Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mayor of Antwerp threatened: 'Convert to Islam or die'

By Thomas Lifson 

The wonders of diversity are on display in Antwerp, Belgium, the largest municipality in that country and second largest metropolitan area.  Gateway Pundit picked up the news from European sources:
A sign was hung in a public square in Antwerp, Belgium threatening Mayor Bart De Wever with death if he did not convert to Islam, Belgian media reported Sunday.
The message was written in French, one of the three official languages of Belgium, the others being Dutch and German.
Het Laatste Nieuws reported (via Google Translate):
“By N-VA chairman Bart De Wever again death threats walked. In a letter drafted in French which was hung on the Handschoenmarkt, the mayor of Antwerp was threatened with execution if he did not convert to Islam. How serious the threat should be taken remains to be seen, said De Wever in The News on VTM.” (snip)
On Monday, Russian government-owned Sputnik News published an English translation of De Wever’s statement regarding the Islamist death threat along with an estimate of the number of Belgian Muslims who have left to join ISIS:
““I always warned that we will not get rid of the threat from Islamic extremists in the near future. This was ignored for years. This wound became apparent now with [the current developments in] Syria and will fester for a long time before we will get rid of it,” de Wever said.”
…”According to September 2014 statistics from Belgium’s Ministry of Interior, between 300 and 350 Belgians have gone to fight alongside the ISIL in Iraq and Syria since 2012.”

Some context: Antwerp is in Flanders, and the Flemish (Dutch-speakers) tend toward conservative free-market principles, and have many grievances with their historic political subordination to the Walloons, French-speakers, who tend toward leftism.  Antwerp was home to a large Jewish population prior to the Holocaust, associated with the city’s diamond industry as well as other commercial activities.  In the aftermath of the Holocaust, it became home to a substantial orthodox Jewish population, which is now outnumbered by Muslim immigrants, who have arrived in large numbers and are projected to constitute a majority of the city’s population in the foreseeable future. No doubt this sign will be blamed on a small minority of the Muslim populace.  Keep celebrating that diversity and welcoming more Muslims fleeing their Islamic states, and see what happens.

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