into silence.
The successful insurance broker and philanthropist, who was made a life peer in 1990 Lady Thatcher has courted controversy in the past with his outspoken criticism of radical Islam. He previously said the Qur’an inspired the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013.
His question was criticised by the Muslim Council of Britain, who said “Baron Pearson of Rannoch often makes silly propositions, and this is one of them.”
Ukip distanced itself from its former leader’s question, and a spokesman said: “Lord Pearson is asking the question in a personal capacity and is not doing so on behalf of Ukip.”
This month Breitbart published an extraordinary interview by Ms Geller, with a woman who suffered for years at the hands of Muslim rape gangs.

From Nazi Persecution Tactic to Terrorist Hunting Tool: The Evolution of Geoprofiling

by James Zumwalt 

Otto and Elise Hampel were German citizens living in Berlin, Germany, during World War II. They were never Nazi supporters. But the loss of Elise’s brother, killed in action in 1940, saw their resentment of Hitler transition into action against his regime. The Hampels began a stealth, anti-Nazi protest campaign.
The couple wrote over 200 postcards, denouncing Hitler and encouraging resistance against the Third Reich. The unaddressed postcards were left in various locations, such as mailboxes, stairwells, etc., not too far from their own apartment.
Those finding the postcards immediately turned them over to the Gestapo. This initiated a two-year investigation, with investigators maintaining copious notes, in which the Hampels eventually were identified as authors of the postcards. They were arrested in 1942 and charged with “preparation for high treason.” Convicted in April 1943, the couple was executed.
The investigative technique used to zero in on the Hampels is known as “geographic profiling” or simply “geoprofiling.”
As The Telegraph’s Science editor Sarah Knapton wrote in a May 22ndarticle, “the Gestapo kept detailed records of the hunt, recording the locations of the postcards…” Doing so, “investigators realised that there was a pattern to the distribution – within their neighbourhood but not too close to their home.”
While the Gestapo stumbled upon geoprofiling 75 years ago, it really did not come into focus as a criminal investigative tool until Canadian former police detective Kim Rossmo wrote a doctoral thesis on the concept, publishing a book in 2000.
Rossmo came up with a mathematical equation based on a previously enunciated behavioral theory known as  “the least-effort principle.” Rossomo’s premise for applying the principle is that criminals are more likely to commit crimes in areas where they have a personal comfort level—one near but not too close to their own home.
Rossmo originated an algorithm that successfully reduced the geographic search area for suspects by as much as 90%. Such an investigative tool saves time as investigators can prioritize their list of potential suspects.
Using this algorithm and applying it to data from the still unsolved 1888 murders committed by the infamous “Jack the Ripper,” Rossmo and his algorithm co-developer, Steven Le Comber, believe they have now determined where the serial killer lived—Flower and Dean Street in London’s notorious East End.
Rossmo’s initiative jump-started the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on an international basis.
Jim Bueermann, chief of police in Redlands, California, noted in a 2002 interview, “GIS has fundamentally altered the way we view crime and contributing factors to crime. It gives investigators an analytical tool that was heretofore unavailable.”
It has evolved to the point investigators use GIS to map an offender’s methods and behaviors—almost enabling crimes to be tracked in real time.
Rossmo’s technique proved timely. One of the most notable cases in which it was used was the 2002 Washington, D.C. sniper case. It helped law enforcement in their manhunt for the snipers by linking 13 separate attacks occurring over several weeks in different states.
Bueerman suggested GIS can have a crime prevention impact as well. Some jurisdictions are using it to map youth suspensions, expulsions and school truancies as they are linked to early academic failure which correlates, in turn, to juvenile crime.
GIS has multiple applications. Le Comber has used it “to locate the origins of the outbreak of disease, such as malaria infested pools in Africa.” He believes geoprofiling locations of as few as five malaria victims would prove sufficient in locating the contamination source.
Knapton reported Rossmo and Le Comber have recently used the concept “to help perfect a computer algorithm which could trace terrorists who disseminate leaflets and propaganda. They believe that terror cells could be located based on the distribution sites of extreme literature.”
Geoprofiling clearly is yet another evolving tool for counter-terrorist experts to use to help locate and identify terrorist activists.
While it is obviously wishful thinking, if only such a technique could be perfected similarly to perform as that used in the 2002 futuristic movie “Minority Report” to identify criminals before they act.
Alas, until then, we will have to use geoprofiling—after the fact—as the next best thing.

Six Out of 10 Norwegians Would Object to Their Child Marrying a Muslim

by Sarkis Zeronian 

Almost 58 per cent of Norwegians would be unhappy about welcoming a Muslim son-in-law or daughter-in-law into the family according to an annual survey of attitudes in the country. The Local reports that the 2015 survey by Norway’s Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDI) found that immigrants to Norway from Muslim countries were less worried about their children marrying outside of their religion. Just 15 per cent of Norwegians with an Iraqi background, 19 per cent Somali, and 39 per cent Pakistani said they would be worried about one of their children marring a Christian.
The annual barometer of national opinions seems to show that Norwegians are more tolerant of religious groups other than followers of Islam. Only 32 per cent of Norwegians claim they would be unhappy for their child to marry a Hindu, dropping to 27 per cent for a Buddhist and 24 per cent a Jewish son-in-law or daughter-in-law.
Perhaps surprisingly for a country which until recently had an official state church (the Lutheran Church of Norway), whose monarch is still required to be Lutheran and whose constitution is explicit that the country’s values are based on its Christian and humanist heritage, six per cent of Norwegians told IMDI they would be unhappy with a Christian marrying their child.
The survey also found that 60 per cent of Norwegians with an immigrant background feel discriminated against, rising to close to 75 per cent for Somali migrants, a particular concern for Sunniva Ørstavik, Norway’s Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud. She told the newspaper Aftenposten these are “huge numbers” which include “those who have lived here a long time”, continuing:
“I’m very concerned about it. Many believe that this is a question about bad people, but it isn’t. Most of the discrimination takes place because it is you and I who are doing it.”

Eurosceptic German Politician Attacked In Restaurant

by Sarkis Zeronian 

In a scene that is all too familiar to senior UKIP officials, German politician Frauke Petry, one of the joint-leading spokespeople for the eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD), was attacked by masked opponents while dining in a restaurant in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, on Wednesday evening. The Local reports that in a seemingly innocuous approach a young woman walked up to the table Petry and her fellow diner were sitting at to ask“are you Frauke Petry?” She confirmed her identity. The woman then insulted the politician before running out of the restaurant.
Shortly after three masked individuals burst in and overturned Petry’s table. Throwing bags filled with fruit juice at the politician the assailants shouted “Nazis out” before running away.
Commenting after the event Petry labeled the incident a “brutal attempt to limit freedom of speech” describing it as “rotten.” She also warned that violence from the far-left is not treated seriously enough by mainstream parties.
The incident is not an isolated one. Two years ago in the same town activists from Antifa – a left-wing anti-fascist movement – poured petrol over a local AfD committee member’s house and other party members have spoken of receiving threatening phone calls. In addition in April police had to intervene when football fans hurled political abuse at another AfD leader, Bernd Lucke, as he accompanied his wife on a train journey from Berlin to Cologne.
The parallels with eurosceptic politics in Britain are striking. The trajectory of AfD is similar to that of UKIP. Founded in 2013 and initially backed by prominent economists, journalists and business leaders AfD grew in popularity and support, moving beyond its academic roots into a popular movement that has won representation both in the European Parliament (where it sits in the same group as the British Conservative Party) and several German state parliaments. At the same time there has been an ideological struggle for direction within the top ranks of the party with senior party figures from East Germany looking to widen the focus from being a protest against the Euro to being a broader populist party.
AfD’s violent treatment at the hands of opponents is similar to that meted out to UKIP. Two years ago Nigel Farage required police protection when a mob of protestors he described as “yobbo, fascist scum” targeted him during a visit to Edinburgh. More recently Farage was harassed by a gang of protestors while dining privately with his family in a pub in Kent and UKIP’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, required a police escort to get him away from a threatening crowd in scenes witnessed by Breitbart London.
In addition, accusations of racism levelled at the party are identical to those thrown at UKIP. One AfD spokesman told The Local: “Among the public there is this false perception that we are a party that hates foreigners, it is is created by a hostile media who attack us because we are new. But many people simply want to believe in this perception.” He said that media seizes upon “black sheep” in the party to create a negative image, even though “the CDU has more of these kinds of people in its ranks then we do.”

Crisis? What Crisis? Sepp Blatter Is Odds-On To Hold His Job At Corruption-Ridden FIFA

by A.B. Sanderson 

Scandal-hit FIFA President Sepp Blatter has demonstrated the scale of his sloping shoulders by saying that he can’t be held responsible for corruption in the organisation he heads. Speaking at the governing body’s annual conference in Zurich, the man who is favourite to retain control of the organisation for a fifth term told journalists that he couldn’t be held responsible for the actions of others within FIFA, the Telegraph reports.
Despite governing FIFA as it crashes from one crisis to another, the most recent being the arrest of seven top officials on corruption charges, Blatter urged voters to give him their support again. By way of seeking absolution, he added: “you can’t ask everyone to behave ethically just like that.”
Blatter also said that the reason that FIFA was under the spotlight was because the USA and the UK were not awarded the World Cup tournaments in 2018 and 2022, which instead went to Russia and Qatar.
“If two other countries had emerged from the envelope, I think we do not have these problems today,” he said, making what many believe to be a dig at the FBI for launching the investigation when the USA failed to win the 2022 competition or the British media when Russia won the 2018 bid.
The war of words continues in the run up to the election of the new President, with Football Association chairman Greg Dyke telling Sky Sports News that England would consider pulling out of the World Cup if Sepp Blatter won the election if it were joined by other European nations.
“There would be no point pulling England out if everyone else stays in. It would have no impact. It would just be forgotten,” he said.
“But if you could pull UEFA out, that might have an impact. If Blatter gets re-elected, then that should be discussed.
“I thought the evidence the Americans produced was devastating and I don’t think Blatter can survive that. He might survive this weekend but I don’t think he can survive in the long-term. During his period in charge, the level of corruption has been unacceptable. It’s just frightening.”
IEA Director General and long term critic of Blatter Mark Littlewood told Breitbart London that if the Swiss wins, “UEFA need Brazil and Argentina to leave FIFA and set up a new federation.”
“The only countries that really matter are the European countries and those two South American countries,” he said.
Meanwhile, a petition calling for Blatter to step down, set up by a group of AFC Wimbledon supporters has already secured 85,000 signatures.
‘As FIFA President, Sepp Blatter has overseen an organisation that has had its senior executives dragged out of hotel rooms at dawn by the FBI. He has overseen the most controversial World Cup bids in the organisation’s history – both of which stink of corruption. He has overseen the Qatar bid come to fruition despite the deaths of construction workers. And he has stayed at the top despite persistent reports about FIFA’s serious financial mismanagementOur FIFA video game purchases have helped him finance a £19 million film about himself!
‘Me and my friends set this petition up for Sepp Blatter to resign as FIFA President because we support our local teams. My team, AFC Wimbledon, have shown that fan-power CAN make a difference – we pitched together to create our club which the fans still own today. We cant just leave it to the FBI and the sponsors to pressurise his exit, we can gather together in the same way to show our anger at his foul regime.
‘Little wonder the FBI are now stepping in. And British politicians are calling for change — MP Damian Collins wants the serious fraud office to investigate the World Cup bid and that’s great to hear. But it will take months of painstaking inertia before any such investigation could even dream of taking place.’
They said the petition was to give football fans a voice and to send a strong signal to the CEOs of FIFA sponsors who will have a huge say on whether Blatter stays as President long term even if he is re-elected. Key brands including Coca Cola and Visa have already shown their money is by no means guaranteed if it means their brand is tarnished by the allegations of corruption.
The vote on Blatter’s future will be taken later today.

When Baghdad Burned – the June 1941 Farhud Massacre

by Edwin Black  

Editor’s note: On June 1, 2015, the author of this article will proclaim International Farhud Day at a live globally streamed side event at the United Nations. The Farhud was the bloody pogrom against Iraqi Jewry, June 1-2, 1941. The article below is drawn from the author’s book The Farhud — Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust

“Violent dispossession.” In an Arabic dialect, the word is Farhud. For decades after it occurred, many thought the nightmare was a sudden and unexpected convulsion that afflicted the Iraqi Jewish community, one that lived in that land for some 2,600 years. But in truth, the wild rape and killing spree of June 1–2, 1941 was not unexpected. For years, the Jew hatred, anti-British rage, and Nazi agitation seethed just below the surface, like a smoking volcano waiting to erupt.
Soon after Hitler took power in 1933, Germany’s chargé d’affaires in Baghdad, German Arab specialist Fritz Grobba, acquired the Christian Iraqi newspaper, Al-Alem Al Arabi, converting it into a Nazi organ that published an Arabic translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf in installments. Then, Radio Berlin began beaming Arabic programs across the Middle East. The Nazi ideology of Jewish conspiracy and international manipulation was widely adopted in Iraqi society, especially within the framework of the Palestine problem that dominated Iraqi politics.
As Arab Nationalism and Hitlerism fused, numerous Nazi-style youth clubs began springing up in Iraq. One pivotal group known as Futuwwa was nothing less than a clone of the Hitler Youth. In 1938, Futuwwa members were required to attend a candlelight Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg. When the delegation came back from Germany, a common chant in Arabic was, “Long live Hitler, the killer of insects and Jews.”
By the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, and a coterie of transnational Palestinian agitators, had thoroughly permeated Baghdad’s ruling circles. For example, Taha al-Hashimi, Iraqi Chief of Staff, doubled as the head of the Committee for the Defense of Palestine.
To lure more Arabs to the Nazi cause, Grobba employed such tactics as dispensing lots of cash among politicians and deploying seductive German women among ranking members of the army. German radio broadcasting in Baghdad regularly reported fallacious reports about non-existent Jewish outrages in Palestine. Grobba, in conjunction with the Mufti, cultivated many Iraqis to act as surrogate Nazis.
By April 1, 1941, with WWII in full swing, a group of pro-Nazi Iraqi military men known as the Golden Square staged a coup, ousting the British-dominated government. Quickly, the Golden Square welded Iraqi actions to Berlin’s iron will. Why did they become partners? The Golden Square wanted Germany to destroy the British and Jewish presence in their country. The Third Reich craved what was beneath the ground — oil. Without that oil, still controlled by a British oil company, Germany could not invade Russia.
An abortive effort to seize British oil and military facilities in Iraq roiled throughout May 1941. But on May 28, 1941, a British military column determined to protect the oil installations finally punched toward the outskirts of Baghdad to defeat the insurgency. The Nazi-allied Golden Square and the Reich’s wirepuller, Grobba, fled the capital. On May 31, at 4 a.m., with the morning still more dark than dawn, the acting mayor emerged with a white flag on behalf of the residuum of official authority in Iraq.
The next day, on June 1, with British authority nominally restored but still withdrawn beyond the outskirts of Baghdad and the Golden Square coup plotters out of the country, the British puppet regent, Prince ‘Abd al-Ilah, returned to Iraq. During the few hours surrounding the regent’s return, a power vacuum existed in the country. It resulted in the bloodbath of June 1–2 that became known as the Farhud.
The original plans for a sweeping anti-Jewish action on June 1, organized before the pseudo-success of the British, were intended to mimic Nazi mass murder campaigns in Europe. Lists of Jews had already been compiled. Jewish homes had been marked in advanced with a blood-red hamsa, or palm prints, to guide the killing. The text announcing the mass murder and expulsion was already prepared and scheduled for radio broadcast.
But Jewish leaders who learned of the impending disaster begged for mercy from the temporary local mayoral authorities, who successfully engineered the expulsion from Baghdad of the massacre planners. The radio broadcast on May 31 merely announced that the British-appointed regent would return to his palace from his temporary refuge in Trans-Jordan.
Baghdad’s Jews had every reason to celebrate. June 1 was the joyous holy day of Shavuot, commemorating when the Law was given to the Jews on Mt. Sinai. Baghdad’s Jews thought stability had returned to their 2,600-year existence in Iraq. They were so wrong.
At about 3:00 p.m. that June 1, Regent ‘Abd al-Ilah had landed at the airport near Baghdad. He was making his way across al-Khurr Bridge to the Palace when a contingent of Baghdadi Jews went out to greet him. As the group came to the bridge, they encountered a contingent of dejected soldiers just returning from their dismal surrender to British forces. The mere sight of these Jews, bedecked in festive holiday garb, was enough to enrage the soldiers.
Suddenly, the Jews were viciously attacked with knives and axes. Several were hacked to death right then and there on the bridge. The planned systematic extermination, now foiled, broke down into a spontaneous citywide slaughter.
Baghdad became a fast-moving hell. Frenzied mobs raced throughout the city and murdered Jews openly on the streets. Women were raped as their horrified families looked on. Infants were killed in front of their parents. Home and stores were emptied and then burned. Gunshots and screams electrified the city for hours upon hours. Beheadings, torsos sliced open, babies dismembered, horrid tortures, and mutilations were widespread. Severed limbs were waved here and there as hideous trophies.
As Baghdad burned, Jewish existence became smoke spires against the sky. Jewish shops and homes were looted and then torched. A synagogue was invaded and its Torahs burned in classic Nazi fashion. Yet British troops remained minutes away, under orders from London not to move in lest it stir Arab sentiment against the oil infrastructure.
The streets were not safe for Jews. Their homes, already well-marked as Jewish residences, were even less safe. Gangs comprised of soldiers, police, and civilian looters invaded Jewish neighborhoods with impunity.
In home after home, furniture was moved up against the door to create a barricade. As the invaders pushed at the doors, more and heavier furniture was shoved into place. The ceaseless battering and kicks eventually made progress, and inevitably, in house after house, the killers broke in. As the Arabs breached the entrances, many families would escape to the roof, one step ahead.
Fleeing Jews jumped from one roof to another. In some instances, parents and siblings threw children down from roofs to waiting blankets below. When there was no place beyond the roof, some Jews held off their attackers with boiling oil, stones, and whatever other makeshift defenses they could muster.
Women were defiled everywhere. Arabs broke into the girl’s school and the students were raped — endlessly. Six Jewish girls were carted away to a village fifteen kilometers north and located only later. One young girl was raped, and then her breasts slashed off — an all too typical crime that day. Young or old, Jewish females were set upon and mercilessly gang raped and often mutilated.
Finally, the Mayor telephoned the Regent, momentarily the supreme authority in the country, and beseeched him to issue orders to loyal troops. That he did. As the order circulated, loyal units began opening fire on the rioters, especially when they turned to Muslim neighborhoods to continue their pillage. Once the shooting began, rioters fled.
Days later, when the Regent eventually restored order, the British entered the city limits. The oil was secure. The Jews of Baghdad were not.
In truth, no one will ever know many were murdered or maimed during those two dark days. Official statistics, based on intimidated and reluctant witnesses, listed about 110 Jews dead. Hundreds were listed as injured. But Jewish leaders said the real numbers were far greater. One Iraq historian suggested as many as 600 were murdered during the overnight rampage. The Jewish Burial Society was afraid to bury the bodies. The corpses were ignominiously collected and entombed in a large, long, rounded mass grave that resembled a massive loaf of bread.
Farhud — in Arabic, the word means violent dispossession. It was a word the Jews of wartime Europe never knew. Holocaust — it was a word the Jews of wartime Iraq never knew. But soon they would all know their meaning regardless of the language they spoke. After the events of June 1–2, 1941, both words came together.

Belgium: Catholic professor sees something fishy in timing of FIFA scandal revelations

Jean Bricmont is a professor at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium.  He is an indefatigable and consumate anti-Zionist - some have declared that his writings are antisemitic.  He furiously and obsessively attacks Israel and the US on Facebook - his knowlege about what he belives to be the evils of Zionists and those who are not anti-Zionists must be unparalled even by European standards.

As soon as the FIFA scandal was made public, he linked to an article by Israel-basher Jonathan Cook Arrests by US as FIFA mulls giving Israel boot:

"Doubtless, none of this was designed to have – or will have – the slightest effect on FIFA officials as they contemplate whether to infuriate Israel and the US by booting Israel out of world soccer. - [...] Anyone who doubts how seriously Israel is taking the threat of being ousted from FIFA and how actively its supporters are working behind the scenes at the world body should read the comments of Avi Luzon, Israel’s representative to UEFA, European football’s governing body. [...]"

Echoing Cook, Bricmont asks whether it is pure coincidence that corruption charges that have been around for twenty years are only made public today.