Monday, May 25, 2015

Hillary Circulated Anti-Semitic Benghazi Conspiracy Theories by Man Who Called for Destroying Israel

by Daniel Greenfield 

Earlier I pointed out that Sidney Blumenthal, a man widely despised even within his own party, had been passing pro-Muslim Brotherhood material from his even crazier son Max Blumenthal; a bigot who has called for the destruction of Israel.
Max Blumenthal is so out there that his anti-Israel material was used by the Jewish Community Center shooter. It was also used by Hillary Clinton.
Now we know that Max Blumenthal’s views shaped Hillary Clinton’s understanding of Benghazi.
hillary jews
Max Blumenthal, true to form, rushed to blame the riots on a vast Jewish conspiracy involving Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller, etc…
The US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three US diplomats were killed in attacks and rioting provoked by an obscure, low-budget anti-Muslim film called “The Innocence of Muslims.” The producer of the film is a real estate developer supposedly named “Sam Bacile”who claims to be an Israeli Jew. Bacile told the AP the film was made with $5 million raised from “100 Jewish donors.” He said he was motivated to help his native country, Israel, by exposing the evils of Islam.
While Bacile claims to be in hiding, and his identity remains murky, another character who has been publicly listed as a consultant on the film is a known anti-Muslim activist with ties to the extreme Christian right and the militia movement. He is Steve Klein, a Hemet, California based insurance salesman who claims to have led a “hunter-killer team” in Vietnam.
Klein is a right-wing extremist who emerged from the same axis of Islamophobia that produced Anders Behring Breivik and which takes inspiration from the writings of Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Daniel Pipes.
It’s no coincidence that the majority of people listed by Blumenthal are Jews. Or that Blumenthal promotes assorted myths, including the Sam Bacile being Jewish, rather than Egyptian, or that the attacks were a protest, rather than a pre-planned assault.
Tellingly Hillary Clinton chose to ignore the real intelligence she had showing otherwise to promote Blumenthal’s rantings about Israel and YouTube.
Assorted rants about Evangelical Christians follow. All of this was a distraction from what really happened, which involved the intersection between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that resulted from Hillary’s own push for regime change in Libya.
It was of course easier to blame the Jews.
We now have direct proof that Hillary Clinton was promoting the work of a radical bigot who had called for the destruction of Israel. A fellow that even the left tends to consider beyond the pale.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has labeled Blumenthal an anti-Semite and his comments earned him a spot in the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s “Top 10” list of anti-Semitic slurs.
•Blumenthal’s “works” have been cited and praised by radical extremists and neo-Nazis  and have been featured on the anti-Semitic blog, Electronic Intifada as well as the neo-Nazi Internet forum, Stormfront.
•Blumenthal’s comments have been cited with approval by Frazier Glenn Miller, the KKK murderer who massacred three people at two separate Jewish community centers in Overland Park, Kansas.
•The Left-leaning Forward referred to Blumenthal’s book as so anti-Israel it, “makes even anti-Zionists blush.”
•Prominent liberal Eric Alterman of The Nation referred to Blumenthal’s book as a screed that belongs in the “Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club.”
Hillary Clinton has gone so far to the anti-Israel extreme that she was comfortable with the work of a man who had called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews in Israel.
Blumenthal gives a convoluted answer that comes down to this: “There should be a choice placed to the settler-colonial population” (meaning the entire Jewish population of Israel): “Become indigenized,” that is, “you have to be part of the Arab world.” Or else…? “The maintenance and engineering of a non-indigenous demographic majority is non-negotiable.”
Lustick appears stunned. And not only Lustick. Philip Weiss, founder and co-editor of Mondoweiss, who was in the audience, wrote afterwards, in a rare rebuke of his own writer, that he saw “some intolerance in that answer.”
We live in a “multicultural world,” Weiss wrote. There should be room for Israelis. “The issue in the end involves the choice between an Algerian and a South African outcome.” Mass expulsion versus coexistence. “I’m for the South African outcome.”
Blumenthal isn’t. It’s a chilling moment, even for the anti-Zionists among us.”
These are questions that Hillary is going to have to answer. Sidney Blumenthal is turning into her own Jeremiah Wright.

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