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Terror Alert: Munich Police Sweeping Trains For Explosives Just Before New Year’s

Police in Munich, Germany  are reportedly sweeping trains for explosives shortly after they announced on Twitter that they were aware of planned terror attacks. The police said to avoid crowds and train stations, then announced they were shutting down trains. Train stations were empty.With a population of 1.5 million, Munich is the third largest city in Germany. Munich is the capital of the German state of Barvaria.
Munich has been the site of marches and counter-protests by anti-Muslim immigration group PEGIDA. In September, the controversial group marched after winning a court battle against the city of Munich, who was trying to block their protest.

Munich Police: ‘Serious, Imminent Threat’ of Terror Attack on New Year’s Eve

 Police in Munich are asking people to stay away from the city’s main train station and a second train station in the city’s Pasing neighborhood because of “serious, imminent threat” of a terror attack.
Munich police say on Facebook that according to “serious information, there will be an attack tonight.”
German news agency dpa reported Thursday night that one train station had been evacuated and trains would no longer stop there.
The warning came shortly before the city celebrated the start of the new year.


by Daniel Greenfield

But telling the truth about it is just too offensive and it might confirm to people what they already know is true.And we mustn't do that.
Asylum seekers are being recruited across the country as cheap drug dealers as well as petty thieves, says German newspaper, Bild - the biggest daily paper in the country.
The paper accused the police of covering up the extent of migrant crimes in order to stop concerns among the general population.
It also claimed asylum seekers were prepared to work for a few euros couriering drugs across the country and said they were being signed up almost as soon as they had registered as asylum seekers.
Migrant crime was apparently the hot topic of discussion at gatherings of police, city officials, health officials and other officials dealing with the drug problem in the city of Frankfurt.
As well as drug related crimes, asylum seekers were also being used to sell stolen goods such as mobile phones, which in many cases were sold on to other refugees.
But the paper said that all of the officials dealing with the problem had been ordered not to talk about it, as it was an extremely sensitive subject that has been forbidden to be referred to in an 'offensive manner'.
The reason given by the paper was to avoid alarming the general public already concerned with the vast number of asylum seekers the country has allowed in, but also to avoid providing material for right-wing extremists.

 So it's a tolerance cover-up. There's no possible way that can backfire as governments lie to the people, not even for their own good, but the good of the drug smugglers and thieves they are expected to be tolerant of.

New York Man Arrested for Allegedly Plotting New Year’s Eve Islamic State Attack


 Federal officials have arrested a Rochester, New York man (Photo) for allegedly plotting a New Year’s machete attack on behalf of the Islamic State terror group.
Emanuel L. Lutchman, 25, is being charged with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State, which is designated by the United States as a terrorist organization. This charge carries a potential penalty of 20 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine, the FBI said.
“According to the complaint, as part of Emanuel Lutchman’s attempt to provide material support to ISIL, he planned to kill innocent civilians on New Year’s Eve in the name of the terrorist organization,” Assistant Attorney General Carlin said in the press release. “Thankfully, law enforcement was able to intervene and thwart Lutchman’s deadly plans.”
“The FBI thwarted Emanuel Lutchman’s intent to kill civilians on New Year’s Eve,” added FBI Special Agent in Charge Adam S. Cohen. “The FBI remains concerned about people overseas who use the Internet to inspire people in the United States to commit acts of violence where they live.”
The complaint alleges that Lutchman had received a directive from an overseas IS member. He was preparing to target a Rochester restaurant on New Year’s Eve, according to authorities.
He had in the past expressed his desire to join Islamic State on the battlefield in Syria, thecomplaint states, after an overseas IS member described his time in the Middle East as a “dream come true.”
The overseas individual told Lutchman that should he fail to make his way to IS-held territory, he must work “behind enemy lines” in America to kill countless “kuffar,” or non-Muslims. “For now do wat u can over there,” the overseas IS member told Lutchman, according to the criminal complaint.
According to the FBI complaint, Lutchman had other Muslim “brothers” in the area devoted to IS who also wanted to make the journey to Syria.
And on December 27, Lutchman would record an audio message declaring his pledge to the Islamic State, the FBI testimony reads. A couple of days later, he made a video pledging support for IS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
“I’m ready to lose my family,” the alleged terrorist said as he was readying his jihadi operations for New Year’s eve. “
On Wednesday, just one day before his planned actions, the Rochester Joint Terrorism-Task Force arrested Lutchman as he was in a vehicle with an FBI confidential informant, the criminal complaint said.


The Islamization of Britain in 2015

The Muslim population of Britain surpassed 3.5 million in 2015 to become around 5.5% of the overall population of 64 million, according to figures extrapolated from a recent study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe. In real terms, Britain has the third-largest Muslim population in the European Union, after France, then Germany.
Islam and Islam-related issues were omnipresent in Britain during 2015, and can be categorized into five broad themes: 1) Islamic extremism and the security implications of British jihadists in Syria and Iraq; 2) the continuing spread of Islamic Sharia law in Britain; 3) the sexual exploitation of British children by Muslim gangs; 4) Muslim integration into British society; and 5) the failures of British multiculturalism.

Bomb attack thwarted in Eilat hotel last month

Prosecutors filed indictments with the Be'er Sheva District Court on Thursday against two Arabs originally from Jerusalem accused of planning a bomb attack on a hotel in Eilat. 
The pair, identified as Khalil Nimri and Ashraf Salaima, had been residing and working in Eilat for several years when they plotted to plant explosives inside one of the southern resort's many hotels.
The attack was apparently foiled thanks to the vigilance of the hotel staff who reported the suspicious-looking men to management, who in turn called in security forces. 
The terrorists have been charged with conspiracy to commit an offense to aid the enemy in wartime. 
According to the indictment, Nimri and Salaima met while working at a hotel in Eilat. Two months ago the pair got together and decided to attack Jews out of a desire to take revenge on Israel for the elimination of terrorists in the current terror wave. 
More specifically, one wanted to avenge the death of his childhood friend, who was killed while carrying out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem. 
Nimri suggested the two conduct a stabbing attack and kill a religious Jew, but Salaima objected on the grounds they would likely be caught and their action would thus carry no meaning. He then proposed planting a bomb in a hotel in Eilat, to which Nimri agreed.
The two began surveillance on the hotel from the outside, following a group of religious Jews staying at the hotel. One of the suspects also combed the internet for videos on how to prepare an explosive device. 
Salaima arrived at the hotel on November 30 pretending to be a prospective guest. He asked to view different hotel rooms and also expressed interest in the room located directly beneath the dining room, with the thought of planting the bomb there. 
He asked both the desk clerk and the housekeepers numerous questions which aroused their suspicions, including about entrances into the hotel, the hotel's occupancy level, and whether a group of religious Jews were expected soon. 
After questioning the staff members, Salaima left the hotel, and they immediately sprang into action. 
The receptionist and housekeeper reported the visit to the hotel's management and security staff eventually leading to both Nimri and Salaima's arrests, thereby thwarting the attack and saving the lives of dozens of people.

The Collapse Of Old Europe In 2015: Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper


 So this is the way 2015 ends for Europe, not with a bang, but with a whimper. With Brussels, Paris, London and Berlin all on high alert, having either cancelled or drastically altered their plans for traditional New Year’s celebrations across the capitals of the continent.
It would be amusing were it not such a tragic development for those of us who have to live among them, that the open-door, terrorist-apologist policies of the liberal left which has its tentacles deep in the “old” conservative parties across Europe have led in many ways to the decline of their own ideals.
“Tolerance” – going. “Sexual liberation” – going. “Feminism” – gone. These, if not yet fully dead, are ideals in their death throes as Europe undergoes a seismic shift in demographics and inevitably, our politics.
And what better way than to mark the occasion that German Chancellor Angela Merkel – not so much the architect as the project manager – delivering her annual New Year speech, for the first time, subtitled in Arabic?
Some have deeply pessimistic takes on it all. It’s hard not to. It is very hard to sit across from someone at a dinner table, and with a straight face proclaim, “I’m sure it’s going to be alright”.
What people are really talking about around their dining tables this Christmas and New Year season are the ever-slimming chances of the survival of their lifestyles; the survival of Western civilisation. And our ivory-tower dwelling colleagues in the left/mainstream media scratch their heads and ask, “Why do people support Donald Trump/UKIP/PEGIDA/Viktor Orban/AfD/Front National” (delete as appropriate).
“Do not portray this as a clash of civilisations,” we are so often told. The implication coming from the liberal left, once again, is that people like me, born into Muslim households in the West, are still predisposed to a different civilisation. THAT civilisation. The one with the beheadings, and the niqabs, and the child abuse, and the hurling people from buildings.
The real racists – a word we were bored of hearing before the clock struck midnight at the end of 2014, and which we have become so inured to in 2015 – are those that would argueagainst portraying this as a clash of civilisations so as not to offend the first and second generation immigrants already in our midst. As if I’m “offended” by attacks on fundamentalist Islam. (Anyone that is, by the way – is likely a closeted Islamist).
The real racists are the ones who tell you that if you’re ethnic in any way shape or form, you have to vote alongside the liberal left.
But let it be noted that it is desperation emanating from the left and mainstream that is causing such laughable reactions. Politics is Europe is changing again.
So soon after a united continent was declared, and the bureaucrats seized power in the bloodless coup of 1957, we see the load-bearing columns of the European Union beginning to crumble. The Schengen free movement area, the Euro, and indeed, Britain’s membership of the European Union all have diamond-encrusted question marks dangling over them.
The mass migration of 2015 will continue in 2016. Events have no concept of cut off dates, and our own leaders’ geopolitical fuckwittery apparently knows no bounds as our troops are again dragged off to war in some desert, still trying to “correct” a mistake of almost exactly 100 years ago. As if lines on a map are what forces men to spill the blood of others in the name of holy texts.
And 2016 will not be a year solely about the U.S. Presidential elections. Though there is no doubting the majority of news coverage, especially towards the end of the year, will be about which Republican is the most racist, and which Democrat cares most about transgender migrant children.
The forthcoming year will also be about Britain’s membership of the European Union. Those who believe this can be a quiet, domestic news story (i.e. newspaper editors across the UK) will find that it will be one of the biggest international stories of the year, not to be buried on page 31, in the “World” section.
Britain used to be a pioneer. When she began to give up this trait, her most pioneering left and founded a new country that has led the way recently. But Britain can be a pioneer again in 2016. In the year of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, we will once again lock horns with an expansionist Germany. The only difference is this time, they have the French of their side. But then again, when did that ever make a difference?
So here are some predictions for 2016, since I am obligated by ego to do so:
  • Tablighi Jamaat, the ‘Army of Darkness’ Islamic sect will be thrust to the front and centre of radicalisation concerns across the Western World;
  • Britain’s EU membership will be decided by whether or not the government plays fair and refuses to use tax payer money on pro-EU propaganda (this will be a hard battle to win);
  • Europe will edge closer to letting Turkey into the EU, but balk at the last minute as what has been clear to us finally becomes clear to policymakers – that Mr. Erdogan another Muammar Gaddafi, albeit this time in some dodgy blazers;
  • The decline of the mainstream media continues apace as the public loses trust in the BBC, the Times, even channels like Fox News. I fully expect a major UK national newspaper to fold or take it to “online only”;
  • I will continue to be a “wrong un” who is obviously totally wrong about everything, always. Even though, you know, almost everything I claimed after leaving UKIP hasturned out to be totally true.
Annus horribilis? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish hate crimes: Different Strokes

By Carol Brown

The Christmas Day firebombing of a Houston mosque got plenty of attention. Perhaps because of all the pressure, a perp was rapidly arrested, and to the embarrassment of all those Islamophobia mongers, turned out to be a faithfull attendee, 5 times a day, seven days a week.  CAIR was quick to cry "bias":
Mustafaa Carroll, who is the executive director for the Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called on law enforcement to investigate, citing a recent spike in vandalism to mosques that have prompted hate crime investigations.

"We urge law enforcement authorities to investigate a possible bias motive for this fire," he said in a statement.
To the north and west of Texas, in the state of Nevada, some stupid prankster left a strip of bacon draped over the handles of a mosque located outside of Las Vegas. Not only is it being treated as a possible hate crime, but the FBI is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the man seen on surveillance video placing the bacon on the door handles.
And to think that about a year ago when multiple swastikas appeared scattered throughout my neighborhood, I was told by law enforcement that it was probably just a bunch of kids acting up. The message was loud and clear: the police didn’t take it very seriously and, indeed, it took several weeks before the swastikas were removed.
Obnoxious prank involving food that is forbidden under Islamic law on the door to a mosque = hate crime that warrants an FBI reward vs. swastikas, which are a symbol of genocide against Jews = childish prank.
OK. Got it.
Of note, the majority of hate crimes based on religion are against Jews. But what’s typically covered in the media are hate crimes (including those that are fabricated, such as herehere, and here) against Muslims. And ironically, it’s worth noting that as religiosity rises in Islamic communities, so does anti-Semitism. As a result, as the Muslim population in America rises, so too will anti-Semitism (as we see occurring in Europe).
But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the mainstream media to cover that story.


German Fears of Migrant Crisis Grow, Two Thirds Expect Islamic State Attack In 2016


 Germany’s growing concern over its own security in the wake of the ongoing migrant crisis has been revealed in a poll showing fully two thirds of the country anticipate an Islamic State attack in 2016.
The data showing that most Germans expect an Islamic State attack on German soil within the next year is taken from a recent YouGov poll, reports The Local.
Conducted for the Deutsche Presse Agentur news agency between 21st and 23rd December, it showed that while 17 per cent had not made up their minds and 17 per cent think it will not happen, 66 per cent of Germans believe that an Islamic State attack will occur in 2016.
Historically Germany has not been subjected to large-scale Islamist terror atrocities, but the country is nervous following November’s Paris attacks which left 130 people dead.
The only Islamist-motivated terrorist attack in Germany to date occurred in 2011. Even then it was not on the grand scale witnessed elsewhere, as it involved only one ethnic Albanian from Kosovo who shot and killed two American airmen, wounding two others, at Frankfurt Airport.
Recently the situation has changed, however.
An international football match between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled days after the Paris attacks due to what German intelligence had seen an “overwhelming amount of chatter” about possible attacks on the game.
In addition Germany has offered its military assistance to France in the fight against Islamic State in Syria and western Iraq.
Added to the international situation, earlier this year Chancellor Angela Merkel invited migrants to Germany and announced that all Syrians would be able to settle there. Inevitably her declaration meant it has become the destination of choice for millions of migrants from the Middle East and Islamic State has claimed it has used the mass movement of migrants to smuggle in fighters.
In support of that claim, the former head of Austria’s domestic security agency, Dr Gert R. Polli, recently warned that terror groups may be taking advantage of the migrant crisis to place terrorists in Europe, as reported by Breitbart London.
Rainer Wendt, Federal Chairman of the German Police Union, agreed that the possibility of terrorists and radicals coming in cannot be excluded as “border controls to Austria are no longer intact… borders are no longer controllable.”


A Houston Muslim celebrates Christmas burning a mosque

By Ethel C. Fenig

Ok, liberal handwringers, worried about Islamophobia and backlash against Muslims just because of that nasty incident involving the deaths of infidels in San Bernardino a few weeks ago, you can relax now.  The latest hate crime against Muslims that got some peoples' caftans in a twist, arson at a Houston mosque on Christmas day no less, has been solved.  And yes it was probably a hate crime.  But no, the hater wasn't an evil fundamentalist white Christian male; the alleged perp, you know...a person of color who claimed he was a regular at the mosque for five years, praying there five times per day.  
A Houston man has been arrested in connection with a suspected arson at a mosque on Christmas Day, but the motive for the crime remains a mystery, with the suspect maintaining he was a regular at the mosque.
A spokeswoman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed that the suspect, 37-year-old Gary Nathaniel Moore of Houston, was arrested early Wednesday.  (snip) Moore told investigators at the scene that he has attended the storefront mosque for five years, coming five times per day to pray seven days per week. (snip)
A team of 30 investigators worked around the clock investigating the cause of the fire, which was found to have multiple points of origin. Moore was even interviewed by investigators at the mosque the day of the fire. He had attended services there earlier that day, according to Ruben Hernandez, chief arson investigator with the city's fire department.
Oh well, that's different:  Certainly Islamophobia drove him mad and made him do it.  Yeah, that's it.


New Year’s Eve Celebrations Banned Over Concerns Exploding Fireworks Could Upset Immigrants


 While the Belgian capital’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks have been cancelled because of the terror threat in Brussels, a small German town has taken the unusual step of banning bangers over fears it may trigger traumatised foreigners.
Inhabitants of the town of Arnsberg, district Arnsberg in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) have been told not to set off fireworks in the vicinity of local migrant accommodation, while migrants taking refuge in the town have been banned from buying them altogether.
The weight of the ban falls most heavily on refugees themselves, reports the Lippische Landes-Zeitung, as the lightweight wooden construction of temporary migrant accommodation halls are particularly vulnerable to fire. Town spokesman Christoph Söbbeler told press the council had put up posters in several languages stating that for “security reasons” they had been banned from buying fireworks.
In addition to the fire risk, which has been proven time and time again over the course of 2015, there was also a psychological element at work. Mr. Söbbeler said of the ban on locals having private displays within earshot of the camps and on migrants having fireworks at all: “Those who come from a war zone, pounding more associated with shots and bombs than with firework rockets. That could be breaking new trauma of the people”.
A university psychiatrist spoke out to support the town’s decision, remarking that traumatised migrants would struggle to differentiate between a firework and a hand-grenade. Professor Markus Burgmer of the University Hospital, Munster said: “Sounds similar to the stressful event, the images can be used in a flashback cause of time again and cause panic and anxiety, nervousness and restlessness”.
How exactly the ban is to be enforced, and what penalty will be incurred by locals who may decide to ignore the ban is not clear. Breitbart London has reached out to Arnsberg council for clarification.
Alive to the possibility that migrants may be confused by common new year’s traditions, other towns and cities have also taken action, although none as drastic as Arnberg. In Reichenberg, Bavaria the town council gave migrants a sample firework display earlier this week to teach them not to fear the sound of explosions in Europe.
Gathering migrants and handing out multilingual fact-sheets, a small number of explosives were let off for the migrants education, but only during daylight hours so there could be no accusations of the council giving them a special private show,reports Süddeutsche Zeitung.
Regardless, the leadership of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) group took exception to the so-called “sample fireworks”. Taking to Facebook, PEGIDA coordinator Siegfried Daebritz called the move ‘#Absurdistan’, and wondered whether in addition to “sample fireworks”, the government might give the migrants a taste of “sample deportations” or “sample return travel” as well.

Police Intercept Migrant Train in Tuberculosis Scare


 A special migrant train running from Austria to Germany was intercepted by Federal Police in Munich earlier this week, after authorities were alerted to a passenger with a severe case of tuberculosis.

The train carrying the passenger with tuberculosis was running from Freilassing on the Austrian border to its destination of Berlin when its journey was interrupted in Munich, reports German newspaper the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Federal Police in Munich have revealed the train was stopped at Munich-Pasing train station in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Authorities had been tipped off by migrant support workers that one of the 150 passengers had a severe cough which could represent a contagious lung disease.

The man, who had been given a surgical mask on the train, was removed for safety reasons and transferred to hospital. There it was confirmed that he was suffering from open tuberculosis.

In the confusion surrounding the ongoing migrant crisis it is unclear where the man, whose nationality is unknown, was infected. German authorities are now trying to reconstruct his journey and clarify with whom he had contact.

Relatively rare in Germany, tuberculosis is caught by the inhalation of infected droplet nuclei often spread by coughs and sneezes and can be fatal if left untreated.

In Asian and African countries the disease is widespread. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that although treatable with extensive use of antibiotics, of the nine million or so cases reported globally each year around 1.4 million sufferers die from the consequences.

Tuberculosis used to be relatively common in Western European countries but health authorities had successfully limited its impact. In recent years it has seen something of a resurgence.

As Breitbart London reported in the autumn, a report from the London Assembly showed a third of London boroughs now exceed the WHO’s “high incidence” threshold of tuberculosis which is 40 incidents per 100,000 people, and some wards within Hounslow, Brent, Harrow, Newham and Ealing have rates of more than 150 per 100,000.

By way of contrast, Iraq (45 per 100,000), Rwanda (69) and Eritrea (92) have far fewer recorded cases.

In past investigations it was estimated that half those afflicted by tuberculosis in the borough of Newham were asylum seekers from India, Bangladesh and sub-Saharan Africa. Most were said to arrive carrying the bug in its latent form, but develop symptoms in overcrowded housing conditions.

Germany’s migrant reception centres all conduct compulsory tuberculosis screening programmes for new arrivals.

PEGIDA Hymn Knocks Adele From Top of German Singles Chart


 A wordless hymn released to raise funds for the German anti-Islamisation group PEGIDA has knocked British pop sensation Adel off of the top of the Amazon singles chart.
The instrumental tune, named “Gemeinsam sind wir stark!” Or “Together we’re strong” has been rapidly rising up the Amazon chart since it became available online on the 4th of December.
It has been in the top 100 for four days now, and has almost 150,000 plays on YouTube.
“Thanks to all patriots, which have made this sensation possible that PEGIDA after a few days is already No. 2 in the sales charts,” the founder and leader of PEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann wrote on Facebook just before his organisation’s song took the top spot.
“Friends, we have number 1 place!” he added just moments later.
He also lambasted the “lying press” and thanked all of the “comments from the dumb lefties” for their song “racing up the charts – meaning more sales for us.
Many online have mocked the song for it’s lack of lyrics, suggesting that PEGIDA followers are stupid and could not remember the words if it had any.
Others have suggested that the wordless hymn is representative of the group’s passive and peaceful approach to protests.
The movement first emerged in October 2014, organising weekly silent demonstrations against the Islamisation of the western world in Dresden. 
The demonstrations are described as ‘strolls’ instead of ‘marches’, in the model of the peaceful protests made in Germany and Poland against the former communist regimes.
The majority of arrests occurring at the strolls are found among the left wing, ‘anti-fascist’ counter-protesters for whom throwing fireworks, glass bottles, and stones is normal.
PEGIDA has seen a massive resurgence in support since the onset of the migrants crisis, whereby more that a million, mostly Muslim, migrants have entered Germany this year alone.

WHAT MUSLIMS REALLY BELIEVE -- An illuminating look at the key research on this subject.

by John Perazzo 

Eric Holder once called the United States “a nation of cowards,” when he claimed that Americans are largely afraid to have an honest discussion about race. He was partially correct: Leftists like Holder are fearful of discussing race in any manner that depicts African Americans as something other than the perpetual, pathetic victims of white bloodlust and simpleminded bigotry. The meek responses that Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, and Hillary Clinton recently bleated out when confronted by some of the aggressive racists in the Black Lives Matter movement, were classic illustrations of this cowardice.

Equally pitiful has been the Left's propensity for turning two blind eyes to the very obvious problems posed by Islam and the value system inherent in its scriptures. For the most part, leftists are content to simply depict anyone who's willing to have a substantive conversation about those problems, as a dimwit, a Nazi, or both. Thus, when Donald Trump recently suggested that it would be advisable to temporarily stop Muslim immigration into the U.S. until the government is able to get its woefully deficient vetting process in order, he was instantly ridiculed and excoriated by a conga line of glib, self-congratulating know-nothings. Hillary Clinton, for instance, called Trump's remarks “reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive.” Dawud Walid of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations characterized Trump's proposal as “fascist.” Martin O'Malley called Trump “a fascistdemagogue.” CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen saw, in Trump, “the traits of a proto-fascist.” And White House spokesman Josh Earnest informed us that Trump's remarks “disqualif[y] him from serving as president.”

Not to be outdone, numerous high-profile Republicans showed themselves to be just as cowardly, and just as dumb, as the aforementioned leftists. House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Trump's views are “not what this party stands for and more importantly … not what this country stands for,” given that “freedom of religion is a fundamental constitutional principle.” Jeb Bush's assessment was more pithy, calling Trump “unhinged.” Chris Christie portrayed Trump's remarks as “the kind of thing that people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about.” Lindsey Graham warned that Trump's “bombastic rhetoric” was “downright dangerous.” And John Kasich cited Trump's words as proof that he “is entirely unsuited to lead the United States.”

Implicit in each of these criticisms is the premise that newcomers from all faith traditions are more-or-less equally able, and equally willing, to assimilate into Western society, embrace Western values, and abide by Western laws; in other words, that it ultimately makes no difference what religion is practiced by those who immigrate to America. But quite frankly, no informed individual could possibly believe such a thing, particularly in light of the fact that in recent years researchers have accumulated a great deal of data regarding the attitudes, beliefs, and allegiances of Muslims around the world. Consider just a few of these vital facts, and contemplate whether you think they should at least be factored into the formulation of American immigration and refugee policy:
  • 39% of people in Afghanistan believe that suicide bombings are “often or sometimes” justified, as do 25% of Egyptians, 26% of Bangladeshis, and 62% of Palestinians.
  • Fewer than half of Pakistanis and Malaysians have a negative view of al Qaeda. Barely half of Nigerians and Tunisians have negative opinions about the Taliban. And a mere 16% of Pakistanis hold Hamas in low regard.
  • In a 2011 survey of Muslims in seven Middle Eastern countries, nowhere did any more than 28% of respondents accept the notion that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were carried out by Arabs.
  • In most of these same Middle Eastern countries, significant majorities of Muslims view Westerners generally as being “selfish,” “violent,” “greedy,” “immoral,” “arrogant,” and “fanatical.”
  • In Indonesia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Pakistan, the proportion of Muslims who hold Jews in low regard is nearly 100%.
  • In every sub-Saharan African nation where the Pew Research Center has conducted polls in recent years, a majority of Muslims believe that women should not be permitted to decide for themselves whether or not to wear a veil. The same is true of Muslims in Afghanistan, Egypt, and Iraq.
  • Overwhelming majorities of Muslims throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as in the Middle East, believe that wives should “always” obey their husbands. And in almost all of these same countries, solid majorities oppose the idea that daughters and sons should be entitled to equal inheritance rights.
  • In Islamic strongholds like Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Morocco, and the Palestinian Territories, more than 80% of survey respondents believe that their respective governments should be based on strict Sharia Law. And among those who favor Sharia, anywhere from 29% to 61% wish to impose it not only on fellow Muslims, but on all citizens regardless of their faith.
  • Among Sharia supporters throughout South Asia and the Middle East: (a) a majority believe in employing the types of severe corporal punishment mandated by Islamic Law—e.g., whipping criminals or amputating the hands of thieves; (b) between 80 and 90 percent of Afghanis, Pakistanis, and Egyptians favor the death penalty for apostates (those who leave Islam); and (c) more than 80% of Jordanians and Egyptians believe that stoning is the appropriate punishment for adultery.
  • It is common for majorities of Muslims in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa to believe that honor killings are sometimes justified as punishment for pre- or extra-marital sex.
  • More than 70% of Muslims in Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordanbelieve that religious leaders should have much, or at least some, influence in politics.
  • In many Islamic countries, very small minorities of the population view polygamy as morally unacceptable. For example, only 8% of Egyptians, 6% of Jordanians, 5% of Nigerians, 11% of Malians, 8% of Senegalese, and 18% of Iraqis object to the practice.
  • Among Muslims throughout Asia, Africa, and Southern and Eastern Europe, the percentage of Muslims who say that homosexuality is morally acceptable rarely exceeds 3%.
To what degree can we reasonably expect newcomers from places like these to assimilate into Western society? What problems, if any, are likely to arise from their views regarding the use of suicide bombings against civilians; their support for genocidal terror groups; their low regard for Westerners generally; their profound hatred of Jews; their unwavering rejection of women's rights; their opposition to freedom of religion and freedom of thought; their preferred criminal-justice practices; their support for varying degrees of authoritarian theocracy; and their views regarding marriage and sexuality? Do such considerations even merit a conversation? Or should we simply be content to console ourselves with soothing bromides about the unquestioned importance of “diversity”—until the values and traditions that have long bound our society together are entirely dissolved by the multiculturalist delusions and fairy tales of the Left?
For an in-depth look at the key research that has been conducted regarding these beliefs, click here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jerry Lewis on ISIS, Refugees, Trump and more

ISIS plotting 'to slaughter THOUSANDS' in 2016 in bid to spark huge FINAL BATTLE with West

ISIS is planning to massacre thousands of civilians in public places around the world in 2016 as it desperately seeks to draw the west into a titanic "final battle".The sick terror group will activate hundreds of sleeper cells in "dozens of countries" in an unprecedented bid to destabilise western governments and spark a huge military retaliation in the Middle East. The shock claim, from one of the world's leading authorities on the death cult, comes amid fears of a New Year's Eve terror plot in London and other major world cities.Islamic State has carried out more than 50 attacks in 18 countries that have killed 1,100 people and injured 1,700 since it declared its caliphate in 2014. And next year will see a huge increase in both the number and scale of major terror attacks, according to Dr Theodore Karasik, a Gulf-based analyst of regional geo-political affairs who has extensively studied ISIS's behaviour. He warned: "ISIS’s media operation is taunting its enemy to come to fight their Final Battle. "But first, it wants to show its global reach with zeal...from cells, to lone wolves, to bedroom jihadists – to target landmarks and crowds in dozens of countries across the world."Dr Karasik added: "There are close to 40 ISIS affiliates globally with millions of adherents and believers around the world. The New Year may ring in with disturbing terror attacks. "ISIS is an airborne disease and still remains robust as the movement enters into a new combative and aggressive phase. "Many of us see the change of year as 'turning over a new leaf' and ISIS may do the same. "The level of ISIS’s destructiveness, to force confrontations across the world, indicates that 2016 is likely to be more chaotic than 2015. "The threat is real, and the requirement for international, regional, and local cooperation is truly necessary and will be tested again and again in perhaps unexpected places."The warnings come as the west is on heightened alert after last month's terror attacks in Paris, in which 130 people were killed and hundreds wounded. Earlier this week ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released an audio message boasting that his forces were "doing well" and urging his followers to "be confident God will grant us victory". The message from the ISIS chief, the first in nearly a year, referred to the formation of a Saudi-led coalition of 34 Muslim nations against Isis, which was announced on December 15. Baghdadi called for the overthrow of the Saudi government and promised his forces would soon advance on Israel. "You will never find comfort in Palestine, Jews," he said. "Palestine will not be your land or your home, but it will be a graveyard for you." He also taunted America for not sending troops to Syria and Iraq. "They do not dare to come, because their hearts are full of fear from the Mujahidin," he said.Dr Karasik believes Baghdadi will now accelerate his campaign of terror. He added: "He is following the script announced in 2014 to expand in the Levant into the upper tier of the Arabian Peninsula by 2019. "ISIS still run rampant and firmly believe in their stated goals. "They want to destabilize Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Gulf states. The messaging is clear: ISIS is continuing to challenge its enemies near and far. "Baghdadi taunts America and its allies who are afraid to put boots on the ground against ISIS to fight because of what waits in Dabiq and Ghouta, which is a reference to what the leader describes as the Final Battle. "This type of language plays well with ISIS’ audience, wherever they may be."He told Al-Arabiya‎: "ISIS’s branches, notably the Sinai and Libyan outfits, are still active and are seemingly not planning on degrading their capabilities in the New Year. "ISIS is also energetic in other parts of North Africa, Yemen and in Afghanistan where shifting religio-political alliances are omnipresent against Al Qaeda affiliates and brigades and the Taliban’s many sub-divisions. Last week the Archbishop of Canterbury warned Islamic State - also known as Daesh - has sparked an "apocalypse" which could wipe out Christianity in the very region where the faith was born two millennia ago. The Most Reverend Justin Welby used his Christmas sermon to brand the Islamic extremists as "a Herod of today" - a reference to the despotic king of Judea at the time of Jesus' birth.In the Christmas Day service at Canterbury Cathedral he said ISIS is "igniting a trail of fear, violence, hatred and determined oppression". He told the congregation: "They hate difference, whether it is Muslims who think differently, Yazidis or Christians, and because of them the Christians face elimination in the very region in which Christian faith began. "This apocalypse is defined by themselves and heralded only by the angel of death."

German State TV To Show Merkel’s New Year Speech With Arabic Subtitles

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 German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s usual New Year speech will be available with Arabic subtitles this year, in the surest sign yet that Germany is bending to the hordes of migrants that have settled there, rather than requiring them to learn the native language.
The announcement was made by the state television broadcaster, ZDF, which has already made available a video message from the German President, Joachim Gauck, with Arabic subtitles (pictured above).
Merkel's January 2015 speech with English subtitles
Merkel’s January 2015 speech with English subtitles
The speech, which is usually between six and seven minutes long, traditionally includes a roundup of the year gone by, and a message from the German leader about the prospects for the year ahead. It tends to be overtly political, and a way for the Chancellor to hammer home her side of the story on the years’ events.
This year will no doubt centre around the migrant crisis, which has served as the catalyst for a slump in Mrs. Merkel’s party approval ratings, as well the rise of the PEGIDA movement and the Alternative fur Deutschland party.
The ZDF has even set up a dedicated Arabic subdomain on its website:, as well as a mobile site called “ZDFarabic”.
The Arabic subtitles are not set to be broadcast on television, but online only, and the Middle Eastern language joins English as the only language the speeches were previously subtitled into.
ZDF – which is funded by a public licence fee for television usage, like Britain’s BBC – has announced an expansion of what it calls the “web site for Refugees”.
As of January 4th 2016, the channel’s flagship “Today” news broadcast will have Arabic subtitles available, and some children’s shows already have Arabic subtitles.
Earlier this month Breitbart London reported that the country aired its first ever Arabic-language television programme named Marhaba (‘Hello’ in Arabic) which featured tips such as ‘stick to the rules’, and lessons on cultural tolerance. It also reminded viewers that German Basic Law — the constitution — takes precedence over all others, including Sharia.

No-Go Zones: German Police Admit To Losing Control Of Immigrant ‘Problem Neighbourhoods’


 The development of so-called “problem neighbourhoods” or “lawless neighbourhoods” in Germany over the course of 2015 has made law enforcement impossible in some areas, according to police reports.
The latest admission of the developing problem of no-go zones in Europe comes from state police in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), a west German state that borders Belgium and the Netherlands. Here, an inquiry by a Conservative Democratic Union (CDU) politician into the state of policing has elicited an embarrassing admission of failure by local police to keep the situation under control.
In Germany, state police are responsible for local law enforcement, but in emergencies can call upon Federal police and appeal to neighbouring states for support. The CDU parliamentary deputy Gregor Golland’s question had revealed 78 per cent of all local regions within NRW have had to bring in external re-enforcements this year due to migrant criminal gangs, reports the Rheinische Post.
The migrant crime in the state is blamed on flourishing criminal gangs, particularly ones emerging from the Lebanon, Poland, and Serbia, which have proven difficult for the police to penetrate. One NRW detective said that these “family” ties borne of ethnicity and foreign nationality make suspects reluctant to speak to police, and investigators routinely experienced “silence during interrogations”.
But these gangs are “certainly only the tip of the iceberg” in terms of immigrant crime, said the detective. These criminals acted with uncommon brutality towards police, he said, with officers often leaving these areas “bruised and battered”.
CDU deputy Gregor Golland has criticised the political establishment in NRW for allowing this state of affairs for developing, where “criminal parallel societies are seeking the upper hand, or those already solidifying”. He said police must be better equipped to deal with the problem.
This is not by far the first time politicians and police officers have spoken out about no-go zones and rising migrant crime and violence. High-profile woman police officer Tania Kambouri remarked on the subject during an interview this month, as she discussed the lack of respect young Muslim men displayed towards their new home, and the officers who keep the law in it.
Stating that young Muslim men proudly proclaim “shit on Germany”, Mrs. Kambouri said police had already lost control in some areas of the country. The officer also expressed concern that anyone who brought up these issues was instantly discredited by being denounced as a “Nazi”.
Elsewhere in Germany the migrant crime wave is also being felt. New end of year police statistics from the State of Saxony have shown a 47 per cent rise in Migrant crime in 2015 compared to 2014, with ten per cent of all migrants in the state suspected of or convicted of crime, even before crimes relating to being in Germany illegally are factored in.