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France: Calls for boycott of Israel on a police van

Europe Israel posted a photo of a police van with what looks like two green T-shirts hanging on the back windows with the inscriptions "Palestine forever" and "Boycott Israel". The message on the yellow sticker reads "I refuse to buy products made by war criminals. Boycott Israel".

It looks like hatred of Israel has now permeated  all aspects of life in France.  One just cannot escape it.
 The New Antisemite Blog

Hundreds of refugees arrive in Vienna, switch trains towards Germany

Hundreds of refugees arriving from Hungary flooded into Vienna's western railway station on Monday and ran towards the next trains heading for Germany, a Reuters reporter said. Looking happy and relieved, the migrants chanted "Germany, Germany" as volunteers handed out fruit and water bottles. Police looked on, with one officer overheard saying to another: "Where are they all going? And what are we meant to be doing?"

“We are not going back”: German government evicts the working-poor Germans to make room for illegals
Some governments in Europe have been in power for too long and have become totally corrupt. It seems their mantra is
“If the government doesn’t like the people, it should dissolve the people and elect themselves a new people”

Police counterterrorism raid: Charges against woman dropped due to warrant details

A woman accused of punching an officer and threatening to slit the throat of another during a counterterrorism raid has had the charges against her dismissed because police unlawfully body-searched her. The 24-year-old, whose name is suppressed, pleaded not guilty to intimidating and assaulting police in the execution of their duty during the pre-dawn raid of her home last year. She was accused of telling female police officer Sen-Constable Stacie Gwyn, who had confiscated her phone: “Don’t touch my phone, you’re a whore, you are Christian, you will burn in hell. You will be the first one in uniform to have your throat slit.”She was then accused of punching Probationary Constable Shaun Temur in the nose when he tried to restrain her. In Parramatta Local Court, Magistrate Margaret McGlynn said her threats to the female police officer was “religious vilification combined with threats of violence,” making it a “most serious offence.” But she ruled police failed to make out the charges because the officers had, unknown to the them, conducted an unlawful search of the woman which meant they were not acting “in the execution of their duty”. Ms McGlynn upheld the woman’s defence that she was unlawfully detained and searched because the counterterrorism warrant did not name her and therefore they had no authority to frisk her and she was not under lawful arrest.She also found that Federal Police agent Scott Murphy did not know or suspect she had a phone under her burqa when he ordered the officers to search the woman, therefore also making the search unlawful. Sen-Constable Gwyn and Probationary Constable Shaun Temur mistakenly believed the woman was under arrest and therefore it was a lawful search. Ms McGlynn said although she found the alleged threats against Sen-Constable Gwyn “excessive”, she could not find her guilty of intimidating a police officer in the execution of her duty.Police also provided no back-up charges which excluded the phrase “execution of duty”. Ms McGlynn said the law surrounding the arrest and search of people by police must be complied with “so that each member of the community is safe from an excessive invasion of their person”. Her lawyers will make an application for NSW police to pay for cost of her defence.

Madness: EU to blow €5 million of your cash building another camp for Calais migrants

 French Prime Minister Manuel Valls
The European Union is using €5 million taxpayers' cash to build another camp for migrants at Calais. More than 5,000 asylum seekers from Eritrea, Libya, Sudan and Syria are currently camped out in or around the notorious 'Jungle' camp in Calais. But the extra £3.65m cash - announced by EU bureaucrats today - will help build a second sprawling base to house another 1,500.The funding will be partially used to help build a new camp including toilets and showers, which was the original purpose of the 'Jungle' - which was intended to house 100 women and children before numbers swelled out of control. It will also be spent on transporting large numbers of asylum seekers in Calais to hostels. The announcement was made today by European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans during a visit to Calais with French and EU officials. He was joined by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who launched a thinly veiled attack on Britain. He said: "Too many countries are refusing to play their part. It goes against the European spirit and we can't accept it. "The responsibility of us all is to make sure the right to asylum is respected everywhere. One cannot avoid it with barbed wire."Mr Valls also attempted to put off migrants from coming to Calais by warning that security around the port had been "considerably reinforced". He added: "To come to Calais is to throw yourself into a dead end." EU interior ministers will meet in Brussels next month to try and "strengthen the European response" as part of crunch talks regarding the migrant influx. The situation in Calais has escalated over the summer, with nine migrants having died during their dangerous mission to reach Britain. Many have been risking their lives by climbing on top of UK-bound trains or even attempting to walk through the Channel Tunnel. Britons hoping to reach France have also been forced to battle a string of agonising delays.Earlier this month a Eurostar train was delayed after migrants trespassed inside the Channel Tunnel. The incident came just three days after a freight train travelling to the UK was forced to stop in the tunnel after a migrant was spotted riding on one of its wagons. Passengers waiting to use the Eurotunnel also faced queues of up to six hours last week after "several migrants" where found on a train heading to Britain. The freight train was stopped and searched in the Channel Tunnel, where the migrants were discovered, and they were later returned to France and taken into the hands of the country's border police.

Muslims to Refugees: Convert, or Become Slaves

Heavy flooding in Pakistan has washed away thousands of homes – and the Pakistani government has responded curiously: It has offered aid to homeless Muslim families, but ignores hundreds of Christians facing the same plight.
As if that were not enough, Muslim charities then stepped up to the plate with an offer they hoped the Christians couldn't refuse: "Convert and we'll help you, or you'll remain homeless and we'll enslave you to boot." Specifically, the Muslims are threatening to turn the homeless Christians into bonded servants, essentially a form of modern-day slavery.
The Clarion Project, whose logo states it "challenges extremism and promotes dialogue," reports that the Pakistani government has apparently decided to ignore the suffering of the country’s Christian communities.
"When it comes to responding to the flooding of Christian communities," Wilson Chowdhry, president of the British Pakistani Christian Association, told The Christian Post, "the government seems to back off. Whereas with Muslim communities they respond immediately, as do the Muslim charities… It is not unusual for the government to overlook helping the Christian communities."
Among the thousands of homes destroyed by flooding this summer in the Kasur region of Pakistan were those belonging to more than 60 Christian families. The Muslims were provided with temporary shelter, clean water and food by the government and Muslim charities – while the Christians were not.
Chowdhry said the Christians were told to renounce their religion and convert to Islam if they wanted to receive aid, but that they rejected this choice. The Muslims then offered them another option by which they could receive aid: "Become our bonded servants."
This offer was not categorically rejected, and in fact, Chowdhry said, "several families have already now signed contracts, which have now made them slaves for their Muslim landlords."
He bemoaned the fact that his organization arrived too late to help these families and save them from becoming slaves.
Clarion reports that though Chowdhry’s organization is stepping in to help the families, it has limited resources, as do the churches in Pakistan.
In other news from Pakistan, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that the government appears to be leaning towards the Islamist elements and even facilitating the establishment of an Islamist militia in Karachi. Radicals from the Islamist Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) are moving into secularist strongholds; far from facing any obstacles, the Islamists’ leader, Ahmed Ludhianvi, has police protection, as do other senior ASWJ officials.

UK: ISIS Defector Mother And 4 Kids Have ‘Links to Anjem Choudary’

 anjem choudary
A mother who is believed to have taken her four children with her to war torn Syria has been linked to notorious British hate preacher Anjem Choudary. Zahera Tariq was reported missing from her home in Walthamstow, London with her three sons, aged four to 12, and her nine-year-old daughter last week. Police believe she may be trying to join her sister Aisha who is already in Syria.
Now the Telegraph reports that Mrs Tariq’s brother-in-law is Siddhartha Dhar, a former aide to notorious preacher Anjem Choudary who was among nine men arrested last year on suspicion of terror offences.
He skipped bail and fled to join Islamic State fighters in Syria, taking to Twitter to taunt Britain’s security forces and claiming he was able to “breeze through” Europe.
In May he posted a guide for would-be jihadists praising his now home in Syria: “If you thought London or New York was cosmopolitan then wait until you step foot in the Islamic State,” it reads. He also writes about the “succulent” food and “creamy” lattes, predicting “curries and chow meins” on the streets of occupied Iraqi and Syrian cities in the “near future”.
Mrs Tariq and her children were caught on CCTV at London City Airport last week where they are believed to have caught a flight to Amsterdam. Although police say they do not yet have any convincing evidence they have travelled on to Syria, this remains their most likely destination.
Neighbours Linda and Doug Barrett told the Telegraph the children would play football in the street almost every day. “Honestly, they are just typical kids, running in and out of the house with water and ice creams. You wouldn’t have expected anything like this,” they said.
Commander Richard Walton of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command said: “We’re concerned about Zahera and her four children and we’re doing all we can to work with our partners and colleagues both here and abroad to try and locate them and make sure they are all safe and well.”
Anjem Choudary was charged last month with inviting support for Islamic State, along with Mohammed Mizanur Rahman. Sue Hemming, head of Special Crime and Counter-Terrorism at the Crown Prosecution Service, said the men were charged in relation to lectures posted on social media:
“We have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to prosecute Anjem Choudary and Mohammed Rahman for inviting support for ISIL (IS), a proscribed terrorist organisation, between 29 June 2014 and 6 March this year.
“Each man is charged with one offence contrary to section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000.”

Austria: Vienna Jews: City ignoring Muslim anti-Semitic incitement

The Times of Israel reports:

The Jewish Community of Vienna has accused the city’s prosecutor’s office of ignoring anti-Semitic incitement by pro-Palestinian activists.

The incitement took the form of a caricature published last month on the Facebook page of organizers of the Vienna march of International Quds Day — an annual event held in cities across the world since it was initiated in Iran as an expression of solidarity with Palestinians and rejection of Zionism and Israel. 
The caricature showed men wearing Middle Eastern garb and one child pouring water into a hole, at the bottom of which stands a worried-looking, drowning Orthodox Jew holding an Israeli flag. The caricature contained a Turkish-language quote attributed to Ruhollah Khomeini, the late spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran: “If every Muslim poured a glass of water on Israel, it would drown.”
The organizers of the march on July 11 removed the caricature after the Jewish Community of Vienna complained about it in Austrian media. Politicians from across the spectrum condemned the caricature as anti-Semitic and several parties filed a criminal complaint for incitement, but the Vienna Prosecutor’s Office recently decided to close the case without charging anyone.  Read more.

NO LIMIT: Germany Will Take As Many Immigrants As Come, Claims Top Official

Germany will accommodate as many immigrants as make their way to the country, so says the head of the country’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees Manfred Schmidt.  Speaking to the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Schmidt acknowledged that the numbers of people coming into Germany has quadrupled in the last year, with 800,000 asylum applications expected in 2015.
“Probably these figures are still rising,” he said, in a stark admission that there is no end in sight to the hundreds of thousands making their way into Europe.
While many of the would-be immigrants come from Syria, Schmidt also acknowledged the case for refugee and asylum status being based on economic hardship – one of the greatest concerns of the proponents of controlled immigration to Europe.
If Europe opens the doors to those who are defined as living in poverty, this would mean billions of people would have valid asylum claims for European nations.
“There have come more and more refugees from sub-Saharan Africa in recent years, many of them from economic hardship. The population of Africa is almost quadruple estimated to the year 2100. Do we have to talk about the African refugees more?” he was asked.
“You have to be clearly distinguished here,” he replied. “On the one hand, there are asylum seekers from countries like Eritrea or Somalia, fleeing for political reasons. Or Nigerians that the Islamist Boko Haram militia escape. On the other hand but also a lot of people from other West African countries to leave their homes because they want a second chance. They see no economical perspective on life in their country and seeking to reach Europe or Germany to work and support their families in Africa.”
“But,” he added, “of course it is not realistic and does not make sense that the entire workforce of West Africa comes under in Germany, so we have to continue to invest to build themselves good structures in the countries.”
The crucial answer however, came when he was asked how many refugees Germany can continue to absorb:
“It can be used for the inclusion of people who are fleeing persecution and need protection, giving no limit upwards,” he said. Echoing the statements made this weekend by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.
You can read the entire interview, in German, here.


All Migrants Fleeing War and Persecution Can Come, Says French Prime Minister

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has claimed that all migrants fleeing war or persecution can come to Europe, potentially triggering another huge wave of people attempting to settle across the continent. The claim, which would open Europe up to hundreds of millions, if not billions of people able to claim “legitimate” refugee or asylum status, comes as most European countries struggle to cope with processing the hundreds of thousands already entering Europe.
“Each asylum demand must be examined rapidly,” Valls told his fellow Socialist Party members at a rally yesterday. 
Those “fleeing war, persecution, torture, oppression, must be welcomed,” he said.
Just taking into account the top 15 countries, ranked by the number of deaths caused by war in 2014, means over 837 million people would qualify for legitimate immigration into Europe, according to Valls. The population numbers of countries currently at war is obviously far higher than this.
According to AFP, Valls quoted the Statue of Liberty, the “gift” given to the United States by France, which reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
But the statue, much like Europe, was never meant to be pro-mass migration. In fact, the words above weren’t added to the statue until 1903, after if became a source of inspiration for migrants.
“Our task is to find lasting responses founded on the values of humanity, responsibility and firmness,” continued Valls.
Earlier in the day, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on the radio: “When I see a certain number of European countries, particularly in the east, who do not accept quotas (of migrants), I find it scandalous.”
Britain is one of the countries not constricted by Europe’s common asylum and immigration rules, and does not have a Schengen free movement deal with the continent either. However, any migrants offered European passports, as all will be eligible for, will be able to use that passport to both enter and settle in the United Kingdom.

Germany's Muslim Demographic Revolution

by Soeren Kern
  • The surge in Germany's Muslim population — propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War — represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country's open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.
  • "There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe." — Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.
  • According to Aiman Mazyek, head of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, attendance at many mosques has doubled in the past month alone.
  • A large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones. — Thomas De Maizière, German Interior Minister.
  • Muslim men residing in Germany routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany, and then marrying them in the presence of an imam. Once in Germany the women request social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a "single parent with children." — From an exposé broadcast by RTL television.
  • "For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether everything we understand as Europe will exist at all." — Viktor Orbán, President of Hungary.
Germany's Muslim population is set to skyrocket by more than 700,000 in 2015, pushing the total number of Muslims in the country to nearly 6 million for the first time.
The surge in Germany's Muslim population — propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War — represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country's open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.
At a press conference on August 19, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière revealed that a record 800,000 migrants and refugees — the equivalent of nearly one percent of Germany's total population — are expected to arrive in Germany in 2015, a four-fold increase over 2014. He said that 83,000 migrants had arrived in July alone, and that the figure for August would be higher still.
De Maizière said that although many of the migrants are from the Middle East and North Africa, a large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones.
According to German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, the Berlin refugee center pictured here receives up to 2000 applications for asylum per day. (Image source: Deutsche Welle video screenshot)
Of the 800,000 migrants and refugees arriving in Germany in 2015, at least 80% (or 640,000) are Muslim, according to a recent estimate by the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland, ZMD), a Muslim umbrella group based in Cologne. This estimate is not in dispute.
In addition to the newcomers, the natural rate of population increase of the Muslim community already living in Germany is approximately 1.6% per year (or 77,000), according to data extrapolated from a recent Pew Research Center study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe.
Based on Pew projections, the Muslim population of Germany reached an estimated 5,068,000 by the end of 2014. The 640,000 Muslim migrants arriving in Germany in 2015, combined with the 77,000 natural increase, indicates that the Muslim population of Germany will jump by 717,000, to reach an estimated 5,785,000 by the end of 2015. This would leave Germany with the highest Muslim population in Western Europe.
By way of comparison, the surge in Germany's Muslim population would be equivalent to the Muslim population of the United States increasing by 3 million in just one year.
Critics say that German officials, under pressure to solve Europe's migration crisis, are ignoring the long-term consequences of taking in so many migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.
In addition to security concerns (Islamic radicals are almost certainly trying to enter Germany disguised as refugees), they say, the surge in Muslim immigration will accelerate the Islamization of Germany, a process that is already well under way.
Islam is the fastest growing religion in post-Christian Germany. This is evidenced by the fact that an increasing number of churches in Germany are being converted into mosques, some of which are publicly sounding calls to prayer (the adhan) from outdoor loudspeaker systems. The increase is such that some neighborhoods in Germany evoke the sights and sounds of the Muslim Middle East.
Islamic Sharia law is advancing rapidly throughout Germany, with Sharia courts now operating in all of Germany's big cities. This "parallel justice system" is undermining the rule of law in Germany, experts warn, but government officials are "powerless" to do anything about it. At the same time, German judges are increasingly referring and deferring to Sharia law in German law courts.
Polygamy, although illegal under German law, is commonplace among Muslims in all major German cities. In Berlin, for example, it is estimated that fully one-third of the Muslim men living in the Neukölln district of the city have two or more wives.
According to an exposé broadcast by RTL, one of Germany's leading media companies, Muslim men residing in Germany routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany, and then marrying them in the presence of an imam (Muslim religious leader). Once in Germany the women request social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a "single parent with children."
Although the welfare fraud committed by Muslim immigrants is an "open secret" costing German taxpayers millions of euros each year, government agencies are reluctant to take action due to political correctness, according to RTL.
Spiraling levels of violent crime perpetrated by shiftless immigrants from the Middle East and the Balkans have turned parts of German cities into "areas of lawlessness" — areas that are de facto "no-go" zones for police.
In Wuppertal, groups of bearded Muslim radicals calling themselves the "Sharia Police" have tried to enforce Islamic law on the streets by distributing yellow leaflets that explain the Islamist code of conduct in the city's Sharia zones. In Hamburg, Muslim radicals have infiltrated dozens of primary and secondary schools, where they are imposing Islamic norms and values on non-Muslim students and teachers.
In Berlin, local officials have waived rules prohibiting religious dress in public buildings so that Muslim women can wear headscarves. In Bavaria, Muslim children are being exempted from mandatory visits to former concentration camps as part of Holocaust education programs.
In Bremen, city officials signed an agreement with the city's 40,000-strong Muslim community. The agreement guarantees the protection of Muslim community properties, the approval of the construction of mosques with minarets and domes, the allotment of land for Muslim cemeteries, the supply of halal food at prisons and hospitals, the recognition of three Muslim holidays, Muslim representation in state institutions and other rights and privileges.
More than 700 German Muslims have joined the Islamic State and traveled to Syria and Iraq, and some of them have continued to receive welfare benefits from the German state while on the battlefields of the Middle East. Jihadists who have returned to Germany and pose an acute threat to national security threat are nevertheless eligible to receive benefits once again.
Germany is home to more than 7,000 Salafists who adhere to a branch of radical Islam that is vehemently opposed to Germany's democratic order. German officials say that 1,000 of these individuals are especially dangerous (some are believed to have joined sleeper cells) and could attack at any time.
At the same time, however, Salafists are allowed to openly proselytize on German streets to find new recruits and thereby increase their numbers. In a recent recruitment initiative, Salafists launched an unprecedented nationwide campaign, "A Koran in Every Home," to distribute 25 million copies of the Koran, translated into the German language, to every household in Germany, free of charge.
And yet the guardians of German multiculturalism have been working overtime to silence critics of the rise of Islam in Germany. In Bavaria, for example, German activists opposed to the construction of a mega-mosque in Munich have been classified as "extremists" and are being monitored by German intelligence.
German media consistently accuse commentators on the rise of Islam of engaging in hate speech, in an underhanded effort to try to intimidate them into silence. A particular object of wrath is a very popular German-language website called Politically Incorrect (PI), which over the years has grown into a major information resource for people concerned about the spread of Islam in Germany. PI's motto reads "Against the Mainstream, Pro-American, Pro-Israel, Against the Islamization of Europe." Not surprisingly, German media elites want PI shut down.
It is quite possible that German Chancellor Angela Merkel — who recently admitted that German multiculturalism has failed — views mass immigration from the Muslim world as the solution to Germany's collapsing birth rate, which is among the lowest in the world.
The German government expects the population to shrink from roughly 81 million today to 67 million in 2060, although Germany's statistics office, Destatis, recently reported that high levels of immigration would cause the country's population to shrink more slowly than previously expected.
A study by the Hamburg-based World Economy Institute has warned that the low birthrate threatens the long-term viability of the German economy. "No other industrial country is deteriorating at this speed despite the strong influx of young migrant workers," the report said. "Germany cannot continue to be a dynamic business hub in the long-run without a strong jobs market."
Germany will need to do a far better job of integrating immigrants if they are to be a net gain for the German economy. A recent study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research showed that Muslim immigrants were more likely to be unemployed and living off the social welfare state than any other migrant group in Germany. The report said that root cause for the high unemployment rates is the lack of educational attainment and job training qualifications.
Meanwhile, the migration crisis shows no sign of abating. At a summit on migration held in Vienna on August 27, the EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, said: "There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe. Ten to 12 million in Syria, 5 million Palestinians, 2 million Ukrainians and about 1 million in the southern Caucasus."
On August 21, Germany suspended the so-called Dublin Regulation — a law that requires people seeking refuge within the EU to do so in the first European country they reach — for asylum seekers from Syria. This means that Syrians reaching Germany will be allowed to stay while their applications are being processed. Critics say the move will encourage even more migrants to make their way to Germany.
Most Germans seem to be unfazed by what is happening to their country. An August 21 poll for German broadcaster ZDF showed that 60% of Germans thought their country could cope with the high number of refugees, and 86% said that Germany was a country of immigration.
In an interview with the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Aiman Mazyek, the head of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, said that so many Muslims have been flowing into the country that attendance at many mosques has doubled in the past month alone. Commenting on the demographic revolution sweeping Germany, Mazyek summed it up with an understatement: "The number of Muslims in Germany will increase significantly."
In nearby Hungary, President Viktor Orbán has been one of the few European heads of state to sound the alarm. "A year ago I said that we live in times when anything can happen, and I still say so today," he said recently. "Who would have thought that Europe would not be capable of protecting its own borders against unarmed refugees?" He added:
"For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether everything we understand as Europe will exist at all."


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Prophets without Honor: Europe, Immigration, and Trump

by Bruce Thornton

Europe’s slow-motion immigration disaster has accelerated with the continuing turmoil in the Middle East and Africa. In Calais hundreds of illegal immigrants stormed the entrance to the cross-Channel tunnel in an attempt to reach more immigrant-friendly England. In northern Greece, 3000 migrants attacked the border with Macedonia to get closer to more prosperous northern Europe; Macedonia let them pass a few days later. Hungary, a member of the EU border-free Schengen zone, is deploying its army to slow down the migrant tide, and border-fences are springing up in Bulgaria and Hungary. Meanwhile, thousands of immigrants continue to drown in over-crowded ships or suffocate in smugglers’ trucks while trying to enter Europe.
Europe has long had an immigration problem, but in the last year the numbers have skyrocketed. About 124,000 immigrants reached Greece by sea between January and July this year, a 750% increase from the previous year. Germany estimates 800,000 new migrants will reach the country by year’s end, 4 times as much as last year. The United Kingdom has seen 330,000 enter so far this year, while 107,500 made it to Europe, both numbers new records.
It’s not just the suddenness of these increases that’s the problem. For decades now Europe has mishandled its immigrant population, whether through over-generous welfare subsidies, or lax standards for granting asylum or reuniting families. More dangerous has been the nexus of bad ideas––from fashionable civilizational self-loathing to sentimental multicultural Third-Worldism––that has encouraged ethnic separatism and demonized assimilation. The result is a ticking social and political bomb.
Europeans, however, can’t say they weren’t warned. Two prophets––one British and one French, both stripped of honor in their own lands for speaking presciently about the dangers of uncontrolled immigration––decades ago laid out the dangers.
In 1968 British MP Enoch Powell delivered a speech that quickly became notorious as the “rivers of blood” speech. A London Times editorial called it “an evil speech,” adding, “This is the first time that a serious British politician has appealed to racial hatred in this direct way in our postwar history.” Powell was fired from his position as Shadow Defence Secretary in the Shadow Cabinet of Conservative Edward Heath, the last cabinet post he ever held.
Powell noted that England was increasing the numbers of immigrants without giving much thought to the consequences of so quickly adding culturally different people:
Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancés whom they have never seen.
Powell also linked the increases to a failure to assimilate newcomers into the culture, values, and mores of the majority native population, and to special interests whose political and social leverage came from the balkanization of British society:
Now we are seeing the growth of positive forces acting against integration, of vested interests in the preservation and sharpening of racial and religious differences, with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow-immigrants and then over the rest of the population.
Commenting on the Labour Party’s Race Relations Act, which aimed to prevent discrimination in housing, Powell envisioned how immigrants and their champions could manipulate government and law in order to aggrandize their own power and further divide the people:
Here is the means of showing that the immigrant communities can organize to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their fellow citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided. As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”
The quote from Vergil’s Aeneid, spoken by the Sibyl who foresees the wars between the immigrant Trojans and native Latins, gave the speech its popular title and predicted for England as well a future of increasing violence as its society and politics continued to fragment into ethnic factions pursuing zero-sum advantages.
Jean Raspail’s novel The Camp of the Saints is even more significant, for it delves deeper into the civilizational failure of nerve and the self-loathing that have prevented many Europeans from vigorously defending their way of life and political principles. Raspail, an explorer, travel writer, and novelist, published his novel in 1973 to similar condemnations­­––Time magazine called it a “bilious tirade,” and years later the Southern Poverty Law Center said it was “widely revered by American white supremacists.”
The story begins when millions of Third World peoples simultaneously start hijacking ships and sailing for Europe. Once there, the migrants swarm the Côte d’Azur while the French flee in panic to the north. The failure of the French to resist the invaders is the consequence of civilizational guilt over alleged Western crimes like racism, colonialism, and imperialism. This weakness emboldens the invaders. In India, where the mass migration starts, the French consul scolds a Catholic bishop who approves of the migration and is proud to be “bearing witness” to it. The consul retorts,
Bearing witness to what? To your faith? Your religion? To your Christian civilization? Oh no, none of that! Bearing witness against yourselves, like the anti-Western cynics you’ve become. Do you think the poor devils that flock to your side aren’t any the wiser? Nonsense! They see right through you. For them, white skin means weak convictions. They know how weak yours are, they know you’ve given in.
Raspail clearly links this failure of nerve in the face of existential assault to the increasing secularization of European culture, the abandonment of the Christian faith upon which its civilization and cherished principles––political freedom, human rights, rule by law––were in part founded. At novel’s end, after Europe is lost to the hordes streaming northward, the narrator wonders: “Who knows how things might have worked out if the peoples of the West, in similar straits, had put their faith in God.” For in the struggle between different cultures with different religions and mores, “One still believes. One doesn’t. The one that still has faith will move mountains. That’s the side that will win. Deadly doubt has destroyed all incentive in the other. That’s the side that will lose.”
Those last comments are particularly pertinent to the core of Europe’s current immigrant problem: many are Muslims who worship a faith radically different from the liberal culture of freedom, tolerance, and individual rights that created Europe and the United States. Hence most of the violence Powell predicted has come from unassimilated young Muslims–– the terrorists who bombed London in 2005 and Madrid in 2004, the rapists in England and Malmo who target non-Muslim women, the French “youths” who periodically smash hundreds of cars or murder journalists and Jews, and the Muslim who assassinated Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh and drove Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders into hiding. And in most cases, these criminals have been the beneficiaries of welfare largesse, their violence often rewarded with increased “social welfare spending.”
But we Americans shouldn’t feel superior, for we have our own immigration problems, especially with illegal aliens. Our problems aren’t as severe as Europe’s, for the vast majority of our immigrants come from countries that are essentially Western, rather than from Muslim countries whose religion is inherently hostile to Christianity and the West. But we have compromised that advantage by indulging the same carelessness about policing the border or dispensing social welfare largesse. We too have problems with crime from illegal aliens, ranging from drug-gangs and murder to the daily disorder and disregard for law that makes life more difficult in many communities. And we also have an anti-assimilationist lobby that leverages white guilt and self-loathing into political power.
But we too, for now, seem to have a prophet. Whatever his flaws and weaknesses, Donald Trump has thrust the problems of lax immigration policies and weak enforcement of immigration laws back into the national conversation. Like Enoch Powell, politicians from both parties have tried to marginalize him. But in the age of the Internet, YouTube, and cable news, the citizens who agree with Trump can voice their approval more loudly than in Powell’s day. And they delight in the rough treatment he gives to immigration hacks like Univision’s Jorge Ramos, whom Trump tossed out of a news conference. Let’s just hope that a critical mass of people is listening, and that the Republicans embrace Trump’s warnings on illegal immigration instead of demonizing him.

Racist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: ‘We Don’t Need Another White Man’ for Labour Leader

 Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
by Raheem Kassam 

So I see that the self-declared racist political commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has only gone and done it again. But because she’s brown (by skin colour, not just by name), I suppose the BBC will continue to have her on their programmes, and the Independent will continue to publish her racist columns. She writes, in Sunday’s Independent, in an article entitled, “I like Corbyn, but let’s face it: we don’t need another white man at the head of a political party“:
The contest for the Labour leadership is bringing new energy to the moribund party. I like Corbyn the man and his anti-austerity policies. Do we really want yet another white man in power? No. Other socialist feminists feel the same way. If I had a vote, I would go for Yvette Cooper. But when it comes to the London Mayoral Labour candidate, I am uneasy about Tessa Jowell getting selected. She is a woman, talented and persuasive. Yet she is an establishment figure while her rivals – Sadiq Khan, David Lammy and Diane Abbott – are not so grand. They are the children of migrants and so better reflect London, the world’s most diverse city, made by incomers.
And she even bemoans Britain’s lack of identity politics, before giving the prime example of identity politics, Baroness Warsi (otherwise known as Baroness Token) as a “technicolour moment of identity politics”:
When the Muslim peer Sayeeda Warsi joined Cameron’s cabinet as a minister without portfolio, she turned up for her first meeting in shalwar kameez. This was a technicolour moment of identity politics. Though she didn’t last, some of her Muslim voters stayed loyal to the Tories.
Well I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I have very little interest in extremist-linked ministers turning up to the British Cabinet in traditional Pakistani garb. Probably about as much interest as the Pakistani public have in Hugh Grant turning up to a Pakistani Muslim League rally in a top hat and tails.
Do you think their first reactions would be, “Ah, how socially progressive and multi-cultural of us! Better let him be a government minister!”
This is the point at which the left would tie itself into knots, by the way. Because how dare I compare our government to the Pakistani governments?
“Obviously we know better… I mean… no… not better… we’re not better than them… we ought to know better… we’re all the same like… but… multi-culturalism… and… fuck.”
This is why vacuous commentators like Alibhai-Brown manage to contradict themselves in a matter of sentences. At the beginning, it was “In the US, ethnicity, religion, race, gender and class are recognised factors in the election process”.
Then it was, “Oh look at Baroness Token, isn’t that lovely of us?”
And she concludes: “unlike our American cousins, we don’t know how to talk about diversity and engagement in fast-evolving GB.”
Firstly, who the fuck says “GB”?
Secondly… Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is precisely the sort to bitch and moan about American culture when it doesn’t suit her.
And thirdly (and you didn’t think you’d get away with this, did you, Yasmin?) she seems to have even managed to shoehorn some anti-Semitism into her piece this week:
“Corbyn, in contrast, is regarded  as a man of these people. He rides a bike, wears cheap clothes, is seen as a real, working-class hero. In some ways, identity politics worked for him – but the honeymoon ended when he was assailed by fiery feminists for suggesting women-only train carriages and branded an anti-Semite by Zionists.”
He wasn’t just accused by people who are “Zionists”, Yasmin. He was accused of anti-Semitism in the round, because he calls people who are quite obviously anti-Semites, “friends” – something which may not stop a racist like you being friends with someone, but it stops quite a lot of us.
Anyway, I think I’ve successfully managed to get myself into a tizzy over this. I wonder if the Independent’s reader’s liaison will notice this week. After all Alibhai-Brown made a “mortifying blunder” last week. And no, I’m not surprised by any of this. She’s not just a racist. She’s a dense, has-been desperate for some attention. And now she’s got it.

Refugee Help: “We face an Armageddon scenario”

The General Secretary for Danish Refugee Help, Andreas Kamm, used to be a politically correct pro-multiculturalist. But he has had a change of mind, and is not even sure if we can save our societies. I am also not sure, but we have to fight as if we have a chance.
Translated from JP:
The number of refugees and migrants heading towards Europe is historically high. The political institutions that are in charge of handling refugee flows are collapsing. The solidarity within the EU and international conventions are under increasing pressure.
We are therefore heading towards a greater collapse, concludes Danish Refugee Council’s longstanding Secretary General Andreas Kamm. …
“We are risking that conflicts between refugees and migrants on the one side and local populations on the other goes awry and will escalate, and in my eyes, we face an Armageddon scenario.”
He estimates that the current pressure from streams of refugees constitutes a “permanent” challenge that will not go away, and recommends the development of new tools that can address and solve the problems.
But the answer is not that “Europe should import the world’s surplus populations,” Kamm said.
“We are not obliged to destroy our own society. We must stop before that if we possibly can,” he says.

Time to kick out the jobless migrants – no work, no entry to Britain

Home Secretary Theresa May has sensationally demanded that migrants are banned from the UK unless they have a job lined up.Ms May criticised the "broken European migration system" for the current crisis in Calais and called on EU leaders to tear up freedom of movement rules which enable migrants to travel freely through Europe. The Home Secretary has suggested she will crackdown to kick out foreign students at the end of their university courses if they do not have graduate-level jobs in the UK. The suggestion comes after Home Office figures released last week revealed that net migration hit a staggering 330,000last year - the worst ever recorded.Ms May admitted the figures were "simply unsustainable" and claimed it would be wrong not to try and control migration going forward. Writing in a column for the Sunday Times, she argued for a review of the Schengen agreement — which allows people to travel freely throughout Europe – claiming that it is being misused by migrants. She wrote: "“When it was first enshrined, free movement meant the freedom to move to a job, not the freedom to cross borders to look for work or claim benefits. "Yet last year, four out of 10 EU migrants, 63,000 people, came here with no definite job whatsoever. “We must take some big decisions, face down powerful interests and reinstate the original principle underlying free movement within the EU."The Home Secretary's comments outstrips Cameron's demands and will pressure the Prime Minister to push for more from Brussels as he renegotiates relations with the EU before the in/out referendum. Cameron has so far demanded that benefits should only be paid to those who have been working in Britain for four years. The heavily debated 'Brexit' has created tensions between the UK and Brussels bureaucrats, with EU ministers growing tired of Cameron's increasing demands.Last month Professor Iain Beg, from the London School of Economics, said that Britain could be kicked out of the EU if Cameron keeps pushing his agenda. He believes Mr Cameron is treading on a dangerous tightrope as he tries to appease EU leaders while also refusing to help with the ongoing Mediterranean migrant crisis and the Greek debt disaster. Prof Begg said: "The Italian PM Matteo Renzi said he was in principle backing Britain's stance but then believed he was slapped in the face by Cameron over the recent migration issue, when he heard Britain would not accept a quota of immigrants. "From what I hear from Brussels insiders the Italian PM was spitting feathers and using some strong language after hearing about it." Meddling European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker was also told to "wind his neck in" by UKIP leader Nigel Farage after he claimed that Britons have no desire to leave the EU. Juncker said: "Brexit is not a question which arises, it’s not desired by the British. “Cameron wants to dock his country permanently to Europe.”

Nice Job! PLO Employees to Get Paid Retirement at 50: This is a terrorist welfare state

by Daniel Greenfield 

 You know what's a great job? Terrorism.
If you're not one of the suckers outfitted with a bomb vest, but one of the bureaucrats processing Bomb Vest Requisition Form 109b. The PLO's Palestinian Authority has a huge number of employees. It's really the number one employer, followed by the UN and a bunch of other non-profits that we also fund one way or another.
So it's cutting down on some of them by making them retire with half their salary... minus the part where they have to work. And you'll be paying for it out of a job much less glamorous than a career in international terrorism.
Bassam Zakarneh, president of the Public Sector Employees Union, told local Radio 4 on Aug. 12 that the Palestinian Authority (PA) Cabinet had submitted a proposal to President Mahmoud Abbas on Aug. 4 to amend current laws to release 70,000 employees as part of an early retirement scheme. The changes stipulate mandatory early retirement for those employees who have served 15 years or more and are over 50 years of age.
Zakarneh said the plan was designed to decrease current expenditures by reducing the number of PA employees in Gaza and the West Bank from 150,000 to 80,000 and had been prepared in cooperation with the World Bank... Retired employees would be paid between 50% and 56% of their monthly wage.
Yes, the PLO's PA has 150,000 employees which gives us a ratio of about 1 employee to 10 people... since the PLO doesn't control Gaza, despite paying employees there anyway.
Instead of just firing them, it's going to begin paying them half their salaries without requiring them to actually work, because this is a terrorist welfare state.
Not that they're working now...
The plan follows on the European Union’s April 30 announcement that it would no longer provide financial assistant to pay government employee salaries in Gaza if they continued to fail to report to work, which has been a problem since 2007.
After 8 years, the EU will finally stop contributing money to pay people who haven't been reporting to work since 2007.
Isn't austerity terrible?
Chapter 5, Article 27, of the Palestinian Retirement Law (2005) provides that all employees who have reached the age of 60 and having worked 15 years and paid all dues are entitled to a retirement pension.
They had retirement at 60. Paid for by you. But now they'll have more time to focus on the businesses they were running on the side.
Rami Louh, an employee of the National Security Service, said that the plan could have positive ramifications for some employees who operate private enterprises, because the retirement salaries could be supplemental to possible additional income generated from focusing more on the businesses they own.
Notice that "focusing more" part?
They've been running their own businesses all along, because the PA is run like a mafia where they get access to monopolies because of their positions. Now they're going to have more time to focus on their dirty little businesses... without having to pretend to work... while still getting 56% of their old salaries.
Mahmoud Sabra, an economist and lecturer at Al-Azhar University, told Al-Monitor, pointed out that such a step can only be discussed in the Legislative Council and that the government is not permitted to take such a step without the council's approval.
That would be the Council which hasn't met since 2007 and which doesn't exist because there haven't been any actual elections in a long, long time.
Maybe it's time to retire the idea of a Palestinian State, a bad idea that has hit retirement age.

MI6 Spy Found Dead in Bag in Bath Had Hacked Clinton Data

The MI6 spy who was found dead inside a holdall bag in his bathtub in London hacked into secret data held on former U.S. President Bill Clinton, The Sun newspaper has sensationally claimed today.  Gareth Williams was 31 years old when he was found naked, dead in his own bathtub in Pimlico, just a few minutes walk away from Britain’s Houses of Parliament.
Speculation has been rife ever since his death in September 2010 about the circumstances surrounding his death. A Metropolitan Police investigation revealed predictably, though suspiciously, that Mr Williams’ death was “probably an accident”. This was despite an initial inquest concluding that his death was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.”
Since then the unexplained death has been the subject of investigation by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The BBC reported as early as December 2010 that Mr Williams had been on secondment from Britain’s signals intelligence operation GCHQ to MI6, and then subsequently to the United States’ National Security Agency.
The Sun reports that Williams had “dug out the guestlist for an event the former American president was going to as a favour for a pal.”
The Murdoch-owned paper reports:
The Sun on Sunday can reveal that voicemail messages Mr Williams left for family and pals were deleted in the days after his death. And a rival agent may also have broken into the flat to destroy or remove evidence.
The inquest was barred from discussing Mr Williams’s work in public. But sources say he was helping on the joint monitoring network Echelon, which uses sophisticated programs to eavesdrop on terrorists and criminal gangs, particularly those in Russia.

A source said: “The Clinton diary hack came at a time when Williams’s work with America was of the most sensitive nature.
“It was a diplomatic nightmare for Sir John Sawers, the new director of MI6 at the time.”
Insiders claim Mr Williams, who had been given a second passport with a fresh identity, was also getting fed up with living a secret life. He is said to have loathed his spy training after having his wrist broken during one hardcore session.

Mr Williams, a keen cyclist originally from Anglesey, North Wales, died shortly after returning from a hacking conference in America.
He had been to see a drag queen show by himself two days before he was last seen alive, on August 15, 2010.
Eight days later his naked body was found folded into the 32in by 19in bag placed in the bath of his flat in Pimlico, central London.
His mobile phone and sim cards were laid out on a table. The last computer evidence of him being alive showed him looking at a cycling website.
A number of theories exist about Mr William’s death, including that of a scorned ex-lover, a “Kremlin car” driving past his house, and some bizarre sexual fantasies that Mr Williams may have played out and taken too far.
Mr Williams had no alcohol or drugs in his system when he was found, and the inquest found that he would not have been able to seal himself in the bag alone.
The Metropolitan Police refused to comment on the new revelations that Mr Clinton’s security details may have been breached by Mr Williams.

Four Men With Links to Jihadi John Handed Legal Aid to Sue British Government

by Donna Rachel Edmunds 

 Four terrorism suspects with links to ISIS executioner Jihadi John have been awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds of British taxpayers’ money in legal aid to sue to government for slapping counter-terrorism orders on them – despite having fled the country and joined terror cells abroad. Two of the men, who absconded to Somalia, are also suing the British government for its supposed role in the detention and torture they experienced while in that country, the Telegraph has reported.
Two of the four men have been named as Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed as Ibrahim Magag. Along with a third, known only as ‘CF’, they are suing the government for imposing counter-terrorism orders on them which restricted their movements, where they lived and worked, and who they could talk to.
The men have been linked to al-Shabab, a terrorist network operating in Somalia. The men also have links to terrorist operations in Syria, as well as the London terror cell which played host to Jihadi John, real name Mohammed Emwazi, when he was in the UK.
Despite the orders, Magag vanished on Boxing Day 2012 after getting into a taxi near a London’s Euston train station; Mohamed absconded after leaving a mosque dressed in a burqa in Novemer 2013, and CF slipped out of the country on the back of a lorry passing through Dover a year later.
A fourth man, known as ‘K2’ is conversely suing the Home Secretary for barring him entry to the UK. The security services claimed that his presence in Britain was “not conducive to the public good” and that he is involved in terrorism.
All four men were granted legal aid to bring their cases against the government. Although the final bills are not yet in from their lawyers, the total is expected to reach the hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Magag, Mohammed and CF’s cases were allowed to continue despite them being abroad because they had filed for legal aid before they left. Magag has lost his appeal against the control order, but the other two cases continue, although legal aid funding has now been stopped.
However, Mohamed and CF have further used legal aid to sue the Government for up to £1million in damages over what they claim is Britain’s role in their detention and alleged torture when they were arrested in Somalia and deported to the UK in 2011.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: “The Legal Aid Agency was bound by the decision of the independent adjudicator. As with all such cases, specialist teams manage costs to ensure they are carefully controlled.”
Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former chairman of the Parliamentary intelligence and security committee, said: “Given the pressures on legal aid resources I would put these cases on the lowest rung of priority. If the rules currently permit awarding legal aid in such cases then they have to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.”

Man who shot Virginia journalists “closely identified” with 9/11 jihadis

Whether it’s race hatred such as that which drove Vester Flanagan to commit murder, or jihad hatred that drove the 9/11 hijackers to commit murder on a grand scale, it all ultimately comes from the same wellspring. Yet the enablers and tacit supporters of jihad terrorism gain a great deal of success in the U.S. by tarring foes of jihad terror as “hatemongers.” The real hate is all on their side.
“Man who shot Virginia journalists identified with 9/11 attacks: sheriff,” by Ian Simpson, Reuters, August 28, 2015:
The gunman who killed two Virginia television journalists on air carried out a well-planned assault and identified with mass murderers and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, authorities said on Friday.
The shooter, Vester Flanagan, gave no sign of his destination or next move when he fled after gunning down the journalists from Roanoke station WDBJ7 on Wednesday, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.
“It is evident that Wednesday morning’s attack was well-planned and premeditated” and Flanagan apparently acted alone, the statement on the shooting investigation said.
Flanagan, a former station employee, fired 17 rounds from a .40 caliber Glock pistol when he attacked reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward as they were conducting a live interview at Smith Mountain Lake in southwest Virginia, the statement said.
Flanagan shot himself during a police chase in northern Virginia and died. The woman who was being interviewed was wounded and hospitalized.
Evidence and his writings show that Flanagan “closely identified with individuals who have committed domestic acts of violence and mass murder, as well as the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S.,” said the statement. Almost 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks….
In a fax to ABC News the day of the shooting, Flanagan, who was black, called himself a “powder keg” over what he saw as racial discrimination. He was fired from CBS affiliate WDBJ7 in 2013….

HITCHENS: European Christianity Destined to Become a Minority

by Raheem Kassam 

Against the backdrop of the frankly insane immigration figures this week, the Mail on Sunday columnist and author Peter Hitchens has repeated his long-standing warning this week that Britain may well become a Muslim country within generations, and stated that Christians in Europe will become a minority.  Hitchens says:
So, the transformation of this country by mass migration, begun by New Labour to rub the Right’s nose in diversity, has now moved up a gear. One in eight of us was born abroad – and how long before that’s one in six, and then one in four?
These people are not (as I am) the children of British subjects born while overseas. They are people who have grown up in a different culture. Never before in our history have we faced the task of integrating a minority so large. Never before have we had such a feeble idea of what being British is.
And yet people ask me, as if the idea were absurd, why I think this will be a Muslim country within a couple of generations. I can think of no force or idea or movement or faith more likely to prosper in the state to come.
Like all other civilisations which lost their nerve and the will to live, European Christianity is destined to become a minority in its own territory. By the way, if you don’t like this, and voted Tory at the last Election, you have no business complaining.
I told you repeatedly that the Tory concern about immigration was faked. They don’t want the power to stop it.
His column this week also argues a new Senate to replace the House of Lords, an idea that I increasingly support.
His criteria are definitely worth reading, including the following line, which for this 29-year-old editor is somewhat upsetting (and only because it is true):
Nobody under the age of 55 should be able to stand for election, and nobody under the age of 30 should be able to vote in those elections. Nobody under 55 knows anything much about life. Nobody under 30 knows anything.

Calais crisis: Now British holidaymakers held up for 14 hours by rioting Roma gypsies

British holidaymakers returning to Calais were hit with more chaos yesterday as a mob of Roma gypsies setting fire to piles of tyres and chainsawing branches of trees blocked the motorway they were travelling on.The A1 motorway from Paris to Lille for was on lockdown for 14 hours, forcing Britons to spend the night in their cars as French police stood by and watched the disorderly scenes unfold. The rioting gypsies were staging a demonstration to try and force a judge to release a 26-year-old man from prison so that he could attend his father's funeral. His father was shot and killed at a gypsy camp at Roye on Tuesday. A judge bowed to the pressure of the mob yesterday – with police announcing that he had ruled the son could attend the funeral under police escort.The gypsies finally allowed the police – who had stood by for – to reopen the A1 at 11am yesterday after it was announced. But UK holidaymakers were held up even longer after workmen had to be called in to repair damage to the road surface caused by the fires. Traffic on the A1 - one of Europe's busiest motorways – was at a standstill across both lanes at 9:30pm French time on Friday. At 10am on Saturday stranded Britons were still waiting in their cars. Police admitted they were powerless to confront the furious crowd and reopen the motorway. One officer said: "It's true. There is disorder."It is the latest disruption for tourists who have faced travel chaos caused by migrants trying to breach the Channel Tunnel and cross over to Britain. On Tuesday it emerged that the high-speed rail service Eurostar is anticipating potential delays for 148,000 passengers this weekend as thousands of Britons prepare to getaway for the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year. Just last week a Eurostar train was delayed after migrants trespassed inside the Channel Tunnel. The operator confirmed at the time that two of its trains had experienced delays leaving Calais. The infuriating incident came just three days after a freight train travelling to the UK was forced to stop in the tunnel after a migrant was spotted riding on one of its wagons. Passengers waiting to use the Eurotunnel also faced lengthy queues of up to six hours last week after "several migrants" where found on a train heading to Britain.The escalating situation at the French port led to a stand-off between British and French authorities - with the Calais mayor demanding a £35million compensation package from Britain. Natacha Bouchart blamed the UK's "lax asylum system and generous benefits culture" for attracting thousands of would-be asylum seekers to her town. Ms Bouchart said it was "essential to ask for financial compensation to cover the economic damage" suffered by Calais and was demanding both Britain and France contribute an equal sum. She said: "I'm asking for 50 million euros (£35 million pounds) because it's difficult to evaluate the economic problems we've had for more than 15 years. "If there isn't a favourable response, I see myself having the obligation to attack, to make a legal complaint against the governments, to the authorities to ensure a compensation ruling."

Police Investigate ‘Hate Crime’ After Men Pose Outside Prayer Centre with NI Flag

 Britain First NI
by Donna Rachel Edmunds 

Police in Northern Ireland are spending valuable resources investigating an alleged hate crime after three men holding a Northern Ireland flag stood outside an Islamic prayer centre. A member of the public contacted the police, complaining that the men had taken photos. One of the men has been identified as Paul Golding, leader of Britain First. He and two other members of the group were outside the centre, located in Conway Square in Newtownards, to shoot a short video about the rise of Islam in the United Kingdom.
Within minutes of arriving, they were confronted by “a car load” of local Muslim youths who questioned them on what they were doing there. The video shot by the group has since been uploaded to their Facebook page.
Wearing a shirt emblazoned with a large cross, Paul Golding, can be seen addressing the camera, described the building as “an enormous mosque”. He explains: “as you can see, it looks just like a normal residential front of a house, but if you look down the side you can see it goes back 300, 400 foot. It really is an enormous mosque.
“We’ve had reports from the residents here that come prayer time on Friday this whole area is absolutely filled with Muslims.
“A lot of people in Northern Ireland rest on their laurels. The first thing that they say is: “we haven’t got the same problems over here than what you’ve got in England. My response is always the same: it’s coming. It will happen, just give it time.”
Abdul Robb, from the Bangladesh Islamic Community Centre in the town has told The Irish News: “We are very friendly with the local people. They are only doing it for publicity.”
Newtownards DUP councillor Naomi Armstrong-Cotter said there had been “no issues” with the prayer centre, as the members had not been proselytising.
“There were concerns raised at the time that it would become a hub, but that has not been the case. Groups from across the area have made an effort to integrate with them and have had cooking lessons from the Bangladeshis,” she said.
“They keep themselves to themselves. There is no proselytising going on here. Local people know it is here and haven’t had any issue.
“This doesn’t fit with Newtownards. It is just about people getting on with their normal lives and that is the way it should be.”
Police Northern Ireland have confirmed that they are investigating an allegation of a hate incident in relation to the presence of the men, and asked a witness who originally contacted them to get back in touch.

Turkey: Payback Time?

by Burak Bekdil
  • It came as no surprise that the Islamic State recently threatened to "conquer Istanbul."
  • The AKP, preparing for snap elections on Nov. 1 -- only five months after parliamentary elections were held on June 7 -- must now fight two asymmetrical wars against radical Islamists and Kurdish separatists at the same time and in three theaters of war: Iraq, Syria and Turkey. It is also calculating the damage the renewed wave of violence could inflict on its popularity in the elections.
The Kurdish militants and the jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Islamic State, or IS), which have been battling each other in northern Syria for the past several months, now have a common enemy: Turkey.
After several months of reluctance, Turkey has just joined a U.S.-led, international coalition fighting IS. Turkey agreed to allow the U.S. military to use Turkish air bases for airstrikes against IS strongholds in Syria. Turkey said on August 24 that it would, together with the U.S., soon launch comprehensive air strikes against IS targets. "The technical talks have been concluded, yesterday, and soon we will start this operation, comprehensive operations, against Daesh [IS]," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. One might say, "too little, too late."
Instead of covertly supporting IS, Turkey should long ago have done everything in its military capacity to crush IS before it grew too strong and captured large swaths of lands in Syria and Iraq, both of which neighbor Turkey.
Turkey's half-hearted and belated decision to join the coalition forces targeting IS may bring in some military value added to the campaign. But it also exposes Turkey to IS attacks from inside the country.
A survey last year found that slightly over 11% of Turks did not view the Islamic State as a terrorist organization. That means there are over eight million Turks who somehow sympathize with the group. Eight million versus just 126: The Turkish Justice Ministry revealed that there were only 126 people in Turkish prisons on charges of being a member of IS. Hence the unnerving threat of IS attacks on Turkish cities, most probably by the group's "sleeper cells" inside Turkey. It came as no surprise that IS recently threatened to "conquer Istanbul."
IS has released a 7-minute video clip in Turkish, filmed in Raqqa, the capital of its "Caliphate." Soon, an unidentified Turkish jihadist said, Istanbul would be "conquered" by the armies of the "Caliph":
"Soon, Turkey's east will be dominated by the atheist PKK [Kurdish militants], and the West will be dominated by the Crusaders. They will kill children, rape women, and enslave you. O people of Turkey; before [it is] too late, you should rise up and fight against these atheists, these Crusaders and these traitors. You should also repent. You should condemn democracy, secularism, human-made laws, tomb-worshipping and other devils."
Columnist Mustafa Akyol wrote: "And if we don't do this, we are in trouble. We should 'wait for humiliation on Earth, before punishment in the afterlife.' And ISIL is eager to bring that earthly 'humiliation' in the name of God."
For the moment, IS is a hypothetical threat. If its militants decide to detonate bombs in Turkish cities, it will become real. Meanwhile, Turkey is fighting a more real threat, another asymmetrical war. Since the Kurdish militants that come under various flags like the PKK, YPG or KCK, on July 11 ended a ceasefire they had declared in March 2013, more than 50 members of Turkey's security forces have been killed, mostly in IED (improvised explosive device) attacks across Turkey's predominantly Kurdish southeast. In retaliation, Turkey claims its air strikes against PKK strongholds in northern Iraq have killed more than 700 militants.
The PKK's attacks recently have become a major embarrassment for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that he founded in 2001. Mourners often protest the presence of government officials at the funerals of soldiers.
One such funeral ceremony was held last weekend. Army Captain Ali Alkan was killed after PKK militants attacked a military outpost in southeastern Sırnak province, on Aug. 21.
More than 15,000 people participated in the service in Alkan's hometown, Osmaniye in southern Turkey. Tensions ran high when politicians from the AKP attempted to take a place in the front row during the prayer service. An infuriated mourner shouted at two AKP members of parliament: "You have nothing to do here. Get out." Protests grew louder and the crowd began to boo the local religious leader, who conducted the ceremony, for making a place for AKP deputies. Such scenes occur almost daily across Turkey.
Mourners, politicians and military officers verbally clash at the funeral of army Captain Ali Alkan in Osmaniye, Turkey, on August 21.
The AKP, preparing for snap elections on Nov. 1 -- only five months after parliamentary elections were held on June 7 -- must now fight two asymmetrical wars against radical Islamists and Kurdish separatists at the same time and in three theaters of war: Iraq, Syria and Turkey. It is also calculating the damage the renewed wave of violence could inflict on its popularity in the elections.
Erdogan and his AKP are fast becoming the victims of their own ambitious, sectarian, Islamist and badly-calculated regional policies, including toward the country's own Kurds. It looks like payback time.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The mass immigration aimed at Europe is an act of war

Punish Turkey!
One day people will realise that the mass immigration aimed at Europe is an act of war, cynically driven by our enemies in Isis-Libya and in Turkey, with the wretched immigrants driven like cattle and deliberately sent to die so that we should expend our effort in trying to rescue them. And the answer? strike at the root. Punish Turkey – a total embargo backed by naval and military power would be good – and – as I keep repeating – ceterum censeo Isis delendum esse.

Shameful: IDF Soldier Abandoned to Arab Mob in Nabi Salah

Soldier beaten by Palestinian women
Soldier beaten by Palestinian women
Flash 90
Unbelievable footage has emerged showing an IDF soldier being beaten by Arab women and children in the village of Nabi Salah, Samaria
The video is already being seen by some as proof that the army is having its hands effectively tied, both by increasingly restrictive instructions on how to handle violent Palestinian rioters, as well as by insufficient backup from the political echelons against legal campaigns by leftist NGOs targeting IDF soldiers.
Nabi Salah is a particularly extreme Palestinian Arab village, which also hosts large number of far-left foreign activists. Arab and foreign "activists" regularly stage provocations and violent riots targeting both nearby Jewish villagers and IDF forces.
The video shows IDF soldiers responding to a riot on Friday, with one soldier detaining a juvenile rock-thrower. However, the situation quickly escalates as he is gradually surrounded by a crowd, largely consisting of screeching women and children.
As the soldier calls for backup in dispersing the crowd, some of the women and youths begin punching and hitting him. Despite being armed and trained in hand-to-hand combat, he clearly feels unable to respond.
Only after some time does another soldier arrive to disperse the crowd and extricate his colleague - who is forced to leave the rock-thrower behind.
Yisrael Beytenu party leader Avigdor Liberman responded to the video by demanding an urgent meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
Liberman called on committee chair MK Tzahi Hanegbi (Likud) to convene a meeting as early as Sunday to discuss the IDF's rules of engagement in the Nabi Salah area.
"We are talking about an incident which severely harms the deterrent capacity of the IDF," Liberman said. "The pictures - which show an IDF soldier being hit by Palestinian women and children, and in the end giving up on (arresting) the rock-thrower who started the whole incident - broadcasts weakness and helplessness on the part of the IDF and Israel."
"This is the end result of the feeble and stuttering conduct of the prime minister and defense minister, who also did not prevent the interrogation of the Binyamin Regional Commander Colonel Yisrael Shomer, and Lt. Colonel Neria Yeshurun," he added, referring to two military commanders targeted by leftist NGOs who many feel were abandoned by the government.
"Netanyahu and Yaalon's conduct broadcasts to the soldiers of the IDF that they are fighting to defend the State of Israel without backup and without direction - and this is the result.

Thai police arrest Turkish Muslim suspect over Bangkok Hindu shrine bombing

Some people still question whether this was a jihad attack. Well, let’s see. A Muslim from Turkey travels to Thailand and helps blow up a Hindu shrine. He must have been motivated by local political concerns, right? Or maybe he intended to carry out a robbery? Or perhaps Adem Karadag is “mentally ill”?
“Thai police arrest Turkish suspect over Bangkok shrine bombing,” Associated Press, August 29, 2015 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):
Thai police arrested a Turkish suspect and seized bomb-making materials on Saturday in the investigation of a deadly shrine bombing, officials said.
“It is most likely he is related to the bombing at Rajaprasong,” deputy police chief Chakthip Chaijinda said of the suspect. The blast at the Erawan Shrine in the commercial Rajaprasong district of the capital on August 17 killed 20 people, including foreigners.
The man was arrested on Saturday in Nong Jok on the outskirts of Bangkok. Chakthip said, “We found bomb materials in his apartment.”
Police said he was carrying a passport with the name Adem Karadag, though added that they believed the document was a fake….