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Sweden ‘Facing Collapse’ Thanks To Migrant Influx, Foreign Minister Warns

by Donna Rachel Edmunds 

Sweden is facing collapse thanks to the recent huge influx of migrants into the country, the Swedish foreign minister has said. As 190,000 migrants this year alone pour into the country, law and order is beginning to break down as the country plays witness to numerous arson attacks, stabbings and gang rapes. The Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom has warned that Sweden, a country of just 9.8 million people, cannot continue to take migrants at the present rate without services breaking down. In an interview, Mrs Wallstrom said: “I think most people feel that we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year – in the long run, our system will collapse.
“And that welcome is not going to receive popular support.”
She has called on other European Union member states to take on more migrants in a bid to relieve pressure within her own country, but said: “I have to admit that there have been moments recently of very great disappointment. I have heard statements from member states that have been completely astonishing and very discouraging.”
Once thought of as one of Europe’s most peaceful nations, Sweden is rapidly becoming a fragmented nation, at war with itself. Almost 26.8 per cent of the population is now foreign born or has at least one foreign born parent. With no way to assimilate such large numbers, the outcome has been the creation of ghettos in which crime and extremism are allowed to flourish.
Malmo, which just two years ago played host to that most unifying of events, the Eurovision Song Contest, now has “no-go zones.” Last month, retired Chief Superintendent Torsten Elofsson told Breitbart London: “We have a number of no-go-zones in Sweden and they are expanding… police can go to these places, but you have to take precautions.
“Years ago you could go with two officers, no problem. Now you have to send four officers and two cars – if the fire brigade want to go, they have to take a police escort. They throw stones and try to stop the fireman from putting out fires.”
He added: “Of the number of people arrested and dragged into police stations, the majority are of foreign origin to be honest. There is an over-representation of violent crimes committed by people from other countries”.
The city has also seen grenade attacks similar in style to those seen in the middle east, gang rapes, and fatal shootings.
Two similar knife attacks, each of which claimed two victims, open a window into the cancer of liberalism eating away at the heart of Sweden: while a random stabbing of a Swedish mother and her son in Ikea by an Eritrean migrant who was angry at having his asylum claim refused was swept under the carpet by the establishment; yet the deaths of an immigrant teaching assistant and student by a native Swede frustrated by immigration were lamented by the media, politicians, and even the King, and labelled racist terrorism.
The downward spiral has been tracked over the past few years by The Sweden Report, run by an anonymous Swedish-American blogger.
“Today, it’s as if the inmates are running the asylum,” he posted recently. “The politicians are participating in a chicken race of “goodness” where everybody tries to one-up each other in caring for the citizens of OTHER countries while Swedish retirees, school children, handicapped and other vulnerable categories of people are thoroughly ignored. Violence is exploding. Jihadist Trojan horses are flowing through the porous border along with the tens of thousands ID-less refugees.
“There simply is no possible way to absorb and assimilate such volumes of people, period. You are merely creating ethnic enclaves, which due to incompatible language, culture and job skills become ghettos, which in turns brews crime, misery and extremism. Once the inflow has exceeded the capacity for absorbtion, further immigration only makes the problem worse.
“When I was a child, Sweden was a dull yet very safe place to live. Yes, there was a heavy blanket of socialism and collectivist values covering everything, but there was a core of pragmatism beneath the redness.
“[Now] I am leaving Sweden for good, and will no longer be following its descent from what was once the third most prosperous country in the world. Frankly, it’s just too damn depressing.”


Former Guantanamo Inmate Shaker Aamer Stands To Receive £1m Payout

 AP Photo
by Simon Kent 

Shaker Aamer, the last British resident to be held at Guantanamo Bay, arrived on UK soil yesterday after 13 years at the U.S. detention camp. His repatriation came via a chartered jet that cost taxpayers as much as £70,000 and now the former prisoner stands to collect a £1 million payment to ensure he remains silent about his treatment in detention.
The Saudi national known as ‘Prisoner 239’ during his incarceration touched down at Biggin Hill airport in Kent at around 1pm. He arrived aboard a £23million Gulfstream IV chartered at a estimated £70,000 cost that was split 50-50 by the Home Office and the Foreign Office.
Ramzi Kassem, a law professor at the City University of New York’s school of law, who was involved in Mr Aamer’s case revealed that the 46-year-old has a number of health issues.
“He suffers from a number of conditions both physical and psychological, including post-traumatic stress disorder on the severe end of the PTSD spectrum,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
Mr Kassem also said that five weeks ago, when he informed Mr. Shaker he would he released, the prisoner did not initially seem to “register” what he was saying.
As Mr Aamer made his arrival, the Daily Mail revealed that:
  • The Government is likely to offer him well over £1million to keep quiet about allegations of UK complicity in torture;
  • Downing Street said Mr Aamer was ‘free’ and would not be detained;
  • Intelligence agents are likely to want to interview him but he will not be placed under close surveillance.
His lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith said Mr Aamer was prepared to co-operate with the authorities.
“We have offered them any security arrangements they like,” he added. “If anyone has question marks they always have the opportunity to charge him and we’ve said that for years.”
The father of four was arrested in Afghanistan after travelling to the country with his family from their home in South London, he says to open a school and charity. The U.S. authorities, however, maintain that he was a senior al-Qaida operative, trained in explosive-making, with links to terrorist groups in the UK and US.
Now he has rejoined his family in London the compensation payout of £1 million from British taxpayers will be finalised under the terms of an agreement brokered in 2010 by then Justice secretary, Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke, despite the Americans holding a detailed 15 page dossier of allegations against Aamer.
The dossier includes allegations that Mr. Aamer fought alongside Bin Laden in Tora Bora as an al-Qaida sub-commander, and that he was close to a number of UK based terrorists before first visiting Afghanistan in 1998; an allegation which his lawyer insists can be easily disproved.

Merkel Calls Crisis Meeting On Migrant Invasion As German Unity Fractures

by Simon Kent 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called an emergency meeting of coalition leaders after Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer demanded she stem the flow of migrants entering the country.  The meeting is set to turn on new initiatives for controlling the flood and deal with the critical situation on the Austrian border, where thousands of migrants are flocking into Germany on a daily basis.
At the same time Merkel announced the meeting with Mr Seehofer, set down for later today, she pleaded for patience, saying that there were no quick fixes to the crisis. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that the pair will meet with Social Democratic Party (SPD) head Sigmar Gabriel on Sunday.
Mr Seehofer, who is head of the Christian Social Union (CSU), sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) had earlier demanded that the government change course immediately. Since the beginning of August at least 318,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Bavaria, Germany’s south-eastern most state.
The Bavarian minister-president has constantly called for emergency measures to deal with the influx, including setting a cap on the number Germany will let in and building border reception centres to screen incoming migrants before they set foot in the country.
He has gone as far as to threaten to take the federal government to the German constitutional court.
As Merkel seeks to defuse the political unrest over her open-door policy, she also confronts waning public approval for her insistence that Germany has an obligation to welcome any and all migrants from the Middle East. Backing for her CDU slipped two points to 36 per cent this week, down from an August peak of 43 per cent, according to a weekly poll carried out by Forsa.
 Meanwhile Germany agreed with Austria on Friday to new rules for a more “orderly” passage of migrants.
After a week in which tensions flared between the neighbour states, Germany’s interior ministry said that the people massing at its border with Austria would now be funnelled through five entry points.
“We would like to have a more orderly procedure,” a spokeswoman for the interior ministry told AFP following a bilateral agreement which took immediate effect.

As UK lets thousands flood IN illegally widow aged 91 faces heartbreak of being kicked OUT

HOME Office officials were last night branded “heartless” for attempting to deport a sick 91-year-old widow from Britain. In a case that highlights deep flaws in our immigration system, Myrtle Cothill faces being split up from her family and kicked out of the UK. Her heartbreaking plight comes after her family made a honest mistake in her application for residency. Mrs Cothill’s devastated daughter now fears she will die alone in her native South Africa because Government pen-pushers have failed to show leniency and common-sense.The treatment of the frail grandmother comes as thousands of asylum seekers remain in the UK at taxpayers expense while they wait for a decision on their futures and many illegal immigrants are working in the black economy. The injustice has prompted former Shadow Home Secretary and Daily Express columnist Ann Widdecombe to rally to her cause. Last night she demanded Home Secretary Theresa May seize control of the situation and allow seriously ill Mrs Cothill to stay here on compassionate grounds. Ms Widdecombe said: “This old lady has nobody to go back to in South Africa and needs someone to look after her. The Home Office is standing by the letter of the law, rather than its spirit. “She is now being hounded and threatened with deportation. She is living in a state of fear and it’s simply heartless and cruel.“Terrorists stay here because they claim a right to a family life. On every possible ground this lady should stay but she faces removal because there’s simply a culture of easy targets.” Mrs Cothill was brought here by her British family last year on a six-month visitor visa. But her health rapidly deteriorated so they decided to apply for her to stay permanently. Immigration rules make it clear visas cannot be swapped while the person is in the country they are visiting. The Home Office said if she wanted to remain she should have applied while she was in her native Natal in South Africa. They now want to put her on a plane and flown 8,000 miles so she can tick the boxes required for residency. But her health is so bad doubts remain whether she would survive the 12-hour flight. Mr Cothill’s desperate situation has shone a fresh light on a broken system that allows terrorists and rapists to stay in the UK because of their human rights but discriminates against others. Last night her tearful daughter pleaded for clemency and asked Ms May to allow her mother to see out her final years in the UK. Mary Wills said: “My mother is not going round beheading or shooting people she just wants to be here surrounded by people that love her.“We live in constant fear of a knock at the door. She is not a terrorist or asylum seeker, she is a frail woman who should be able to live in peace. “This situation is having a big effect on us all, we just can’t relax. Why can’t the Home Secretary use her discretion? Would she do the same if it was her mother?” Mrs Cothill, who received a Papal honour from Pope Benedict for 60 years of selfless service to Catholicism, arrived in Britain in February 2014. She is partially deaf, has lung problems and virtually no sight in one eye because of macular degeneration, so her family are desperate to care for her. The devout Catholic lives in Poole, Dorset, with her daughter and her husband David, who has Parkinson’s Disease. She receives a widow’s pension of around £300 a month. But because she failed to apply in the right way the Home Office regards Mrs Cothill as an overstayer, just like tens of thousands who arrive here illegally and then simply vanish. Retired carer Mrs Wills, 66, who has lived here since 1997, incorrectly thought her mother could apply for leave to remain once she was settled. In fact, applications need to be made prior to arrival. The muddled situation is a legacy of labour’s decision to open the floodgates 18 years ago, a move that allowed hundreds of thousands of people to stay here no-questions-asked. It caused such a stampede the rules were eventually changed, a move that stops tourists and students on short visas staying here permanently. Experts estimate there could be as many as 1.1m illegal immigrants in the UK fuelling a black economy worth £80billion-a-year. Yet Mrs Cothill and her family now face heartbreak after they were accused of trying to circumvent immigration laws. She was mercilessly grilled in a courtroom by a tribunal which ruled she had to leave. She also lost an appeal. The Home Office has now started calling and writing to the nonagenarian at home demanding to know when she will go. Critics of the decision to kick her out say it is at odds with Britain’s centuries old reputation for fair play. Incredibly, radical hate cleric Abu Qatada was granted asylum in 1994 before he was recognised as a national security threat. He stubbornly refused to leave for nearly 20 years. The battle to deport him cost taxpayers £1.7million. More than a third of the cost covered legal aid against attempts to deport him to Jordan. He was finally removed in 2013 after an eight year battle. Members of the congregation at St. Joseph’s Church in Poole have lobbied MP Robert Syms to help provide Mrs Cothill with a stay of execution. He said: “It’s a sad story but the family haven’t followed the proper immigration procedures and they might have succeeded had they done so. “I have written to the Home Office asking them to exercise some compassion in this case.” The Home Office said: “All applications are considered on their individual merits, including any exceptional or compassionate circumstances, and in line with the immigration rules.”

Friday, October 30, 2015

Four-Year-Old Child Stoned In Germany For Kicking Migrant’s Football

by Oliver Lane 

A four-year-old boy has been hospitalised after having a stone thrown at him by a resident of a troubled German migrant centre which has seen riots and Islamist violence. The young boy, who has not bee identified, suffered “massive bruising” after he inadvertently interrupted a football game taking place at the state of Thuringa migrant centre in Suhl, Germany. The child entered a gymnasium looking for his brothers when he kicked a football, enraging another migrant.
The child was then beaten around the head “several times” with the ball until a supervisor stepped in to end the violence.
Unluckily for the small boy, his assailant then caught up with him again after the game, and threw a rock at his head. Admitted to hospital for serious injuries, police said the boy had “massive bruising”, reports
Police have failed to identify the migrant who caused the injuries to the child.
This is not the first time the Suhl migrant receiving centre has made headlines recently. Breitbart London reported in August after residents staged a major riot at and around the buildings. The disturbance started as sectarian violence, as an Afghani migrant tore out pages of a Koran and stuffed them down a toilet, and was instantly set upon by fellow Muslims.
Thuringa 3
Left: The damaged Koran which started the riot. Right: Damage at the centre after the riot
Fearing the man would be killed as opposing sects of Islam came to blows in the migrant centre, Police moved in to put the migrant into protective custody, but their intrusion into what the participants of the brawl saw as a private fight united to attack the police. Cries of “Allahu Akhbar” were heard as officers were pelted with stones, forcing them to retreat and hide in a nearby building.
Deprived of police officers to attack, the residents of the asylum shelter turned on the building itself, smashing down doors, breaking windows, and even tearing down internal walls. Fires were lit, and furniture destroyed. Eighteen, including six police officers, had to seek hospital treatment.
Just weeks before, migrants at the same centre had another riot where eight had to seek hospital treatment, including two members of the security service. Although the violence was triggered by complaints over living conditions, officials called the protest “trivial”.

Germany: Altar, pulpit, baptismal font removed as church used as shelter for migrants

This is emblematic of things to come: as Europeans welcome the Muslim migrants, they will give up their own cultural identity — for the most part voluntarily, at least at first.
“Muslim migrants moved into German churches — pews, altars, crosses removed,” Pamela Geller, October 29, 2015:
Translation of this article in the
Refugees move to a church
Necessity is the mother of invention – and flexibility: a Protestant community offers the city of Oberhausen a church to serve as shelter. Soon shall 50 refugees move into the church. Before that, benches and altar are thrown out.
Oberhausen. A church serving as shelter: Some 50 refugees are expected to move into a evangelical church in Oberhausen. The parish had offered that to the city, city spokesperson Rainer Suhr reported on wednesday, confirming a report of the WDR (TV station). “We gladly accept that.”
The evangelical Church in the Rhineland is the first church that is presently in normal use which will be used as a refugee shelter.
Oberhausen. A church serving as shelter: Some 50 refugees are expected to move into a Protestant church in Oberhausen. The parish had offered that to the city, city spokesperson Rainer Suhr reported on Wednesday, confirming a report of the WDR (TV station). “We gladly accept that.”
The Evangelical Church in the Rhineland is the first church that is presently in normal use which will be used as a refugee shelter.
Before the refugees can move in, the seats have to be taken away. Also the altar, the pulpit and font are movable, the superintendent of the church district Oberhausen, pastor Joachim Deterding said. In the church, table groups shall be set up, so that people could prepare their own breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be delivered.
The sanitary facilities with washing machines will be put in containers next to the church. The church even wants to get involved in taking care of the refugees.


Viktor Orbán Slams George Soros AGAIN: Well-Funded Activists Are Causing the Migrant Crisis

by Sarkis Zeronian 

Firebrand Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (pictured above) has, for the second time during Europe’s migrant crisis, lashed out at billionaire George Soros who he says is responsible for the continent-wide epidemic. Mr. Orbán was interviewed on Hungarian radio this morning. He blamed the likes of Mr. Soros – a massive funder of pro-migration groups across the world – for attracting what he described as an invasion of migrants to the continent, reports Der Spiegel.
He said: “This invasion is driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other by those (human rights) activists who support everything that weakens the nation-state.
“This Western mindset and this activist network is perhaps best represented by George Soros.”
Mr. Soros uses his billions to promote his worldview in over 100 countries. He funds a global network of foundations, initiatives, projects and partners to promote his particular vision of an enlarged European Union and a world with no borders.
As Breitbart London previously reported, he believes groups funded by Mr. Soros “are drawing a living from the immigration crisis”. His Open Society Foundations, which provide endless streams of pro-migration talking heads for news outlets, are a case in point.
The Open Society Institute–Budapest (OSF) has helped activists working with migrants on issues “affecting the safety and well-being of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers”. Despite the return to relative peace and stability seen in Hungary following decisions taken by Mr. Orbán, it has repeatedly condemned his government’s rhetoric and the sealing of borders to migrants. The OSF website explains:
“We believe that migration and asylum policy should be grounded in economic and demographic realities, not driven by temporary political considerations or popular misconceptions. In Europe, many of our civil society partners are raising their voices demanding a common European approach in line with international human rights commitments. We also support legal action aimed at ensuring governments meet their obligations under international law to treat all migrants with dignity, and offer them asylum when circumstances dictate.”
As far as Mr. Orbán is concerned migration policy is in fact being driven by what he calls America’s “naked national and imperial interests”. In the past he has also identified financial self-interest as a motive of Western groups promoting migration.

Hundreds Of Migrants Absconding From Asylum Centres EVERY WEEK

by Simon Kent 

Migrants are walking out of German asylum registration centres and either disappearing into the countryside or travelling on to other countries in Europe, an official in the eastern state of Brandenburg has warned. On Wednesday alone some 600 people absconded and that number is bound to grow as the sheer weight of mostly young, Muslim men invading Germany continues to build. Official figures reveal the Brandenburg government accepted more than 17,000 new arrivals since the beginning of September and around 7800 have been accommodated in cities and communities, while another 2,700 people are still waiting for official registration. The remaining 7,000 people were partially distributed in other provinces or simply left for places unknown.
According to Online Focus, Ingo Decker, spokesman for the interior ministry in Brandenburg, said: “These refugees are simply sometimes no longer there.”  On Wednesday more than 600 people departed from the initial reception, reported the deputy ministry spokeswoman Susann Fischer.
Another serious problem for Brandenburg authorities is the many thousands of people wandering on their own in the Federal territory pose a substantial security threat, Mr. Decker said. He believes it is quite possible “that refugees would be registered more than once at various centres”. Their registration is based, as a rule, on their own nomination of an identity which cannot be verified, given that most if not all migrants arrive without any documents.
“So if you register with us in Eisenhüttenstadt as Muhammed Ali, maybe a little later again in Hamburg as Ali Mohammed, it is confusing” Mr Decker. This happens because “proper registration at the [German] border is not still in sight.”
Meanwhile Reuters reports  German Chancellor Angela Merkel is under intense pressure for her handling of the refugee crisis with her Bavarian allies warning of a full-blown coalition crisis unless she takes immediate action to limit the record influx of migrants.
The Christian Social Union (CSU), sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), have been outspoken in their criticism of her “open doors” policy towards asylum seekers, in part because their home state of Bavaria is the entry point for virtually all of the migrants arriving in Germany.
Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer has issued a series of ultimatums to Merkel in recent weeks, including a threat to take the government to court over its refugee policies, only to back down at the last minute.
But the rhetoric reached new heights on Wednesday, according to Reuters, with one senior Bavarian official saying relations between the traditional allies had reached their lowest point in nearly 40 years and a German newspaper reported that Seehofer was considering pulling CSU ministers out of Merkel’s cabinet in protest.
“We are in the midst of a real coalition crisis,” Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Soeder told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
“The relationship between the CDU and CSU is more difficult than at any time since 1976,” he added, referring to a major fight between former party leaders Helmut Kohl and Franz-Josef Strauss which nearly led to a split.

Austrian Mayor: Stop Male Migrants, Women and Kids Only

by Oliver Lane 

The mayor of Austria’s second city has said there is no space for single male migrants in his country, and the government should only accept women, children, and families. Right-wing Mayor Siegfried Naglof the Austrian People’s Party expressed his views on the Europe migrant crisis this week, going further than any other mainstream Austrian politician on the action he would take to control the flow of humans into Austria.
Going further than the increasingly mainstream view that a fence may be required with Slovakia, just weeks ago condemned as an action as bad as Nazism but now openly discussed by government, Mayor Naglof told journalists he wanted to ban single male migrants and refugees from entering Austria at all, reports
Speaking of families, women, and lone children he said: “for these people we have a place, but the men who want to come for help, we must make it clear to them that here, there is no capacity”.
When pressed on whether this would be difficult to implement based on international law governing the handling of refugees and migration, Mayor Naglof was not deterred. He said: “on a ship that is in distress, it’s women and children first to be saved, not the men”.
Mayor Naglof accepts that closing the Austrian border and picking which migrants to accept at the crossings would cause “ugly scenes”, but he insists there is no other alternative.
His initiative, if put into practice would significantly reduce the number of migrants entering Austria. Although many media outlets predominantly portray migrant arrivals as women or children, the truth is quite different, with the vast majority of newcomers to the continent being young men.
It is perhaps unsurprising the mayor of Graz has such a low opinion of male migrants. His city has been affected by protests over the past week by self-proclaimed asylum seekers over the past week, who have taken to the streets with banners to complain about how they are being treated.
Speaking to Russian television crews, a Syrian migrant explained why they were protesting: “to ask the government why they are so slow with us? In other provinces it is more fast… two, three months and here in [Graz] we have to wait for one year, one and a half year, and it’s really hard for us.
“We cannot do anything; we cannot work, we cannot bring our family, we cannot claim… because its costly for us and we don’t have that much money for that”.
The protest finally finished yesterday as the weather turned cold, and the migrants abandoned their protest camp in the city park.
Mayor Naglof was one of the eye-witnesses of a terror attack by a young immigrant in Graz earlier this year. As Breitbart London reported in June, three were killed , including a four-year-old boy, and 36 more injured after a sports utility vehicle was driven up and down Graz’s main shopping street.
Hitting speeds of 90 miles an hour the driver, a Bosnian Muslim, crashed into crowds of shoppers, before disembarking his smashed car and setting upon his disabled victims with a “large knife”. Although the attack follows a pattern officially condoned by the Islamic State and seen practised in the United Kingdom, France, and Israel, Austrian police have refused to call the killings terrorism.

Sky News Host Islamist Extremists, Declares ‘Celebration’ As Guantanamo Detainee Returns

 islamist extremists
by Raheem Kassam

Sky News has declared a day of “celebration” following the news that Saudi citizen and former UK resident Shaker Aamer has returned to British soil following 13 years in Guantanamo Bay. As part of the package on Mr. Aamer’s return, Sky presenter Sarah-Jane Mee described today as a “cause for celebration” while interviewing, unchallenged, the extremist cleric Suleiman Ghani, one of the leading figures in the “Free Shaker Aamer” campaign alongside the Labour Party’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP.
Ms. Mee’s other guest on the programme was Muslim Council of Britain General Secretary Dr Shuja Shafi. The council, an umbrella organisation claiming to represent over 500 mosques around the country, is best known for its opposition to Holocaust Memorial Day, its hardline stance against homosexuality, and for its role in the Islamist takeover of schools in the infamous Trojan Horse saga.
Nonetheless, Sky News offered an unchallenged platform to Dr. Shafi and Mr. Ghani, the latter of whom was exposed by the Daily Mail newspaper for his views against organ transplants and homosexuality, as well as his belief that women should be “subservient” to men. He said on a “Shariah TV” broadcast in 2007, “Any countries that entrust their affairs in the hands of women will not be successful.”
He has also told Channel 4: “Sometimes I always, maybe joking, say, God Almighty created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve. If somebody does come to me and say that they have this inclination [homosexuality], then I will say think about the consequence of your action, how harmful it is for yourself and the society at large. Abstain from that unnatural act, and you make that firm resolution that you will never return to that action again.”
“Shaker Aamer has landed on UK soil. This is something of a very special day for us. It is a day of Friday,” Mr. Ghani told Sky this afternoon, before going on to say that Mr. Aamer should now campaign for the release of more Guantanamo detainees.
The Muslim Council of Britain, referred to by critics as a Muslim Brotherhood front organisation in the United Kingdom, is a signatory of the “Istanbul Declaration” which said that the then Egyptian government’s plans to stop weapons flowing to terrorists in Gaza: “should be regarded as high treason in the Islamic Nation, and clear support for the Zionist enemy.”
The Economist reported in 2014, “The council presented itself as a diverse Muslim body. But Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Arab Islamists held a big share of the top positions… Critics began to pay more attention to the conservative Islamist groups in the council, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami.”
Mr Ghani is also known for his sectarian activity, reportedly “pleading” with Muslim-run businesses in London to discriminate against Ahmadiyya Muslims.
He has appeared on platforms with extremists who promote terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, and indeed a promotional video for an event he participated in contained a quote from Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki, who was targeted and killed by a U.S. predator drone in 2011. Al-Awlaki is believed to have been integral in the radicalisation of UK student Roshonara Choudhry, as well as would-be underpants bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.
Mr. Ghani has shared platforms with Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, and Islamists who support the ideas of “armed jihad” and “contempt for Jews, Christians and Hindus”.
He is also a firm proponent of Aafia Siddique, known as “Lady Al Qaeda”, one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists in 2004, who was captured in Afghanistan in 2008, and who is currently serving 86 years in a U.S. prison.
Sky News followed up the interviews with Dr Shafi and Mr. Ghani with a talking head interview with former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, who admitted to being a jihadist recruiter before being released at the behest of the Blair government. Mr. Begg has since been arrested a number of times, including in 2014, when he was charged with terrorist activities related to the Syrian war. The charges were dropped in October 2014.

PRIVILEGE? Poor White Boys Get The Worst Start In Life, Reports UK Equality Commission

If you’re white, poor, and male, the chances are you’ll have a tougher start in life to that of your Asian, Chinese, or Black counterparts, a new report by Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has revealed. The findings, which run counter to the left-wing, social justice warrior (SJW) narrative of “white privilege” reveals that those born into less wealthy, white families in the United Kingdom will struggle in early life. The report is said to be “the most comprehensive review ever carried out on progress towards greater equality in Britain” according to the BBC.
The EHRC has revealed, in their new report entitled, “Is Britain Fairer?” that “life on many fronts has got worse” for those of white and poor backgrounds “as the country becomes more ethnically and religiously diverse than at any point in its history”.
In summary, the report reveals that [w]hite pupils from poorer backgrounds, especially boys, suffered the worst start in life as they continued to fall further behind every other ethnic group at school – with their chances of a successful and prosperous career decreasing as a result.
“Younger people suffered the greatest drop in income and employment compared to older age groups and now face greater barriers to achieving economic independence and success than they did five years ago.
“Chinese and Indian pupils continue to perform better than all other ethnicities at school and a higher proportion of school leavers from ethnic minorities go on to higher education than white pupils.
“Bangladeshis and Pakistanis have seen the biggest improvements in education and employment, while Black workers, who were previously one of the better paid ethnic groups, suffered one of the largest falls in wages.
Laura Carstensen, EHRC Commissioner said: “While we have made important progress in many areas – and it is important to note and celebrate this – the gateways to opportunity that the Commission identified five years ago remain harder to pass through for some groups such as disabled people, those from poorer backgrounds and women over a certain age.”
The report adds: “Poor White boys in particular suffer a combination of disadvantage. Being poor now has a far more negative impact on the education of White children than it does for any other ethnic group. Poor White boys suffer higher rates of exclusion from school and achieve the lowest academic results – making them less likely to enter higher education and therefore more likely to end up in lower-paid, insecure jobs. Men aged 45-49 now suffer the highest rates of suicide – a figure which has increased significantly over the last five years.”
“Life for some ethnic groups has improved dramatically. The Pakistani and Bangladeshi group saw some of the greatest improvements of any group across educational attainment, health, employment and level of poverty, although these improvements tended to be from a much lower starting point, and they still do not fare as well as White people across these areas of life. Chinese and Indian students have continued to perform better than all other ethnicities at school and, overall, a higher proportion of ethnic minority pupils goes on to higher education than White pupils.”

Muslim Halloween


Germany deports Turkish Islamic preacher who called for murder of Jews

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Germany has deported radical Islamic preacher, Nusret C. to Turkey after he called for the obliteration of Jews, Israel and the US, local news reports said.

“The Jews are the worst enemies of Islam,” said Nusret, according to a spokesman of the West German city of Offenbach, where he lived. Nusret rejects equality between men and women and advocates the implementation of Islamic Shari’a law.

The news outlet reported on Tuesday about Nusret’s extradition, which took place on Friday.

Nusret is a leading member of the radical Islamic group Ismail Aga Cemaat. The group is recognized as a threat to Germany’s constitutional democracy and is monitored by the domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Office to Protect the Constitution.  Read more.

 The New Antisemite Blog

Syrian Refugees Not Happy With All the Cold and the Trees in Sweden: Complaining that Sweden is cold and has a lot of trees, is like visiting Syria and complaining that there's too much dirt and beheadings

by Daniel Greenfield 

Those poor, poor suffering Refugees. When they aren't complaining about the lack of WiFi and too much spaghetti in Italy. They're complaining that it's cold in Sweden and there are too many trees.
Complaining that Sweden is cold and has a lot of trees, is like visiting Syria and complaining that there's too much dirt and beheadings. If you didn't want cold and trees, you should have gone to Saudi Arabia.
Swedish authorities were called on Wednesday to remove a group of refugees who have refused to get off a bus after being taken to a village three days ago, saying it was “too cold” and isolated.
They were part of a group of 60 Syrians and Iraqis brought by bus on Sunday to Limedsforsen, close to the Norwegian border, to a village of wooden chalets where they were to stay while their asylum claims were assessed.
And now, they're protesting all the trees.
Two buses packed with refugees arrived at the park in Lima in west Sweden on Sunday, but around 30 passengers initially refused to disembark.

Charlotte Jacobsson, a press spokesperson for Sweden's Migration Board (Migrationsverket) confirmed to The Local that a number of the asylum seekers had felt uncomfortable being surrounded by so much forest.
It's time for Sweden to stop being so Islamophobic and cut down the trees and set so many of them on fire that the place warms up. And then maybe start a holy war over which version of Islam is correct so the migrants can feel more at home.
Also get them their own food.
For two days, a group of about 40 asylum-seekers staying at a refugee centre in the Veneto province of Belluno refused to eat the “pasta with tomato sauce, bread and eggs” meals they were given and called to be fed food from their own countries, Libero Quotidiano reported.
The refugees, said to have been staying at the centre for the past four months, also reportedly slashed the tires of cars belonging to staff working there in protest against living conditions.
Hey, you know what country has food from your country? Your country. You should go back there.

Orban: ‘The People Of Europe Are Beginning To Wake Up’

by Oliver Lane 

The people of Europe — if not their politicians —  are waking up to the fact that mass migration is a cultural, rather than just economic issue, said Viktor Orban on Radio Budapest this morning. Speaking on the daily 180-minute early-morning current affairs chat show, the Hungarian prime minister praised the awakening conciousness of ordinary European people, and castigated their leaders for not daring to speak the truth.
As well as addressing domestic issues — house building, cutting taxes, and reforms to prevent foreign investors buying up vast swathes of the country as they have done in other European Union (EU) nations such as the United Kingdom — the Hungarian leader also spoke about Europe’s asylum problem. Mr. Orban refused to refer to the crisis as a migration problem in the interview, calling it instead an “invasion”.
Mr. Orban pulled absolutely no punches in lashing out at the fundamentally undemocratic way the EU has dealt with the invasion (“inváziónak”). Referring to the arbitrary opening of Europe’s borders to millions of migrants, and the forced relocation of these people to European member states in numbers they have no control over, Mr. Orban asked:
“It really begs the question. When and who voted on the Europe that allows millions of people to enter illegally, and then distribute them? Such a decision was never taken at an election, so today’s events lack any sort of democratic foundation.
“Today there is an orderly, legitimate progress towards a state of anarchy in the European Union.”
As well as allowing jihadist infiltrators from groups such as the Islamic State to smuggle themselves into Europe among the throngs of unchecked migrants entering the continent, Europe was also importing Middle East-specific conflicts.
Deadly street battles between Turks and Kurds are now a common occurrence in many European countries, as Breitbart London has reported regularly in the past year. From murder by auto-mobile in Switzerland, to mass brawls in Germany, to thrown bombs at protests in Sweden, many migrants to European have shown themselves to be completely unwilling to leave their grievances at home.
And all of that when migrants aren’t too busy raping or robbing their native hosts.
Mr. Orban is in a strong position to judge the performance of other European nations in the migrant invasion. Neighbouring countries are flooded with illegal migrants lured by northern European states like Sweden begging for more to come, but Mr. Orban’s Hungary has completed its border fence.
As reported by Breitbart London this morning, the completion of the project reduced illegal incursions from 10,000 a day to just a dozen or fewer.

France: Authorities blamed far-right for Muslim antisemitic attack

A few days ago a Muslim attacked a rabbi and two other Jews next to a synagogue.

I missed the fact that immediately following the attack the French authorities announced this was a far-right attack.  How are Jews expected to take this seriously?

Via The Daily Mail:
A judicial source said the man had ‘far-right tendencies’, and was known for targeting people from a ‘religious and ethnic background,’ including Jews and Muslims.

The source said: ‘He was shouting anti-Semitic slogans during the attack, and kept them up once he had been arrested.’  more
To make matters worse, this article is still online.  And so anybody researching this story would chalk it up as a 'far-right' attack.

 The New Antisemite Blog

Nipples Sans Frontieres: The Campaign To Censor Anti-Migrant Talk On Facebook, Replace With Boob Pics

by Liam Deacon 

A German photographer has started a campaign to have “right wing propaganda” censored on Facebook, but pornographic images of women allowed. He’s calling it “nipples instead of incitement.” Photographer Olli Waldhauer kicked off his campaign by posting an image on Facebook of a topless woman stood beside a man holding a placard with racist slogan written on it.
“One of these people is against the rules of Facebook,” reads the slogan on the image.
Moderators deleted the image after 21 minutes. “Good people, I had to change my profile. Facebook did not come clear with the amount of friend requests. Thank you for your feedback and support,” wrote Mr Waldhauer on his page afterwards.
“What madness from a small image can be everything. Thank you all! Always remember #nippleinsteadbaiting!” he added later.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 18.13.55 

Mr Waldhauer is now encouraging his follower to download the image and post it on their own pages, in the hope of pressuring Facebook moderators in the spirit of the #freethenipple campaign.
The #freethenipple campaign aims to end the “discriminatory” banning of female breasts on social media, and so stop men finding breasts attractive by exposing them more often (according to their logic).
From his social media profile, Mr Waldhauer appears to be strongly in favor of mass migration, and has previous started a campaign labeled #iamnotaterrorist to challenge animosity towards migrants from the Middle East.
His dream of censoring political debate on Facebook is less outlandish. In September German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she wanted more Facebook to filtering “hateful” and “racial” posts. Journalists overheard the comments as she conversed with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a UN summit.
“When people stir up sedition on social networks using their real name, it’s not only the state that has to act, but also Facebook as a company should do something against these paroles,” Mrs Merkel later told regional newspaper Rheinische Post.

Academic Freedom Opposed by "Who"?

It is that time of year again. News arrives of 343 "university teachers" who signed a letter pledging that henceforth they will not cooperate with Israeli academic institutions. Their joint letter took up a full page today in Britain's left-wing Guardian newspaper (where else?) and has caused almost no stir in Britain. It comes days after a letter signed by 150 leading British writers, musicians and others -- including JK Rowling, Simon Schama and Hilary Mantel -- opposed any and all such boycotts against Israel, and pointed out that in the eyes of most people, intellectual and cultural exchange is a good thing.
The anti-boycott letter was signed by some of Britain's leading intellectuals. The main response to the pro-boycott letter, however, may well be, "Who?" Who knew, for instance, that Israel -- or any state -- would be diminished if it could not gain from the wisdom of Professor Alex Callinicos, one of Britain's most obscure Marxist academics? He is the author of numerous interminable tracts; his efforts to bring his thoughts into mainstream politics reached their summit during his involvement with the Socialist Worker's Party, an entity too extreme even for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party. As almost nobody in Britain wants Prof. Callinicos's thoughts, why would anybody in Israel be begging for them?
Or consider another figure on the letter, one Professor Jane Hardy who teaches at the University of Hertfordshire. It would come as a great surprise to most people in Britain -- and possibly to many people in Hertfordshire -- that such an institution exists. But a quick internet search reveals that it does, and that until 1992 it was known as "Hatfield Polytechnic." So what are the students in Israel unilaterally going to lose the right to know, thanks to the stance taken by Professor Hardy? Well, her own profile page says, "My research and publications on regional development, and the gender and class impacts of change have been underpinned by a concern with the lives of ordinary people and how they have contested neoliberalism." One tries to be polite, of course, but it is worth pointing out that this kind of "study" has never been helpful in finding a place in the job-market for British students (apart, possibly, in furthering their studies in low-grade academia). Why the withdrawal of Prof. Hardy's research on regional development, gender and class in a Hertfordshire context should be such a loss to students in Israel, one is at a loss to guess.

UK universities to ban feminists and conservatives to avoid offending Muslims

It is clear who the new ruling political class in Britain is. First they banned foreign counter-jihadists from entering the country. Now they are silencing domestic voices of dissent. British authorities seem determined to stifle legitimate debate about their immigration policies and stance toward the jihad threat, and to keep their country on the path to chaos and civil war.
“Greer ban at university ‘is to seem fair to Muslims’: Vince Cable warns feminists and right-wingers will be censored to prove institutions are not ‘anti-Islamic,'” by Eleanor Harding, Daily Mail, October 28, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Universities will ban feminists, Right-wing politicians and other controversial speakers to appear fair on Muslims, Vince Cable has warned.
The ex-business secretary said the Prevent strategy would make institutions feel compelled to censor all ‘extreme’ views to prove that they are not ‘anti-Islamic’.
Under the Government’s counter-terror drive, universities have a duty to monitor students for signs of ‘non-violent extremism’ and block hate preachers.
But yesterday Sir Vince said institutions would feel obliged to ‘demonstrate impartiality’ and ban ‘non-Muslim speakers whose reputation is also controversial for different reasons’.
He said some speakers were already being given hostile receptions on campuses, including Ukip leader Nigel Farage who cancelled an appearance at Cambridge after protests.
A petition was also set up to stop feminist Germaine Greer speaking at Cardiff because her views could allegedly offend ‘trans’ people.
Sir Vince said: ‘Once we get into the way of thinking that the best way to deal with extreme views is to suppress them, we get into very dangerous territory indeed.
‘And unfortunately I think that is the way the government is trying to lead.
‘If the government is successful in getting through legislation which in turn leads to guidance to universities, I suspect what will happen is this.
‘The legislation and the guidance will be vague, and universities being naturally risk adverse institutions will err on the side of caution and try to stop controversial speakers.
‘They will then be accused of being anti-Islamic and so they will try to stop other speakers of other persuasions.’
He added that censoring any one group of people could result in the same consequences for wider society.
‘The danger is that we say “Ok well we’ve banned that lot, therefore we will ban this lot”,’ he said.
‘You get on to this downward spiral where any form of radical dissent is actively discouraged or not allowed.’
The Lib Dem, who was responsible for higher education during his stint in the cabinet, claimed planned new powers would leave universities so risk averse they would allow only a ‘bland exchange’ of ‘politically correct’ views.
In a speech to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Sir Vince said he had blocked attempts to impose restrictions on so-called extremists during his time in government.
He added: ‘Instead of intellectual challenge there will be a bland exchange of views which are inoffensive and politically correct.
‘This will not stop terrorism or terrorist recruitment and may even make the problem worse by driving underground those who are regarded as extreme but are currently non-violent.’
Sir Vince, who suggested religious sectarianism in the West of Scotland was a form of ‘nonviolent extremism’, warned that prevention measures ‘can easily degenerate into surveillance’.
He added: ‘Common sense suggests that anything which encourages secretive, suspicious behaviour is more likely to help terrorism than hinder it.’
David Cameron earlier this month vowed to ‘aggressively’ pursue and disrupt extremists trying to spread the ‘poisonous ideology’ of radical Islamism.
Mr Cable criticised the government’s proposed Extremism Disruption Orders, so-called Asbos for hate preachers, claiming it could make them seem ‘martyrs’ and would prove ‘counter-productive’.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

UK: Dad who has claimed benefits for a decade says GOD told him to have ELEVEN kids

 The dad of 11 said God wanted him to have the children
A MUSLIM father who has been claiming benefits for a decade insists he is NOT personally responsible for having ELEVEN children because God told him "to go forth and multiply". Mohammad Salim and his wife Noreen, 40, refuse to use contraception and receive a staggering £27,000 in child tax credits and job seeker's allowances in a year alone. The couple, from Rochdale in Greater Manchester, had their eldest son in 1991 and another 10 offspring followed - with their ages ranging between 24 and seven-years-old. The father-of-eleven says he has no regrets about using taxpayers' cash because "it's the Government who pay for their upkeep, food and clothing". The Salim family of 13 live in a four-bedroom house and often travel by minibus.Their family shopping bill comes to £300 a week. Mr Salim, who once worked as a teacher but has claimed benefits for the past 10 years, said: "Having 11 children isn't irresponsible, we don't believe in contraception. "We are following God's first command and he said 'go forth and multiply'." And Mr Salim is in no rush to get back to work because he feels pushed out of the job market.The benefits scrounger said despite his qualifications, he has no desire to go out and get a job because he earns more when relying on handouts. He said: "I have got qualifications and real work experience but it is the system. I have been forced onto the dole. "I am expected to do at least seven job applications a week, you are better off on the dole than working a minimum wage. "It's a sad state of affairs I can't get a job in the UK."Despite describing himself as a "workaholic" who has "never shied away from hard work" Mr Salim says he is yet to have any luck on the job front in 10 years. He insists he can't find work that would suit his lifestyle and pay enough to support his huge family. Mr Salim added: "I have been told to do taxi work but the hours I would have to out in to get a reasonable wage, I can't do it, especially with young children." With the Tory Government proposals to cut child tax credits on the agenda, Mr Salim said his family would struggle if their welfare bill was capped at £500 a week. He said: " We are feeding 13 people. £500 a week is not enough, the costs are there. "We are having to stretch. Rather than going up they want to shrink them down. "Next year there will be another cap and I will lose out." And Mr Salim doesn't want his children to miss out on the latest hi-tech gadgets such as iPhones. "They want that because it is the thing of the present day and you have to cough up," he added. Mr Salim said he also faces the financial burden of his children's birthday parties and religious festivals. But despite the struggles, he wouldn't live life any other way. He added: "It is a big pull on the little amount of benefits we do get. "I am the richest man in the world with these children. I have a big family, I am on benefits. There is worry there but God always sees us through."

Hundreds of Germans Are Trying To Bring Treason Charges Against Angela Merkel Over Migration Policy

by Oliver Lane 

Hundreds of Germans are attempting to bring criminal charges against Chancellor Angela Merkel, accusing her of treason by opening the borders of Germany to mass migration. The Federal Prosecutors office in Karlsruhe, Germany, has received over 400 letters calling for it to open an investigation into Chancellor Merkel, the elected leader of the German government for high treason. The complaints cite the chancellor’s decision to open the borders of the nation to all comers in September, since when they claim “an unhindered flow of refugees have poured into Germany”.
Under German law, anyone who attempts to affect change to the German republic or damage the constitutional order by force or threat of force is guilty of high treason. The letter, of which dozens more are received by the state prosecutor every day and is reproduced by Compact magazine, insists the migrant flood satisfies the conditions, as demographic change is altering the existence of the republic.
In introducing the pro-forma letter, Compact offers a quote commonly misattributed to American founding father Thomas Jefferson justifying the action: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty, before adding “now everything is at stake”.
Citing the German constitution, which in article 20 paragraph enshrines the right of Germans “to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available”, the call to action remarks that to “safeguard our identity” their goal is now “the overthrow of the chancellor”.
The forcing of migrants on communities, which involves the government seizing property such as parks, sports centres, and private dwellings to create asylum accommodation is a form of violence, the letter contends, making Chancellor Merkel’s actions genuinely treasonous.
Despite the carefully formulated argument and provision of evidence, the petitions for action may yet be thrown out by the court. Hard-left Taz newspaper reports the court is unlikely to accept that migrant violence constitutes an attempt by Chancellor Merkel to change the nature of Germany in a way that clearly violates the law.
These calls for Dr. Merkel to face criminal charges for her part in opening German to mass migration come among a backdrop of record low poll ratings for the chancellor, and increasingly fraught relations with her coalition partners.
The president of Bavaria has recently extended a hand of friendship to the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, a direct snub to the chancellor, and even contemplated building a border fence with Austria if she doesn’t shift her stance on mass migration.
While the chancellor’s poll ratings falter, the anti-mass migration Bavarian president’s own score has shot up 11 points – an indicator of the direction of travel for the German public which is starting to count the cost of mass migration.


Austria Stops Criticizing Hungary's Border Fence, Builds Own Border Fence: "The refugee crisis can’t be solved with the building of fences"

by Sarkis Zeronian 

Not that long ago, Austria's Nazi collaborationist party was accusing Hungary of being Nazis for the whole border security thing. Now Austria appears to have had enough and has caught fence fever.
Austria on Wednesday said it plans to build a fence at its main crossing with Slovenia, the first such barrier between two members of Europe’s document-free travel area, in one of the clearest signs to date of how Europe’s migrant crisis is undermining Europe’s institutions and sowing discord across the bloc.
News of the plan, aimed to slow the stream of migrants headed toward Germany via Austria, drew sharp criticism from Berlin. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sought to preserve freedom of travel across the continent, even as she struggles to maintain her own open-door refugee policy in the face of mounting opposition at home and growing impatience in other European countries on the migrants’ route.
“The federal government and the chancellor repeatedly have stressed that we believe that the refugee crisis can’t be solved with the building of fences,” Ms. Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said Wednesday.
Pretty sure it can. That's what fences are for.
Austria has been overwhelmed by rising numbers of migrants streaming through tiny Slovenia since Hungary, once a key transit spot on the route, built razor-wire fences on its southern borders, first with Serbia and, earlier this month, with Croatia.
Austria has invoked its intention to beef up border security before but until now carefully avoided the word fence. That changed on Wednesday when Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner told public ORF radio “of course it’s about a fence, but not just that, it’s also about fortified structures in the border crossing areas.”
For now the fences are more about herding migrants in an orderly fashion and preventing them from just overrunning the country while redirecting them to other countries than really keeping them out, but it's a start.
It's also unclear whether Austria will be able to get this done without a moonshot effort like Hungary's. Meanwhile Austrians are taking Joe Biden's advice and buying a shotgun.
Yesterday, it emerged that weapon sales were soaring in Austria as citizens of the small Alpine nation become paranoid over the numbers of refugees crowding into their country.
In a country of 8.5 million people, there are now an estimated 900,000 firearms in homes.
Gun dealers report that it is women driving the sales rush. This year alone, police say 70,000 guns have been sold.
'Virtually all shotguns are currently sold out, because you need no permit for them', said Thomas Ortner, spokesman for an arms dealer in Upper Austria.
Buy a shotgun, keep from getting raped by Mohammed.
'The situation will deteriorate even further,' European Council president Donald Tusk said, warning of a 'new wave of refugees (arriving) from Aleppo and other Syrian regions under Russian bombardment'.
'I have no doubt that this challenge has the potential to change the European Union we have built,' he told the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
It has the potential to end the European Union. And Europe.

Foreign Doctors Suspended From Practice For Language Skills That Risk Patients’ Health

by Sarkis Zeronian 

The first European Union (EU) doctors disciplined in the UK for their failure to speak English properly have been revealed. One doctor from Poland has failed speaking, listening, reading and writing tests on three separate occasions, but has nevertheless been allowed to continue working, despite being labeled a potential risk to patients because of his broken English.
Dr. Tomasz Fryzlewicz, 56, a heart doctor, moved to Britain from Poland in 2006. He worked as a locum in several hospitals such as North Staffordshire’s Royal Stoke University Hospital, reports the Stoke Sentinel.
It was only in 2014, eight years after he started working in the UK, that he sat the language exam for the first time. This followed the introduction of the new rules allowing doctors to be forced to take English language tests if there are concerns about their abilities on that front.
At the same time as he was failing his English tests he was sacked by two different hospitals concerned about his language skills. He was then offered a post in cardiology at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford which was later withdrawn after he sent emails in broken English.
It has been ordered that Dr. Fryzlewicz must now work under direct supervision for a year and must pass an English language assessment within 12 months.
It is reported that Dr. Fryzlewicz denies any wrongdoing and has claimed his English tests results were “too low and not accurate” and had been “manipulated” by the GMC.
In 2012 Dr. Alessandro Teppa, an Italian medic who qualified in 1998 in his home country, was granted a licence to practise in the UK. In 2014 he failed an English language assessment and was put under an interim suspension order, reports the BBC.
The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) has ruled that Dr. Teppa’s suspension is due to last at least nine months as his standard of English is currently “insufficient to support safe and effective medical practice in this country”.
The Chief Executive of the General Medical Council supported the decision, saying: “This doctor should not be able to practise in the UK again until he can demonstrate he is able to communicate effectively.”
For his part Dr. Teppa is now taking English language lessons in Italy pending a review of his ability to communicate at the end of his suspension.
Following a change of rules in 2014 which allowed EU doctors’ language skills to be tested for the first time, the risks of relying on foreign doctors are coming to light. The new rules were introduced as a result of the Daniel Ubani case, reports The Daily Telegraph. He was a Nigerian doctor who came to Britain from Germany and injected a patient with a lethal morphine dose on his first shift.
It has become a standard defence of mass-migration to the UK that the National Health Service would grind to a halt were it not for foreign medical workers. A few years ago David Cameron addressed the subject in a speech on immigration:
“Our country has benefited immeasurably from immigration. If you go into any hospital you’ll find people from Uganda, India and Pakistan who are caring for our sick and vulnerable.”
It is now estimated that around one in five of the 34,000 new NHS nurses joining each year are from overseas, particularly the Philippines, Spain and Portugal. This prompted former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to say the NHS  would be “in serious trouble” if a cap on the number of EU migrants to the UK was introduced.

Key Eurocrat Admits: Migrant Crisis Could ‘Disintegrate’ The EU

by Simon Kent 

The migrant crisis now convulsing Europe could spell the end of the European Union (EU), a key Eurocrat has warned. Federica Mogherini, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of the European Commission, believes the inability of member nations to absorb the human tide is tearing at the very fabric of the would-be superstate. Her answer is to continue to enforce migrant quotas on all EU member countries, including those that might have trouble handling the huge numbers of mostly young Muslim men, while ignoring the guiding principle of the Dublin Agreement which sets the legal requirement for all migrants to be processed at their point of entry rather than be allowed to travel on.
In an interview for Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper in Italy, Mrs Mogherini outlined her key concerns over the resistance of some countries to accept the migrant influx.
“I said that will not be easy to apply redistribution of the migrants, because some European countries do not have experience in hosting foreigners,” she said. “The disconnect between European and national laws is serious. The crisis will get worse, with chain reactions between public opinion and national governments if we do not get the tools right. Without these, there is the risk of [EU] disintegration.
“Conversely, if we equip the community with legal instruments up to the challenge – and it will not be easy – we could make a leap forward in the integration.”
The ‘legal instruments’ would require a change to the Dublin Agreement as Mrs Mogherini conceded. She said:
“Everyone is aware that the principle of Dublin does not give the EU the means to react to the phenomenon of migration , caused by wars , poverty and climate change . No country can manage the problem alone.”
The Dublin Regulation identifies the Member State responsible for the examination of an asylum claim in the European Union.
The regulation is intended to avoid asylum seekers being sent from one country to another or being able to abuse the system by the submission of several applications. The country in which the migrant first applies for asylum is responsible for either accepting or rejecting the claim, and the seeker may not restart the process in another jurisdiction.
Germany’s decision to open its doors to Syrians in unlimited numbers early in the summer defied the agreement and encouraged economic migrants to cross Europe before initiating asylum applications.
This is not the first time Mrs Mogherini has addressed the problem of pan-European migration. She has previously spoken of her support for Islamisation in general in that context. Her ideals can be summed up thus:
“Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality. ( . . .) With the European project, after World War II, not only we accepted diversity: we expressed a Desire for diversity to be a core feature of our Union.”
“We need to show some humble respect for diversity. Diversity is the core feature of our European history, and it is our strength. ( . . .) For this reason I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.”
Mrs Mogherini’s most recent comments come a day after Austria announced plans to build a fence at a major border crossing with fellow EU state Slovenia to “control” the migrant influx. As Breitbart London reported, the move is another blow to the bloc’s Schengen zone which guarantees passport-free travel across most of the continent.
Meanwhile estimates from a senior Turkish officials suggest that at least one million Syrians will try to reach Turkey this winter, according to the Telegraph.
If the migrant rate dose reach the predicted levels, Turkey could become home to as many as three to four million Syrian migrants.

Philippines Doesn't Want to Take Muslim "Refugee" Migrants: The Philippines already has a major problem with Muslim terror.

by Daniel Greenfield 

The Philippines already has a major problem with Muslim terror. It isn't looking to expand the scope of that problem. And who can blame it?
Philippine President Benigno Aquino said his country cannot afford to take in Australian-processed refugees permanently.
Aquino said the Philippines is “seriously considering” and “studying” a proposal by the Australian government for his country to take in refugees. But he told reporters there were a few factors to consider.
Earlier this month, Australia’s immigration minister said the foreign ministers of the two countries were in talks about a potential deal wherein Australia would provide funds to the Philippines for relocating the refugees. A statement from the Philippine Foreign Affairs Department said the two sides discussed refugees and their obligations under international law.
Aquino said, “If this proposed agreement is not one of a transitory nature, is not one of just being a transit point but actually relocating these people here. … We feel we are not in a capacity at this point in time to afford permanent residency to these people.”
Permanent resettlement is a point that the media likes to gloss over.
So the media tells us how many millions of Syrians are in Turkey or Jordan. But they're temporarily there. Nobody is giving them citizenship. On the other hand, America, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc are expected to permanently resettle them.
The Philippines has made it quite clear that it is not up to any permanent resettlement. While the claim is poverty, Australia is offering to pay. The obvious issue is terrorism.


VISUALISED: German Government Approval Hits THREE YEAR LOW As Migrant Policies Bite

by Raheem Kassam 

Figures released today by global polling company YouGov have confirmed what many across Europe were already begin to realise through Germany political polling: Angela Merkel’s migration policies are killing her government, with the new numbers showing her government’s approval rating dropping off a cliff as pro-mass migration policies begin to bite. The -51 per cent approval rating mirrors a decline in her party – the Christian Democratic Union’s – popularity, and is the lowest approval rating for the German government since September 2012.
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 16.32.02
YouGov reports:
Angela Merkel’s doors-open approach to the European migrant crisis may have received praise from abroad, but there are now signs of deep divisions among German conservatives – in particular, a rift has opened between the ruling CDU and the Christian Social Union (CSU), its allied sister party in Bavaria. The CSU Bavarian finance minister Markus Söder has called the political situation a “coalition crisis”, “the most difficult situation since 1976″. Amid political tension there is also social unrest, as attacks on accommodation for asylum seekers increase significantly and the far-right Pegida movement continues to attract support. Anti-immigration protests are on the rise.
On a monthly basis YouGov tracks opinion across seven northern European countries on government approval, the European Union and the state of the economy. In our data for October, Germany’s government approval rating is at its lowest since September 2012, which makes this the lowest rating of the current parliament, elected in 2013.
At -51 Germany’s government approval ranks among the lowest for the countries tracked, virtually tied with Sweden (-52), whose government is on the brink of collapse, and above only France, whose rating is persistently low.


Muslim Nuclear Power Plant Employee Caught Reading Bomb Making Manual At Work

by Liam Deacon 

An employee at a Scottish nuclear power plant, who is thought to be Muslim, has been allegedly caught studying bomb-making websites at his place of work. The man works as a “special entry assistant”, and his role involved going right into the heart of the plant to assist tradesmen. The revelation comes as MI5 chief Andrew Parker warned today that the “terror threat is the highest I’ve ever seen,” thanks to ISIS and online jihadist.
Police are now investigating reports the worker accessed the “inappropriate material” at the nuclear facility, after he was marched off the premises at Hunterston, West Kilbride, yesterday morning.
The man had recently moved to the area from England, and had only worked at the North Ayrshire facility for around four weeks.
He was allegedly caught viewing the bomb making material on his laptop on Monday, and slammed the device shut when a colleague entered the room.
The colleague raised the alarm, and when the suspect arrived for work on Tuesday he was escorted from the premises by security guards and plant owners, EDF Energy, had called in police.
A source at the plant told The Daily Record: “The guy has only worked here for a short time. He is a low-level employee, but has access to the reactor, where he basically helps out tradesmen working on it.”
Explaining the incident with the laptop, the source added: “One of his colleagues spotted him engrossed in a laptop on Monday.
“As he passed by, it was slammed shut, but not before the fellow worker got an eyeful of what he had been looking at.
“To him it looked like some sort of website on how to make bombs. He reported his concerns to bosses, and theguy was escorted of the site today.
“You can’t have people with access to a nuclear core having any sort of interest in explosives.
“No one knows what was going through his head, but its not what you want to see in a nuclear power plant.”
A spokeswoman for EDF said: “All EDF Energy employees and contractors undergo a rigorous Government standard, National Security Vetting check in order to be able to work on any nuclear site.
“We have been made aware of allegations concerning a contractor accessing inappropriate web material and immediately notified the relevant authorities. We are working with Police Scotland, with the support of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, to determine the facts and take appropriate action.
“The Civil Nuclear Constabulary – CNC – are deployed at all EDF Energy’s nuclear sites to further enhance the already robust security arrangements at all civil nuclear power stations. Provision was made for this by the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act, 2001. These officers work alongside existing security teams at each station.”
The spokesman said he believed there to be no danger to the plant or the public. A spokeswoman for Police Scotland told the Daily Record that the incident was being dealt with by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC).