Monday, October 26, 2015

Sweden: ‘Child refugees’ gang rape woman after playing ‘cute’

The “refugees” entering Europe are 99% Muslims. Why are there so few authentic Christians amongst them? Because the Christians all keep away from asylum and refugee camps, even in the UN camps, because they are not safe in them and get attacked, raped and killed. The small number that have tried to mix into the flood of illegal fraudulent migrants had their throats cut on the boats and were thrown over board, according to other passengers in a report a few months ago that we published. Muslims take an increasing number of false identities and pretend to be Christians, even wearing crosses, as they believe this will speed their asylum process.
So how much do you want to bet that these “child refugees” who not only had false documentation, but have a high potentiality of being Muslims?

Sweden brutal Muslim gang rape took place in Sodermalm in Stockholm
The brutal group rape took place at the lookout point Fåfängan on Södermalm (in the capital of Stockholm).

Group rape by refugee children for several hours

Published 23 October 2015 at 19.04

Refugee children tricked a young woman on Södermalm and then took turns to rape and abuse her for hours.

The prosecuted four refugee children, according to the Prosecutor, was lying about their age.
The woman was at the Stadsgårdskajen in Stockholm on the night of September 9 when the defendants, coming from North Africa and living in the streets, got in touch with her.
The Prosecutor states to Aftonbladet that the woman was sad and that refugee children were “cute” towards her and tried to comfort her.
They then went with her to the green area of the lookout point, where they suddenly went to attack and launched a brutal group rape, which according to the arrest statement would have been going on for several hours.
The woman finally succeeded, badly scarred, to escape and was able to stop a passing bus, according to Aftonbladet. She then got help at the hospital.
The defendants claim to be between 13 and 16 years old, but according to the Prosecutor, they were lying about their age.
“A doctor has looked at them, and he has made a medical examination, and this doctor has made the assessment that all of them are more (above) than 15 years of age, said the Prosecutor to FriaTider.

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