Monday, October 26, 2015

Free, friendly, 5-point guide to Europeans in dealing with their new future Muslim majority

Now that the thousands of Muslims are invading Europe and settling up in countries with the most dynamic economic growth, it is but befitting, for a fellow formerly-European and a westerner – whose former country was bombed by these Western states because Islam wanted it – to share a few things, here and there, about Islam and Muslims who come into midst of a territory that isn’t Islamic yet.
So here is a general, free, friendly guide to Islam, borne of experience, as to what Islam is and what Muslims want in Europe:
1) What is the difference between “moderate” Muslims and the “radical” Muslims?
Moderate Muslims are the ones that haven’t killed an atheist or a Christian yet but are in a cheerful process of doing so either by denying that they will do so when appropriate social atmosphere arises or are denying that such people are being killed already and are accusing you of Islamophobia if you state the fact that Muslims kill people like that.
2) Isn’t Islam a religion of peace?
The Muslim peace is suppose to happen only after all of those who are not Muslims are exterminated. Until then, non-Muslims are supposed to say that Islam is a religion of peace until the atmosphere is set for them to die so that the “peace” is to be established after all these non-Muslims are dead.
3) Aren’t the new Muslim migrants good for economy because they will produce and partake in the job market?
Islam has always set their target on the most productive of Empires in order to plunder them. Persia was the wealthiest Empire until Muslims invaded it and sucked it dry. Hindu kingdoms of Afghanistan and Pakistan were likewise very wealthy kingdoms until the Muslim horde invaded, killed, looted and genocided the Hindus in those areas. Byzantium has lived the same fate: gone from the wealth gem to a hell hole. So the next Muslim target is to plunder all of Europe because there is nothing to plunder in the Middle East.
4) Isn’t Islam tolerant of other religions?
Tolerance in Islam and tolerance in the West are two different legal things. For a Muslim to tolerate you, it means he will not kill you because you provide some economic advantage to Islam such as: you are a slave, he rapes your daughters, he takes away your sons to rape them in a harem, he confiscates your property, and he has sex with your wife at will… As soon as you are no longer of any economic use, Muslims will dispose of any non-Muslim.
5) Aren’t you exaggerating about everything that you have said above?
No I am not.
Anyway, for all of those Europeans who are rejoicing that their new Muslim majority is arriving into their country… well, good luck being alive.
 M. Bozinovich

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