Saturday, October 24, 2015

Racist Migrant Killer Butchered Mother and Son in Ikea Because They "Looked Swedish": This is what real racism looks like

by Daniel Greenfield 

 This is what real racism and ethnic cleansing looks like. And it's back in Europe.
The citation from the forensic investigation is quoted by Vestmanlands Lans Tidning in which psychiatrists describe Ukbagabir as completely self-focused and self-centered. VLT writes that the 36-year-old wanted the murder to get the maximum attention and therefore chose to murder the two Swedes. The murdered woman and her son, he chose completely random because “they looked Swedish”.
The 36-year-old asylum seeker missed the right to reside in Sweden at the time of the murder. In 2005, he left Eritrea to avoid having to complete the compulsory military service, and made his way through Sudan and Libya to Italy where he was given a temporary residence permit. For financial reasons, he went to England and sought asylum but was rejected and sent back to Italy. Then he took himself to Sweden in 2013 where he went on welfare, committed crimes and lived in an asylum accommodation until 2015.
Ukbagabir's victims, whom he hacked at in an IKEA, were Carola Herlin (55) and Emil Herlin (28), a mother and son who were murdered because of their skin color and their appearance by a racist killer.
The authorities quickly rushed to protect, not the native population from the illegal alien invaders, but the invaders. Because you know, blowback and backlash and all that.
Kerstin Söderström was considering which frying pan to buy when she heard the screams.
Söderström and her neighbour, Eivy Albinsson, had just finished eating lunch in the cafeteria of an Ikea store in Västerås, Sweden, when they headed downstairs to shop. Söderström stopped to admire the big box store’s flower selection. Then the two friends walked to the kitchenware department.
That’s when they heard it.
“A shriek-like sound,” Albinsson would recall later. “Heart-rending screams,” according to another Ikea shopper. Screams so piercing Söderström couldn’t tell whether they belonged to a man or a woman.
They belonged to both.
Just a few metres away from the two women, a mother and her son lay lifelessly in pools of blood. A severed finger lay on the floor.
The media narrative, which you can find all over the place, quickly turned the killer into the victim.
Ukbagabir also told the investigators that after killing Carola and Emil Herlin, he turned his weapon on himself. “His desire is that God will receive him.”
Instead the Swedish taxpayers will. He got what he wanted after all. He'll stay in Sweden instead of being deporting. And every day thousands more are joining him.


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