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18 women allegedly sexually assaulted at Germany music festival, 3 refugees arrested

Eighteen women in Germany have filed complaints to police saying they were sexually assaulted at a musical festival in Darmstadt. Police arrested three refugees from Pakistan at the scene after three of the women immediately reported their attacks.
“Unfortunately several women were sexually harassed on Saturday, when the dance floor area was completely packed,” the police said in a statement, as cited by Die Welt.
However, due to the quick intervention by the law enforcement officers, they were able to apprehend three suspects, who are asylum seekers from Pakistan and aged between 28 and 31. Police say that there could be more who took part in the attacks that are still at large.
Since the arrests were made, a further 15 women have come forward since Tuesday, to say they were sexually assaulted at the festival.
The women added that the pattern of the attacks was similar, as they were surrounded by a group of men, who proceeded to assault them sexually.
The festival in Darmstadt took place over four days and attracted some 400,000 revelers.
These attacks come just over two weeks after two female teenagers, 17- and 18-years-old, were sexually harassed by a group of 10 men during a street festival in Berlin.
The men allegedly pressed against the teens and groped them, blocking their attempts to escape.
Police arrested three teenagers aged between 14 and 17 at the scene, while they tweeted that the three suspects were known to the police from prior incidents, adding that "two are of Turkish descent and the third is [of] unknown [origin]."
These attacks in May were reminiscent of numerous allegations of sexual assaults being reported in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Some 1,049 people said they were victims of attacks allegedly committed by men of North African and the Middle Eastern descent, while about 821 complaints were filed with the police.
German police were heavily criticized for their perceived lack of activity during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city as well as for their poor investigations into the crimes. Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers resigned a week after the incident.
Germany has taken steps to try and assimilate asylum seekers into German culture, with one education center even holding classes to explain to refugees how they should interact with women in Germany.
“The majority don’t have a clue how to approach the opposite sex in this country,” said sex therapist Christian Zech, who works with the Pro-Familia center, specializing in sexuality, partnership and family planning.
The German government will allocate nearly €94 billion (US$105 billion) for incoming refugees over the next five years. The money will be used for housing, integration, German language courses and social welfare benefits, as well as dealing with the underlying causes of the refugee influx.
The Federal Finance Ministry expects around 600,000 refugees to enter Germany in 2016, some 400,000 in 2017 and about 300,000 each consecutive year. In 2015, an estimated 1.1 million arrived in Germany seeking asylum.
However, not everyone is taking kindly to the mass arrivals of asylum seekers, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa, with German police recording 45 cases of arson at refugee centers since the start of the year, while there have been calls for Chancellor Angela Merkel to cap the number of refugees entering Germany.

Muslim savages turn Paris into war zone, again. France. May 31, 2016

Muslim savages turn Paris into war zone, again. France. May 31, 2016. Just another day in your neighborhood with your Muslim sub-animal neighbors. As usual, there is a complete media blackout about the events from the corrupted, traitorous, Sharia compliant mainstream media, while the equally corrupted, traitorous, Sharia compliant government officials (Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, François Hollande, President of France, and their counterparts David Cameron from U.K., Angela Merkel from Germany, etc.) continue flapping their oral sphincter and diarrhea of the mouth about Islamofauxbia and denying the existence of Islamic "no-go zones" or (called "zones urbaines sensibles" in French, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/world...) while in reality, there are now 751 of those, and counting, keeping the true citizens in the dark until the very last minutes their heads are on the chopping blocks while the corrupted traitors themselves prepared for their own sound exits with stuffed coffers of bribed petrodollars from the Islamofascists Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Yemen, etc., just like the 9-11 terrorists' taqiyya telling airline passengers that they would be ok and alive as long as they conform to the terrorists' orders (we all know how that ended), or like ISIS's taqiyya telling the victims in orange jumpsuits that they would be alive, so that they would appear calm on camera until the minutes their heads are sawed off. The same traitors dhimmis morons (David Cameron) engages in endless, meaningless debates condemning truth sayers like Donald Trump, Geert Wilders and blocking their entries into U.K while their countries are being overrun by Muslim sub-animals flying ISIS flags, with cities after cities falling into Muzzy hands (London-istan now with Muslim terrorist as mayor). There would likely be bloodbath and civil wars, if the non-Muslim citizens refuse to pay jizya (Islamic tax that imposed on non-Muslims for the right to live under Sharia compliant Muslim society) and want to live. Whether that would happen now when the population of Muslim sub-animals in most Western societies are still in single digit, or later when it becomes much greater, the choice is clear. "Je suis Charlie", "Je suis Paris", "Je suis Brussels", "Je suis London", "Je suis Madrid", soon to be "Je suis Berlin", "Je suis Washington D.C.", etc. while the bought out, corrupted dhimmis announced climate control as the most serious national security threats. Vote Trump.

Pat Condell: The Moment of Truth

Germany Risks Turkey Wrath With Armenian ‘Genocide’ Vote

Germany’s parliament votes Thursday on a resolution that qualifies the massacre of Armenians by Ottoman forces as “genocide”, despite a strong warning from Turkey. Drawn up by the ruling left-right coalition and the opposition Greens, the resolution entitled “Remembrance and commemoration of the genocide of Armenians and other Christian minorities in 1915 and 1916” also carries the contested word throughout the text.
The vote comes just over a year after President Joachim Gauck became Germany’s highest ranking official to describe the massacre as a “genocide”, drawing a fierce response from Turkey.
Its timing is also awkward, as Germany and the European Union need Ankara to help stem a migrant influx even as tensions are rising between both sides over a string of issues, including human rights.
Cautioning against the vote, Turkey’s deputy prime minister and government spokesman Numan Kurtulmus said: “Germany must be careful concerning its relations with Turkey.”
“I do not think that the German parliament will destroy this relationship for the sake of two or three politicians” who had put the resolution before the Bundestag, he added.
Turkey and Armenia have long been at loggerheads over the World War I-era massacre.
Armenians say up to 1.5 million of their kin were killed between 1915 and 1917 as the Ottoman Empire was falling apart and have sought to win international recognition of the massacres as genocide.
“It’s about rendering historical justice, it’s an obligation of the entire international community towards the memory of the victims of the genocide,” Armenian foreign ministry spokesman, Tigran Balayan, told AFP.
He added that recognition is “important for the prevention of genocides in future”.
Modern Turkey, the successor state to the Ottomans, rejects the claim, arguing that 300,000 to 500,000 Armenians and as many Turks died in civil strife when Armenians rose up against their Ottoman rulers and sided with invading Russian troops.
More than 20 nations, including France and Russia, have recognised the Armenian genocide, but Germany has not.
– ‘Partial responsibility’ –
The resolution, which had been in preparation since last year, refers to the atrocities against the Armenians clearly, saying: “Their fate exemplifies the mass exterminations, the ethnic cleansing, the expulsions and indeed the genocides that marked the 20th century in such a terrible way.”
It also states that the “German Empire bears partial responsibility for the events,” a point that Gauck had also made last year.
Germany was then allied with the Ottomans, and deployed soldiers who participated in the deportations of Armenians, Gauck had said.
But a day after Gauck’s speech, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier rejected the use of the term “genocide”, warning that “reducing the issue to the use of the word genocide” would not help overcome “the silence between Turks and Armenians”.
The issue is particularly sensitive in Germany, as it has special ties with Ankara not least due to its three-million-strong ethnic Turkish population which settled there following a massive “guest worker” programme in the 1960s and 1970s.
– ‘Wrong path?’ –
Ahead of the vote, around 1,000 people marched Saturday in a protest organised by Turkish groups.
Turkish organisations also sent letters to lawmakers to campaign against the vote, warning of consequences “for peaceful coexistence between Germans and Turks here but also in Turkey”.
Kurds in Germany launched a counter-campaign, flooding Bundestag lawmakers with emails that urged them to withstand Turkish pressure, national news agency DPA reported.
Yet the vote is also divisive within party lines.
The government’s top official in charge of integration, Aydan Oezoguz, has herself warned that it is the “wrong path” to take.
“Those who think that such a move would lead automatically to a rehabilitation in Turkey are wrong. Through this vote, that aim would be pushed further away.”
Nevertheless, party leaders shrugged off any potential impact on relations with Turkey.
The aim is “not to put Turkey in the dock,” Franz Josef Jung, who is the deputy chief of the Christian Democrats group in parliament, told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily.
“We are not asking the Turkish government to admit its guilt in the genocide, but for it to recognise its historical responsibility.”

 Breitbart London

Jesse Hughes is “persona non grata” in France

by Giulio Meotti 

The love story between the Eagles of Death Metal and France lasted just six months. That American band was performing at Le Bataclan theater on 13th of November, when two ISIS suicide bombers exterminated 89 people in a turkey shoot (including Nick Alexander, Eagles’ merchandising manager). For weeks, France rallied around this group of anarchists from California with their culture of middle America.
Now the Eagles of Death Metal are toxic in France and two music festivals, Rock en Seine and Cabaret Vert, just canceled their performance. “Being in total disagreement with recent statements made by Jesse Hughes in an interview, we decided to cancel the band’s performance”, said the two festivals.
Last February, Eagles’ frontman Jesse Hughes was interviewed by French TV Itele. When asked about gun control, Hughes asked:
“Did your French gun control stop a single f*****g person from dying? I think the only thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men that I’ve ever seen charging head-first into the face of death with their firearms. I think the only way that my mind has been changed is that maybe until nobody has guns everybody has to have them. Because I’ve never seen anyone that’s ever had one dead, and I want everyone to have access to them, and I saw people die that maybe could have lived, I don’t know”.
Jesse Hughes shook up France’s humanitarian taboos once more. From the French weekly magazine L’Express to Britain's The Guardian newspaper, the media is now running stories of survivors who speak out against Hughes.
Hughes’ “sin” was an interview with Taki’s Magazine, titled “Surrendering to Death”. It is a tragic monologue exposing the most uncomfortable truths about the Paris’massacre. This is a selection of Hughes’ remarks:
- The same way the Rosenbergs could sell nuclear secrets from within America is the same way Muslim terrorists can attack us from within. It’s okay to be discerning when it comes to Muslims in this day and age. 
- When you’re at a soccer game in Europe and you see the words “United Arab Emirates,” you know there is a lot of Arab money floating around and influencing the dialogue. The conversation is constantly being steered away from scrutiny. They think we’re fools. So many movies are made with Arab money. George Clooney doesn’t kiss the ass of the Arabs for no reason. 
- A day after, at the stadium, Muslims booed the moment of silence and we barely heard about it in the press. I saw Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack. I saw it with my own eyes. In real time!
-I remember a woman just standing with her hands up in a surrender pose. The terrorist finally saw her and all she did was go, “No no no.” She surrendered to death in front of my very eyes. I was yelling at her, “HEY!” and I don’t think she could hear me. She was so terrified, I think she’d already given up. When you tell people they can’t help themselves and that they’re children, you weaken them to a point where three feet away is life and they can’t see it because they’re too scared.
- It’s like the bleating sheep from Animal Farm. You suggest anything that strays from the narrative and this chorus of bleats comes to drown you out. This attack didn’t happen by accident.
- Terrorists know there’s a whole group of white kids out there who are stupid and blind. You have these affluent white kids who have grown up in a liberal curriculum from the time they were in kindergarten, inundated with these lofty notions that are just hot air. Look at where it’s getting them!
It is now much easier to understand why Jesse Hughes is now “persona non grata” in France. Is it possible that Europe’s pacifist and tolerant utopia devitalized its population from the ability to fight back darkness and terrorism? for its lives?
Have a look at Europe, many Europeans used to say, listen to their words: we have abolished wars, we have buried religion, we only negotiate, we are the moral Continent, we want to make the world a better place.
This is the meaning of Jesse Hughes’ most important lesson about 89 French boys and girls, men and women, massacred at Le Bataclan theatre: “They’d never heard a gunshot in real life and it hit them so hard”.
Did the Islamic State awaken them to reality?


German Woman Offers Migrant A Room In Her Apartment, Migrant Sexually Abuses Her

A migrant was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for accepting a German woman’s generous offer of private housing, and then sexually abusing her while she slept.
The migrant, from Afghanistan, arrived in Germany and used the website “Refugees Welcome” to find housing provided by German volunteers, Kölnische Rundschau reports. The website Refugees Welcome works by connecting refugees with volunteers willing to provide private accommodation.
“Refugees are able to live in sound accommodation, learn the language faster, and adjust to a new environment more easily,” the site explains. “You, on the other hand, will get to know a different culture and help a person in a difficult situation.”
One woman in Cologne stepped up and offered her home, but that arrangement came to an abrupt end on October 25, when the Afghan migrant crept into the room of the woman and sexually abused her while she slept. The back story to the assault is that just hours before, the migrant made an advance on her, which she immediately and “unequivocally” spurned.
While he was holding her down, the woman woke up and start screaming and fought back against her attacker. She was able to push him off and run to her brother’s bedroom. Luckily, her brother lived in the same apartment.
The court found this incident particularly noxious because the migrant had taken advantage of the woman’s charity.
This isn’t the first time events and charity under the banner of “Refugees Welcome” has ended badly. On November 7, at a welcoming event in Bonn, several refugees molested and groped women, much to the chagrin of the organizers, who tried to identify the refugees and kick them out. But they failed to contain the behavior.
“This misbehavior does not, however, reflect the attitude of the vast majority of the refugees,” Refugees Welcome Bonn insisted on their website.
Cologne in particular has previously come into the international spotlight for rampant sexual assault on New Year’s Eve, which both the government and media tried to cover-up.

WATCH: An ISIS Recruiting Video From Wanstead High School In The UK

Here’s my (angry) annotated version of yesterday’s revolting “Speak Out” video from Wanstead High School in the UK. This is a letter to the Headmaster, Mr Hamlyn and the staff of the “Speak Out” Challenge who allowed Leanne Mohamad to win first prize in your region.

Guardian: EU Anti-Hate Speech Code Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Must Cover ‘Misogynist Abuse’

 by Raheem Kassam

Following the stunning announcement that the European Commission is working with major tech companies to squash the online virality of “hate speech”, the Guardian newspaper has implied the Orwellian rules do not go far enough. Breitbart London reported on the Commission’s announcement of a partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft which will see a crack down on what it classes as “illegal hate speech”. The plans include “criminaliz[ing]” perpetrators and “promoting independent counter-narratives” that the European Union favours.
But the Guardian has suggested the rules don’t go far enough.
In an article published this morning, the paper suggests the new rules – which define hate speech as “all conduct publicly inciting to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin” – should also cover gender-based harassment.
The Guardian writes: 
The code of conduct represents the first major attempt to codify how technology firms should respond to hate speech online. But the limited scope leaves many aspects of online abuse still uncovered: harassment on gender grounds, for instance, is not considered hate speech according to the code of conduct. In Britain, a cross-party campaign launched last week, with Facebook’s backing, is calling for contributions on how to reduce misogynist abuse online.
A press release from the Commission said the new initiative has been set up “to respond to the challenge of ensuring that online platforms do not offer opportunities for illegal online hate speech to spread virally”.
The move has been branded “Orwellian” by Members of the European Parliament, and digital freedom groups have already pulled out of any further discussions with the Commission, calling the new policy “lamentable”.
Campaigners on the left and right of European politics have told Breitbart London of their concerns over the new rules, with the National Secular Society’s Executive Director Keith Porteous Wood telling Breitbart London:
“We fear that the proscription of public incitement of hatred directed against a group of persons, unless defined much more clearly and qualified by freedom of expression safeguards, will create a chilling effect on freedom of expression and will be misused to muzzle it. Social media platforms around the world are frequently accused of censoring critics of Islamism.”
The organisation added: “It is essential for the resolution of problems for criticism of religion or any ideas to continue uninterrupted, provided that does not amount to incitement to violence.”

Half A Million Migrants ‘Could End Up In UK’ Under EU Free Movement Rules

Up to half a million migrants and their families who have fled from the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere could head to the UK after 2020 under European Union (EU) free movement rules. Migration Watch UK says that migrants who have entered Europe in the massive influx of the past year will be able to enter Britain once they are granted asylum and then citizenship by other EU states.
Between 240,000 and 480,000 may travel to the UK, and while countries such as Greece, Italy and Germany have been hardest hit by the migrant crisis so far, a secondary wave will likely move on to Britain once they have the right.
Even if only a small proportion of those who have arrived in Europe travel on the UK, the report adds, the numbers could still cause a massive increase in immigration for Britain.
Migration Watch chairman Lord Green of Deddington said: “The UK could well face a significant secondary flow of refugees from Europe in the coming years adding to the already huge strain being placed on housing and public services.
“While the UK has so far been largely shielded from the crisis in southern Europe, this potential flow can only add to the impact of migration which is already seriously affecting communities across the country.”
“It is important to be clear that this would be spread over several years, it would be from 2020 onwards, they are not going to come in a single movement,” he added.
Earlier this month the Office for National Statistics (ONS) finally revealed that EU immigration is twice as high as previously suggested, confirming a suggestion by Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam in 2015.
The ONS said in 2014 that 220,000 EU nationals had entered Britain in the previous year, yet the number of new National Insurance Numbers issued over the same period was nearly double that figure.
Now the ONS has admitted that its official figures do not include “short-term” EU migration who travel to the UK to work for less than 12 months. Real EU immigration figures are therefore nearer half a million per year.

Professor in praise of cutting off hands

On Tuesday on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, the university’s Muslim Student Association’s hosted a so-called Islamophobia panel discussion…
FAU Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Associate Professor Bassem Al Halabi was included on the panel of these distinguished experts and he made the incredible statement about the case to be made for Sharia Law and it’s provisions of capital punishment, including the cutting off of hands.
‘"Where there is no Sharia, Islamic Sharia, they die in dozens and hundreds every day because of organized crime. People kill people, other people or steal pizza for $10 and so – so when Islamic Shariah is saying about capital punishment – so even though it sounds like it is severe but if that is the solution to prevent any crimes, then it still has a lot of rules and regulations. I will just mention one and stop here, which is let’s say cutting off the hands of a person if they steal. It sounds very severe. It sounds very barbaric, I know. But if takes one or two people to have their hands cut off, and then there’s no more stealing and there’s no more stealing in the whole nation – that’s a much better resolution than having hundreds of people die every day.”

Monday, May 30, 2016

VIDEO: Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic

Warning UK Is ‘Woefully Unprepared’ For People Smugglers As Migrant Crisis Hits Shores

 by Oliver JJ Lane

Experts have warned that Britain is not prepared to deal with a wave of migrants, drugs, and guns coming by sea, enabled by professional smugglers which has already seen a number of attempts to land illegals on the south coast of England by inflatable boat. Speaking to Independent Television (ITV) in the United Kingdom this morning, former Special Branch officer Chris Hobbs expressed serious concern over the state of readiness of the nation to deal with skilled smugglers. With a number of attempted landings by smugglers in recent weeks, Mr. Hobbs remarked the government was only now playing “catch-up” with defending the nation’s coastline.
He said: “What you’ve got now is the Home Office playing catch-up. Concerns have been raised by the Chief Inspector of Immigration and Borders David Bolt, he is very concerned about it. Only now is the government springing into any sort of action… [the government] really should have been well prepared for this.
“It isn’t just a question of people-smuggling. This is also a question of firearms, a question of drugs, we have been woefully unprepared”.
One area of particular concern addressed by the former senior police officer was the state and quantity of equipment at the disposal of Britain to protect her coasts: “The actual figure is five customs cutters, but only three in operation at the moment. We also have several police marine units, but again they are woefully ill-equipped, not enough people, and they are under threat because of cutbacks. All in all, not a pretty picture along our coastlines”.
Many European nations have significant coast guards with dozens, or even hundreds of craft working to protect human life at sea and the integrity of borders. Britain instead has a variety of agencies including the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which has a small number of craft, the Border agency, which presently has two of their five customs cutters deployed to the Mediterranean rather than in home waters, and charities including the Royal National Lifeboat Institution which has no border defence role.
Of the United Kingdom’s approximately 1,000 ports and harbours, only 500 are large enough to warrant the security features such as fences and restricted areas as mandated by the International Ship and Port Facility Security code, leaving half totally open to smugglers. At many UK ports, police and border force visits can be rare.
Mr Hobbs said: “We are in the hands of the people smugglers, the traffickers who organise these trips across. As things become tighter at Calais and Dunkirk, they will look for weak-spots they can look for weak spots to exploit, and that is exactly what they are doing now. This could increase over the summer”.
UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson has today slammed the deployment of Britain’s border cutters to Europe, and accused the government of failing to defend Britain’s own borders. She said: “Two out of five of our Border Force cutters are in the Aegean Sea, how can we guard our own coastline? The Greeks have 240 boats to protect their borders yet they cannot do so. They have the highest defence spend in Europe but they are inept.
“Our government has got its priorities wrong. Instead of grandstanding to other EU leaders, Mr Cameron should be showing strength against the swarms of migrants illegally breaking into our country. Repatriate our cutters and enforce our borders, it’s time to protect our own people”.
The warnings of Special Branch officer Chris Hobbs reflect those of John Vine, former chief inspector of Britain’s borders and immigration officers. He expressed concern over Britain’s unprotected and unmonitored small ports, remarking “we just don’t know the extent of this”, when speaking to BBC Radio 4 this morning. Mr. Hobbs called on the government to reassess the situation of UK port security and to devote additional resources to the problem.
The French coastguard, which operates over 30 patrol boats has warned Britain the migrant boat deaths seen in the Mediterranean could soon be seen in the English Channel, the busiest stretch of water in the world.
Explaining that people smugglers had now found “a new strategy”, President of the French coastguard, Bernard Barron said: “It’s starting to become a very similar situation to that seen in the Mediterranean and my biggest fear is that the same kind of tragedies we see in Greece or Italy will start to repeat in the Channel… They operate across the length of both the French and Belgian coastlines, between Ostend and into Normandy, finding new positions from where they can send their clients — the migrants — towards England.
“These smugglers — despite being given large sums of money — provide methods of transport for the migrants that are not suitable for crossing a sea like the English Channel. It’s a sea filled with danger, with strong currents, storms and heavy traffic of larger vessels”.
Mr. Barron’s warning came as 18 illegals and two British citizens — possibly themselves smugglers — were rescued from a sinking boat off the coast of Kent. Eyewitness reports suggest those on the boat who called out lifeboats to rescue them were so unfamiliar with the sea they didn’t realise the water around them was so shallow they could just wade ashore.

Germany: Bremen city-owned facilities used to wage BDS

Via Jerusalem Post:

A group conducting an aggressive anti-Israel boycott campaign has its headquarters in Bremen city-owned property that has received federal funding, an investigation by The Jerusalem Post found.

“The Bremen Peace Forum has already publicly supported the BDS movement for some time. This [BDS] is nothing other than an anti-Israel, yes, anti-Semitic idea. It intolerable when such institutions are still publicly supported,” Gitta Connemann, a leading Bundestag deputy and a member of the German-Israel parliamentary group, told the Post on Thursday.

According to the Bremen Peace Forum’s website, “it is the time to boycott merchandise from Israel, some of which is produced in Israeli settlements, but also other goods that come directly from Israel.”
In an email to the Post, André Städler, the spokesman for the Social Democratic Mayor Carsten Sieling, said, “The City of Bremen, as the owner of the Villa Ichon [where the Bremen Peace Forum has its headquarters], agreed to a leasehold contract with the management company of the Villa Ichon.”

Städler said that the agreement expires in 2031 and cannot be cut short. He declined to send the Post a copy of the agreement. The spokesman said the City of Bremen condemns calls to boycott Israel.

In 2013, the Villa Ichon was embroiled in a scandal because it barred Jewish music teacher Noemi Köster and Israeli student Maor Shani from attending a lecture on anti-Semitism.

The event was organized by various peace activists and a local Left Party group.

The doorman at the event insulted Shani, who was wearing a kippa, and Köster, saying “Everything belongs to you already anyway, also the media,” the Bild newspaper reported.

Bremen is the center of anti-Israel activity in Germany.

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 The New Antisemite Blog

Germany: 'Jew' used as an insult


A passer-by reported he saw several men argue in Arabic in Berlin, and one of them used the phrase "you fucking Jew" (in German) as an insult.

Though it was most probably not aimed at a Jew and shows how the word 'Jew' is used as an insult.
 The New Antisemite Blog

Dirty Tricks? Brexiteers Protest Council’s Postal Voting Guide ‘Telling Voters To Vote Remain’

 postal voting
by Sarkis Zeronian

Pro-Brexit campaigners are protesting about a council-approved guide to postal voting which accompanies ballots and strongly implies recipients should vote Remain in the upcoming referendum. A step-by-step ‘How To Vote By Post’ guide was sent by Bristol City Council to residents registered for postal voting last week, along with the actual ballots. In the guide ‘Step A’ told people to fill out the Postal Voting Statement, with the warning “take care to follow the instructions.” The following ‘Step B’ advised “read the instructions carefully, then complete your ballot paper.” This advice was set out above a picture of a pencil about to tick a box to “remain a member of the European Union”. One local resident, 18-year old student Henry Michallat, took to Twitter to express his view that the postal voting instructions “even tell you how to vote”.
Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr. Michallat said: “I am appalled by it. It should be neutral.
“When you see that bit of paper if you are not used to it or you are a first time voter, that might imply ‘you should vote remain’ and put the cross in the box.
“When I first saw these instructions I was disgusted. The Electoral Commission should never have allowed this to be sent. This is meant to be a democratic referendum and in my opinion these instructions contradict this.”
John Turner, the Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators and someone with over 20 years of involvement in elections, predicted the form could be challenged as “unsafe” in court. He said:
“Good practice would say that in any instructions to vote you do not put something which indicates you should vote in a particular way. Clearly this has not followed good practice.
“Whether it is unsafe or not only a court can determine.”
Mr. Turner also said similar forms could have been distributed to postal voters in council areas other than Bristol, because certain companies providing postal voting services act for a large number of authorities.
The pro-Brexit Conservative Member of Parliament, Bernard Jenkin — who serves as Chairman on the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee, which is charged with overseeing the conduct of the referendum — said:
“Any subliminal messaging by authorities purporting to be neutral is absolutely forbidden and it should be reported to the Electoral Commission.”
Arron Banks, a leading backer of the Leave.EU campaign, said: “To send out postal votes with instructions showing people how to vote and favouring the IN campaign is the latest outrage.
“We have been made aware of this from a number of different concerned individuals over the last 24 hours who have asked us investigate.
“We will be asking our lawyers to contact the Electoral Commission for an explanation. We are already deeply concerned about the whole postal votes issue and will be calling for independent observers to monitor the process.”
A spokesman for the Electoral Commission said that the content of instructions, including illustrations, is left to local Counting Officers to produce, but added: “It could be something we have to follow up with Bristol.”
Bristol City Council has denied the form suggests how someone should vote. A spokesman claimed:
“The placement of a pen graphic is incidental. No cross (X) is shown, so it could not in our view be construed as indicating how to vote.”

Iraqi Hospitalised In Germany By Fellow Migrants For ‘I’m Muslim Don’t Panic’ T-Shirt



An Iraqi Muslim migrant misjudged his co-religionists when he thought they would be as amused as him at his new “I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic” t-shirt. He ended up in hospital, two fellow migrants ended up under arrest for GBH. A 23-year-old Iraqi migrant was brutally attacked on Monday while making his way back to asylum accommodation in Berlin, Germany. Three men reportedly attacked him in Karl Marx Street, beating him senseless and tearing his clothing off him before fleeing.
His offence appears to have been a religious one, evidenced by the destruction of the shirt. It is understood the attackers may have misunderstood the humour behind the “I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic” t-shirt. Believing it to be critical of their religion, rather than an ironic comment on the attitude of others towards it, they decided to give the wearer a reason to panic.
Soon after the attack two men — a 27-year-old Syrian and a Lebanese 33-year-old — were arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm.
The German daily newspaper Berliner Morgenpost has reported that police specialising in politically-motivated crimes will be investigating whether there was any previous trouble between the three assailants and their victim, or whether it was indeed the “I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic” t-shirt which inspired their violent attack.
If it was the men may have been following the advice of the late Ayatollah Khomeini who once preached:
“There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humour in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”

UK Labour Party Inquiry: Deny, Divert, Cover Up

How would you push away a problem you did not want to deal with? The best way, as any addict could tell you, is to pretend that you have dealt with it. The drug-addict pretends to have given up drugs. The alcoholic pretends to have cut down on drink. And the British Labour party pretends to have dealt with its anti-Semitism problem.
Since the start of this year, stories of routine anti-Semitism have emerged from the most junior levels of the Labour party (the Oxford University Labour Club) to the highest levels (a member of Parliament and a member of the party's National Executive Committee). No one who had followed the career and hobby-horses of the current Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, could have been surprised by this. Anti-Semitism is a swamp he has spent his political life swimming in. But today, this has become not just a problem for him. In recent decades, Jeremy Corbyn's activities had been of interest only to the small number of people who had hoped to keep the Labour stable clean of anti-Semitism. Today, as the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, he has the opportunity either to tackle anti-Semitism or mainstream it into the UK body politic.
The evidence that he has any interest in doing the former are not good. Last month, after online media released anti-Semitic tropes shared and composed by the Labour MP Naz Shah, she was suspended from the party, pending an investigation. The former Mayor of London and Labour grandee Ken Livingstone then spent a week trying to defend Shah by (among other things) explaining which of Hitler's early policies were not that objectionable. Every day for more than a week, the national newspapers were running headlines about Labour's anti-Semitism problem. Finally, even this Labour leader realized that something had to be done. And of course the best way to do "something" is to announce an inquiry that will do nothing. This Corbyn soon did, announcing an inquiry that would be led by Shami Chakrabarti, a left-wing human rights advocate, with no expertise in anti-Semitism and a tendency to think well of Islamist extremists. Oddly enough, Chakrabarti -- who has made a virtue of her non-party affiliation throughout her career -- joined the Labour party on the day that the inquiry was announced.
From the outset, she showed that she was willing to do the precise bidding of her party leader. Not least in ensuring that the point of any inquiry was entirely missed. For immediately upon being announced as the leader of the party's inquiry into anti-Semitism, Chakrabarti announced that it would make no sense "only" to look into anti-Semitism, and that the inquiry must instead also look into "other forms of racism, including Islamophobia." In a subsequent interview, she went on to question why the Conservative party had not set up an inquiry into what she alleged was its "Islamophobia." Of course, this is a side-step that Jeremy Corbyn has very much made his own.
In the run-up to his election as Labour party leader, Corbyn was often asked about his tendency to hang around with Holocaust deniers, anti-Semitic hate-preachers and others of a similar ilk. Apart from not quite owning up to his connections to such people, the other technique he employed at this time was to put on a look of extreme affront and say that he had spent his entire life "fighting racism." Whenever the specific question of anti-Semitism was raised, he would say how opposed he was to all forms of racism "including Islamophobia." It has apparently proven impossible for Corbyn to realize the specific nature of anti-Semitism; whenever it has come up, he has used the opportunity to talk not about racial hatred against Jews but what he believes to be an epidemic of hatred towards Muslims.
Leaving aside the obvious fact that Muslims are not a race, there is in any case no evidence whatsoever to support the allegation of Corbyn and others that there is an epidemic of "Islamophobia" in the UK, and specifically no evidence of such an issue in the Conservative party. But this attempt to turn around the narrative was pushed by certain Labour apparatchiks to complain that any and all questioning of the newly elected London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, for his past affiliations with Islamist extremists was not a legitimate line of questioning of the judgement of anyone running for elected office, but instead an "Islamophobic" attack purely motivated by "racism." Even now, Corbyn supporters are trying to distract attention from their own party's very evident problem and turn racism allegations around on the Conservative party. None of which suggests any serious desire to get on top of their problem.
We can already predict what the conclusions of the Chakrabarti Inquiry will be, from the manner in which she has started it. Will she able to explain that the main originator of anti-Semitism in the Labour party today comes from its growing Muslim base? If she does identify that, will she then need to have an inquiry into herself for such flagrant "Islamophobia"? More likely she will find the party entirely blameless. Just a few dozen bad apples, and so on. And even then, we now have a nice demonstration of what will happen if any unpleasant findings do accidentally slip through.
The Labour party has another inquiry: into allegations, reported earlier this month, of anti-Semitism at its Oxford University club. Amazingly enough, while that inquiry (led by Baroness Royall) found "difficulties," it claimed to find no "institutional anti-Semitism." These careful headline facts having been released, the rest of the report was then swiftly supressed on the orders of the Labour party. Only a bland executive summary and some recommendations were made public, evidently leaving even the author of the inquiry "frustrated." So there is the state of the British Labour party in 2016. A party evidently riddled with anti-Semitism from top to bottom, and led by people who want to divert attention from the fact or cover it over entirely. The Labour party has a serious problem, and it is in institutional denial. Things can only get worse.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Switzerland: What’s in a Handshake? The Swiss' bold stance against Muslim cultural aggression.

by Hugh Fitzgerald 

Sometimes it’s the little things that are most telling. In Switzerland it has long been customary for students to shake the hands of their teachers at the beginning and end of the school day. It’s a sign of solidarity and mutual respect between teacher and pupil, one that is thought to encourage the right classroom atmosphere. Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga recently felt compelled to further explain that shaking hands was part of Swiss culture and daily life.
And the reason she felt compelled to speak out about the handshake is that two Muslim brothers, aged 14 and 15, who have lived in Switzerland for several years (and thus are familiar with its mores), in the town of Therwil, near Basel, refused to shake the hands of their teacher, a woman, because, they claimed, this would violate Muslim teachings that contact with the opposite sex is allowed only with family members. At first the school authorities decided to avoid trouble, and initially granted the boys an exemption from having to shake the hand of any female teacher. But an uproar followed, as Mayor Reto Wolf explained to the BBC: “the community was unhappy with the decision taken by the school. In our culture and in our way of communication a handshake is normal and sends out respect for the other person, and this has to be brought [home] to the children in school.”
Therwil’s Educational Department reversed the school’s decision, explaining in a statement on May 25 that the school’s exemption was lifted because “the public interest with respect to equality between men and women and the integration of foreigners significantly outweighs the freedom of religion.” It added that a teacher has the right to demand a handshake. Furthermore, if the students refused to shake hands again “the sanctions called for by law will be applied,” which included a possible fine of up to 5,000 dollars.
This uproar in Switzerland, where many people were enraged at the original exemption granted to the Muslim boys, did not end after that exemption was itself overturned by the local Educational Department. The Swiss understood quite clearly that this was more than a little quarrel over handshakes; it was a fight over whether the Swiss would be masters in their own house, or whether they would be forced to yield, by the granting of special treatment, to the Islamic view of the proper relations between the sexes. It is one battle – small but to the Swiss significant – between o’erweening Muslim immigrants and the indigenous Swiss.
Naturally, once the exemption was withdrawn, all hell broke loose among Muslims in Switzerland. The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland, instead of yielding quietly to the Swiss decision to uphold the handshaking custom, criticized the ruling in hysterical terms, claiming that the enforcement of the handshaking is “totalitarian” (!) because its intent is to forbid religious people from meeting their obligations to God.That, of course, was never the “intent” of the long-standing handshaking custom, which was a nearly-universal custom in Switzerland, and in schools had to do only with encouraging the right classroom atmosphere of mutual respect between instructor and pupil, of which the handshake was one aspect. The Swiss formulation of the problem – weighing competing claims — will be familiar to Americans versed in Constitutional adjudication. In this case “the public interest with respect to equality” of the sexes and the “integration of foreigners” (who are expected to adopt Swiss ways, not force the Swiss to exempt them from some of those ways) were weighed against the “religious obligations to God” of Muslims, and the former interests found to outweigh the latter.
What this case shows is that even at the smallest and seemingly inconsequential level, Muslims are challenging the laws and customs of the Infidels among whom they have been allowed to settle. Each little victory, or defeat, will determine whether Muslims will truly integrate into a Western society or, instead, refashion that society to meet Muslim requirements. The handshake has been upheld and, what’s more, a stiff fine now will be imposed on those who continue to refuse to shake hands with a female teacher. This is a heartening sign of non-surrender by the Swiss. But the challenges of the Muslims within Europe to the laws and customs of the indigenes have no logical end and will not stop. And the greater the number of Muslims allowed to settle in Europe, the stronger and more frequent their challenges will be. They are attempting not to integrate, but rather to create, for now, a second, parallel society, and eventually, through sheer force of numbers from both migration and by outbreeding the Infidels, to fashion not a parallel society but one society — now dominated by Muslims.
The Swiss handshaking dispute has received some, but not enough, press attention. Presumably, it’s deemed too inconsequential a matter to bother with. But the Swiss know better. And so should we.
There’s an old Scottish saying that in one variant reads: “Many a little makes a mickle.” That is, the accumulation of many little things leads to one big thing. That’s what’s happening in Europe today. This was one victory for the side of sanity. There will need to be a great many more.

WATCH: Left Wing German Politician Caked For Questioning Open Borders

 by Liam Deacon

A so call ‘anti-fascist’ has assaulted a left-wing member of the German Parliament because she dared to suggest that Germany should cap the number of ‘refugees’ it accepts each year. Sahra Wagenknecht, the parliamentary co-leader of Germany’s The Left Party, is a former Marxist and communist whose mother is an Iranian migrant.
Her impeccable left wing credentials could not, however, save her from accusations of racism and bigotry when she suggested that Germany should reconsider Chancellor Merkel’s policy of “no upper limit”.
“Not all refugees can come to Germany”, she said last year.
Then, after the mass sex attacks by migrants in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, she went a little further and her rhetoric was unusually hard for a left-winger: “Those who abuse the right of hospitality, lose the right to hospitality”, she stated.
Open borders activists were unimpressed and plotted to attack the MP with a chocolate cake during a party meeting in Magdeburg last night.
A member of the ‘anti-fascist’ group suddenly ran towards Wagenknecht as she sat listening to the presenter at the podium, shoving the cake in her face.
The attacker was escorted out of the venue raising his hands while some of his associates delivered handfuls of leaflets outlining their case.
On its flyers the group, which calls itself the ‘Anti-Fascist Initiative Cake for Misanthropists’, pointed towards Ms. Wagenknecht’s stance on migrants as the motive for the attack.
The Left Party is the biggest opposition group in the German Parliament, but its support has slipped as the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany has grown.
Ms. Wagenknecht is very much on the left of the party and has argued that they should pursue radical and anti-capitalist goals, thereby remaining distinct from the more moderate Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Green Party.
She has also expressed strong support for the rise of left-wing leaders in Latin America, such as Hugo Chávez, and for SYRIZA’s 2015 electoral victory in Greece.

Germany's New "Integration Law"

After months of haggling, Germany's coalition government has agreed on a new "Integration Law" aimed at regulating the rights and responsibilities of asylum seekers in Germany.
The main focus of the law is to encourage refugees to learn enough German to be able to find a job and help pay for their living expenses.
Chancellor Angela Merkel has hailed the new law as a "milestone," and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says it represents a "true paradigm shift in Germany."
Critics counter that the new law is a largely symbolic measure directed at reassuring German voters and blunting the rise of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party.
Details of the Integration Law were announced on May 25 after a two-day government summit in Schloss Meseberg, a castle north of Berlin. Based on the motto "Support and Demand" (Fördern und Fordern), the new law makes the government an active participant in the integration process. Key components of the law include:
  • Integration Courses. Courses on German culture, society and values will be expanded from 60 hours to 100 hours. The number of available slots will be increased from 20,000 to 200,000 nationwide. The courses will be obligatory for all asylum seekers; those who refuse to attend will have their social welfare benefits cut.
  • Language Courses. Asylum seekers will now be allowed to apply for language courses six weeks after arriving in Germany (compared to three months before) and regardless of whether their asylum applications have been processed. All refugees seeking permanent residency must be proficient in German.
  • Work Programs. The government will create 100,000 low-wage jobs paying around one euro an hour. Refugees who refuse to work will have their benefits cut.
  • Labor Laws. Existing labor laws will be relaxed to encourage German companies to hire refugees, even if better qualified German or EU citizens are available for an advertised position.
  • Preventing Ghettoes. The new law will authorize regional governments to determine where refugees will live, either by allocating or banning them from certain areas, for the next three years. The objective is to prevent refugees from settling in migrant ghettoes.
  • Permanent Residency. Refugees who are proficient in German and can provide for their own upkeep in Germany can apply for permanent residency after five years; those with exceptional German skills can do so after three years.
The law has been accompanied by the so-called Meseberger Declaration on Integration, a statement of principles summarizing the government's new integration policy.
Addressing the proliferation of migrant sex crimes in Germany, the document states: "We will not accept assaults on women, children and others in need of protection, whether such attacks are directed against German citizens or against refugees."
Critics say the new law, which must be approved by the German Parliament, which will debate the measure in July, is inadequate to deal with Germany's integration problems.
For a start, the law applies only to legitimate asylum seekers, not to the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who have entered Germany illegally by posing as asylum seekers.
Of the more than 1.1 million migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015, only 476,649 have applied for asylum, according to official statistics. Many of the rest have gone underground and are sustaining themselves through petty crime and drug dealing. The government has not said how it plans to "integrate" such migrants.
In addition, the government is already facing an acute shortage of instructors to teach the integration courses. It remains unclear where the government will find thousands of new instructors envisioned in the new law. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has admitted: "The bottleneck is not money but the lack of teachers."
Also unclear is who will pay for implementing the new law. According to a recent estimate, the total cost of "integrating" refugees will reach 25 billion euros ($28 billion) in 2016 alone. Leaders of some of Germany's 16 federal states are demanding that the central government assume responsibility for at least half this amount.
Moreover, some critics say the law lacks meaningful punitive measures. Although it does call for cutting welfare benefits to refugees who refuse to learn German, it does not threaten them with deportation. Of course, refugees fleeing warzones cannot be returned to their countries of origin, even if they refuse to learn German.
In any event, Germany is lenient when it comes to deportation. For example, nearly half (49%) of the migrants in Germany whose asylum applications were rejected during the past two years have not left the country, according to government data leaked to Die Welt.
Perhaps most importantly, the new law appears to be based on the assumption that the EU-Turkey migrant deal will hold. If Turkey reopens the floodgates to mass migration, and hundreds of thousands of additional migrants flow into Germany, integration efforts are likely to collapse.
Hans-Peter Uhl of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), said the new law does not go far enough: "Integration is good and important, but placing limits on the number of refugees would be much better."
Stephan Mayer, also of the CSU, added: "Whoever refuses deportation should be sent to a detention center and deported within four days."
Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel of the Social Democrats (SPD) says the Integration Law is actually the precursor to a full-fledged Immigration Law, a claim disputed by Angela Merkel. Gabriel — who has called for airlifting migrants directly from the Middle East to Germany — says he plans to introduce a draft immigration law this fall; critics of the measure say it would encourage yet more migration to Germany.
Thilo Sarrazin, a renowned German central banker and a former member of the Social Democrats (SPD), has been warning Germans for years about the consequences of mass migration. In 2010, he wrote the best-selling book, "Germany Does Away with Itself" (Deutschland schafft sich ab), which shattered Germany's long-standing taboo on discussing the social changes transforming the country due to the presence millions of non-integrated Muslims.
In his latest book, "Wishful Thinking," (Wunschdenken), Sarrazin accuses Merkel of "no longer being concerned about the interests of Germans and the future of their nation, the protection of their living environment (Lebensumfelds) and their cultural identity." He concludes: "Regaining control of our borders is an existential issue for our culture and the survival of our society."

German Maths Professor Fired Over Islam Criticism

by Chris Tomlinson

A mathematics professor at a German university was fired after he gave students problems to solve in class critical of Islam. The Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) and the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) have both distanced themselves from mathematics lecturer Wolfang Hebold after complaints from students that he had used mathematical problems that were critical of Islam in his statistic courses. The HWR said Hebold had published, “discriminatory, xenophobic and misogynistic forum entries,” Junge Freiheit reports.
According to one student in Berlin the professor had made them calculate the relationship between Muslim populations and suicide bombings saying “we were to calculate the statistical relationship between the number of terrorist attacks and the proportion of Muslims in the population.” Students were also asked to calculate the rate of female genital mutilation in Egypt.
On his blog Hebold published more critical remarks about Islam, such as one on women who don the full face veil saying: ” If a woman does not want to show that she is a woman – why should you still regard them as a woman?”
He wrote that women who cover themselves from head to toe may be thought of not as women or men, but rather as some neutral being since there was no way to tell who they were.
The initial investigation into the professor was made by Berlin based broadcaster RBB.  Hebold said that the broadcaster had taken his work out of context and told media: “I have a feeling that what I wanted to say was viciously twisted by RBB.”
Echoing statements made by some in the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party he said: “I’m anti-Islamic as I am also anti-communist and anti-fascist. Political Islam is a problem, but I’m not racist.”
In the RBB investigation Hebold defended his use of Islam-critical scenarios saying that it wasn’t his job to make sure that no one in his class was offended and that he chose situations that were “relevant in everyday life.”
Sam S., a now former student of Hebold and the son of an Egyptian mother, said he was outraged by the statistical scenarios as well as the comments Hebold had posted online. He claimed that the remarks toward fully-veiled women were, “completely racist,” and said that as the son of an Egyptian he felt personally attacked.
Another university professor found himself in the same kind of trouble back in February when he made positive statements online about the PEGIDA protest movement.  University of Leipzig professor Thomas Raucher posted his support for the group on twitter and students and faculty both attempted to remove him from his position citing ‘Islamophobia’.
Islamophobia has led to the sacking of many from their jobs and has been used as a tool by Muslim groups to put pressure on freedom of expression.
Earlier this month the Muslim Council of Britain, who have links to the Muslim Brotherhood, attempted to pressure the Conservatives to launch an inquiry into statements made by their candidate for mayor Zac Goldsmith. Goldsmith said that Mayor Sadiq Khan had shared a platform with a well known radical Imam several times in the past.
Trevor  Phillips, the man who popularised the term Islamophobia, said last month that he regretted the power that the term now exerts and admitted he had “got almost everything wrong,” when it came to Muslim mass migration and the failure of Muslim integration.

The cradle of French Christianity is Islam’s Mecca

by Giulio Meotti 

The cradle of French history is becoming “Molenbeek-sur-Seine,” from the name of Brussels’ terror hub. Le Figaro newspaper decided to investigate Saint-Denis, the heart of Islamization in France, the suburb from where the ISIS terror cell orchestrated the Paris attacks (the mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaoud, was killed there in a raid).
Saint-Denis is the religious epicenter of France. The “Lendit Plain” between the Montmartre hill and Saint-Denis was, before the Roman conquest, the Celts’ religious site. We know that Denis and his companion martyr Éleuthère paid with their lives to evangelize the region. In Saint-Denis, the holy lamp used for coronations of the kings of France in Reims was kept.
The battle cry of the era of kings was “Montjoie Saint-Denis!”.
Saint-Denis can be reached by a few metro stops from the Champs Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe. This is the burial place of the kings of France and Charles Martel, whose victory stopped the Muslim invasion in 732 and it is traditionally held to have halted the Islamization of Europe.
Today, the University of Paris VIII-Saint-Denis is full of girls with headscarves. There are more and more Islamic dress shops, Islamic restaurants, Islamic libraries, mosques. And even some hairdressers for veiled customers.
Islamists in Saint-Denis consider these graves as a magnet for the revolutionary message. As the scholar Gilles Kepel once said, “the ancient city of kings has become the Mecca in Islam of France.” This is Europe’s biggest problem: its cultural amnesia.
This is also Israel’s leaders mistake, that they cannot even conceive a Palestinian Arab war for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
France today has 2,400 mosques, against 1,500 in 2003: it is the most visible sign of the rapid growth of Islam in France. Almost two new mosques per week. Among these, simple prayer rooms, difficult to identify accurately. But also ambitious mega mosques, as in Bordeaux (a project of 20 million euro, to accommodate 3,500 worshipers), Marseille (22 million euros), Mulhouse (11 million), Narbonne, Tours ...
Who funds these mosques? Foreign regimes average 50%: for the Grand Mosque of Strasbourg, 37% was donated by Morocco, 13% from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In Marseille, Qatar should provide 25% of funding.
Islamists know Europe’s history much better than the Europeans themselves. Islamists dream of returning to Rome, Spain, Paris and Vienna because they have already been there. They dream of replacing Spain with Islamic "Andalusia" and turning the Saint Peter’s Basilica into a mosque, the global epicenter of Catholicism.
Ravings? Delirious speech? Probably yes, but don’t forget that Adolf Hitler too searched for the “Holy Grail” of the Christian legend and sent his henchmen to Tibet to find the roots of the “Aryan race”. Totalitarianism is always supported by symbols and myths.
By populating places such as Saint-Denis, the Islamists can spread their message: “So we Muslims have won the Battle of Poitiers after all!”. Won it not by force of weapons, then by immigration and fertility.
London, one of the great capitals of Christendom, now has a Muslim mayor…

Linke Party MP gets cake in the face from antifascist group at Magdeburg congress

Sahra Wagenknecht, a member of the leftist 'Die Linke' party, has been hit by a creamy chocolate cake during a party congress in Magdeburg. Antifascist militants said she was no better than members of the far-right AfD. Wagenknecht was sitting in the front row, listening to party chief Bernd Riexinger's speech, when a man made his way towards her and shoved the soft, brown and creamy savoury straight into her face. Most of the crumbs were still stuck to her cheeks, nose and forehead as Wagenknecht, shielded by her colleagues, left the hall through a side exit. Once outside, the Bundestag member pulled herself together, wiped off the sweet remains and went back to her hotel. A spokeswoman for "Die Linke" said the party had registered a complaint against a man and a woman, who apparently had "leftist" leanings. They had been removed from the meeting's premises in the meantime. Members of the antifascist group "Torte für Menschenfeinde" or "Cake for Misanthropists" took responsibility for the attack. They accused Wagenknecht of translating public anger into political demands and of assuming an anti-refugee stance, similar to the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). The leftist politician has been criticized for saying she didn't think that all refugees could come to Germany and for anti-migrant comments after migrants sexually harassed and robbed hundreds of women in Cologne on New Year's Eve. The antifascist group staged a similar attack on the AfD's Beatrix von Storch in February, using a man dressed up as a clown to throw cake at the politician.

Migrant crisis means FLESH-EATING disease found in ISIS strongholds has spread to EUROPE

A FLESH-EATING tropical disease spreading across the Middle East because of the devastating impact Islamic State (ISIS) is having on the region could already have reached European shores, experts have warned.Experts are comparing it to Ebola and warn it could rip-through Europe as the putrid conditions many of the overcrowded refugee camps make it fertile breeding ground for the parasitic infection to spread. The horrific disease, which often attacks the face, is becoming rife in ISIS strongholds because the twisted terrorists are leaving bodies to rot in the streets and destroying medical facilities capable of treating it.Cutaneous leishmaniasis, spread by infected sand flies, was a rare condition until ISIS seized control of swathes of Syria, killing thousands of health workers. The disgusting conditions in jihadi-held cities such as Raqqa, Deir al-Zour and Hasakah made it easy for the disease, which causes the skin to change colour and leaves severe scarring, to spread. But, because more than four million civilians have fled Syria, the sickness is rampaging across the region, with hundreds of cases now being reported in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.Between 2000 and 2012, there were only six reported cases of the disease in Lebanon, but in 2013 alone there were 1,033 cases, of which 96 per cent occurred among the displaced Syrian refugees, according to the Lebanese Ministry of Health. With thousands of terrified civilians flocking to Europe, there are fears that the bug could already be on the continent. Tropical medicine expert Dr Waleed Al-Salem, said: "It's a very bad situation. The disease has spread dramatically in Syria, but also into countries like Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and even into southern Europe with refugees coming in."There are thousands of cases in the region but it is still underestimated because no one can count the exact number of people affected. "When people are bitten by a sand-fly - which are tiny and smaller than a mosquito - it can take anything between two to six months to have the infection. "So someone might have picked it up in Syria but then they may have fled into Lebanon or Turkey, or even into Europe as they seek refuge." He added: "Prior to the outbreak of war there was good control of diseases, parasites and sand flies but when the conflict started no one cared, conditions worsened and the health system broke down, which has created an ideal environment for disease outbreaks." Peter Hotez, dean of the US National School of Tropical Medicine, said: "We need to ring fence them or risk another situation like Ebola out of the conflict zones in West Africa in 2014." He added: "We are only getting glimpses of the situation from refugees fleeing the conflict zones and going to camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey."As well as severe scarring, the disease causes open sores on the skin, breathing difficulty, nose bleeds and swallowing difficulties. To tackle the disease, scientists have called for early detection and treatment, training for doctors, improving conditions in refugee camps and continued surveillance after containing the outbreak.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

‘Scared for my life’: Berlin dentist ‘bullied’ by ‘left radicals’ for right-wing party membership

A German dentist has been targeted by a “leftist bullying campaign” for his political views after it became public that he is the spokesman of a local branch of the rightwing Alternative for Germany party.
Marius Radtke, 64, a practicing dentist in Berlin, was targeted by “left extremists” after his part-time job – a spokesman for the district branch of far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party – became known to the public.
The story has been developing for weeks, but seems far from being over, Radtke told RT Deutsch show, Der Fehlende Part. Earlier in March, he received an open letter from Berlin Independent Dentists’ Association, urging him to step down from all professional unions because of his “political involvement.”
“Undemocratic, discriminatory and inhuman statements by your party are in blatant contradiction with your job responsibilities which require an impartial and human provision of medical care for all people in our city,” the letter said.
But the open letter, written in a reserved and polite way, was followed by a bullying campaign, Radtke said. “Left-extremists from [Antifa's branch] distributed flyers against me in my neighborhood in Weissensee [Berlin district]. In one flyer they posted a picture of me, titled ‘A racist in the vicinity.’
The unknown activists also tried to hit Radtke’s wallet by depriving him of clients. His colleagues have received e-mails asking “not to send your patients to [Radtke].” They also staged a rally outside his dental clinic under the slogan “Weissensee is multi-colored.”
“You can imagine that immediately I got not only nervous but I was really scared for my existence. I had this clinic for over 30 years. And I believe over the years I've managed to build a good reputation. And now if my patients stop coming because of this action, my whole business will be in danger,” he said.
The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany is the party that really cares “about problems of ordinary people and their worries,” he claimed. “When some people, not us, take the law into their own hands and commit crimes, it is not because of AfD but because of politicians’ decisions. [They] create an atmosphere of hatred around AfD, which encourages such groups.”
But the party has long been at the heart of public controversy for its anti-Islam and anti-immigrant rhetoric, which some view as demagogic, let alone harsh statements of its leaders that sparked criticism. Founded in 2013 by a group of economists and business people who advocated withdrawal from the Eurozone, it saw the leadership change in 2015 and focused specifically on Muslims and Germany’s migration policy.
The current party leader, 41-year-old Frauke Petry, told RT: “The existence of the AFD, which of course brings subjects on the agenda in a provocative way, looks as if we weren’t peaceful in the first place. But we believe in a very simple rule. You can only reach a consensus in society if you have lived the controversy before.”
Petry, previously a chemist and businesswoman, has been under fire in January, when she said that German police, “as a last resort,” must have a right to shoot at refugees crossing the border illegally.
Many in Germany viewed the statement as inflammatory, with the head of German police union Jorg Radek, telling Deutsche Welle at the time: “Whoever wants to deploy such methods clearly wants to suspend the rule of law.”
The party also takes tough stance on what it calls the “Islamization of Germany,” the hot issue that overlaps with slogans seen on rallies of another anti-immigrant movement, PEGIDA. Critics accuse such parties of playing people’s darkest emotions and promoting xenophobic ideas. AfD has been accused of using language similar to that of Adolf Hitler.
Despite widespread criticism and controversy, the AfD performed well at the recent regional election in March. It came third after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) percent, and the Social Democrats and scored 13.2 percent of the vote.
“Mainstream parties are paying the price for the voters’ protest,” CDU’s regional secretary general in Hessen, Manfred Pentz, told Suddeutsche Zeitung, adding that the party benefits from anti-immigrant backlash amid the heavy refugee crisis in Europe.

Western Europeans Flock To Christian, Traditionalist Hungary To Escape Migrant Crisis

 by Oliver JJ Lane

Growing numbers of citizens from Western European nations are moving to conservative, Christian central Europe to escape the developing political and social situations of their home countries. While the target nations — Hungary and the Czech Republic — have hardened themselves against illegal migrants by building fences and rejecting the European Union’s forced resettlement programme, they have welcomed the migration of right-wing “refugees” from the first world.
Germany’s Bayerischer Rundfunk reports on the experience of an estate agent with experience selling homes in Hungary’s picturesque Lake Balaton who said the number of “disaffected” Germans seeking property there to escape their own country was on the rise.
Estate agent Ottmar Heide said now eight in ten of his customers were leaving Germany and moving to Hungary because of the migrant crisis, and the potentially millions of non-Europeans who will move to Germany every year. The fact that there is already a large German speaking community around the lake, the country is Christian, property and cost of living is cheap, and there are no “migrants” are all reasons for people choosing to move there, claims the report.
One of Mr. Heide’s customers made quite clear for the report why he was moving to Hungary. Michael Müller, a computer scientist and anti mass migration, counter-Islamification Alternative for Germany (AfD) party supporter said he wanted to retire early to somewhere he could feel safe. He told Bayerischer Rundfunk: “in my home-town, when I go out in the afternoon I hardly ever hear a spoken sentence that is [in good German]”.
Mr. Müller even used a special German word to describe the situation at home — “überfremdet” — ‘excessively foreign’.
Another German who was already living at the lake expressed concern over the number of mosques being built in Germany.
It isn’t just Germans who are moving to Hungary to escape the migrant crisis. The Visegrad Post reports this week on the prevalence of native Belgians moving to Hungary, and for just the same reasons. Belgium sends per capita the most fighters to join the Islamic State, and is one of the most Islamised nations in Western Europe.
The Post reports between 2011 and 2015, the number of Belgian ex-pats living in Hungary registered with their national embassy increased from 463 to 900. It reports that better weather and freedom from fear of terror attack are other ‘pull factors’.
Breitbart London has before reported on this phenomenon of ‘white flight’ to Europe’s more conservative countries. A March report showed young professionals moving from countries with high Muslim migration and youth unemployment such as Spain moving to Czech capital Prague. The city benefits from traditional architecture, safe streets, and according to at least one man interviewed — attractive women.

Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?

In Sweden's last census in which citizens were asked about their religious beliefs, in 1930, fifteen people said that they were Muslims. Since 1975, when Sweden started its transformation from a homogenous, Swedish country into a multicultural and multi-religious one, the number of Muslims has exploded. Now, approximately one million Muslims live here -- Sunni, Shia and Ahmadiyya from all the corners of the world -- and Mosques are built and planned all over the country.
No one, however, seems to have asked the crucial question upon which Sweden's future depends: Is Islam compatible with democracy?
The Swedish establishment has not grasped that Islam is more than a private religion, and therefore it dismisses all questions about Islam with the argument that Sweden has freedom of religion.
Two facts point to Islam not being compatible with democracy. First, there is no country where Islam is dominant that can be considered a democracy with freedom of speech and equal justice under law. Some point to Malaysia and Indonesia -- two countries where flogging and other corporal punishments are meted out, for example, to women showing too much hair or skin, as well as to anyone who makes fun of, questions or criticizes Islam. Others point to Turkey as an example of an "Islamic democracy" -- a country which routinely imprisons journalists, political dissidents and random people thought to have "offended" President Erdogan, "Islam" or "the nation."
Second, Muslims in Europe vote collectively. In France, 93% of Muslims voted for the current president, François Hollande, in 2012. In Sweden, the Social Democrats reported that 75% of Swedish Muslims voted for them in the general election of 2006; and studies show that the "red-green" bloc gets 80-90% of the Muslim vote.
It is no secret that democracy can be used to abolish democracy -- yet, this crucial issue is completely taboo in Sweden. Politicians, authorities and journalists all see Islam as just another religion. They seem to have no clue that Islam is also a political ideology, a justice system (sharia) and a specific culture that has rules for virtually everything in a person's life: how to dress; who your friends should be; which foot should go first when you enter the bathroom. Granted, not all Muslims follow all these rules, but that does not change the fact that Islam aspires to control every aspect of human life -- the very definition of a totalitarian ideology.
While the establishment closes its eyes to the problems that come with a rapidly growing Muslim population in Sweden, ordinary Swedes seem to be growing increasingly upset. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, however, appears to be at a complete loss as to why this is. He recently told the British newspaper, Financial Times:
"But the more surreal thing is that all the numbers are going in the right direction, but the picture the public have is that the country is now going in the wrong direction. It's not only a question about if they are afraid of the refugee crisis; it's as if everything is going in the wrong direction."
This comment says a lot about how disconnected Prime Minister Löfven is from the reality that ordinary Swedes are facing. The mainstream media withhold information about most of the violence that goes on in, and around, the asylum houses in the country, and it is not very likely that Stefan Löfven reads the alternative media sites; he and others in power have, in unison, dubbed them "hate sites." He obviously has no idea about the anger and despair many Swedes are now feeling. It may have finally begun to dawn on them that Swedish Sweden will soon be lost forever, and in many areas replaced by a Middle Eastern state of affairs where different immigrant groups (mainly Muslims) make war on each other as well as on the Swedes.
The people suffering most cruelly in the "New Sweden" are the elderly. The costs of immigration borne by the welfare state have led to a quarter of a million retirees living below the EU poverty line. Meanwhile, the government recently added another 30 billion kronor (about $3.6 billion) to the migration budget. The 70 billion kronor ($8.4 billion) Sweden will spend on asylum seekers in 2016 is more than what the entire police force and justice system cost, more than national defense costs, and twice the amount of child benefits.
Sweden's 9.5 million residents are thus forced to spend 70 billion kronor on letting citizens of other countries come in. In comparison, the United States, with its 320 million residents, spent $1.56 billion on refugees in 2015. The editorial columnist PM Nilsson commented in the business paper, Dagens Industri:
"To understand the scope of the increase in spending, a historic look back can be worthwhile. When the right bloc came to power in 2006, the cost was 8 billion [kronor] a year. In 2014, it had gone up to 24 billion. That summer, then Minister of Finance Anders Borg talked about the increase being the most dramatic shift in the state budget he had ever seen. The year after, 2015, the cost rose to 35 billion, and in 2016, it is projected to rise to 70 billion."
For many years, the politicians managed to fool the Swedish people into thinking that even if immigration presented an initial cost, the immigrants would soon enable the country to turn a profit. Now, more and more research indicates that the asylum seeker immigrants rarely or never find work. The daily newspaper Sydsvenskan reported in February, for example, that 64% of Malmö's immigrants are still unemployed after living in Sweden for ten years. The government openly calculates in its budget that in four years, 980,000 people will be living on either sickness benefits, disability pensions, unemployment benefits, "introduction benefits" or social welfare.
Swedes, who for many years have paid the highest taxes in the world without whining, are now taking to social media to express their anger that their money is going to citizens of other countries. More and more Swedes are choosing to emigrate from Sweden, mainly to the other Nordic countries, but also to Spain, Portugal and Great Britain, where taxes on pensions are considerably less.
But there are worse problems than the economic aspect. A sense of insecurity and fear has gripped the many Swedes who live close to asylum houses. On some level, the government seems to have grasped that danger: in a recent decision to continue maintaining border controls, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman wrote:
"The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap), MSB, makes the assessment that the flow of migrants still brings challenges to upholding security in society, when it comes to the ability to maintain certain important public functions, among other things. Several of these challenges are expected to persist over time. The Police Authority's assessment is still that a serious threat to public order and internal security exists. The Immigration Service still advocates border controls."
Despite these ominous words, politicians still do not seem to understand that many Swedes are already experiencing "a serious threat to public order and internal security." New asylum houses are opening at an alarming pace, against the will of the people living near them. In the Stockholm suburb of Spånga-Tensta, on April 15, local authorities held a public meeting, the purpose of which was to allow local residents to ask the politicians and officials questions about planned housing for 600 migrants -- next to a school. The meeting, which was filmed, showed a riotous mood among those gathered there, many shouting that they were going to fight "until their last breath" to keep the plans from materializing.
Some of the comments and questions were:
  • "We have seen how many problems there have been at other asylum houses – stabbings, rapes and harassment. How can you guarantee the safety for us citizens? This is going to create a sense of us against them, it's going to create hate! Why these large houses, why not small ones with ten people in each? Why haven't you asked us, the people who live here, if we want this? How will you make this safe for us?"
  • "We already have problems at the existing asylum houses. It's irresponsible of you to create a situation where we put our own and our children's health in jeopardy, with people who are not feeling well and are in the wrong environment. Why is this house right next to a school? What is your analysis?"
  • "Will Swedes be allowed to live in these houses? Our young people have nowhere to live. You politicians should solve the housing issue for the people already living here, not for all the people in the world."
When the chairman of the meeting, Green Party representative Awad Hersi, of Somali descent, thanked the audience for the questions without giving any answers, the mood approached that of a lynch mob. People shouted: "Answer! Answer our questions! We demand answers!"
Everything points to the so far docile Swedes now having had enough of the irresponsible immigration policy that has been going on for many years, under socialist and conservative governments alike.
People are furious at the wave of rapes that have given Sweden the second-highest rate of rape in the world, after only Lesotho, and that recently forced the Östersund police to issue a warning to women and girls not to go outside alone after dark. People are scared: the number of murders and manslaughters has soared. During the first three months of this year alone, there have been 40 murders and 57 attempted murders, according to statistics compiled by the journalist Elisabeth Höglund.
The authorities have long claimed that lethal violence in Sweden is on the decline, but that is compared to a record-breaking year, 1989, when mass immigration to Sweden was already in full swing. If one instead were to compare the present to the 1950s and 1960s, when Sweden was still a homogenous country, the number of murders and manslaughters has doubled. Recently, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet), BRÅ, had to admit that lethal violence did, in fact, increase in 2015, when 112 people were killed -- 25 more than the year before. It was also revealed that the kind of lethal violence that has gone down was run-of-the-mill drunken homicides committed by Swedes, while the number of gangster-style hits carried out by immigrants has gone up dramatically. Improved trauma care for wounded victims also helps keep the number of murders and manslaughters down.
A recent poll showed that 53% of Swedes now think immigration is the most important issue facing the country. The change from 2015 is dramatic -- last year, only 27% said that immigration was most important. Another poll showed that 70% of Swedes feel that the amount of immigration to Sweden is too high. This is the fourth year in a row that skepticism about the magnitude of immigration has increased.
More and more people also seem to worry about the future of Sweden as a democracy with an increasing number of Muslims -- through continued immigration as well as Muslim women having significantly more children than Swedish women do.
As statistics on religious beliefs are no longer kept, no one knows exactly how many Muslims are in Sweden. Last year, a poll showed that Swedes believe 17% of the population is Muslim, while the actual number, according to the polling institute Ipsos Mori, may be more like 5%. The company does not account for how it arrived at this number, and it is in all likelihood much too low. Ipsos Mori probably counted how many members Muslim congregations and organizations have, but as Islam is also a culture, and the country is equally affected by the Muslims who do not actively practice their faith, yet live according to Islamic culture.
In 2012, the Swedish alternative newspaper, Dispatch International, calculated how many Muslims were registered residents of Sweden at that time, based on the Swedish name registry. The number the paper arrived at was 574,000, plus or minus 20,000. For obvious reasons, illegals and asylum seekers were not included. The actual number may therefore have been much higher.
Since then, close to 300,000 people have sought asylum in Sweden. Not all of them have had their applications approved, but despite that, very few actually leave Sweden. The Immigration Service told Gatestone Institute that only 9,700 people were deported last year. Most asylum seekers are Muslim, which means that the number of Muslims in Sweden is fast approaching one million, or 10% of the population.
In his book Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat, published in 2005, Dr. Peter Hammond describes what has always happened throughout history when the number of Muslims in a country increases. Admittedly generalities, Hammond outlines the following:
  • As long as the Muslims make up about 1%, they are generally considered a peace-loving minority who do not bother anyone.
  • At 2-3%, some start proselytizing to other minorities and disgruntled groups, especially in prison and among street gangs.
  • At 5%, Muslims have an unreasonably large influence relative to their share of the population. Many demand halal slaughtered meat, and have been pushing the food industry to produce and sell it. They have also started to work toward the government giving them autonomy under sharia law. Hammond writes that the goal of Islam is not to convert the whole world, but rather, to establish sharia law all over the world.
  • When Muslims reach 10%, historically, lawlessness increases. Some start to complain about their situation, start riots and car fires, and threaten people they feel insult Islam.
  • At 20%, violent riots erupt, jihadi militia groups are formed, people are murdered, and churches and synagogues are set ablaze.
  • When the Muslims reach 40% of the population, there are widespread massacres, constant terror attacks and militia warfare.
  • At 60%, there is the possibility of uninhibited persecution of non-Muslims, sporadic ethnic cleansing, possible genocide, implementation of sharia law and jizya (the tax for "protection" that unbelievers must pay).
  • When there are 80% Muslims in the country, they have taken control of the government apparatus and are, as in, for instance, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, committing violence in the name of Islam or political power.
  • When 100% are Muslims, the peace in the house of Islam is supposed to come -- hence the claim that Islam is the "religion of peace."
Hammond also writes that in many countries, such as France, Belgium, Great Britain and Sweden, most of the Muslim population lives in Islamic enclaves -- and apparently prefer not to be assimilated into a Western society. This detachment strengthens the group internally, allowing them to exercise greater power than their share of the population might indicate.
Hammond's description of the 10%-limit accurately describes Sweden. In the so-called exclusion areas, there are car torchings every day, and riots occur in the cities. (To name but a few examples, there were serious riots in Malmö 2008, Gothenburg 2009, Stockholm 2013, and Norrköping and Växjö 2015.) Sometimes, the unrest starts after a local Muslim has been arrested or shot by the police. Muslim leaders then immediately say they sympathize with their people's reaction. During the Husby riots in 2013, Rami Al-Khamisi of the youth organization "Megafonen" wrote: "We can see why people are reacting this way."
The artist Lars Vilks, who drew the Muslim prophet Muhammed as a roundabout dog, has been the target of several assassination attempts, and now lives under round-the-clock police protection.
Yet, almost no one in Sweden is willing to speak of these problems and how it all fits together. For months, Gatestone Institute has called politicians, civil servants, organizations and various minority groups, to ask how they feel about Islam in Sweden. Do they think Islam is compatible with democracy, freedom of speech and legal equality -- and if so, in what way or what way not?
The questions seemed to provoke anger as well as fear. Some of the people we called said they were angry at the mere questions, but assured the callers that Islam poses no problem whatsoever for Sweden. Others appeared frightened and refused to answer altogether. In the hopes of getting at least some honest answers, we presented ourselves as ordinary, concerned Swedes. Countless people hung up the phone, and in general, many answers pointed to an abysmal ignorance about what Islam is, what consequences the Islamization of a country might have, or how much trouble Sweden really is in. The country appears totally unprepared for what lies ahead.