Sunday, May 31, 2015

Britain could turn into 'Nazi Germany' if it dumps Human Rights Act, blasts UN envoy

A senior United Nations official has compared the UK with NAZI GERMANY over its stance on human rights.UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Francois Crepeau, says that any plans to scrap the Human Rights Act would lead to parallels with the persecution of Jews in the 1930. The Canadian bureaucrat and academic said that any changes to Human Rights legislation in the UK would lead to persecutions. He said "We have to remember the 1930s and how the rights of the Jews were restricted in Germany and then the rights of the whole German people. "Countries that go down the path of reducing the rights of one category of people usually don't stop there." This is not the first time that Mr Crepeau has attracted controversy for his comments, many of which could be seen as anti-British. In February this year, he argued that illegal immigrants should gain access to healthcare and housing. And at the end of last year, he argued that claims British culture would be affected by immigration were 'fantasy' and 'b******t'. The Conservatives said it would get rid of the 1998 Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights, separate from the 1689 document of the same name, in its manifesto. Many pundits believed that it was a matter that was intended to be negotiated away in any coalition talks with the Liberal Democrats. However, the shock Tory overall majority has meant it could be implemented by the end of the parliament. Although specific legislation was not mentioned in this week's Queen's speech, a commitment was made to discuss proposals on the matter. The Government would, however, have to negotiate past the devolved assemblies as well as a number of rebellious backbenchers.

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