Thursday, September 03, 2015

Will image of dead Swedish woman raped by an African refugee define our era like Vietnam napalm girl?




Peter Hyatt said...

What is missed is the consistency, or logic, of what happened.

The Koran undermines progress, and denigrates women. It is a religion of coercion, a militaristic-political system of conquest.

Mohammad is held out to be the "perfect" man as an example for followers. He was a pedophile. Rape is the Koran's "reward" which is taught to males from earliest ages.

The Swedish "rape capital" of the West is a result of people doing what they believe. The followers of the Koran are devout; in that, they believe what it says about women and rape, and they obey it.

The multiculturalists are just as devout. They do not discern one culture being of greater value over the other, only that the difference between them is to be esteemed. This is also a religion.

The 'god' is multiculturalism and he/she (gender neutral) is a most demanding god with whom the slightest disobedience is to be condemned. So if a Swede praises Swedish culture, he is a nationalist, once something to be proud of, but now condemned as "racist", "supremacist" and "xenophobic" by the other followers. This 'sin' is punished severely, including using the european "hate laws" against them.

These "hate laws" are not evenly applied, as the god of multiculturalism is not logical. In Germany, it is "illegal" to deny or even not teach the holocaust. Yet, in Muslim schools, they are permitted exemption to this law. This is to esteem the culture that Islam brings to be "higher" than even the mix of cultures.

The Jews are fleeing Europe, once again.
The Swedish devout followers of multiculturalism are doctoring their crime statistics to make it seem more like "Swede crime" than immigrant (2nd generation) Islamic rape.

Islamic rape is Islamic, just as Islamic terror is Islamic.

President Obama said that Islam played an important role in our early country. Although no one named "Mohammad" helped form the country, and Islam or "Mohammadism" was routinely condemned for its violence and anti-progress views, it did form early national policy for the United States.

It gave us our first Marine landing at Tripoli against the Mohammedans who were taking American sailors for slaves, and had the United States paying ransom.

How long until the Islamic president has the marines' lyrics, "from the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli..." declared "hate speech" to the de facto imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws, before he leaves office?

Peter Hyatt

danish rao said...

Donot write unless you have knowledge on the subject. Have you ever read Quran? Just for once do read it and you will come to know that it is merely a propaganda against Islam and not more.
Danish Ahmed Rao.

Itdon'tmatternone said...

@danish rao- So is it true or untrue that Mohammed married Aisha at the age of 6, and consummated the marriage when she was 9 or is that just propganda?

roe.burn said...

Danish Rao, I read the Quran. What you are doing is called the "taqiyah". You will lie in order to make us the "infidels" believe you. then once you succeed, you will chop our head. You need to read all the Bukharis and tell me I'm wrong you fucking vile species! Islam is nothing of peace. You Moslem are all satanic worshiper! I hope Russia will bomb Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Fuckistant, and Saudi Arab. The world will be at peace without you evil sub-human species.