Monday, November 30, 2015

Islam has superseded Christianity in France

by Giulio Meotti 

France is busy building a coalition to strike Islamic State in Syria after the massacre of 130 citizens in Paris. But a “mini Islamic State” is already functioning in the French suburbs.
A 2,200-page report, titled “Banlieu de la République” (Suburbs of the Republic), commissioned by the French think tank Institut Montaigne, explained that suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies”, where sharia, the Islamic law, has overcome French secular rule. The French Interior Ministry called these “Priority Security Zones” (Zones de Sécurité Prioritaires) and they include heavily Muslim parts of Amiens, Aubervilliers, Avignon, Béziers, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Montpellier, Mulhouse, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Perpignan, Strasbourg,
Toulouse and many other towns.
It is a daily French Intifada. The epicenter of this French Jihad is St. Denis, where the terrorists lived and planned the last attacks, and where French kings are buried. Isn’t it ironic that Islam now dominates the cradle of French Christianity?
Demography and identity are on the Islamists’ side in France.
A few days ago, the Association of French Mayors published a “Handbook of Secularism” which enumerates new rules. Among these, of course, there is the removing of Christian Nativity scenes from municipalities, considered disrespectful of the principle of “vivre-ensemble” and offensive to other religions (and Muslims in particular). In these 36 pages of recommendations, the mayors seem to have forgotten “16 centuries of history” as denounced by Franck Margain, vice president of the Parti Chrétien-démocrate.
The France that was “Ainee fille de l’Eglise”, the eldest and favorite daughter of the Church, is no more. The country of Emmanuel Mounier, Georges Bernanos, Francois Mauriac, Jacques Maritain, Teilhard de Chardin, that country is now caught between two fires, state secularism and Islam.
Jean-Claude Chesnais, the famous French demographer, has no doubts: “There will be a hybridization of cultures that will lead to a rapid Islamization”. Demographically, Islam is the winner. Non-Muslims are growing at a rate of 1.2 children per family, while Islamic families up to five times faster. In the last 30 years there more mosques and prayer centers for Muslims have been built in France than all the Catholic churches built in the last century.
Meanwhile, thousands of French Muslims left their country to wage the “holy war” in Syria and Iraq. Le Figaro Magazine published a story by the journalist Rachida Samouri who infiltrated in Seine-Saint-Denis to talk with the French who support ISIS. “In Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State, the French are at home: the second most spoken language after Arabic is French, in the streets Isis spreads terror and the French are the worst, they threaten and beat women if the their face is not hidden by the niqab, or if they make noise with their shoes. The noise of the heels of a woman is considered a sin. These French left France for Syria perceiving it as their promised land. In Raqqa, their children turn into monsters. They have French passports, they will return one day. What will be the France of these children raised by cutting off heads in the name of Allah?”
This is the internal front the French authorities don’t want even to discuss.
Criticism of Islam is disappearing in France. This week, the renowned French atheist and left-wing philospher Michel Onfray withdrew the planned publication of a critical essay “Penser L’Islam” (Thinking Islam) claiming that “no debate is possible” in the country. Dozens of French writers and journalists, from Michel Houellebecq to Eric Zemmour and Mohammed Sifaoui, are under police protection for their criticism of Islam.
Once, in France, there was the war between “the cube and the cathedral”, the Grande Arche de la Défense in Paris built by François Mitterrand as a monument to a glittering secular modernity, and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, today reduced to a museum.
Now both are dominated and looked down upon by the Islamic crescent.

Child Sexual Exploitation Allegations Against Two Rotherham Councillors Become ‘Priority’

by Sarkis Zeronian 

The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal continues to develop as the National Crime Agency (NCA), the ‘British FBI’, prioritises an investigation into two ‘current or former’ Rotherham councillors.  Under the leadership of senior investigating officer Steve Baldwin, 60 or so officers and staff now conducting Operation Stovewood — the independent NCA investigation into incidents of non-familial child sexual exploitation and abuse in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 — have identified six new investigations in their review of previous South Yorkshire Police cases. Two of those six have been prioritised, reports the Sheffield Star.
Of the two prioritised cases involving nine specific suspects, one is an investigation into criminal allegations referred by Louise Casey. She is the head of the government’s Troubled Families Programme who in September 2014 was appointed by the then Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles to conduct an independent inspection of Rotherham Council.
She was to look into the council’s behaviour over a period of decades when at least 1,400 girls were groomed, drugged and raped by local Pakistani Muslims.
Ultimately the highly critical Casey Report found Rotherham Council was “not fit for purpose”, leading to the resignation of the entire political leadership of the council and comments from former council leader Roger Stone that the Casey Report felt “like a witch hunt”.
The two prioritised cases are far from the end of the matter, it is reported the investigation has identified more than 7,300 lines of enquiry it may pursue and the operation is expected to have assessed something in the region of 10,000 documents related to child sexual exploitation cases by the turn of the year.
The sheer scale of the material uncovered by the operation means it is likely to become the largest investigation of its kind in UK history, according to the Yorkshire Post.
Other aspects of the operation include interviews with around 50 victims and survivors of abuse that have, again, been identified by the team as specific priorities.

Europe Surrenders to Turkey’s Erdogan on Refugee Crisis

by Sam Nunberg 

Yesterday in Brussels, the European Union (“EU”) announced a groundbreaking deal with Turkey in which the EU would provide Turkey with $3.19 billion and relaxed visa requirements for Turkish citizens traveling within the EU in exchange for the Turkish government’s promise to curb the flow of migrants in Europe through its western border with Bulgaria and Greece. In order to enforce the terms, the EU will monitor Turkey’s compliance on a monthly basis. The 28 EU members have yet to agree which members will pay the monies to Turkey. The agreement also includes a clause to speed up Turkey’s membership into the EU.
The deal was announced a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin called for sanctions against Turkey in response to Turkey downing a Russian fighter jet flying near its borders earlier this week. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refused to acquiesce to Putin’s demand for an apology, demanding instead an apology from “those who violated our airspace.”
Also on Saturday, jailed Turkish journalists urged the EU “not to compromise on human rights and press freedom as it looks to Turkey to help stem Europe’s migrant crisis.” The journalists were arrested on charges of espionage after writing an “article exposing arms shipments from Turkish intelligence to Syrian extremist rebels.”
The EU, which has criticized Turkey in the past for human rights violations, rewarded Erdogan when, also this past Saturday, prominent Kurdish human rights attorney Tahir Elci was shot dead during a protest. Erdogan defended the shooting with the explanation that Turkey was justified in “its determination to fight terrorism.” Ironically, Mr. Elci was killed while delivering “a statement calling for an end to violence between the Turkish state and Kurdish rebel group the PKK.”
While Erdogan was not present in Brussels for Sunday’s announcement, he played the lead role in negotiating the terms. The major clauses of the agreement were laid out this past October, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Erdogan in Ankara. In the meeting, Merkel offered Erdogan a “dirty deal” to speed up Turkey’s membership application to the EU in return for Erdogan accepting migrants rejected by the EU. Just weeks before the meeting, Merkel had “reiterated her opposition to Turkey joining the EU.”
On Sunday, Merkel said that the deal provides the refugees “better living conditions such as the right to work and the EU’s financial support for schooling.” She also explained that “since Turkey is hosting well over two million refugees and has received little international support so Turkey has a right to expect the European Union and its member states to help with mastering this task.”
Merkel’s rationalization strains credulity. If Turkey was only seeking financial assistance for housing the refugees, then why would Erdogan include Turkey’s EU membership in his demands? Further, Erdogan has never asked the EU for any physical or technological help to monitor or close the border. It is clear that Erdogan was allowing the migrant crisis to grow in order to not only revitalize Turkey’s EU membership application but also to have the process expedited.
Not only is Erdogan using the refugees as a pawn, but he also supports ISIS playing both sides against the middle. Last week Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark accused Turkey of facilitating ISIS oil sales. In 2014, Vice President Joe Biden was forced to apologize to Erdogan for accusing Turkey of training and equipping ISIS. However, leaked documents have proved that the Turkish intelligence agency has shipped weapons to terrorists organizations in Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid.
Clearly Erdogan is playing a double game. And we the West are his patsies.

Grateful refugees show their love by rioting in shelters

By Rick Moran  

Germany has opened its arms to almost a million refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere.  The refugees have also opened their arms – unfortunately, they have opened them in order to grab fire extinguishers, sofas, and any other handy item to throw at whomever they perceive to be their enemy that day.
Brawls and riots have broken out a several refugee shelters across the Germany.  Apparently, three hots and a cot just don't measure up for the newcomers.
Several people were arrested at the fight that started in the food distribution queues at the former airport of Tempelhof, which has been turned into a temporary accommodation for 1,200 refugees, an AFP photographer witnessed.
The brawl came just hours after another mass fight at a refugee shelter in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, where migrants went at each other with fire extinguishers, a police spokesman said.
Windows were smashed, sofas were thrown, and fire extinguishers emptied, said police, adding that several residents of the shelter were wounded.
Some 500 people evacuated the building "in fear and panic" over the dispute.
Separately, two other fights broke out in other shelters.
At a refugee home in Berlin's Kreuzberg area, a 18-year-old struck a 17-year-old on the head with a belt, police said.
Meanwhile, five people were injured in a fight between Syrians in the showers of an accommodation in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt.
Such disturbances have occurred before in other shelters in Germany, with tensions escalating quickly between often traumatised people from different cultures sharing packed spaces.
At the same time, they have been relatively rare given the sheer numbers of new arrivals -- Germany expects to take in a million asylum seekers this year alone, and has put up hundreds of thousands in flats, army barracks, sports halls and tent cities.
Germany's police union had called for refugees to be separated by religion and by country of origin to minimise the potential for conflict.
Stupid police union.  Don't they buy into the idea of multiculturalism?  You musn't apply common sense to the refugee problem by separating people according to their religion and national origin.  Someone's feelings might get hurt.
Of course, more than feelings got hurt in the riots, but that's the price the Germans are willing to pay in order to appear tolerant and compassionate.  Meanwhile, the refugees are still coming, although in much reduced numbers, as the EU appears to finally have gotten Turkey to do their dirty work for them and stem the flow from the Middle East.
But really, what's to worry about?  Violent men brawling in refugee centers should cause no concern to host countries who don't believe that terrorists are hidden among the multitudes.  Besides, as AFP points out, the real problem is "traumatised people from different cultures sharing packed spaces" and not inherently violent young males from an inherently violent culture.
Saying that would upset the tender sensibilities of the refugees.

Guerra Al Natale: School Cancels Christmas Service In Deference To Muslims, PM: It’s A ‘Very Big Mistake’

by Oliver Lane 

After Muslim pupils refused to sing traditional carols at last year’s Christmas service, one Milanese school has switched to hosting a “winter concert” — but many have reacted angrily to the idea. Headmaster Marco Parma of the Istituto Garofani di Rozzano school was forced to resign his post over the weekend after a number of senior figures in Italian political life — including the prime minister — moved to attack his decision to cancel Christmas for his pupils.
Social democrat prime minister Matteo Renzi was uncompromising in his defence of traditional Christmas when he condemned the veteran teacher, remarking: “Christmas is much more important than a headmaster being provocative… If he thinks he is promoting integration and co-existence in this way, he appears to me to have made a very big mistake”.
“Discussion and dialogue does not mean to say we can drown our identity for the sake of a vague and insipid form of political correctness”.
The politician was more qualified in his speech when he came to Christmas itself, which he insisted was acceptable for both atheists and Christians — missing out mention of Italy’s rapidly growing Muslim population. He said:  Italians, both non-religious and Christians, will never give up Christmas”.
The Istituto Garofani di Rozzano school is a large institution south of Milan, with a diverse pupil population of over 1,000. At least one fifth of the pupils are foreign born, and many are Muslim, reports Corriere Della Sera. Their annual Christmas celebrations have for the first time this year been moved forward to take place in January instead, and have been re-christened a “winter concert” of secular songs.
Speaking before his resignation and while he was insisting he held the backing of school governors, headmaster Parma said of the reasons behind the decision: “In a multi-ethnic environment, it causes problems… last year we had a Christmas concert and some parents insisted on having carols. The Muslim children didn’t sing, they just stood there, absolutely rigid.
“It is not nice watching a child not singing, or worse, being called down from the stage by their parents.”
The headmaster also invoked the spectre of terrorism, claiming that so soon after the Paris attacks such a “provocation” as singing traditional Christian carols in a school would be “too dangerous”.
The school already took down the traditional crucifixes adorning the walls of the classrooms earlier this year — despite their presence being mandated by Italian law.
Italy’s Northern League, an increasingly popular political movement which advocates the country’s industrialised north breaking away from the less developed south and leaving the European Union has gone even further than the prime minister in their condemnation. League secretary Matteo Salvini told the press any teacher or headmaster who attempts to erase Christmas should be fired. Anyone who tried to put away the manger or hide the Christmas story was “not suitable for the job”, he said.

Senior German Politician Calls For National Burqa Ban, Including Tourists

by Sarkis Zeronian 

A senior German politician, who backs a national burqa ban, has said that the law should also cover tourists to the country from the Arab world. The Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, was speaking to German newspaper Die Welt after her party congress in Munich recently approved two proposals — one a burqa ban (the full body covering) and one a ban on the niqab (the face veil). She said:
“When I have traveled to Iran, I have obeyed the country’s commandments and worn a headscarf. Likewise I expect women from the Arab world visiting this country to give up the full-face veil. Such laws are not just for people with German citizenship.”
Calling for the Christian Social Union’s policy of a niqab and burqa ban to be adopted by Germany as a whole, Ms. Aigner continued:
“This is mainly about showing your face. It is about social interaction, seeing each other. It does not fit into our culture to hide – and it contradicts our idea of equality for women. The law should be quickly passed by the Bundestag.”
Ms. Aigner also called for a commitment against Islamism from Muslims living in Germany. She said there should be no religion that justifies killing the followers of other religions, adding:
“In this context I expect Muslims who live with us to be clear. Muslim organisations above all should join forces and raise their voices against Islamism.”
France banned “conspicuous” religious symbols in public schools, including headscarves, in 2004, leading to a huge rift with the Muslim community. In 2010, it also banned the wearing of a niqab and burqa, both of which cover the face, in public places. Both bans have been upheld in spite of challenges at the European Court of Human Rights.
More recently, as Breitbart London previously reported, the Swiss canton of Ticino has adopted a similar ban.

German Security Officials: Syrian Refugees Already Hooking Up w/Jihadists -- "a sharp rise in the number of asylum-seekers attending mosques they believed attracted extremists"

by Daniel Greenfield 

No one could have possibly seen this coming. What are the odds that a group of people already fighting each other over religion would then hook up with Islamists in Germany?
The Paris attacks have raised fears of terrorists slipping into Europe by posing as refugees. But in Germany, the top migrant destination, security officials have another worry: Local extremists will recruit the newcomers to join the Islamist cause once they arrive.
German authorities warn that migrants seeking out Arabic-language mosques in search of the familiar are increasingly ending up at those attended by Islamist radicals. In interviews, security officials from Berlin to the southwest German state of Saarland said they have registered a sharp rise in the number of asylum-seekers attending mosques they believed attracted extremists.
There's no possible way this could lead to terrorism. Not in Germany. In Paris. Or in America.
Intelligence services say they have no evidence of successful recruitment efforts, pointing to the risk as a long-term problem.
Yeah it's long term. They'll only start killing people 4 or 5 years from now. And by then Merkel may not even be in office so there's no reason to worry about it.
Many politicians and migrant advocates argue that refugees fleeing Islamic State and religious conflict generally have no interest in extremism.
Meanwhile the migrants themselves flock to the Salafis. Whom are you going to believe, politicians or reality?

Said went across Turkey on foot. He never thought that his problems would only be starting once he made it to Germany.
"In Iran, the Revolutionary Guards have arrested my brother in a house church. I fled the Iranian secret police, because I thought in Germany I can finally freely live by my religion," says Said. "But in the home for asylum seekers, I can't even openly admit that I am a Christian."
Mainly Syrian refugees, mostly devout Sunni Muslims, live in the home. "They wake me before dawn during Ramadan and say that I should eat before the sun comes up. If I refuse, they say, I'm a, kuffar ', an unbeliever. They spit at me," says Said. "They treat me like an animal. And threaten to kill me."
Said says he has called the Security Service which not interested in his problems. "They are also all Muslims."
But... the politicians and the migrant advocates said this won't happen?
Andrew McCarthy makes an important point in the debate over the so-called Syrian refugees.
First, vetting only works if you vet for the right thing. Washington, in its delusional Islamophilia, vets only for ties to terrorism, which it defines as “violent extremism” in purblind denial of modern terrorism’s Islamist ideological moorings. As the deteriorating situation in Europe manifests, our actual challenge is Islamic supremacism, of which jihadist terrorism is only a subset.
For nearly a quarter-century, our bipartisan governing class has labored mightily to suppress public discussion of the undeniable nexus between Islamic doctrine and terrorism. Consequently, many Americans are still in the dark about sharia, classical Islam’s societal framework and legal code...
The promotion of constitutional principles and civic education has always been foundational to the American immigration and naturalization process. We fatally undermine this process by narrowly vetting for terrorism rather than sharia adherence.
This is the cold hard reality in Germany now.
In the community room of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Trinity in Berlin-Steglitz pastor Gottfried Martens sits with a stack of papers...
Around 600 Afghans and Iranians belong to his church. Most of them he himself baptized. "Almost all have big problems in their homes," says Martens.
"Devout Muslims teach there the view: Where we are, there is the Sharia, there is our law."
In the kitchen, Christians can not prepare their own food. Those who do not pray five times a day toward Mecca, are being bullied. "Above all, Christians who have converted from Islam have to suffer as a minority," says Martens. "And they ask the question: Will we have to hide ourselves as Christians in the future in this country?"...
If Muslim migration continues, then yes.

PICTURES: Migrants Arrested After Brawl In Germany

by Nick Hallett 

A series of brawls took place at asylum centres across Germany this weekend, resulting in a number of migrants arrested. One of the biggest disturbances was at the former airport of Tempelhof in Berlin, which now houses 2,000 migrants. The brawl reportedly started in a food queue in the crowded centre and soon escalated, with the police having to intervene. Pictures show them arriving on the scene, handcuffing migrants and leading them away.
A migrant is handcuffed by police (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
A migrant is handcuffed by police (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Policemen walk to the migrant centre (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Policemen walk to the migrant centre (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Migrants look out the window of the asylum centre (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Migrants look out the window of the asylum centre (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
A migrant is arrested and escorted to a police van (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
A migrant is arrested and escorted to a police van (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Police escort a handcuffed migrant from the scene (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Police escort a handcuffed migrant from the scene (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Police march off a handcuffed migrant (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Police march off a handcuffed migrant (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Another brawl happened within hours at a centre in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, where migrants threw fire extinguishers and furniture, and smashed windows. Around 500 people had to be evacuated, while several of the residents were wounded.
There were also fights reported in Saxony-Anhalt, where five people were injured in the showers of a migrant centre, while an 18 year old struck a 17 year old on the head with a belt in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Ex-Muslim: Sharia Law that Kills Women is Practiced in Germany: "Women submit to systematic violence or they will be liquidated.”

by Daniel Greenfield 

 Clearly this woman is an Islamophobe. She's afraid of being killed by Muslims because of the truths she speaks. Never mind that she's a former Muslim, the Muslim Brotherhood and its useful Western idiots have been declaring even Muslims who speak critically of Islamists, Islamophobes for years.
A Pakistani-Austrian author who converted from Islam to Catholicism has said that Muslims who refuse to integrate should not be able to live in Europe, and that Sharia law is being openly practised in Austria and Germany.
In an interview with the Kronen Zeitung newspaper Sabatina James (not her real name) said that the teachings of the prophet Muhammad encourage violence. “He called for women to be beaten and for adulteresses to be stoned, for apostates to be executed… if all this violence has nothing to do with Islam, then Mohammed has nothing to do with Islam.”
She added that “there are democratic Muslims, no question - they are not the problem… but the established theology of Islam must deal with the problem of violence against women. But it lacks critical debate.”
She went on to say that “a parallel justice system is being practised, under the motto that either women submit to systematic violence or they will be liquidated.”
James, 33, moved from Pakistan to a small village in Austria as a child but later had to flee her family after she resisted a forced marriage aged 17. After she converted to Christianity her father told her that he had sentenced her to death for tainting the family’s honour.

Good liberals tell us all the time that there's nothing wrong with Sharia. That it's just like the religious law of any other religion and that the only people worried about it are racists. Or the Muslim women who are being killed under Sharia. And by the time Sharia sentences you to death, you're usually an Islamophobe.
This is what Muslim migration has brought to Austria and Germany. Vienna is now around 10% Muslim. The Gates are open and barbaric medieval oppression of women is practiced within.

EU sending $3.2 billion to Turkey to send fewer Muslims its way

By Thomas Lifson 

In hopes of slowing, but not stopping, the flow of Muslims its way, the European Union, under heavy pressure from Germany, is promising to send 3 billion euros to Turkey.  James Kanter and Andrew Higgins of the New York Times report:
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, speaking to reporters late Sunday, acknowledged that the agreement, under which Europe will provide 3 billion euros, about $3.2 billion, and other inducements in return for Turkish help on migrants, would not immediately halt the flow of asylum seekers from the Middle East and elsewhere. But Ms. Merkel said it would help “keep people in the region” and out of Europe.
Sounds pretty vague. But if it results in 100,000 fewer Muslims coming to Europe, that amounts to a payment of $3200 per Muslim avoided. But gee, if you put it that way, it does sound kind of like extortion, doesn’t it? Paying Muslims to go away and not bother Europeans is an old tradition, one the Barbary Pirates (among many others) made a handsome living off of for centuries.
But of course Frau Merkel and her friends are getting no such guarantees from the Turks, whose economy is going to take a hit from the cessation of Russian tourism, thanks to President Putin’s response to the shooting down of one of Russia’s bombers in Syria (or Turkey, depending on whom you believe).
And Merkel is actually upping the ante ion accepting more Muslims:
A group of eight European countries, including Germany, held a separate meeting on Sunday and discussed the possibility of sharply increasing the number of refugees who could be resettled to Europe from refugee camps in Turkey and elsewhere, giving more migrants a legal path to the Continent. That would sweeten the deal for Turkey, but any agreement among European countries on expanding resettlement may come only at the end of the year after the European Commission, the European Union executive body, prepares a draft plan.
“It is an uphill effort, but it is well worth the effort,” Ms. Merkel said Sunday.
So what is this money all about, anyway? Is it a payoff for taking out a Russian plane? I don’t know. But the poor German taxpayer and various other Europeans are going to be coming up with money to end to an authoritarian Islamist regime.

Dozens of Paris airport workers on terror watch list: report

The security passes of 86,000 workers at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris will be reviewed after it was found that 57 employees with access to airliners were on a terror watch list, according to a report.
Security badges were taken away from dozens of workers at the airport after terror attacks in Paris in January — but others continued working, the Sunday Times of London reported.
Police official Philippe Riffault told the paper that the review of airport passes will begin with 5,000 security personnel.
“It’s a question of verifying what these people might have been doing since they obtained their authorization,” Riffault said.
Police carried out extensive searches of the airport under state-of-emergency powers after the Nov. 13 Paris attacks in which 130 people were killed and 350 injured by Islamic State militants.
Belgium, where several of the Paris attackers had lived, also has pulled security badges from several airport workers after discovering that some had links to jihadis who had traveled to Syria.
Meanwhile, anxiety has been brewing about radicalism among bus, Metro and railroad workers.
Samy Amimour, who blew himself up in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, managed to get a job as a bus driver while on a watch list.
In other developments:
  • It emerged that Arabic graffiti was spray-painted on four planes belonging to the British carrier EasyJet and a plane from the Spanish airline Vueling at two French airports. Three defaced planes were found in Lyon and two at Charles de Gaulle, AFP reported.
  • “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great,” was scrawled on a fuel-tank hatch of one EasyJet plane in Paris. EasyJet said there had been a “small number” of such cases since the Nov. 13 attacks.
  • The hunt continued for Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam, who was said to have enjoyed a coffee and a chat with a pal in a Brussels cafe the day after the attacks. It also emerged that he had bought 10 detonators from an explosives outfit in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumone near Paris.

UK faces millions more migrants as Turkey and its 75 MILLION people on brink of joining EU

TURKEY appeared to be on the brink of joining the EU last night, giving its 75 million citizens free access to Europe.The daunting prospect of millions of Turks moving to Britain arose after EU leaders tabled a deal in exchange for help stemming the flood of migrants into Europe. They are offering the huge country £2billion in cash, visa-free travel for its citizens and speeded up membership talks if it clamps down on people trafficking and migration across its borders. The deal was expected to be signed off by political leaders at a summit in Brussels last night, European Council president Donald Tusk said. The plan, spearheaded by German chancellor Angela Merkel, will make Muslim-dominated Turkey the EU’s 29th member state. The deal has provoked anger and prompted fears that Europe’s doors will be left wide open to Islamic extremists. Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: “This isn’t just a deal to deal with migration across the Mediterranean. What Merkel is proposing is that we fast track Turkey as members of the EU. “What that will mean is 75 million people who will have freedom of movement to come to the rest of Europe and to this country.” Speaking to Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News yesterday Mr Farage added: “A recent reputable poll showed that eight per cent of the Turkish population are Islamic State sympathisers. We must be literally mad.”When Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in Brussels yesterday he said: “This summit matters because we need a comprehensive solution to the migrant crisis in Europe and that involves Turkey.” Chancellor Merkel gave her blunt assessment of the situation saying: “We will agree on the EU Turkey action plan. “One main part of this EU-Turkey plan will be how we can replace illegal migration by legal migration; how we can improve the situation of refugees within Turkey.” Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called it an “historic day” for his country. The only barriers to Turkey joining the EU bloc appear to be its human rights record and Cyprus, which refuses to accept its sworn enemy as a fellow member until it recognises the island’s government. The EU’s refugee crisis has been fuelled by the hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing into the bloc from Turkey either by sea or over land borders with Greece and Bulgaria.Mr Tusk said there were about 1.5 million illegal entries into the EU this year so far. Many Germans fear their country is being torn apart by Mrs Merkel’s “welcome all” policy which has seen around a million, mainly Muslim men, arrive since the start of the year. Only 20 percent were said to be Syrian refugees. Most are from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and north Africa. At the heart of the EU’s proposed deal are Turkey’s promises to tighten border controls in return for £2.1billion plus other benefits including speeding up work on its bid to join the EU and a push to help win visa-free access for Turks. In exchange, Turkey, which has more than two million Syrian refugees, would increase patrols in the Aegean and at land borders, as well as cracking down on people-trafficking gangs.

WSJ – German Security Officials: Local Extremists Recruiting Migrants

From the Wall Street Journal:

BERLIN—The Paris attacks have raised fears of terrorists slipping into Europe by posing as refugees. But in Germany, the top migrant destination, security officials have another worry: Local extremists will recruit the newcomers to join the Islamist cause once they arrive.
German authorities warn that migrants seeking out Arabic-language mosques in search of the familiar are increasingly ending up at those attended by Islamist radicals. In interviews, security officials from Berlin to the southwest German state of Saarland said they have registered a sharp rise in the number of asylum-seekers attending mosques they believed attracted extremists.
Federal officials said they have counted more than 100 cases in which Islamists known to them have tried to establish contact with refugees. According to state and local agencies across the country, Islamists have offered migrants rides, food, shelter and translation help. In some cases, they have invited them to soccer games and grill parties, or brought them copies of the Quran and conservative Muslim clothing.
“They start by saying, ‘We will help you live your faith,’ ” said Torsten Voss, the head of the German domestic intelligence agency’s Hamburg branch. “The Islamist area comes later—that is, of course, their goal.”
Security officials across Germany describe the potential radicalization of migrants, still entering the country by the thousands every day, as a challenge that adds to Europe’s existing security threats. With Germany expecting to take in roughly one million asylum-seekers from the Middle East and elsewhere this year, authorities are scrambling to prevent new pockets of radicalism from forming.
Intelligence services say they have no evidence of successful recruitment efforts, pointing to the risk as a long-term problem.

Read the rest at the Wall Street Journal


Climate protestors in Paris destroy memorial to those who died in terror attacks

By Carol Brown  

Climate marches were held around the world this week-end. In France, the epicenter of the climate summit, things really got ugly. Although the French government banned the protest, about 100 anarchists and communists came out anyway. And as you might imagine, they were in fine form (sarc off), destroying the memorial to the victims of the recent Islamic terror attacks in Paris and using memorial candles as weapons to throw at the police who were out in force.
Nothing says we care about the environment better than leftist goons who use just about any occasion as an opportunity to become violent. It’s their way.

Will Poland save Europe?

By Carol Brown 

 Poles are rising up in huge numbers. (Not that you’d know it from media coverage.) They are gathering in the tens of thousands, sometimes cresting over 100,000, at marches and rallies. They are standing for national pride, for their religion, and against the Islamic invasion.
They’d better get on with it, because Poland is sinking with the rest of Europe. In addition to the Muslim invasion, Poles are also dealing with the unholy alliance of the left, Islam, and totalitarianism in the form of making “hate speech” a crime. (See here and here.)
Some recent videos of Poles speaking out and standing for God and country can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Poland defended the European continent against the Ottoman Empire in 1683. Will they defend it again?

The Real Lesson of the Paris Attacks

When the truth is revealed, it can be not merely unpleasant but often accidental. There have been several striking examples of this since the massacre in Paris earlier this month. In the days immediately after the attack, The Times of London interviewed residents of Paris. Referring to the latest attacks, one 46-year old resident also referred back to the attacks in January on the offices of Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket. "Every Parisian has been touched by these attacks," she said, referring to the latest attacks. "Before it was just the Jews, the writers or cartoonists."
If "just the Jews" was an unfortunate way of putting it, it was no less unfortunate than the reaction of America's top diplomat. Days after the latest Paris atrocity, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said:
"There's something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that. There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of -- not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they're really angry because of this and that. This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate."
To the extent these comments have been noticed, they have been ridiculed. It is what lies revealed beneath the statement that deserves our attention.
The true problem with the line that it used to be "just the Jews, the writers or cartoonists," is not that it is offensive or inelegant or any of the other words that are now used to shut down a discussion -- though all these things it may be. The problem is that it suggests that people were not paying attention during those earlier attacks. It suggests a belief that the terrorism in January was a different order of terrorism -- call it "understandable terrorism" -- rather than part of a continuum of terrorism that now reached its logical endpoint, as "impossible-to-understand terrorism" -- because "Jews, writers or cartoonists" were missing.
What if the terrorists had been targeting "just Americans," or "just diplomats" -- would that be "understandable terrorism" in Kerry's thinking? That it used to be "Jews, writers or cartoonists" is precisely what made the attacks on everybody else inevitable. The only surprise should be our own surprise.

Don’t Conflate Migration And Security – But DO Mix Up Climate Change And Terror, Demand Lefties In Paris

by Raheem Kassam 

 In the wake of the Paris attacks, the left wing commentariat – by which I mean, the commentariat – took every measure they could to lecture the political right about using the Paris attacks to warn about their concerns over migration and terrorism.  “Don’t you DARE link those poor refugees to terrorism,” they insisted – failing to realise that a) it wasn’t necessarily the migrants themselves that we’re worried about in terms of terrorism, but rather the consequences of open border immigration for security, radicalisation, trafficking, welfare, economic, and infrastructure reasons; and b) that the people being illegally trafficked into Europe with the consent of our governing classes are not “refugees” until they are deemed to be so by the relevant authorities. But that’s by the by.
To conflate terrorism with free movement… to suggest that open borders somehow facilities those among us who would wish to do us harm… well that’s “raaaccciisssssttt!”
Personally, I prefer the line used by the increasingly prescient UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who told a capacity crowd at Basingstoke’s Anvil theatre: “This dream of the free movement of people, this dream for others of the Schengen area. It hasn’t just meant the free movement of people, it has meant the free movement of Kalashnikov rifles. It has meant the free movement of terrorists, and it has meant the free movement of jihadists.”
I stood in Brussels Midi station waiting for a Eurostar back to London last week. While I waited, I called into the Breitbart News Daily radio show to talk about where I had just been – the “no go zone” of Molenbeek – and the increasing terrorism and security implications for the continent of mass migration. Just 12 hours later, Brussels was on full lockdown.
But as I hung up the phone, following my interview, I was accosted by a man who described himself as a “Mexican living in Europe”. He said he was an entrepreneur, and took issue with my “inflammatory” rhetoric over free movement and security.
“I am not French,” he said, “but I live here now,” he explained before asking if I wrote for the Daily Mail and telling me how I was terrifying fellow passengers by talking about Molenbeek and terrorism.
“You may not be French,” I replied, “but you appear to have something significant in common with them. You’re very rude.”
Perhaps not the nicest thing I could have said while the Tricolore hung in my flat in London as my show of support for France after the Paris attacks. But this man – a Mexican – telling me that my country, linked by train with my continent, should have open borders and free movement of people was just plain galling.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.05.20 

The right is never allowed to talk about facts, examples, and evidence – even though the left often accuses us of being shy in this area. But when it comes to things like climate change – scaremongering is de rigeur.
Just look at Sky News’s coverage of the Paris Climate Talks this morning, where Katie Stallard (right) donned a protective mask live on television to talk about how China is polluting too fast.
No shit, Stallard. China’s an industrial powerhouse. But downtown Beijing is hardly indicative of the pollutants entering our atmosphere “on the regz“.
And then you have the French President Francois Hollande, who has warned in advance of the Paris Climate Summit: “The fate of humanity is at stake in this conference. After the attacks in France, we have to deal with the urgent priorities and respond to the terrorist challenge but also act for the long term”.
Invoking a terrorist atrocity as a marketing device for a very politically motivated conference is both sick and perverse.
But when it comes to lefties and their ideals, it would appear that anything is on the table. Just ask Diane Abbott.


Two novels predict the rise of Muslim theocracies in the West

The Ukraine-ISIS Alliance

By Sierra Rayne  

Back in February, The Intercept was the first media outlet to reveal clear linkages between ISIS and Ukraine. The article by Marcin Mamon begins by recounting how the leader of the Islamic State's underground branch in Istanbul was headed to Ukraine to join other members of ISIS in fighting those from Eastern Ukraine that want further autonomy from Kiev and a likely political alliance with Moscow.
Immediately we have a problem. It is unlikely that many average citizens in the West are aware that ISIS is fighting on the side of the Ukraine nationalists. If they were, public opinion might drastically shift towards support for Russia -- as it should. Better to have Ukraine be a proxy state of Russia than yet another budding member of the global Islamic Caliphate taking shape.
Any arguments that ISIS is helping Ukrainian nationalists fight the Russian backed separatists out of the goodness of its heart, and that ISIS will just pack up and leave Ukraine if a victory is won, strain all measures of credulity. If the Russian separatists lose in eastern Ukraine, Ukraine may very well be on the path to falling under control -- at least partially -- of ISIS, placing ISIS with a state under its control on the borders of several NATO members. Did the West possibly back the wrong horse in Ukraine? Should we instead have supported Russia?
Kiev has become an important access point for ISIS terrorists into Western Europe:
Ukraine is now becoming an important stop-off point for the brothers, like Ruslan. In Ukraine, you can buy a passport and a new identity. For $15,000, a fighter receives a new name and a legal document attesting to Ukrainian citizenship. Ukraine doesn't belong to the European Union, but it's an easy pathway for immigration to the West. Ukrainians have few difficulties obtaining visas to neighboring Poland, where they can work on construction sites and in restaurants, filling the gap left by the millions of Poles who have left in search of work in the United Kingdom and Germany.
Remarkably, Justin Raimondo at the website predicted the problems this would cause back in early March of this year:
We are told that ISIS is planning terrorist attacks in Europe, and security forces are busy rounding up suspects all across the continent – and yet here is this gaping hole in the West's defenses, where "the brothers" are quietly infiltrating without much notice in the Western media. In cooperation with ultra-nationalist groups like Right Sector, which have also formed their semiautonomous battalions, the Islamists of Ukraine, brandishing Ukrainian passports, have opened a gateway to the West ...
As US aid flows into Ukraine, how much of it will trickle down to these allies of ISIS -- and to what future use will it be put? If John McCain and Lindsey Graham have their way, US arms will soon find their way into the hands of these terrorists, whose jihad against the Russians is bound to turn westward and strike at the capitals of Europe.
This is blowback with a vengeance: we are creating our own enemies, and giving them the weapons to harm us, even as we claim the need for universal surveillance in order to fight them. The mad scientists formulating US foreign policy are raising an army of Frankenstein monsters -- who are sure to come after their deluded creators.
Like clockwork, eight months later we have the Paris attacks.
In July, the New York Times was reporting that three full Islamic battalions were fighting in eastern Ukraine. At about the same time, Elliot Friedland in The Jewish Voice was warning against the problems arising from this Islamic incursion in Ukraine:
Yet there are Islamist paramilitary battalions fighting alongside Ukrainian forces, which are aligned with the Islamic State and Chechen Islamist factions. If the U.S. steps up military aid to Ukraine, whose army is notoriously corrupt it may fall into the hands of Islamist battalions currently funded by a mixture of Ukrainian oligarchs, Gulf patrons, violent crime and extortion. The Ruskayya Blatina website said that a few militias belonging to the terrorist group ISIS began to fight against the Russian soldiers in Ukraine with support from the American authorities who gave recommendations to the Ukrainian government regarding the Islamic State ... Islamic State-aligned fighters also use Ukraine as a cheap and easy place to buy weapons, which can then be smuggled to Iraq and Syria and Chechenya.

During the past two months, connections between Ukraine and ISIS have moved up the chain of command, as evidenced by a top Ukrainian official giving his public support for ISIS. Just last week, weapons -- including a FN-6 antiaircraft missile system -- from the Ukrainian military "magically" ended up
in the hands of ISIS which "were meant to be delivered to the militant group in Syria via smuggling routes in Turkey." Soon after, the Russian hacking group CyberBerkut claimed it is "in possession of documents indicating that employees of the Ukrainian state-owned defense conglomerate Ukroboronprom had discussions with Qatari government officials over the possible sale of surface-to-air missiles [the S-125-2D Pechora-2D (NATO reporting name SA-3 Goa)] in September," weapons that were almost undoubtedly destined for ISIS. According to the leaked documents, the U.S. embassy in Doha also approved the deal.
What a mess. The question for the West now is who they would rather having controlling Ukraine's territory in the near future -- ISIS or Russia -- and the answer is clearly the latter. If the West wants to build a common coalition against the Islamic State, the best approach may be to remove the Islamic State of Turkey from NATO, allow Russia to take Ukraine, and then invite Russia into NATO (or whatever new alliance seems appropriate) in our common cause against the global jihad.
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!" -- Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17

Sunday, November 29, 2015

EU Gives Turkey w/16% Support for Suicide Bombing Visa-Free Travel to Europe -- There's no possible way this can go wrong.

by Daniel Greenfield 

 There's no possible way this can go wrong.
The EU just threw billions of dollars at Turkey, an Islamist dictatorship which nearly just started WW3 and whose government backs half the terrorists in Syria. And it's offering visa-free travel for Turks, a country with 16% support for suicide bombing.
Also 1 in 4 Turks support honor killings. These include sending assassins to kill Muslim girls in Europe, which will now be a lot easier.
So hard to see how this plan could possibly go wrong.

Netanyahu orders: 'Break contact' with European Union

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the Foreign Ministry to reassess its involvement with European Union (EU) institutions regarding the political process with the Palestinians.
Until the assessment is completed, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the suspension of all political contact with EU institutions and representatives on the issue.
This directive was made in response to the EU decision to label products from Judea and Samaria. The Foreign Ministry has clarified that Israel is still dealing with individual nations within Europe, including Germany, the UK and France, but not with European Union institutions.

Mass Brawls Erupt In Crowded Migrant Shelters In Germany

Clashes broke out Sunday between hundreds of asylum seekers at a shelter in Berlin, in the second mass brawl to erupt over the weekend in Germany’s crowded migrant accommodations. Several people were arrested at the fight that started in the food distribution queues at the former airport of Tempelhof, which has been turned into a temporary accommodation for 1,200 refugees, an AFP photographer witnessed.
The brawl came just hours after another mass fight at a refugee shelter in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, where migrants went at each other with fire extinguishers, a police spokesman said.
Windows were smashed, sofas were thrown, and fire extinguishers emptied, said police, adding that several residents of the shelter were wounded.
Some 500 people evacuated the building “in fear and panic” over the dispute.
Separately, two other fights broke out in other shelters.
At a refugee home in Berlin’s Kreuzberg area, a 18-year-old struck a 17-year-old on the head with a belt, police said.
Meanwhile, five people were injured in a fight between Syrians in the showers of an accommodation in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt.
Such disturbances have occurred before in other shelters in Germany, with tensions escalating quickly between often traumatised people from different cultures sharing packed spaces.
At the same time, they have been relatively rare given the sheer numbers of new arrivals — Germany expects to take in a million asylum seekers this year alone, and has put up hundreds of thousands in flats, army barracks, sports halls and tent cities.
Germany’s police union had called for refugees to be separated by religion and by country of origin to minimise the potential for conflict.

70% of Asylum Seekers Stay in Sweden Illegally -- "Police now have 21,000 deportation cases piled up"

by Daniel Greenfield 

 Sweden has been forced to announce it can't take any more of the migrant invasion. Meanwhile an interesting statistic turned up by Ingrid Carlqvist in Gatestone shows that even those whose asylum applications are rejected, and Sweden is fairly liberal in that regard, are not going anywhere.
October 16: Internal police documents were revealed that show 70% of people who have their asylum application rejected ignore the decision and stay illegally in Sweden. Of the 9,000 deportation cases sent to the police by the Immigration Service this year, 70% had vanished from their registered addresses, and had left the police completely nonplussed. Patrik Engström, head of the Swedish border police, told Swedish public radio, "This means we put out an all-points bulletin for these people but then do not actively look for them. We wait for tips and things like that. We do not have the resources to go out and look in a random fashion." Police now have 21,000 deportation cases piled up.
Now Sweden is one of those countries that has residence registration. This is an alien idea to most Americans. It means that you must register where you live with the government. As the Swedish Tax Agency states, "You are in the register until the day you move abroad or die."

Now it's supposed to be technically rather difficult for someone to just live in Sweden without being on the books. Sweden is not the United States. Like a lot of European countries, it has a tightly regimented bureaucracy. And yet, also like a lot of these countries, the influx of migrants has long since made that bureaucracy and its databases meaningless. A change of address is supposed to be reported within one week.
But then again, I doubt that the Swedish authorities want to deal with this. So they don't. That is how no-go zones form.
And then the activists protest on behalf of the migrants and they somehow no doubt will keep on collecting assorted benefits even while they remain in the country illegally.

Punk Jihadi Sally Jones Heads SAS Top 20 Kill List As Part Of ‘Jihadi Harvest’

British special forces are to be sent to Syria with a hit list of 20 top jihadis, half of which are British, according to military sources. The SAS top 20 kill list mission forms one part of renewed efforts to eliminate Syria’s Islamic State (ISIS) commanders. As such, reports the Sunday Express, it will happen regardless of the outcome of Wednesday’s vote in the British parliament.
“The SAS will use the same strategy in Syria that it used in Afghanistan, when they effectively destroyed the Taliban’s middle order,” said one senior military source.
“It is now time to harvest the jihadis.”
The precise composition of the kill list, developed using intelligence supplied by the British government eavesdropping service, GCHQ, and the US National Security Agency, is secret. However, the list is believed to include the infamous former all-girl rock band member Sally Jones (pictured above), from Chatham in Kent, who converted to Islam when she met and married Junaid Hussain, 21, after an online romance.
As Breitbart London previously reported, mother of two Ms. Jones has become a vital part of the ISIS recruiting machine and has vowed to behead Christians with a “blunt knife”. Her links to the UK mean she is considered a “live threat” to national security.
British brothers Nasser and Aseel Muthana, aged 20 and 17, who left for Syria last year are also believed to be on the kill list.
Around 40 members of the SAS have already formed a series of “hunter-killer” teams with U.S. Special Forces in Syria, including Delta Force and Seal Team 6, but the number will now be doubled after defence chiefs ordered the head of Britain’s special forces to focus all efforts against ISIS jihadis in Iraq and Syria.
Other military initiatives which are to be used in the fight against ISIS include the deploying of Britain’s most sophisticated nuclear submarine into the eastern Mediterranean. The submarine is reported to be capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missile strikes on the Raqqa power base of ISIS.

Ringleader of Paris Attacks Snuck in w/Syrian Refugees

by Daniel Greenfield 

Remember all those lectures on how ISIS terrorists would never waste time trying to sneak in with the "refugees"? Someone didn't tell ISIS.
The ringleader behind the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris had plans to strike Jewish targets and to disrupt schools and the transport system in France, according to sources close to the investigation.
Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian national of Moroccan origin, also boasted of the ease with which he had re-entered Europe from Syria via Greece two months earlier, exploiting the confusion of the migrant crisis and the continent's passport-free Schengen system, the sources said on Friday.
The witness statement also described how Abaaoud had boasted about slipping into Europe with refugees fleeing Syria's civil war and then spending two months in France undetected prior to the Nov. 13 attacks.
"France - zero," it quoted him as saying.

I blame Islamophobia. Or fairies. Or maybe the howling leftists who demanded open borders for a group of people where ISIS polls in the double digits.
And yes, these poor people are exactly like the Jews during the Holocaust. Or maybe they're more like the Nazis since they seem to have a thing for killing Jews.

Islamic State Plans To Flood Europe With Heroin. Could Make £33 Billion As Oil Revenues Hit By Air Strikes

by Liam Deacon 

Top terrorism experts have warned that Islamic State (ISIS) is planning to flood the UK and other European nations with heroin. The terror group now controls most of the Class A drug trafficked into Europe from Afghanistan and is making huge profits from the criminal trade. Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) believes ISIS could make £33bn ($50bn) through the sale of heroin in Europe. The United Nations (UN) said that the “magnitude of the numbers involved” makes the relationship between terrorists and drug traffickers “worrisome”.
Around half of all Europe’s heroin is moved through ISIS controlled territory in Iraq. Criminal gangs who pay ISIS a commission do much of the work, but the terrorists are rapidly expanding their own operations.
Speaking to Daily Star Online, Tom Keatinge, a terror finance expert from the Royal United Services Insitute, said: “ISIS is a group which makes money out of other people’s endeavour.
“If you look at the routes that opium take from Afghanistan, there is a lot of territory contolled by ISIS and therefore they will be making money out of it.
“It is not clear that they are currently able to control production, but you see more and more reports that they are active in Afghanistan.
“This obviously make ISIS profiting from this more likely and as other sources of income are squeezed, such as oil by strikes in Syria and Iraq, they will be looking for other sources of revenue.”
The FSKN recently said ISIS already makes $1bn (£660m) a year from drug trafficking, and are planning on expanding the trade as their oil revenue is hit by US and Russian air strikes on oil tankers and wells which have increased since the Paris attacks.
Viktor Ivanov, head of FSKN, has said: “The transit of heroin from Afghanistan though the Islamic State-controlled territory is huge financial sponsorship.
“The area of poppy plantations is growing. This year, I think, we’ll hear news about record-high poppy harvest and therefore the high yield of opium and heroin.
“So this problem should be raised not only in Moscow, but also in the UN in general, because this is a threat not only to our country, but also European security.”
Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin has urged the UN Security Council to act on the problem. Groups affiliated with ISIS now operate in Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria and Egypt, among other countries.
A National Crime Agency spokesman said: “The amount of heroin estimated to be imported annually into the UK is between 18-23 tonnes. The vast majority of this is derived from Afghan opium.
“Iran is an important gateway for Afghan opiates, which are trafficked west from Afghanistan, often en route to Turkey and western Europe.
“Opiates also leave Afghanistan and enter Central Asia, however this routing primarily supplies the Russian heroin market and little is thought to be directed at the UK from this ‘northern route’.”
Recognising the threat of terrorist controlled drug smuggling in a recent report, the UN said:
“While it is difficult to establish how widely terrorist groups are involved in the illicit drug trade, or the breadth and nature of cooperation between these two criminal groups, the magnitude of the numbers involved make the relationship worrisome.”
The ISIS terrorists who attacked Paris are thought to have been on hard drugs. Remarkable footage has emerged of a hotel room used by the Belgian terror cell in the day before the Paris attacks, littered with syringes, needles and other hard drug paraphernalia.

The UK cities Christmas shoppers are most at risk of Paris-style terror attacks

DEFENCE Secretary Michael Fallon has named the UK cities where he believes Christmas shoppers could be targeted by jihadis in a Paris-style terror attack. Speaking as he set out his case for air strikes against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, Mr Fallon warned Britain could “easily” see a repeat of this month’s terror attacks in Paris, which left 130 people dead and over 350 injured. And he said Christmas shoppers and those in London, Manchester and Glasgow could be most at risk from ISIS, also known as Isil. He said: “What happened in Paris and Brussels could easily happen in London. “We have seen it in Paris, a European city, just two hours away, right on our doorstep. “The threat from Isil is as potent here as it was real in Paris and Brussels. “It could be London, it could be Manchester, it could be Glasgow.”He said that the threat to the UK is “extremely high” - with festive shoppers in the run-in to Christmas particularly at risk. He said: “We have seen threats to shopping centres in the past. “We have had terrorists convicted of making threats to shopping centres in the past but we mustn’t be cowed by these risks.”Despite these threats, he urged shoppers to trust in the British security forces and carry on preparing for the holiday season as normal - but to be wary. He said: “Life has to go on. “Our security forces are working extremely hard around the clock to foil plots against us - but we can’t rule out some kind of Isil attack. “It is a risk that is already there.”He said about 12 attacks had been foiled in recent months. Mr Fallon urged Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to re-think his anti-war stance as Westminster gears up for a potential vote on military action in Syria. He said: “We have got to respect his views. “He is against using armed force in almost any circumstance.“Unfortunately, you have to be ready to use force when you’re dealing with Isil. “Isil is not making demands of us. “Isil is slaughtering people with semi-automatic weapons - completely innocent civilians on a night out in Paris. “These aren’t people you can negotiate with. “You can only deal with them by force.”Earlier this month, a terror expert revealed Britain’s famous landmarks made it a “soft target” for terrorist attacks. Like Paris, where the famous Stade de France was attacked by suicide bombers this month, jihadis will likely target the country’s most well-known sights, according to experts. Will Geddes, head of global security firm International Corporate Protection, said of ISIS: “They are very media savvy and will look for optimum carnage that will be relayed around the world. “If around London there is going to be more publicity in Parliament Square than the backstreets of Wandsworth. “Terrorists, as do criminals, look for the softest targets.”