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Sweden’s Anti-Mass Migration Movement: ‘We Will Be The Largest Party After The Election’

 by Oliver JJ Lane

The leader of the Sweden Democrats party has used a significant interview with his nation’s largest newspaper to set out his stall for the next general election, claiming his party will be the largest in parliament after the vote. Jimmie Åkesson’s Eurosceptic Sweden democrats are enjoying a historic surge of interest thanks to their long-espoused hard-line approach to mass migration during the migrant crisis. While they have held the top spot in Swedish opinion polls repeatedly over the past year the present mainstream narrative is that his party is now slipping two years short of the next general election.
Speaking to AftonBladet today, Mr Åkesson has said his apparently eroded lead in the polls is down to a massive shift in what is often considered to be one of Europe’s most left-wing and pro mass migration nations to the right, thanks to his party. And despite the mainstream parties beginning to understand some of what he has been saying for years on border control and repatriation of foreigners, he still thinks his party is going to come out of the next election as the largest — a “30 per cent party”.
Far from the party now growing tired half way through the parliament, Mr Åkesson said they were only now “reaping what they sowed during all [last] year”. He said of their position: “It looks very good. We have seen an increase in our party that I think is unprecedented in modern times.
“It has slowed a little now, but into the bargain we have a whole new debate about immigration and integration policies [and the ball is in] our court”.
On the paradigm shift in Swedish politics and his own polling, the Sweden Democrats leader said: “I think it is partly because the other parties have started talking about our issues, in particular [the liberal conservative Moderate party].
“We received reports of enormous desperation in the Moderate line when in a few months we took lots of voters from them and went up in the polls. That they started to position themselves closer to us, I see as a success.
“We will not get 50 percent of votes in the next election, so we need to have other parties with us to implement our policy. If we lose a few percentage points [is] irrelevant, what is important is that the number of immigration-critical politicians in parliament has increased”.
The nature of Swedish politics, which requires a number of small parties to join together to form diverse coalitions informs Mr Åkesson’s thinking, as not even the most powerful mainstream parties are able to form majority governments.
Conscious that even if he controlled the largest party the Sweden Democrats might still not be able to form a coalition themselves but instead may have to submit to an unusual situation where they were the largest, but junior member of a coalition government Mr Åkesson said even simple things like “formalised cooperation or budget negotiations would not matter, as long as we get our policies through”.
Without these policies, the Sweden Democrat leader sees a grim future for his nation. Concluding on the greatest challenge the Nordic nation now faces, he remarked: “It is to hold Sweden together in the long term.
“We see a segregated, polarized, fragmented Sweden today, in part because of migrants, but not wholly because. Sweden is divided in other ways and in other directions.
“We need to stick together and we should do this through welfare initiatives, integration efforts, and job policies”.

Turkey's Growing Influence over Islam in Austria

The selection of an ethnic Turk to lead the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (Islamischen Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich, IGGiÖ), the primary representative of Muslims in the country, is being challenged by Muslim groups opposed to Turkey's growing influence over the practice of Islam in Austria.
Ibrahim Olgun, a 28-year-old Austrian-born Islamic theologian with ties to the Turkish state, was quietly named on June 19 to replace 62-yer-old Fuat Sanac, who stepped down after serving as IGGiÖ president for five years.
Sanac, also a Turk, was reviled by Turkish authorities for helping the Austrian government draft a new Islam Law (Islamgesetz) that aims to promote an "Islam with an Austrian character." The law, which was promulgated in February 2015, seeks to reduce outside meddling by prohibiting foreign funding for mosques, imams and Muslim organizations in Austria. It also stresses that Austrian law must take precedence over Islamic Sharia law for Muslims living in the country.
Observers worry that Olgun — a member of the Turkey-financed Turkish-Islamic Union for Cultural and Social Cooperation in Austria (ATIB), an influential group that has vowed to challenge the Islam Law at Austria's Constitutional Court — will use his new position both to undermine the Islam Law and to increase further Turkey's influence over Muslims in Austria.
At least eight Austrian Muslim groups (representing Albanian, Arab, Bosnian and Sufi Muslims) are challenging Olgun, who was selected by the IGGiÖ's Shura Council (Schurarat), a rules committee (Shura is an Arabic word for consultation) whose five members all happen to be ethnic Turks.
IGGiÖ statutes require a person to be at least 35 years old to head the group, but the Shura Council secretly annulled that stipulation last December, according to Hassan Mousa, head of the Arab Religious Community in Austria (Arabischen Kultusgemeinde in Österreich). He said that Olgun's selection was "undemocratic" and "illegal" and added that his ties to ATIB would shift IGGiÖ's balance of power further in Turkey's direction.
ATIB, an umbrella group that operates more than 60 mosques in Austria, is directly managed by the religious affairs attaché at the Turkish embassy in Vienna, and the imams of these mosques are Turkish civil servants. ATIB and its German counterpart, the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), are financed by the Turkish government's Directorate for Religious Affairs, known in Turkish as Diyanet.
According to the Berlin-based expert on Turkey, Ralph Ghadban, the primary mission of ATIB and DITIB is to "install the Turkish government's official version of Islam" in Austria and Germany. He says the two groups are the "extended arms" of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who uses them to promote Turkish nationalism as an antidote to integration among the Turkish diaspora.
Ghadban warns that the Islam being preached in Turkish-controlled mosques in Europe is a "Sharia Islam with strong Turkish-nationalist overtones" that calls for a "strict separation from Western individualistic values." He also says that DITIB has been strengthening its ties to Milli Görüs (Turkish for "National Vision"), an influential Islamist movement strongly opposed to Muslim integration into European society.
Olgun, who studied Islamic theology at the University of Ankara, has vowed to represent all Muslims in Turkey:
"I myself have experienced what it is like to grow up in Austria and to question my own identity. What is religion and what is tradition? It is worthwhile to reflect on it and then do theological research. Today I feel at home as a Muslim in Austria, but I also do not forget my roots. Therefore I will build bridges."
Olgun insists that he will not be Erdogan's puppet and will not allow himself to be influenced by ATIB. Until recently, however, Olgun was ATIB's point man for "interreligious dialogue," a key method of spreading Islam in the West by portraying it as a religion of peace and tolerance.
In Austria, ATIB directly competes with the Vienna-based, Saudi-funded King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, which, according to critics, is a permanent "propaganda center" in central Europe from which to spread the conservative Wahhabi sect of Islam.
Olgun also was an "inspector for Islamic religious instruction" (Fachinspektor für islamischen Religionsunterricht) for the IGGiÖ in Vienna, where he worked to ensure that Muslim children are being taught a version of Islam that presumably complies with standards established by the Turkish government.
The IGGiÖ, which represents more than 250 Muslim associations across Austria, supplies state-funded Islamic religious education at Austrian public and private schools.
In 2014, the IGGiÖ introduced new taxpayer-funded textbooks for the formal teaching of Islam in all public elementary schools across the country. According to the IGGiÖ, the new textbooks — called "Islam Hour" (Islamstunde) — are based on "secure and recognized sources of Islam" aimed at "embedding Islam into the lives of students."
Unlike previous versions of the books, which were criticized for being "overly martial in tone" and for not being "sufficiently oriented toward European values," the new books have been developed based a "completely new didactic model for competency-based education."
In February 2016, however, the University of Vienna published study which found that Islamic kindergartens in the capital are dominated by "intellectual Salafists and political Islamists" who are contributing to the "theologically-motivated isolation" of Muslim pupils. The report calls into question claims by the IGGiÖ that anti-Western textbooks have been removed from Austrian schools: "In many of their publications the Muslim Brotherhood and Milli Görüs reject the Western way of life as an inferior worldview."
Olgun rejects the criticism levelled against him: "They say that I am too young, that I am the extended arm of the Turkish state. That is not true. I was born in Austria. I grew up here and am an Austrian citizen. I am not a Turkish civil servant."
Olgun's supporters say it is time for a "generational change" at the IGGiÖ because Austria's Muslim community is young and growing fast. The Muslim population in Austria now exceeds 500,000 (or roughly 6% of the total population), up from an estimated 150,000 (or 2%) in 1990. The Muslim population is expected to reach 800,000 (or 9.5%) by 2030, according to recent estimates.
Muslim students now outnumber Roman Catholic students at middle and secondary schools in Vienna, according to official statistics, which show that Muslim students are also on the verge of overtaking Catholics in Viennese elementary schools. The data confirms a massive demographic and religious shift in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country.

UK ‘Rapper’ Threatens To Run A Migrant Sex ‘Train’ On Nigel Farage’s Young Daughter

 by Raheem Kassam

A ‘grime’ rapper from Bradford has ostensibly threatened the gang rape of one of UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage’s young daughters, Breitbart London can reveal. Lunar C – real name Jake Brook – tweeted ahead of Britain’s European Union referendum that he and “his pals” would “run a train” on Mr. Farage’s daughter. He did not specify which daughter, but Mr. Farage’s young girls are aged 9 and 15 respectively.
The comment went largely unnoticed at the time, apart from a few supportive retweets from Mr. Brook’s followers. Mr. Brook has, this afternoon, reached out to Breitbart London to apologise. He has also deleted the tweet.
Mr. Brook’s original tweet, below, came less than four hours after Labour MP Jo Cox was stabbed and shot on a street in Birstill, just 6 miles from Bradford.
The message read: “Here’s a pic of me n my pals on our way to run a train on @Nigel_Farage’s daughter”. He attached a picture of a horde of migrants, as used in UKIP’s famous “Breaking Point” poster. Mr. Brook’s claim that these migrants are rapists may also upset left-wing, open borders campaigners, as it coincides with Sweden’s launch of anti-rape wristbands to deter “rapefugees”.
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 13.32.58
And his comments are somewhat derivative. Mr. Brook appears to be mimicking rapper Azalea Banks, who was forced to apologise after tweeting threateningly about U.S. politician Sarah Palin.
In April Ms. Banks said: “Lets find the biggest burliest blackest negroes and let them run a train on her”.
A “train” is slang for a group sex act where a large number of men line up to have sex with the same woman. The act would be gang rape without repeated, individual consent of the woman.
Ten days ago Breitbart London reported on the spate of threats aimed at the UKIP leader. Instead of reporting on this, the mainstream media focused on a small rise in reported hate crimes, some of which have turned out to be people phoning the police to claim Nigel Farage offends them.
Some news outlets have begun reporting in the past 48 hours on threats to Mr. Farage and his family.
At the time of going to publication, Breitbart London received the following message from Mr. Brook:
“Hello I just wanted to message you to say I understand your anger at the tweet if that’s the way you took it but in no way was it a threat and nothing I said implied ‘rape’ I had no idea he had a daughter never mind young daughters which is why I deleted the tweet I realise you are using this as a way to get at people who are angry at the referendum but don’t try to twist my words please I immediately apologised and deleted the tweet please show me the same respect”.
He also tweeted:


Foreign Minister Foresees Breakup Of EU Over Migrant Policy

 Austrian Foreign Minister
 by Oliver JJ Lane

The Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has warned of a coming “conflagration” in the European Union, and has blamed the mass migration policy for the political power bloc’s woes. Seeing the outcome of Europe’s present migrant crisis as nothing short of the breakup of the European Union (EU), Mr. Kurz said it was time for serious action to be taken on immigration, reports Die Welt. Identifying their northern neighbours and the commanding force in the EU as a source of resistance to a more nuanced approach to mass migration, Mr. Kurz said “I would like to see more understanding in Germany of our position, especially as Germany has no problem with [maintaining] controls on our border”.
Foreign minister Mr. Kurz, one of the youngest senior ministers in Europe, supported a significantly more radical approach to the ingress of migrants from the Mediterranean than is presently openly accepted as possible in Berlin and Brussels.
Following his suggestion of migrant holding islands in the Mediterranean where illegals could be safely kept and processed before being either deported or accepted into Europe, Mr. Kurz said today on his ambition to prevent Europe imploding: “When those who are on their way illegally to Europe, they have to be stopped at the EU’s external border and are best returned to their country of origin.
“Then we don’t support the smugglers, because then more and more make their way, and even more people will drown.” Mr. Kurz called the EU’s migration policy a “dramatic failure” today.
The Foreign Minister called for a “streamlining of competences” in Brussels and for the bloc to confront the “big questions”, adding that it was urgent for the power bloc to change fast or perish. He said: “Only by a fast pace of change can we stop a conflagration. The EU needs to be reorganised. Everyone who supports Europe needs to be a driver for change”.
These remarks followed others Mr. Kurz made on Friday, immediately after Britain’s vote to leave the EU, when he said he could not “rule out” a domino-effect of nations scrambling to get out of the EU. Again he pointed to the migrant crisis as the driving force, remarking: “the high level of dissatisfaction about the levels of migration is also present in other countries, especially with the lack of [action from the] EU on the refugee crisis”.

REVEALED: ‘Rise In Hate Crimes’ Includes People Phoning Police To Complain About Nigel Farage, Says Police Chief

A reported “rise in hate crime” is actually a rise in hate crime reporting, with most being “low level” issues, according to Essex’s Assistant Chief Constable.


Maurice Mason was speaking to the assembled councillors at Thurrock Council on Wednesday night, according to Your Thurrock, and revealed that 46 complaints of hate crimes across the county since last Friday had been logged. This is the “spike” that is being referred to in the mainstream media.
But some of the incidents are as simple as people calling the police to complain about the UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage.
“Some members of the public complaining about Nigel Farage, or whatever, that will get recorded as a hate crime no matter what it is. If the person feels its a hate crime it will get recorded as a hate crime”.
Earlier this week Breitbart London revealed how social justice warriors and pro-EU activists are gathering on Facebook pages to encourage one another to report “hate crimes” they witness. Journalists are stalking said Facebook pages in order to find stories.
And the National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Hate Crime has also skewered the mainstream media and ‘Remain’ politicians’ narrative that there has been a confirmed spike in hate crimes across the United Kingdom since the country voted to leave the European Union (EU).
Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said that while reporting of hate crimes had risen via an online form, there was no evidence to suggest that this was uniquely related to a Brexit vote, nor that the crimes have actually been committed.

Breitbart London has begun compiling eyewitness statements of how Leave campaigners are being targeted and abused for their voting preference, a trend confirmed by the Times Educational Supplement which has said that Leave voters are more likely to be the victims of discrimination than Remain voters.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stonewalling Muslim Homophobia: When gay people ally with their killers.

by Daniel Greenfield 

At the New York City LGBT Pride parade marchers carried a rainbow flag imprinted with black letters, “Republican Hate Kills!” That same day, Islamist Turkey dispersed an attempt at a gay pride parade in Istanbul with tear gas and rubber bullets. Turkish cops in gas masks wearing black converged on a few hundred protesters, seized their rainbow flags and detained a number of prominent figures.
The week before that, a Trans Pride parade in Istanbul had been shut down the same way. Last year, the gay pride parade had been stopped with tear gas and water cannons.
The overlap of the date for the event with the Islamic period of Ramadan ended up dooming the parade. It was eventually banned for security reasons because “provocative acts and events may take place when the sensitivities that have emerged in society are taken into account”. What did that mean?
The Anatolia Muslim Youth Association had warned that it would act "to prevent fa...ts from marching". The Muslim Youth Association, a notoriously jolly bunch, had previously made headlines for putting up anti-Christmas posters showing Muslims punching Santa in the face.
Only in the Muslim world does a War on Christmas go together with gay bashing.
The Muslim Youth Association is one of the leaves on the old Islamist Milli Gorus tree. Milli Gorus believes in a vast Jewish-Catholic-Protestant conspiracy against Turkey. The biggest leaf on that tree though is the AKP whose Islamist politicians rule over Turkey. The Muslim Youth Association still worships at the altar of Necmettin Erbakan, the bigoted former Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey who served as a mentor to Turkey’s current big boss Erdogan.
And the Anatolia Muslim Youth Association is not just a concern for Turkey. It has a branch in the United Status. Various Milli Gorus groups have tens of thousands of recruits in Europe and other countries.
Not that the New York LGBT marchers would care about any of that. Nor would they be interested in the fact that Omar Mateen, the Orlando gay club Jihadist, was a registered Democrat who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State whose solution to gay rights is throwing gay men off buildings.
Hillary Clinton put in an appearance at the New York parade, but Omar had liked her. So did the ”moderate” Muslim Brotherhood whose spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi had called for lashing gays or possibly putting them to death. He also praised Hitler for trying to exterminate the Jews and wrote that female genital mutilation “enhances” a wife’s “conjugal relation with her husband”. The third wife of the 89-year-old cleric, who also believes that Islam allows wife-beating, had no comment.
Huma Abedin, Hillary’s aide who accompanied her to the LGBT Pride parade, is the daughter of a Muslim Sisterhood member who was linked to Qaradawi. In Women in Islam, the book written by Huma’s mother, lashing for “fornicators”, a term that Qaradawi would apply to gay people, is endorsed. It also justifies the murder of Muslims who leave Islam and okays female genital mutilation.
The “internet” has been blamed for “radicalizing” Omar Mateen, the Pulse terrorist. But Omar didn’t need the internet.
Omar Mateen’s father was a fan of the Taliban. Aside from murdering women who didn’t wear Burqas, the Taliban executed gay men by burying them alive. "Allah will punish those involved in homosexuality," Omar’s dad told the media.
In Afghanistan, the Mateen clan’s country of origin, homosexual acts carry the death penalty. Omar’s native language was Afghani. It might make sense to wonder whether it wasn’t Afghanistan that “radicalized” both father and son.
But there really is nothing “radical” about the Islamic murder of gay people. There are plenty of Muslim countries that punish gay men with death. Most others will usually criminalize it in some fashion. Mohammed’s command to kill gay men appears in numerous Islamic Hadiths. His successor had a gay man burned at the stake. His son-in-law had a gay man thrown from the minaret of a mosque.
These were the highest authorities in Islam. When ISIS throws gay men off buildings, it is following in the footsteps of the mainstream founders and leaders of the Islamic religion.
The Husseini Islamic Center in Sanford, Florida, had invited an Islamic scholar who had called for killing gay people. “Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this, death is the sentence…we have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it’s the same, out of compassion. Let’s get rid of them now.”
The speaker’s native Iran practices what he preaches quite assiduously by getting “rid of them now”.
Omar Mateen’s mother-in-law was quite fond of Hamas, an Islamic group whose co-founder has said, “You in the West do not live like human beings. You do not even live like animals. You accept homosexuality”. Currently, the penalty runs to about ten years. Did this have anything to do with the reluctance of Omar’s wife to turn in her husband before he murdered 49 people at Pulse?
Of course this is a conversation that we can’t and won’t have.
The media tells us incessantly that Omar Mateen’s massacre had nothing to do with Islam even though he announced that he was an “Islamic Soldier” and declared, “In the name of Allah, the merciful, praise be to Allah, and prayers as well as peace upon the prophet of Allah. I let you know, I'm in Orlando and I did the shootings.”
The various news organizations have circulated more conspiracy theories about Omar’s killing spree than they have about the JFK assassination. But the inconvenient truth is that Omar was an Islamic terrorist. He had as much to do with Republicans as the marchers at the LGBT Pride parade.
But this inconvenient truth is too inconvenient for an activist culture that is far more invested in leveraging the Pulse terrorist attack for political gain than preventing it from happening again.
In activist culture, Muslims are political allies and Republicans are political enemies. Even though Trump’s proposal for a Muslim travel ban would actually prevent future Islamic terror attacks on gay nightspots while their Muslim political allies would wind up seeing to it that more attacks take place.
It’s easier to stonewall any conversation about Islamic violence toward gays than to deal with the new changed threat environment after the Pulse attack. But that just makes another attack inevitable.
Muslim terrorists like to repeat their greatest hits. The World Trade Center bombing led to 9/11. The 2012 attacks on US diplomatic facilities were timed for that same date. Muslim terrorists have repeatedly targeted synagogues with little success. Omar’s body count will likely encourage them to think that gay nightspots are an easier target. And if “Republican Hate Kills” becomes the takeaway message in the gay community, then the terrorists might just end up being proven right once again.
As long as gay people continue to be wedded to an activist culture that demands alliances with their killers, then the sum of their activism will be to make the next massacre and the one after that possible.

VIDEO -- Geert Wilders: Stand for Freedom!

Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders discusses the dangers of the Islamization of the West and the growing influence of Sharia law. He outlines his plans to defend the identity and civilization of the West from indoctrination.

UK PM Blames Open Borders Migration for Brexit


by Daniel Greenfield 

 Cameron is stating the belatedly obvious. Merkel helped cause Brexit.
In his final meeting with EU leaders before standing down as Prime Minister, Mr Cameron claimed that British voters backed a Brexit because people believe the country has “no control” of its borders. Setting out the basis for a future British deal with the EU, he said Britain would only be able to maintain access to the single market if the bloc agreed to look again at its policy of open borders.
Good luck with that.
 Merkel dug the EU into this hole which helped make Brexit and then perhaps Frexit inevitable. The end result can be thought of as a German victory only in the same pyrrhic sense as WW1 and WW2. Germany gets Eastern Europe. Turkey gets Germany. Arguably you can see a straight line from WW1 to this thorough disaster from the idealistic rhetoric about a world without war through unity to Germany's deadly flirtation with Islam and the Ottoman Empire.


Brits Oppose 2nd EU Referendum By Two To One

by Nick Hallett

 The British public oppose holding a second referendum on EU membership by a margin of almost two to one. A YouGov poll published today shows that less than a third of the public, 31 per cent, believe the referendum should be re-run. By contrast, 58 per cent say it should not, while 11 per cent do not know.
This includes 91 per cent of ‘Leave’ voters who do not want a second vote, and also 29 per cent of ‘Remain’ voters.
Even if Scotland threatened to break away from the United Kingdom, 51 per cent would still oppose a second vote. Only three in 10 would support it.
There is also no appetite for holding a referendum once the terms of Britain’s withdrawal have been decided, with just 33 per cent calling for a vote in such a circumstance, compared to 51 per cent who would oppose it.
Since the referendum, various media outlets have been pushing the narrative of “Bregret” – ‘Leave’ supporters supposedly changing their minds and expression their regret for voting as they did.
However, the poll shows there is little evidence that this is widespread, with just six per cent of people who voted ‘Leave’ wanting a second referendum.
The poll does, however, confirm the view that ‘Remain’ voters are sore losers, with 61 per cent thinking Britain should return to the polls on the issue. However, only 36 per cent of them want to hold it immediately, with the rest wanting to delay it until some point in the future.
In a warning to Conservative leadership candidates who may be having second thoughts on scrapping EU freedom of movement rules, the poll also shows that 48 per cent of the public expect immigration to be more tightly controlled after Britain leaves the EU, compared to 42 per cent who think it will not be.

Media Ignores Soaring Left Wing Hate Crime, Focuses On Fewer ‘Far-Right’ Events

 Left Wing Hate Crime
 by Oliver JJ Lane

German media has splashed on what they identify as a surging right-wing crime wave, while the actual government document their claims are based on shows greater and faster-growing violence is actually coming from the political left. A new report by the Federal office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has identified concerns about rising violence from left-wing radicals, jihadist Islamists, and “the possible emergence of right-wing terrorist structures”. Yet despite the even-handedness of the report, the German print media has focussed on one aspect only.
Essen-based newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) led with the headline “Right-Violence Significantly Increasing”, while the Berlin Morgenpost reported “Secret Service: Skyrocketing Violence by Right-Wing Extremists”. Germany’s BBC World Service equivalent Deutsche Welle similarly reported in their English language edition: “Far-Right Violence Rising Sharply in Germany”.
Yet the BfV, and even copy of these stories betrays the truth — that Germany’s extremist, violent political left is surging and the nation is having to confront an unprecedented number of radical Islamists, with returned jihadists and war criminals from the Islamic State among their number.
Deutsche Welle left it until paragraph nine of eleven to mention rising left-wing violence, admitting belatedly that ” acts of violence by members of far-left groups also rose sharply, to 1608 offences from 995 the previous year”.
This surge in violence is a 61 per cent rise year on year, compared to the lower 42 per cent rise in “violent acts” associated with the “far right”.
The absolute number of recorded events is also lower, with so-called right wing crime starting at a comparable 990 in 2014, but growing to 1,408 in 2015. The report also seriously underplays the estimated 10,000 Islamists, jihadists, and war criminals who had “entered the country with the massive refugee influx”.
The targets of crimes are different, with the Berliner Morgenpost identifying “burning asylum homes” as an activity of the right, while the left focus their attacks on “neo-Nazis, politicians, and policemen”.
Yet pinpointing exactly who is responsible for the many asylum burnings can be difficult, even when there are apparently clear motives, given that so many are burnt down by illegal migrants themselves.
Breitbart London reported on one such case in April this year, where police launched a manhunt and a €5,000 reward was posted after swastikas were found spray-painted on a fire-bombed asylum centre. A local left-wing group called a protest against “fascism” which went ahead despite a Syrian migrant confessing to the crime. The 26 year old male told police he had been put up to the attack by other migrants who wanted to protest what they considered to be insufficiently luxurious conditions
The migrant criminal said he hadn’t realised how quickly the fire he set in the basement would set, and that he painted the Nazi-era symbols so he wouldn’t get the blame. Four migrants and two fire-fighters were injured in the blaze.
Sources in German have told Breitbart London that burning down a failing business premises and blaming hard-right extremists is a common insurance trick in Germany.
One such instance is a 2009 arson where a migrant-owned business sprayed Swastikas on their own walls before burning it down. Police detected the fraud, which led two migrant males named as  ‘Ahmed A.’ and ‘Hamdi G’ being deported.
In German street politics, there is also a considerable difference between violence levels between Left and Right. Observing a march by the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamification of Europe (PEGIDA) movement, Breitbart London witnessed what German media would describe as “extreme right” activists thanking and applauding police officers for protecting them while left-wing counter-demonstrators attempted to break police lines, and threw fireworks and bottles.
The scenes were repeated at the annual conference of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) movement this year, as thousands of officers were forced to turn out in riot gear to protect party members from violent crowds of left black-bloc anarchist militants from attacking them.

Just Days After Brexit, EU Releases Plan For Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership

 by Nick Hallett

The European Union (EU) is going through an “existential crisis” that can only be solved through more military integration, Turkish accession and the creation of a “true union”, EU chiefs have said. In a document on the political union’s foreign policy objectives in light of the UK’s vote to leave, EU officials call for a “stronger Europe” the draws on “the combined weight of a true union”.
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini points out in the foreword that “the European Union currently deploys seventeen military and civilian operations, with thousands of men and women serving under the European flag for peace and security” before calling for further integration.
The document adds that the EU needs “full spectrum defence capabilities”, and although it claims members states will “remain sovereign” in decisions of defence, it goes on to say: “To acquire and maintain many of these capabilities, defence cooperation must become the norm.”
In a strong hint that it plans to create a shared army that can operate alongside but also separately from Nato, it says that while the transatlantic defence organisation “exists to defend its members”, Europeans “must be better equipped, trained and organised to contribute decisively to such collective efforts, as well as to act autonomously as necessary.”
It also calls for a “strong European defence industry” supported by “Union funds” and “multinational cooperation”.
The EU’s military efforts will be bolstered  by a “diplomatic network” that runs “wide and deep in all corners of the globe”, the document adds.
However, in a reminder of one the pet hates of Eurosceptics, the document also contains a good deal of unclear jargon.
At one point, it says: “The EU will be a responsible global stakeholder, but responsibility must be shared and requires investing in our partnerships. Co-responsibility will be our guiding principle in advancing a rules-based global order.”
In terms of Turkish membership, the document is clear that it should happen as soon as possible.
At one point it outlines the EU’s desire to expand further, calling for a “credible accession process” for the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey.
In the meantime, it also calls for greater cooperation with Turkey in the hope that it can bring the country’s Islamist government in line with EU accession criteria, including a restoration of relations with the EU state of Cyprus.  Turkish citizens should also have easier visa access to the EU, it says.
“The EU will therefore pursue the accession process – sticking to strict and fair accession conditionality – while coherently engaging in dialogue on counter-terrorism, regional security and refugees. We will also work on a modernised customs union and visa liberalisation, and cooperate further with Turkey in the fields of education, energy and transport.”
The document is further evidence that EU leaders are trying to rush integration after the Brexit vote, in a bid to prevent other member states seceding.
Earlier this week, the Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elmar Brok, called for the creation of an EU army, telling German paper Die Welt: “We need a common (military) headquarters and a coalition (of EU countries) acting in accordance with the permanent structural cooperation of the EU Treaty. From such a group an EU army could eventually arise.”
The plans may come up against opposition from ordinary voters, however.
Earlier this year, a Pew poll showed that the vast majority of EU citizens were reluctant to increase defence spending. Of all 28 EU member states, only Poles and the Dutch favoured an increase.




A good deal of the noise surrounding Brexit centered on the threat that Scotland would leave the UK in order to join the EU. There's just one problem. It's far from certain that the EU wants Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to bypass the UK Government and lobby the EU directly to let Scotland stay has suffered a major setback after the president of the powerful European Council rejected her invitation for talks.
But Donald Tusk, the council president, declined her overtures by arguing that a meeting would be “not appropriate” given the “situation in the UK.”
His refusal is significant as the European Council comprises the heads of all the member states, who would have to unanimously agree to any special deal for Scotland, whether it was independent or not.
Several central and eastern European states are reported to be concerned that meeting Ms Sturgeon would encourage other separatist movements.
And Scotland may not be as eager to defect as it seems to either.Ms Sturgeon won a mandate to start discussions with European officials and member states.
She also received parliamentary authority to explore “options” for protecting Scotland’s EU status, including independence. Ms Sturgeon told MSPs that backing the Scottish Government motion was not the same as supporting a second referendum.
What's wrong? For one thing, Scotland has quite a few economic problems. Scotland's economy relies heavily on oil which isn't doing that well these days. And its financial industry would run into major problems without access to the UK. To some European leaders, Scotland looks like another troubled and unstable economy trying to enter a union already full of them. Scotland has Greece's government and while it doesn't yet have Greece's economy, it's not hard to see how the SNP without the UK could make that happen. And the SNP is more eager to be seen pushing independence while losing the fight than actually getting it.
The period independence fights extract concessions from the UK while mobilizing supporters. The actual outcome would be a major disaster. The SNP would like to extract maximum financial benefits from the crisis.

Sterling Rises For Second Day, Market Eyes Brexit Politics

Sterling rose for a second day on Wednesday, helped by rising stock markets, although lingering concerns over UK growth and investment after Britain’s vote last week to leave the European Union were likely to limit gains. Investors were taking some reassurance from the fact that British politicians were not rushing to trigger the Article 50 mechanism for a state to leave the EU, despite European leaders telling Britain to act quickly. Two British opposition lawmakers were starting to push for a second Brexit referendum, and traders said that given the political uncertainty and leadership battles within the ruling Conservative Party and opposition Labour, investors were likely to stay cautious. The pound rose 0.6 percent to $1.3413 , having risen 0.8 percent on Tuesday, with traders citing offers to sell the currency at $1.3450 and $1.35. It plunged 11 percent after the British referendum to a 31-year low of $1.3122 on Monday. The euro was down 0.25 percent at 82.70 pence . “It would be far too early to think that tensions have completely eased,” said Thu Lan Nguyen, currency analyst at Commerzbank. “There is still considerable uncertainty as to what will happen in the UK following the Brexit referendum. The next few days will at least provide some clarity.” Sterling was also drawing support from shifting expectations on U.S. interest rates. Markets are now pricing in a 5 percent chance the Federal Reserve will cut rates in July and an 11 percent chance of a cut in September. They discarded any chance of a rate increase this year, according to CME FedWatch. “The UK referendum has only compounded doubts that the Fed will be able to hike rates this year at all, let alone implement the two hikes notionally pencilled-in,” analysts at Bank of New York Mellon wrote in a note. For Britain, analysts said money markets were almost fully priced for a rate cut by the Bank of England by the end of the year and around a 50 percent chance of one by August, which should keep sterling weak. Before the vote, they suggested only a 20 to 30 percent chance of a cut by year-end. The world’s biggest banks are forecasting a fall in sterling to $1.20. Forecasts for sterling by the end of the year have been cut by up to 30 cents since Friday.

Islamic Radicalisation Surges In German Jails

The trial of an Islamic State fighter in Germany has revealed the extent to which Salafists have infiltrated prisons and are radicalising Muslim criminals.

“Harry S.” is on trial in Hamburg for being a member of Islamic State and supporting the group. According to information revealed at his trial, Harry was not always a subscriber of radical Islamist thought, but rather started out as a criminal and was influenced and radicalised by Salafist preachers while behind bars.
The 27-year-old Harry confessed during his trial to having experience with Kalashnikov rifles and claimed that he first met his Islamic State contacts while in prison in Bremen, Die Welt reports.
Many Muslims who find themselves in prison become prey to the Salafists, who often assist the prisoners in the first weeks of their imprisonment providing comfort to them.
The Islamists use the weakness and hopelessness of new inmates in order to push their extreme Islamic theology. They divide the world into simpler terms by referring to themselves as “brothers” and the rest as “unbelievers”. Many prominent Islamic State fighters from Europe share a similar story of being radicalised while imprisoned.
Hamburg Imam Fejzulahi explains that the reasons for the prevalence and success of Islamic preachers in prisons is largely due to the desperation of inmates who believe they have little prospects in life after being jailed.  Explaining the attitudes of the average prisoner, the Imam said: “I have no future, either I go steal, sell drugs or go to Islamic State. There are only these three paths.”
In some countries the Islamists in prisons have become even more extreme. A prison in the UK saw Islamists demanding “protection money” from non-Muslim inmates unless they converted to Islam. The tax is very similar to the jizya which is imposed upon Christians and Jews in Islamic countries if they refuse to join and become Muslims themselves. Some Muslims have even been running entire prisons on sharia law principles.
Harry noted that although his new found faith had banned him from many of the things he had enjoyed in the past like football, drinking beer and hanging out with his non-Muslims friends, it was largely because of the help he had been offered by the Salafists that he stuck with it.
“You have it hammered day and night into your head, and at some point you believe it,” he said.

The sequence of events that led Harry to his trial, he admitted, made him realise the path he was travelling was not the right one. He has since renounced his loyalty to Islamic State and says he wants to work with the government and others to help stem the tide of radicalisation in German prisons.

Pro-EU Activists And Lazy Journalists Are Pushing The ‘Hate Crimes’ Narrative After Brexit

Disgruntled ‘Remain’ campaigners are mounting a huge social media campaign to encourage the anecdotal reporting of perceived “hate crimes” which they, the media and even the police have explicitly blamed on the Brexit vote last week.

“These are dark and dangerous times but hopefully we can spread some awareness and help keep each other safe,” claims the “Worrying Signs” Facebook group, which evolved from a public picture album of the same name.
The page has rapidly accumulated almost 12,000 members, and the campaigners behind it encourage them to “share information, post pictures, add screen grabs (etc.) of any worrying signs or incidents of racism / xenophobia you’ve come across since the UK EU referendum results”.
All posts are kept “public and shareable”, with the aim of them going viral and entering the mainstream media, where they have been blamed on the Brexit campaign.

“We strongly urge you to report any incidents you witness to the police and to report any inflammatory posts on social media so they can be flagged and dealt with”, the group adds, before linking to the police’s “Stop Hate Crime” reporting page.
Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police revealed that “hate crimes” have “surged” by 57 per cent since the referendum.
The National Police Chiefs’ Council told the Guardian that 85 incidents had been reported, compared to 54 during the earlier period. “It’s no coincidence this has come off the back of the EU vote,” a police source claimed.
However, all of the perceived crimes were reported on the “Stop Hate Crime” website, rather than in a station or to an officer.
It takes just minutes to report a “hate crime” online, all from the comfort of one’s armchair. It raises questions therefore over the massive social media push and how responsible online activists are for the “surge”. It is entirely possible that a percentage of reports are politically motivated. This is a tactic that was previously used by one “anti-Islamophobia” group in order to boost their “hate crime” numbers. They lost government funding after it was revealed they had artificially inflated the reports.
The Worrying Signs Facebook group has generated some truly sensational headlines.
The BBC ran: “’Go back home’ — Bitter backlash post EU referendum”. The Independentwent with: “Wave of hate crime and racial abuse reported following EU referendum”.

VIDEO -- Brexit: What it Means to Have Our Freedom Back

For more than 40 years, the UK has followed EU regulations regarding trade deals, immigration laws and foreign policy decisions. In our latest video, Denis MacEoin, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, discusses the negative impacts of EU control and the positive changes that are now possible. Moving forward, the UK will have the ability to decide its own laws and future.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MERKEL'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as 'people want to be free of EU

BELEAGUERED Angela Merkel is facing calls for a referendum to free German people of "EU slavery" in the wake of Britain's sensational decision to cut ties with Brussels.Far right figures in Alternative for Germany have promised to call their own vote if they clutch power in country's general election in autumn next year. A party spokesman branded Brussels a "bureaucracy monster", before adding: "Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be top on our agenda". They called the vote a Dexit as it stands for a Deutschland exit from the EU. Eurosceptism has swept across the continent after the people of Britain backed Brexit in the historic EU referendum on June 23.AfD chairman Bjorn Hocke said: "I know the German people want to be free of EU slavery." George Pazderski of Berlin AfD Berlin AfD added: "Germans must decided on staying in the EU. "The AfD is the only part which speaks out clearly in favour of them deciding." Party leader Frauke Petry, who caused controversy earlier this year when she called on German police to open fire on illegal immigrations, reacted with delight at Britain's decision to sever ties with Brussels. She said: "This is the chance for a new Europe, one which maintains partnerships and respected national sovereignties. "The Great Britain decision to leave the EU is a signal to the Brussels Politburo and its bureaucratic attachments. If the EU does not finally leave its wrong path, and the quasi-socialist experiment of deeper political integration, more European Nations will reclaim their sovereignty the way British are. "The result would be more exits. At the very least the Brussels bureaucracy must be radically reduced and the centralist regulation craze ended. "The time is ripe for a new Europe, a Europe of fatherlands, where we peacefully trade with each other, maintain partnerships and respect the will of the national sovereignties. "One can only warn the German government not to fill the missing British net contribution with German tax money and thus continue the political fallacy." However a chance of a German EU referendum may not be that simple. The experience of Nazi manipulation of plebiscites has left a dent in the trust of polls on a national scale. The country's post-war constitution currently only allows for referendums if the constitution itself or the territories of the states making ip the republic are to be reformed.Ralph Kampwirth of the Initiative & Referendum Institute Europe said: "Germany is one of the few EU countries with no experience of national referendums. "In the Weimar Republic there were two national referendums; during the Nazi reign, three plebiscites were held, with biased questions and blatant manipulation of results. "A referendum does not mandate an organised political opposition - it simply requires a yes or no answer - one reason why both Napoleon and Hitler were enamoured of them." Mrs Merkel and French president FrancoisHollande are said to be concerned that Brexit will lead to contagion and populist far-right parties would win support for their planes for the disintegration of the EU off the back of it.So far far-right National Front party leader Marine Le Pen has called for France to host an EU referendum as she declared her support for Brexit. The leader of far-right Danish People's Party says Denmark should now follow Britain's lead and hold a referendum on its membership. Eurosceptic feeling is also surging in the Netherlands, with two-thirds of voters rejecting a Ukraine-EU treaty on closer political and economic ties. Anti-EU politician Geert Wilders declared the result the “beginning of the end” for the Dutch government and the EU.

Carnage in Istanbul: Terrorists carry out deadly assault at Turkish airport but Turkey’s Islamist government may be partly to blame.

by Ari Lieberman 

Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, Turkey’s largest, was hit with two suicide bombings yesterday that claimed the lives of at least 50 people. However, that grisly figure may rise further as there were also several dozen injured in the blasts, some of whom have been listed as critical. The airport was immediately shut down to commercial traffic.
There were conflicting reports as to the number of assailants with some reports claiming that as many as four were involved. The explosions were accompanied by gunfire with one report claiming that at least one perpetrator opened fire with an AK-47 before detonating his suicide vest. It appears that the terrorists tried to enter the international terminal but were intercepted by police. After a brief exchange of gunfire, the terrorists detonated their suicide vests.
Turkey has been hit with a spate of deadly bombings this year that has claimed hundreds of casualties. Today’s attack at Ataturk airport is Istanbul’s fourth bombing this year. In January, a suicide bomber affiliated with ISIS killed 13 people, including 12 Germans and a Peruvian. ISIS struck again in March when a suicide bomber claimed the lives of four, three of whom were Israeli nationals. Terrorists struck again in June when a remotely detonated bomb targeting Turkish police officers killed 12, including 6 police officers. That bombing was attributed to a Kurdish separatist group.
Another two deadly bombings have been carried out in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara while others were recorded near Turkey’s border with Syria as well as Turkey’s heavily populated Kurdish regions where the government is waging a deadly war against pro-independence Kurdish guerillas.
It would be unsurprising if the Turkish government placed blame for this dastardly act on the Kurds. It is not beneath the current Turkish government, led its Islamist president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to exploit tragedy to advance Turkish nationalistic propaganda.
While it is certainly plausible that this terror attack was carried out by radical Kurdish separatists, it is unlikely. Kurdish guerillas usually target the military or police forces or symbols of the state. They are cognizant of international opinion and attacks of this nature serve no strategic purpose and only work to undermine their cause.
The more likely culprit by far is ISIS and the attack is consistent with their modus operendi. The Islamist group has carried out several terrorist attacks in Turkey without regard for civilian deaths. In fact, the terrorist group deliberately seeks out soft targets with the aim of inflicting maximum civilian casualties. High profile targets like airports rank high on the group’s preferred list.
Today’s attack is eerily reminiscent of a similar bombing carried out by ISIS terrorists in Brussels on March 22 in which twin suicide bombings struck the main terminal of Zaventem international airport. Contemporaneous with the airport bombings, another suicide bomber targeted a Brussels metro station. The blasts collectively claimed the lives of 32 people of various nationalities and injured dozens more.
If this was indeed an ISIS attack, and it bears all the hallmarks of one, Turkey has no one to blame but its Islamist government. Under Erdoğan, Turkey has facilitated the Islamic State’s rise to power. Turkey purchased oil from ISIS thus providing the group with cash needed to fund its operations and turned a blind eye toward the group’s activities along the border, allowing members of the terrorist group to come and go as they pleased. At the border town of Kobani, Turkey prevented badly needed supplies from reaching Kurdish forces that were battling the Islamic State. At every turn, they hindered coalition efforts to help the embattled Kurds but eventually relented under heavy pressure from the Americans.
Erdoğan, who is a Sunni Islamist, saw ISIS as a Sunni group with whom he shared much in common and believed erroneously that he could tame the beast and utilize the group as a useful proxy in Syria. That plan backfired miserably and Turkey is now reaping what it has sowed. Today’s cowardly attack at Ataturk airport is almost certainly the fruit of the deleterious neo-ottoman, Islamist policies pursued by Turkey’s authoritarian leader.

Nigel Farage: A Trump Presidency Will Be Better for the UK – Nothing Could Convince Me to Vote for Hillary

 by Pam Key

Tuesday on CNN’s “Legal View,” after giving a speech at the European Union parliament, UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage said the Brexit vote was necessary because the United Kingdom, “literally” has “lost our sovereignty, lost our borders,” and the “nonsense” going on in the financial markets will stabilize. He said, “I think for the United Kingdom, I think Trump will be better for us than Barack Obama has been, no doubt.”
“They were abusing me. twice, the president of the parliament had to cease proceedings,” Farage continued. “What I said to them, can we be grown up about this? Can we talk about trade deals? They all laughed and giggled. That’s when I said, the trouble of you people is, none of you have ever had a proper job, which wasn’t wrong…They called me all the names under the sun. I teased them that they are basically a bunch of bureaucrats that don’t have a proper job.”
He added, “What they tried to do is build a political union without consent. I have been in there to fight against it. Finally, a member said, we wish to succeed. They didn’t like it much.”
On the panic in the finical markets after the Brexit vote, Farage said, “Sterling is marginally lower than February so can we stop this nonsense about the market. The pound has been in a bear market since July, 2014, fact. Now, American viewers, imagine if NAFTA was a political union. Imagine if a court in Mexico could overrule, and imagine if you had free movement of people with Mexico. How would you feel? You wouldn’t like it. What we are doing in the U.K., we are reasserting our Democratic rights and in terms of business and trade, we’ll go on trading.”
When asked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump He continued, “Donald Trump dares to talk about things other people want to brush under the carpet. What Mr. Trump is doing in America is very different than what I am trying to do in the United Kingdom. My problem in politics is far greater than Donald Trump’s. We literally have lost our sovereignty, lost our borders…The problem you have in the U.S. is illegal immigration. our problem is legal immigration to half a billion people.
He continued, “I think for the United Kingdom, I think Trump will be better for us than Barack Obama has been, no doubt.”
He added, “There is nothing on earth could persuade me ever to vote for Hillary Clinton. Absolutely not. She represents the political elite. It is almost as if she feels she has a divine right to have that job.”

The fall of the Godless European Union

 by Giulio Meotti

The mistakes of the current European élite will go on until the final collapse.
The European crisis arose for two reasons and they are not Brexit. There was an original plan to create the “United States of Europe,” but this project was designed without a “plan B” for a change of direction. The machine could not make adjustments to reality. Second, the project was entrusted to a bureaucracy with extraordinary legislative and administrative powers.
It is the famous question of the Latin poet Terence: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Who will guard the guardians? It is the question of political legitimacy and sovereignty.
Then there are the causes of failure. As everyone knows, there is a terrible deficit of legitimacy regarding the European institutions. These institutions have appealed to the people through their representatives, but when the people were given the right to vote, Europe said “no” to their projects. But the projects continued as before, without being scratched at all by this “no”. So the people drew their own conclusions, and gradually withdrew their confidence.
The integration of Europe was conceived in one-dimensional terms with the dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats and judges, cancellation of laws passed by representative parliaments, constitutional treaties signed without any input from the people,  a coin system associated with a heavy debt that nobody knows how to point to who is to bear responsibility for it.
This élite has turned its back on Christianity, apparently unaware of the extent to which the people of Europe still depend on its moral and spiritual guidance. And the heritage of the Enlightenment is also at risk, with the spread of laws on the Continent that prevent people from expressing their religious or national affiliation. Freedom of speech is no longer protected from charges of “islamophobia” or “xenophobia”.
Then there are the cultural-ideological causes. It is the total failure of Brussels political élite to consider the culture of Europe, founded on Judeo-Christian revelation. Europe's laws, educational institutions and traditions are incomprehensible without reference to the lessons contained in the Bible. But the European culture is also a secular one, based on territorial loyalty. Both religious and secular sources of European culture have been repudiated by the élite, which believes that culture has no value, and obeys only economic imperatives.
Take the convoluted European Constitution. For more than a year, a 105-member committee, under the direction of the former French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, worked on this historic document. The key sentence of the preamble is the one that defines Europe as a “civilization” whose inhabitants “have gradually developed the values underlying humanism: equality of persons, freedom, respect for reason.”
The only mention of religion at all in the preamble comes in the next sentence, which mentions the “cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe,” a last-minute addition inserted by the drafters after they decided to delete an earlier specific reference to Christianity. In the 75,000 word document there is not a single mention of Christianity.
It is not surprising that the European Court of Human Rights asked to remove crucifixes from classrooms as a threat to democracy and has set an agenda compromising gay marriage, abortion on demand and a dramatic reduction of freedom of conscience.
Some are willing to live with the problem, believing that EU benefits outweigh the costs. Others - particularly the “Eurosceptics” - believe that the costs outweigh the benefits. For them, like in the Brexit, the confiscation of the decision-making power by unelected élite is a fatal flaw of the European project.
It is the story of Brussels repeated again. The Allies avoided bombing the city during the war, because it was to be the site of the victory parade and a symbol of European rebirth. However, the European institutions have colonized the city, destroyed its beauty and dignity, disfiguring it with blocks of concrete and glass, symbols of the moral void inside.
Who will fill the void in the Godless Brussels? We know the answer…

U.S. Interest In UK Travel Soars After Brexit

Several online travel sites have seen a jump in queries from Americans about travel to the United Kingdom since it voted to leave the European Union, a sign so-called “Brexit” and the resulting drop in the value of the pound currency may spur U.S. visits to Britain. One site found that more Britons were also asking about flights to the United States. Travel agents, hotel chains and airlines say it is too early to tell if the vote has impacted bookings. Financial analysts at the Buckingham Research Group had predicted a “Brexit” would slow the British economy and airline sales. But some U.S. travel agents are advising travellers to book U.K. trips now and expect to see a bump in bookings with time. On June 24, the day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Priceline Group Inc’s Kayak, said it saw a 54 percent increase in U.S. searches exploring fares to the United Kingdom compared to other Fridays in the month of June. Flight searches from the U.K. for U.S. travel also rose 46 percent, according to Kayak. “Americans may want to secure a great fare, while British may be worried that higher fares will soon hit the market,” said Billy Sanez, vice president of marketing and communications at, which analyses airfares, when shown the Kayak data. Search site Travelzoo saw a 35.3 percent increase in travel searches from the U.S. to the U.K. from June 24 to June 27, and StudentUniverse, a travel booking site popular among young people, saw searches for flights from the U.S. to the U.K double from a year ago. It did not show a change in UK-based searches for U.S. trips. A number of U.S. travel agents said they expected demand for British travel to emerge, but few had seen it yet. Darcy Allen of New Hampshire-based boutique travel agency Travel by Darcy said some of her clients were locking down plans. “They want to take advantage of the lower airfares and are willing to prepay hotels now to lock in the lower (currency) conversion,” she said. More visitors will come to Britain and Europe if the currencies continue to suffer, said George Hobica, founder of, a low airfare alert site that covers all airlines. Longer term, if the British economy slows, “everything will be cheaper.”
  Breitbart London

Watch: ‘Traitor’! Protest Against German President As He Visits Saxony

German President Joachim Gauck was got a taste of popular feeling at the weekend after he went for a walkabout in Sebnitz, Eastern Germany. Protestors — described as “Nazis” in German media — followed the German President around Sebnitz as he visited the town shouting slogans, accusing him of being a “traitor to the people” and “politically pathetic”.The gathered demonstrators who were predominantly Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamification of the Continent (PEGIDA) supporters blew whistles and shouted slogans to express their dissatisfaction with the President, and the government he stands above. Although not as prominent in the minds of PEGIDA supporters as Chancellor Angela Merkel, he has become a figurehead for the significant changes presently overtaking Germany in the wake of the migrant crisis and the developing multicultural society. Among the protestors were various flags and banners including a German Bundesflagge defaced with the message “Welcome to Dark Germany”, and a European Union flag defaced with a red cross.In addition to calling the President a “traitor”, the protestors called on him to “get out” of Saxony, blew whistles in chorus and threw sweets at the president, reports Sueddeutsche Zeitung. German police responded to the threat of the president being pelted with candy and deployed tear gas against the protestors, injuring two and arresting one. Although the protest was not officially linked with the PEGIDA organisation itself, the official Facebook page of the Dresden movement — the capital of Saxony and the founding city of PEGIDA — called the demonstration a good example of “civic virtue” and an “inspiration”. Social Democrat party Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas lashed out against the protest, calling it “frightening and disturbing”. he said those who took part had crossed “the criminal limits of free speech”, and consequently would have to “reckon with the consequences”, reports Die Welt. This is not the first time the President and others have been harassed in Saxony, the most rebellious of German states. Gauck was similarly abused when he last visited the area in March, and Justice minister Maas complained of similar treatment, being met with an “aggressive mood”. State prosecutors in Saxony were moved to investigate last year after at a PEGIDA protest a gallows was seen sporting signs on the nooses suggesting they were reserved for senior German politicians.

Monday, June 27, 2016

German Migrant Hostel Torched in Ramadan Dispute: How Islam brings towering columns of smoke to once-peaceful cities.

by Stephen Brown 

America was not the only country to experience violence during Ramadan when 49 lives were lost at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Earlier this month in Germany, a further 180 lives were seriously endangered due to a Ramadan-related dispute.
In a relatively unknown incident in Dusseldorf, the state capital of North Rhineland-Westphalia, a warehouse belonging to that city’s exhibition complex was deliberately set on fire. At the time of the blaze, the building was serving as a hostel for recently-arrived, mostly male migrants from the Middle East, North Africa, Iran and Afghanistan.
The act of arson resulted from problems between Muslim residents concerning the observance of Ramadan. Two men from North Africa, a Moroccan and an Algerian, both aged 26, were subsequently arrested. They are suspected of having poured an accelerant on a mattress before torching it, setting off a blaze that completely destroyed the facility.
One version has it that the dispute was over meals.
“During this time of Ramadan, there was one group that wanted to strictly observe the fast, and another insisted on the usual timetables and usual servings,” said a spokesman for the German prosecutor’s office.
Britain’s The Daily Mail added: “They said Muslims who weren’t observing dawn-to-dusk fasting during Ramadan had complained about what they said was a small lunch.”
In another version, the Koelner (Cologne) Express claimed there was ongoing friction between Arabs on the one hand and Iranians and Afghans on the other that may have led to the arson attack. Tensions, it appears, had been building for some time and only worsened with the onset of Ramadan. Fights between them were “almost the order of the day.” Police had been called to the hostel 89 times this year, indicating its troubled state.
The fact that the hostel’s security personnel were mostly Iranian also, apparently, did not help the situation.
“According to one refugee from Morocco,” reports the Express, “they (the Iranians) deliberately did not wake up the Arabs yesterday morning for Ramadan breakfast. After that, the plan to commit arson was formed.”
Fortunately, as giant columns of smoke spiralled hundreds of meters into the air, visible for miles around, the 180 residents present in the hostel could be safely evacuated. Twenty-eight people, however, suffered smoke inhalation. It was also fortunate the fire occurred during the daytime when a further 100 residents were away at language courses and everyone was awake.
Dusseldorf’s exhibition center is a city landmark. It holds many conferences and trade fairs every year. The major exhibition halls, however, were not touched by the fire.
The pretty, Rhineland city seems to lead a charmed existence where Islamic violence and terrorism is concerned. In another, much under-reported occurrence, an ISIS-ordered, Mumbai–style massacre was prevented from taking place on the streets of its famous entertainment district, called the Altstadt (Old City) when three jihadists were arrested at the beginning of June.
The Dusseldorf Altstadt advertises itself as the “longest bar counter in the world,” where crowds of people, both native Germans and visitors, throng every evening to lightheartedly walk its car-free streets and drink the celebrated dark beer the city is known for.
But instead of beer, four jihadists, three of whom were apparently “Syrian refugees,” were intending to have these streets run with blood. Armed with Kalashnikovs, explosive devices and suicide vests, the four death cultists were going to take their own far-from-carefree stroll through this oldest quarter of the city, once home to its most famous native son, German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, gunning down whomever they came across and setting off suicide vests.
And like Mumbai and Paris, the death toll would have been horrendous. It is only because one of the terrorists backed out and informed French police of the plot that another huge, terrorist bloodletting was averted. Authorities built a case for months against the three jihadist-killers before arresting them, thus preventing Dusseldorf’s name from joining a lengthening list of unfortunate cities whose recent additions include Orlando, Paris and Brussels.
In another case, four jihadists were sentenced in a Dusseldorf court in 2014 for plotting to kill as many Germans as possible with ‘splitterbomben’ (anti-personnel bombs) in carefully prepared attacks. Three of the four were Dusseldorf residents, living in an apartment near the University of Dusseldorf. Called the “Dusseldorf cell,” they were all German citizens of Muslim background.
Bin Laden himself appears to have personally approved the ‘splitterbomben’ plot. The cell’s leader was the highest-ranking al-Qaeda operative ever put on trial in Germany. He had once emailed the al-Qaeda leadership: “Oh, our sheikh, we shall keep our promise. We shall start the slaughtering of the dogs.”
After reading such a bloodthirsty statement, it is no wonder Germans became angry at the light sentences the court handed out to the four terrorists, considering the homicidal carnage they intended to inflict. The cell leader, a native of Morocco, received the longest jail term of only nine years, while the shortest sentence was a risible four. This kid-glove treatment of violent criminals and terrorists has resulted in Germans cynically nicknaming their justice system ‘Kuscheljustiz’ (‘cuddly justice’).
Dusseldorfers also dodged a bullet, literally, in 2002 when four jihadists, three from Jordan and an Algerian, were arrested for plotting to attack one of the city’s Jewish-owned bars where members of the Jewish community were known to gather. The terrorists also intended to attack Berlin’s Jewish Museum, foretelling the Brussel’s Jewish Museum attack in May, 2014 that saw four killed.
Germany’s ‘Kuscheljustiz’ also did not fail to disappoint law-abiding Germans in this case as well. The four terrorists received sentences ranging from only five to eight years. But the judge did criticise “Germany’s immigration authorities for allowing the men into the country.” Two had provided false information to gain entrance and, once in Germany, all had “lived off social security.” (One wonders what this judge would say today after 1.1 million, mainly young, Muslim men have been allowed into Germany, unscreened, in less than a year.)
But the hostel fire, while different from the above-mentioned terrorist plots, represents a possibly bigger, future danger for Germany.
Bedsides importing the Middle East’s Sunni-Shiite conflict into Germany, the question is how are Muslims like those in the Dusseldorf hostel going to get along with Germans and other non-Muslims once out in German society, if they can’t even get along with each other?
The answer is that they won’t be able to. It is evident that these men come from a culture of violence that is completely incompatible with Western European societal and behavioural norms. Especially concerning women, as Germany’s rising rape statistics attest to. Cologne was only the beginning.
And coming from women-hostile cultures, where violence is acceptable, many cannot be integrated into Western society, despite liberal claims.
The Dusseldorf hostel fire could also mark a disturbing beginning in its own way. When tens of thousands of these young men do not have their expectations met in Germany, do not get what they want, what they came for, namely, a nice apartment, expensive car and a good job, and become frustrated with living in migrant hostels for months on end, one can expect them to act out in the only way they know how: with violence.
So Germans had better get used to the sight of more towering columns of smoke hovering over their once peaceful cities. Burning buildings may eventually come to symbolize the Germany of the new, migrant age.