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Priest in Belgium stabbed after he ‘allowed asylum seeker into his home to use shower’

A PRIEST in Belgium has been stabbed by an asylum seeker he had allowed in to his home to use his shower, it has been reported. Father Jos Vanderlee, 65, suffered injuries to his hands during the incident.
The suspect went to the priest’s house and asked if he could shower, and said he wanted to apply for asylum in The Netherlands Nieuwsblad reports.
After the man showered he demanded money from Vanderlee, and when he refused a skirmish followed.
He reportedly lunged at the priest, whose hands were slashed in the confrontation.
The assailant fled the scene.
The priest was rushed to hospital but is not believed to be in a serious condition.
The attack happened at around 2.40pm local time.
The mayor of Lanake, Marino Keulen, said: “Despite the fact that we are shocked, we must stress that this incident can not be linked to terrorist acts at this stage of the investigation.”
At this stage it is not believed that the attacker was from the asylum centre in Lanaken.
Police have launched an investigation into the attack.
The pastor had recently celebrated his 40th year in the church and is responsible for eight parishes in the local area.

Fearing reprisal from Muslims, French publisher reverses decision to publish book critical of Islam

This is the way the West dies
This is the way the West dies
This is the way the West dies
Not with a bang but a whimper.
This is nothing new, however. Way back in 2002, a French edition of my book Islam Unveiled was canceled for fear of offending Muslims.
Hamed Abdel-Samad
“Fearing Islamist reprisal, French publisher revises decision to publish book critical of Islam,” by Vijeta Uniyal, Legal Insurrection, July 28, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
A Paris-based publishing house has revised its decision to publish a French version of the German bestseller “Der Islamische Faschismus” (The Islamic Fascism). Written by German-Egyptian author Hamed Abdel-Samad, the book was due to hit the French bookstores in September. Piranha Edition reportedly changed its mind after this month’s ISIS-inspired terror attack in Nice that killed 84 people and injured more than 300.
If the objective of Islamist violence in Europe had been to force the continent into submission, it is well on its way to achieving them.
Piranha Edition justified the decision of not going ahead with the publication by citing the threat of Radical Islam as well its desire of not wanting to strengthen the right-wing French groups critical of Islam. Interestingly, the head office of the Piranha Edition is just within a few minutes of walk from Bataclan, the theatre where 89 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists in November 2016.
Earlier this week, Hamed Abdel-Samad revealed the details of the failed book deal in a German-language blog Die Achse des Guten:
First the publisher changed the title from “The Islamic Fascism” to “Is Islam a form of Fascism?” — in order to avoid unnecessary polarisation. But after the attack in Nice, the publishing house decided not to publish the book at all, as it fearful of the consequence — as stated in [their] email — which could have been deadly. There could be another attack like the one at Charlie Hebdo.
Had the publisher ended the email just there, I could understand, as it is a matter of life and death, and I cannot ask everyone to take the risk that I take with my book.
But then came the second argument why the publication was not possible at this point. The book could benefit the right wing [parties]. [Author’s translation]
Whenever Islamic terrorism strikes somewhere in the West, media commentators and politicians always love to talk about the ‘moderate Muslims’ living among us. We are endlessly reminded of the “voices” of moderation, reason and peace within Islam. Hamed Abdel-Samad is just such one such genuine voice being stifled in the West. And he is not alone; Somali-born women’s rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pakistani writer Ibn Warraq, Bangladeshi novelist Taslima Nasrin are just some of the true Muslim voices of reason and sanity of our times.
These few, but brave women and men are not only forced to live like hunted fugitives in the West by Islamists determined to enforce Fatwa placed on their heads, but driven into silence by leftists enforcing accepted speech codes on college campuses and public arena.
Given the almost omnipresent threat of violence inside the Muslim majority countries, we can give up on our hopes of hearing any substantial criticism of Islamist theology from within the Muslim World. But what is happening to Muslim dissenters in the West is no less sinister. The violent campaign to shut down any opposition in the Muslim World is complimented in the West by the activism of the Left.
On the other hand, the mainstream media is more interested in talking to the representatives of Islam who are eager to talk about ‘Islamophobia’, or the Western guilt, but not about the theology behind the ongoing worldwide Jihad….

IN PICTURES: Huge Pro-Erdogan Islamist Rally In Germany

 Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 16.47.29
Around 50,000 supporters of Turkey’s Islamist president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have rallied in Cologne, Germany to demand his authoritarian reign continues. The Islamist crowd chanted “Allah hu Akbar!” and held signs reading, “Erdoğan is a human rights activist”, whilst opponents waved banners insisting “Stop the Erdomania!”
Members of the Turkish-nationalist, fascist-leaning “Grey Wolves” group were among the crowd that gathered on banks of the Rhine River with the city’s huge gothic cathedral in the background.
The German Federal Constitutional Court banned the live broadcasting of Mr. Erdogan’s speech at the rally, Deutsche Welle reports.
Some Germans reacted furiously to the huge Islamist rally in the country’s fourth largest city, and groups ranging from far-left “anti-fascists”, neo-Nazis and Kurdish separatists held counter-demonstrations.
One angry Cologne resident was caught on video insulting the supporters of political Islam, calling them “crazy” and “fascists”.

Right Wing Nationalist Set To Win Rerun Austrian Presidential Race

Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer has widened his lead in a Gallup poll ahead of October’s repeat election for the Austrian presidency. Hofer lost by a whisker in May to former Greens party leader Alexander van der Bellen in an election that Austria’s constitutional court this month ordered re-run given vote count irregularities. A series of Islamist attacks in Europe and Britain’s decision to leave the EU since the original vote have shuffled the political deck in neutral Austria. The poll published by the Oesterreich paper on Sunday showed the midpoint of the wide range of support for Hofer at 52 percent — one point higher than a poll in early July found — versus 48 percent for van der Bellen. Fifty-seven percent of the 600 respondents cited Hofer’s personality as the most important factor, followed by “protection from terror” at 56 percent and “more stringent asylum policy” at 55 percent, the paper said. The poll also showed the anti-Islam and eurosceptic Freedom Party (FPO) with record-high 35 percent support, far ahead of the governing coalition partners: the Social Democrats at 25 percent and conservative People’s Party at 19 percent. FPO leader Heinz Christian Strache has repeatedly accused d the government of taking too soft a line on Europe’s migrant crisis, which the FPO says has exposed Austria to danger. In an interview with Oesterreich, Strache demanded EU sanctions to punish Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan for what Strache called anti-democratic crackdowns on opponents after a failed coup. “What we need are an immediate halt to (EU) membership negotiations and payments worth billions, as well as sanctions finally. If the EU’s hypocritical policy sees the introduction of the death penalty announced by Erdogan as a red line, that is pure cynicism. The red line was crossed long ago,” he said. Hofer, 45, lost out in May by just 31,000 votes to pro-Europe candidate van der Bellen, 72. But Austria’s highest court annulled the vote, finding that sloppiness in the count, while not intended to manipulate any votes, had potentially been serious enough to change the outcome. If successful, he would be the first far-right head of state in a European Union country.

UK Muslim Imam Teaches Sex Slavery to 13-Year-Olds

When European politicians insist that Islam is a part of Europe, they should be reminded of just what exactly that means.
A hardline Muslim preacher suspected of radicalising three British jihadis told teenage disciples that it is ‘permissible’ under Islam to have sex slaves.
The cleric’s extraordinary preachings were recorded secretly at a halaqa, or religious study circle, at the Al-Manar mosque by an undercover reporter. The event was publicised by posters mimicking the famous British wartime propaganda slogan, declaring Keep Calm And Come To Halaqa. Fringed by drawings of sports equipment, the poster added: ‘Brothers Only, Ideal age 13-18. Followed by indoor football.’
He tells them: ‘One of the interpretations as to what this means is that towards the end of time there will be many wars like what we are seeing today, and because of these wars women will be taken as captives, as slaves, yeah, women will be taken as slaves.
‘And then, er, her master has relations with her because this is permissible in Islam, it’s permissible to have relations with a woman who is your slave or your wife.’
  That is true. And this is one of those areas where Islamic law and morals are in conflict with law and morals in the free world. And, sooner or later, we will all have to choose.

Austria To Build Huge Border Fence To Stop Migrants As Free Movement Crumbles

The Daily Express reports:
AUSTRIA has unveiled plans to build a massive 100km fence along its border to stop migrants and refugees crossing into the country.
Engineers in the central European state have finalised plans for the vast barrier, which would stretch along its entire southern border with Hungary.
Austria has repeatedly clashed with Brussels over its clampdown on illegal migration and has already put a daily cap on the number of people who can claim asylum.
And earlier this year the country’s parliament voted through a motion allowing it to declare a state of emergency if migrant numbers suddenly rise, meaning it could instantly shut its borders.
The new border fence will mark a considerable escalation in Austria’s physical attempts to bring down migration, with the country only having constructed one small 4km fence along its border with Slovenia to date.
State officials have reached agreements with hundreds of landowners along the 100km stretch of border which will allow the fence to be put up in record time should the number of refugees increase again, according to a police spokesman.
Austria is on the Balkan migration route to the ‘promised lands’ of Germany and Sweden, where most asylum seekers arriving in Europe want to settle and start a better life.
Read more here.

 Breitbart London

Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for crimes including rape and child abuse

SHOCKING police figures released for England and Wales have shown more than 900 Syrians have been arrested in just one year.And officials say the migrants were accused of sickening crimes including rapes and child abuse. Now critics say they are concerned that the thousands of Syrians entering Britain each year under resettlement schemes are being allowed to enter the country unchecked. Among those arrested are four Syrian immigrants have been charged after two 14-year-old girls were allegedly sexually assaulted - just yards from Newcastle United's stadium. The UK Government is working to resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees in the UK by the end of the Parliament in 2020, under its Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement scheme. Official statistics show that 1,602 people had been resettled in the UK under the scheme by the end of March 2016. According to Parliamentary research paper it is possible for Syrians to claim asylum upon arrival or after-entry to the UK.It states: "Syrian nationals were the sixth-largest group of asylum applicants in the year ending March 2016, 2,539 main applicants. "87 per cent of initial asylum decisions in Syrian cases gave permission to remain in the UK. "The UK Government continues to commit a significant amount of international aid to assistance programmes in the regions neighbouring Syria, arguing that this is preferable to encouraging Syrian refugees to make dangerous journeys to Europe. "The UK has committed over £2.3 billion to helping refugees in Syria and the region, making it the second largest bilateral donor to the Syrian refugee crisis." But UKIP MEP Ray Finch has said: "The Government seems have not to have vetted those it has invited into the country." Earlier this year the UK government invited world leaders to discuss the continued crisis in war torn Syria. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended a symposium in London where they discussed the refugee crisis.

Turkey's Tradition of Murdering Christians

On 26 July, the northern French town of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray witnessed a horrific Islamist attack: Two Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists killed an 85-year-old priest, Jacques Hamel, in his church during Mass. Two nuns and two churchgoers were taken hostage.
The terrorists, who had pledged allegiance to ISIS and, shouting "Allahu Akbar", slit the throat of the priest and captured the bloody episode on video, according to a nun who escaped the assault.
Such Islamist attacks might be new to EU member countries but not to Turkey. For decades, so many innocent, defenseless Christians in Turkey have been slaughtered by Muslim assailants.
Christians in Turkey are still attacked, murdered or threatened daily; the assailants usually get away with their crimes.
In Malatya, in 2007, during the Zirve Bible Publishing House massacre, three Christian employees were attacked, severely tortured, then had their hands and feet tied and their throats cut by five Muslims on April 18, 2007.
Nine years have passed, but there still has been no justice for the families of the three men who were murdered so savagely.
First, the five suspects who were still in detention were released from their high-security prison by a Turkish court, which ruled that their detention exceeded newly-adopted legal limits.
The trial is still ongoing. The prosecutor claims that the act "was not a terrorist act because the perpetrators did not have a hierarchic bond, their act was not continuous and the knives they used in the massacre did not technically suffice to make the act be regarded as a terrorist act."
If the court accepts this legal opinion of the prosecutor, it could pave the way for an acquittal. However, given the many "mysterious" rulings of the Turkish judiciary system to acquit criminals, these killers could also be acquitted by a "surprise" ruling any time.
Ironically, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in March that it is necessary to redefine terrorism to include those who support such acts, adding that they could be journalists, lawmakers or activists. There was no difference, he said, between "a terrorist holding a gun or a bomb and those who use their position and pen to serve the aims" of terrorists.
In a country where state authorities are outspokenly so "sensitive" about "terrorism" and "people holding guns," why are the murderers of Christians not in jail, and why is the prosecutor trying to portray the murders of Christians as "non-terroristic acts"?
Sadly, the three Christians in Malatya were neither the first nor the last Christians to be murdered in Turkey.
On February 5, 2006, Father Andrea Santoro, a 61-year-old Roman Catholic priest, was murdered in the Santa Maria Church in the province of Trabzon. He was shot while kneeling in prayer at his church. Witnesses heard the 16-year-old murderer shout "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is the Greatest") during the murder.
After the murder, a 74-year-old priest, Father Pierre François René Brunissen, from Samsun, led the next church service in Santoro's church, which boasted barely a dozen members. Because no one volunteered to replace Santoro, Father Pierre was instructed to travel from Samsun to Trabzon each month to care for the city's small congregation.
"This is a terrible incident," Father Pierre said. "It is a sin to kill a person. After all of these incidents, I am worried about my life here."
In July, 2006, he was stabbed and wounded by a Muslim in Samsun. The perpetrator, 53, said that he stabbed the priest to oppose "his missionary activities."[1]
The attacks against the Christian culture in Anatolia continue in modern times -- even after Turkey joined the Council of Europe in 1949 and NATO in 1952.
Turkey's countless agreements with Western organizations do not seem to have reduced the hatred for Christians there. In March, 2007, as the Christian community of Mersin was preparing for the Easter, a young Muslim man with a kebab knife entered the church and attacked the priests, Roberto Ferrari and Henry Leylek.
Mersin, in southern Turkey, is home to Tarsus, the birthplace of Saint Paul, and to several churches dating from the earliest Christian era.
As the Christian roots of Anatolia weakened, so did its bonds with Western civilization. "The attack against the priest is an indicator that Ankara is not ready for Europe," a Roman Catholic Cardinal and theologian, Walter Kasper, told the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. "There is some amount of tolerance but there is not real freedom. Turkey has to change many things. This change is not about laws. A change of mentality is needed. But you cannot change mentality in one day."
Bishop Luigi Padovese, Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia, said: "We do not feel safe. I am very worried. Fanaticism is developing in some groups. Some people want to poison the atmosphere and catholic priests are targeted. Anti-missionary films are broadcast on TV channels."
At a commemorative ceremony for Father Santoro in February, Bishop Padovese said:
"Today, we are asking the question we asked four years ago: Why? We are also asking the same question for all other victims so unjustly murdered even though they were innocent. Why? What was it that they tried to destroy by murdering Father Andrea? Just a person or what that person represented? The aim of shooting Father Andrea was definitely to shoot a Catholic cleric. His being a Father became the reason of his martyrdom.
"The message of Christ on the cross is clear. 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.' Had they known, they would not have done that. It is wrong to extinguish a life to uphold an idea. It is wrong to think that a person who disagrees with us is at fault and should be destroyed. This is the fundamentalism that crumbles a society. For it wrecks coexistence. This fundamentalism -- regardless of what religion or political view it belongs to -- might win a few battles but it is doomed to lose the war. This is what history teaches us. I hope that this city and this country will turn into a place where people can live as brothers and sisters and unite for the common good for all. Is the Allah of all of us not the same?"
No, unfortunately, the Allah of all of us is not the same.
Just four months later, in June, 2010, it was Padovese's turn to be murdered. This time the murderer was the Bishop's own driver for the previous four years. The driver first stabbed the bishop, then cut his throat, while shouting "Allahu Akbar" during the attack.
At the trial, the driver said that the bishop was "Masih ad-Dajjal" ("the false messiah"), then twice in the courtroom he loudly recited the adhan (Islamic call to worship).
In the territory where Christians once thrived, even converting to Christianity now creates serious problems.
"New Christians coming from Muslim families are often isolated and ostracized," writes Carnes. "Turgay Ucal, a pastor of an independent church in Istanbul, who converted from Islam to Christianity said: "Buddhism is okay, but not Christianity. There was a history."
And this history includes how indigenous Christians in Anatolia have been slaughtered by Muslims. [2]
The total population of Turkey is about 80 million; believers of non-Muslim faiths -- mostly Christians and Jews -- comprise 0.2%. Nevertheless, anti-Christian sentiment is still prevalent in much of the Turkish society. [3]
There seems to be a pattern: Murders of Christians are committed stealthily in Turkey: It is "ordinary people" who murder or attack Christians, then the judiciary or political system somehow finds a way of enabling the murderers or attackers to get away with what they have done. Sadly, most of these crimes are not covered by the international media, and Turkey is never held responsible.
Turkey, however, signed a Customs Union agreement with the European Union in 1995 and was officially recognized as a candidate for full membership in 1999. Negotiations for the accession of Turkey to the EU are still ongoing.
How come a nation that has murdered or attacked so many Christians throughout history, and which has not even apologized for these crimes, is considered even a suitable candidate for EU membership? Because of the threat of blackmail to flood Europe with Muslims? Turkey will flood Europe with them anyway. There is even a name for it: Hijrah, spreading Islam (jihad) by emigration. Exactly as Muslims have done inside Turkey.
And what kind of a culture and civilization have many Muslims built for the most part in the lands that they have conquered? When one observes the historical and current situation in Muslim-majority countries, what one mostly sees are murders, attacks and hatred: Hatred of non-Muslims, hatred of women, hatred of free thought and an extremely deep hatred of everything that is not Islamic. Many Muslims that have moved to the West have been trying to import political Islam to the free world, as well.
Muslim regimes including Turkey have not achieved civilized democratization that would enable all of their citizens -- Muslims and non-Muslims -- to live free and safe lives.
While Muslims are pretty much free to practice their religion and express their views on other religions or on atheism anywhere in the world, Christians and other non-Muslims can be killed in Turkey and other Muslim-majority countries just for attempting peacefully to practice their religion or openly express their views.
"Multiculturalism," which is passionately defended by many liberals in the West, could have worked wonders in multi-ethnic and multi-religious places such as Anatolia. But unfortunately, Islamic ideology allows only one culture, one religion, and one way of thinking under their rule: Islam. Ironically, this is the central fact these liberals do not want to see.
Much of the history of Islam shows that the nature of Islamic ideology is to invade or infiltrate, and then to dominate non-Muslims.
In general, Muslims have never shown the slightest interest in peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims. Even if most Muslims are not jihadis, most do not speak out against jihadist attacks. Many thus appear quietly to support jihadis. That there are also peaceful Muslim individuals who respect other faiths does not change this tragic fact.
That is why non-Muslims in the West have every right to fear one day being exposed to the same treatment at the hands of Muslims. The fear non-Muslims have of Islamic attacks is, based on recent evidence, both rational and justified.
Given how unspeakably non-Muslims are treated in majority Muslim countries, including Turkey, who can blame them for being concerned about the possible Islamization of their own free societies?
Why does Turkey, which seems to hate its own Christians, want to have visa-free access to Christian Europe, anyway?

Bavaria Leader Rejects Merkel’s ‘We Can Do This’ Migrant Mantra

Bavaria’s premier, whose state bore the brunt of recent attacks in Germany, took aim at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy on Saturday by rejecting her “we can do this” mantra. The comments from Horst Seehofer, whose Christian Social Union is the Bavarian sister party of Merkel’s conservatives, exacerbate the chancellor’s difficulty in standing by a policy that her critics have blamed for the attacks and which risks undermining her popularity before federal elections next year. “‘We can do this’ – I cannot, with the best will, adopt this phrase as my own,” Seehofer told reporters after a meeting of his party. Five attacks in Germany since July 18 have left 15 people dead, including four assailants, and dozens injured. Two of the attackers had links to Islamist militancy, officials say. Germany is wrestling with how to respond. Jens Spahn, deputy finance minister and a senior member of Merkel’s conservatives, said that integrating the refugees was a Herculean task but the government needed to put more pressure on those new arrivals unwilling to make an effort to fit in. “A ban on the full body veil – that is the niqab and the burka – is overdue,” he told daily Die Welt. “My impression is that we all underestimated a year ago what would come upon us with this big refugee and migration movement.” Over a million migrants have entered Germany in the past year, many fleeing war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. In an editorial, magazine Der Spiegel noted that the government of Helmut Schmidt, who served as chancellor from 1974 to 1982, toughened laws to combat the ultra-leftist Red Army Faction, which attacked the political and business elite, but added: “the terrorists nonetheless carried on bombing.” The comments from Seehofer, who said following the latest attacks that “all our predictions have been proven right”, came after Merkel on Thursday defiantly repeated “we can do this” and vowed not to bend her refugee policy. “The problem is too big for that and the attempts at a solution thus far too unsatisfactory,” said Seehofer. “Restrictions on immigration are a condition for security in this country.” Merkel on Thursday set out a nine-point plan to respond to the attacks, including an early warning system for the radicalisation of refugees. She faced criticism on social media after failing to react until the next day to the bloodiest of the attacks, in Munich, where an 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman killed nine people.

The New French Terror

By Fay Voshell  

20th century French intellectuals have a lot of blood on their hands.  
Their theories about the necessity of violence in order to establish a society characterized by the ideals of egalité, liberté, and fraternité were once debated in civilized and abstract terms in the comfortable armchairs of academia and civilized salons of Paris. 
A lifelong supporter of violence and tyranny, Jean-Paul Sartre repeatedly called for the violent overthrow of bourgeois society. He supported Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and the killing of civilian Europeans by Algeria’s FLN. It would be the philosophy of Sartre that fed the violence of Pol Pot, who exterminated about one third of Cambodia’s populace. Abstract ideas discussed and taught in civilized France became realities writ in blood by third-world dictators.
The Iranian Islamist revolution also found its intellectual origins in France, where the Ayatollah Khomeini was granted exile. Infused with rage by radical intellectuals, Khomeini plotted the Islamist takeover of Iran, eventually returning there in 1979, from whence America and the world would see blindfolded hostages paraded on television.
In short, revolutions encouraged by French and other European intellectuals were actualized but mostly watched safely from afar. 
But now those abstract ideas about the necessity of revolutions that spill blood are coming back to bite as radical Islamists believing in the killing of their enemies strike at Paris and France itself; most recently in the form of violence against eighty-five-year-old parish priest Jacques Hamel, whose throat was slit by a jihadist as the frail old man was performing the sacrament of the Mass.
The jihadist attempt to symbolically behead Christianity by slitting the throat of a pious Catholic priest should come as no surprise to France, whose leaders profess themselves to be shocked and outraged at the recent incident, and who are warning about a religious war between Muslims and Christians.
But the war in France is not being and will not be fostered by Christians, whose presence and influence in France and most of Europe is subterranean and largely pacifist -- by design. They have been subdued as a cultural influence in France, which was once a profoundly Christian nation.
No, the real war is between the ruling secularist class of France and Islamists. Christians are merely a convenient and usual target of Islamists. 
The intellectual descendants of the radical thinkers who were so fond of decapitating the Church and the aristocracy must not be surprised to find those Islamists who embrace their tenets for violent revolution now call for their beheading. They should not be surprised to find their own necks under the guillotine.
Those same modern-day philosophes also should not indulge themselves in intellectual chicanery, seeking to turn the present grisly narrative into a fairy tale of renewed religious warfare -- while the now thoroughly bourgeois and established secularists stand by as neutral innocents who deplore both religions for violence. 
No, it was and still is French intellectuals, the modern secularist replacement for priests, who implicitly allowed this bloodbath by targeting Christianity for destruction. Father Hamel is dead because France has seen no overwhelming reason to protect Christianity.
The fact of the matter is that secularist France has long been opposed and still is opposed to Christianity, having waged war against it for over two hundred years. The French Revolution itself was the culmination of decades of anti-Christian polemics by French philosophes. Anti-Christian sentiment erupted into violence against the Catholic Church, which was effectively guillotined and replaced by a civil religion. 
The radical ideas of the philosophes of the so-called Enlightenment were discussed in aristocratic French salons long before the Revolution of 1789 exploded in bloodshed and carnage worthy of ISIS savagery. Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s “Operation Parricide: Sade, Robespierre & the French Revolution” gives a succinct account of some of the horrors visited on France by the revolutionists. Jihadists can only admire and imitate. As Kuehnelt-Leddihn notes:
“General Westerman reported to the welfare committee:
‘There is no more Vendee, my republican fellow citizens! …According to your orders, the children were trampled to death beneath the hoofs of our horses; their women were slaughtered so that they couldn’t bring any more soldiers into the world.  The streets are full of corpses; in many places they form entire pyramids.  In Savenay we had to make use of massive firing squads because their troops are still surrendering.  We take no prisoners.  One has to give them the bread of freedom; however, mercy has nothing to do with the spirit of the revolution.”
“Westerman, however, soon met his nemesis; he was guillotined a short time later with his friend Danton.
“LeMans was the scene of further brutality; women, the aged, and children hiding in the houses of this large city were discovered… women and girls were raped, and since there weren’t enough living females for the ‘boys in blue,’ the corpses were violated as well… the mob quickly decapitated another group of prisoners, among whom was a saintly, 82-year-old abbess.”
No, mercy was not a characteristic of the French Revolution. Nor is it a virtue of the intellectuals’ militant secularist faith pervading France.
Those horrors of the Revolution, as have twentieth-century horrors, had their intellectual genesis in ideas discussed in eighteenth century salons, one of the more famous of which was that of Madame de Pompadour, who famously said, “After us, the deluge. I care not what happens when I am dead and gone.” Madame de Pompadour supported Diderot’s Encyclopedia, the heralded gateway to the Enlightenment -- the same Diderot who wrote, “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”
Diderot’s prophetic comment about kings and priests provides a summary of the thinking behind the Terror, which did indeed kill the nation’s king and very nearly the aristocracy; and which also very nearly killed the Catholic Church of France in an effort to exterminate Christianity from France.
Some of the aristocratic talking heads who were habitués of the salons and who advocated the death of the system of government and religion that had characterized France for centuries -- and that could have perhaps been reformed rather than destroyed utterly -- would later be sliced off under the blade of the guillotine. Ideas once genteelly debated among intellectuals and wannabe revolutionaries became reality as the blood of both members of the intelligentsia and of the aristocracy mingled while the Parisian mob looked on and cheered their demise.
Now we find a new French Revolution rising in Paris and beyond, one in which the death of innocent civilians was openly encouraged by Sartre in Algeria. Now we find jihadist revolutionaries, in France by the invitation of France, crying out for the heads of State and Church. The Terror has once again arrived in France. The tyranny of the idea of violent revolution in order to achieve a “just” and “equal” society, so long cherished by French intellectuals now threatens France (and indeed Europe) itself.
For decades after decade, led by French atheists and secularists, the governmental machinery of France has insisted the no religion is allowed in public matters. In fact, any citizen who wishes to be considered a good citizen almost certainly must a-religious. The consequence of the exorcism of Christianity from public life and the quarantining of the Christian spirit behind church doors has been a complete erosion of Christian influence in French culture.
If secularist France wishes to avoid more massacres by Islamist jihadists bent on destroying both secularists and Christians, it would do well to take the governmental boot off the neck of Christianity, whose foundational influence on French culture, though badly eroded and weakened, should be recognized.
It is glaringly apparent that it is not Christians like the martyred Father Jacques Hamel and his flock who are perpetrating violence in France. It is not Christians who are attacking Jewish delis and crowded theaters where helpless unarmed civilians were mutilated and tortured. It was not a Christian who mowed down dozens of innocents on Bastille Day.
Christianity is not the enemy of France, but a spiritual friend and guide still intrinsic to her cultural makeup. It should not only be recognized and unchained, but cultivated in order it be salt in a rotting culture. Secularist France should take note of the ways the most militant strains of Islam are determined to shape French culture in ways that will make France unrecognizable within a very short time if they prevail. 
The atheistic/secularist worldview that characterized the Enlightenment, which became the impetus for the French Revolution and the Terror, which has informed the top intellects of France for so long; and which is as least partly responsible for the new Terror visited on France, has proved a systematic failure in France and abroad.
It is time to admit the secularist and leftist worldview that has been promulgated and exported by French and European intellectuals for centuries, and which has been so instrumental in spreading violence and chaos throughout the world, should repent of its heresies and to return to the roots that once made France great and can make her great again.
It is time for France to release from secularist bondage and to actively cultivate the Spirit of Christianity, which while its followers too often transgressed against the Spirit of mercy, love and grace characterizing Christ, at least that Spirit has been held up as the soul of orthodox Christianity. 
That Spirit once thoroughly informed French culture, a Spirit that created a nation filled with monuments to Age of Faith.  It is time to once again look at and grant complete freedom of expression to the faith that built Notre Dame and Chartres.
Let’s hope and pray it isn’t too late to do so.

The Munich Shooter Is Driving the Mainstream Media Nuts

By Steve Chambers 

Ali David Sonboly, the young man who shot up Munich last week, killing 9 mostly young people and wounding dozens of others, is driving the mainstream media nuts.  It’s so bad, they can’t even decide what they want to call him.  Is it Ali David Sonboly, or David Ali Sonboy, or just David Sonboy, as the primly and properly PC BBC tried to have it?
But now it’s really getting confusing.  As this article from the Mirror, among many others, now reports, Sonboly “reportedly saw it as an ‘honour’ that he had the same birthday as the Nazi leader [Hitler] - April 20,” “was proud to be a German-Iranian ‘Aryan,’” and “felt ‘superior’ to those of either [Turk or Arab] origin.”  These discoveries greatly aggravate the already severe disorientation that the MSM has suffered over his motives.  It seems that some among them think Sonboly was a neo-Nazi Irano-Aryan acolyte of Breivik – anything, please, but a Muslim.
So, was this young man just a “lazy” and “chubby” misfit who moved from depression to derangement and then obsession with mass murder for  fascist reasons, or was he acting out of some influence of radical Islam?  Or aren’t both possible?
Let’s go back to the Mirror’s points and unpack them, particularly for the benefit of those in the MSM who have delicate sensibilities about all things Islamic and Muslim and who avert their eyes from anything critical of their precious pet community.  Here are some rather simple points from Islamic history.
Islamism, the revivalist version of Islam supported by large numbers of Muslims worldwide, borrows heavily from both communism and fascism.  Eric Hoffer explained all that back in the 1950s.  More explicitly, there were close historical alliances between the Nazis and the radical Muslims of the day.  Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, had ties to Hitler, helped Himmler recruit Muslim troops for the SS, and collaborated with the Nazis on paramilitary operations in the Mideast.  In recent times, Muslim clerics have praised the Nazis’ extermination of Jews even while trying to deny the Holocaust.  At the same time, the Iranian government has regularly indulged in Holocaust denial while holding Israel and Jews to be anathema.  It should therefore not be surprising that someone proud of his Muslim heritage should also feel proud of sharing a birthday with Hitler – while still having nothing the do with the bête noir of the Left, the political “far Right.”
Speaking of Iran, in light of Sonboly’s Iranian heritage it is not surprising that he would be prejudiced against mostly Sunni Arabs and Turks.  The simplest explanation might be that he resented being bullied by Arab and Turk classmates.  Yet there could easily be much more than that.  Turks and Arabs are the ancient enemies of the Iranians, particularly since the rise of Islam and the almost immediate schism of the community into its Sunni and Shi’a parties.  If he had merely listened to his elders, not to mention studied his ancestral history, he could easily have absorbed these atavistic prejudices.  In having them, he certainly wouldn’t be alone among Iranians – or vice versa.  Moreover, his Sunni Turkish and Arab classmates who bullied him could even have been expressing their own atavistic animosities towards Shi’ites.  After all, this circle of secular hate has been rotating for 1,400 years.  Why should it not come to Europe with the migrants?
As for his reported affection for the idea that he was Aryan, a dog-whistle to Leftists in the MMS and reported in several outlets, the answer is quite simple: the word Iran is derived from the root of the word “Aryan” and the Iranians proudly see themselves as an Aryan people.
Thus there is nothing particularly surprising about Sonboly’s affinity for Hitler, given his Muslim heritage, nor about his prejudices against Sunni Muslims, nor his self-identification as an Aryan.  Nor is it surprising that he has not been connected to ISIS or al-Qaeda, since they are virulently anti-Shi’a Sunni groups.  Yet that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t religiously inspired to commit terrorizing murder, nor would such zealous inspiration rule out mental illness.  This combination has been noted in numerous other Muslim terrorists.
What is unusual is that a youth with this Shi’a Iranian background went ballistic.  In the West, we’ve become so used to the much more common narrative of a Sunni kid going on a rampage that we don’t expect it to happen with a Shi’ite in countries such as Germany – perhaps because there are so few of them.  Well, maybe we now have to start recognizing that Shi’ites too can go on sudden jihad.
All that said, we still don’t know for sure what role, if any, radical Islamic teachings played in this tragedy.  Perhaps we’ll find out from Sonboly’s 16-year-old Afghanistani-immigrant friend who was arrested for not revealing his plans.  There’s considerable evidence pointing to a role of Islam, but the German authorities must first complete their investigations and then we must depend on them to report the facts.  Given that they – along with many members of the global MMS – seem to have been loath to connect Islam to attacks ranging from the mass sexual assaults on the past New Year’s Eve to the most recent spate of attacks, it is not a foregone conclusion that they will release the facts.
There is a strong and natural tendency to want to find simple explanations, particularly ones that fit with one’s ideological preferences.  The simplest and most comforting explanation in the MSM and much of the Western ruling elites for the rising tide of terror is that Islamic terrorism is rare, linked tightly to a few Salafist Sunni organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda (which, supposedly and conveniently are on the run), and that it is a perversion of Islam.  When incidents don’t fit this comfortable narrative, the MSM and authorities go to great lengths either to make them fit or to disqualify them as anything related to Islam.
There are many reasons for this behavior, but two major political initiatives are playing critical roles at the moment.  One is that the European authorities don’t want to admit that the migrant crisis is allowing dangerous people into their populations.  Angela Merkel reinforced this in her press conference on July 28, reaffirming her determination to keep Germany’s borders open to migrants.
The other is that the European governments and the US have made an enormous bet on the Iranian government being – or at least becoming – moderate, so it would be very inconvenient to find that Shi’ites also can become radicalized terrorists in our midst.
If the tragedy in Munich finally forces people to wake up to the facts about what we’re facing, there will be at least a small silver lining.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Polish Experts: ‘Europe is at The End of its Existence. Western Europe is Practically Dead’

Speaking to Polish television, a former member of Poland’s counter-terror police and an academic expert on information warfare and terrorism have articulated their concern about the intellectual and spiritual collapse of European civilisation, remarking it is “at the end of its existence”. Former Central Bureau of Investigation (CBS) officer Jacek Wrona and military history academic Dr. Rafał Brzeski were guests on the Polish TVP Info programme discussing the Munich shooting in which nine were killed, and were forced to conclude it was a symptom of the end of European Civilisation. Information warfare expert Dr. Brzeski rejected the suggestion in German media that the Munich killer — an 18 year old Muslim — was mad, pointing out the killing had “an element of planning”, reports wPolityce.
As for the treatment of the attack in the mainstream media, the academic said it was a case of the “ministry of propaganda at work… it is self-censorship. There is nothing worse than self-censorship in journalism”. Rejecting the reluctance of mainstream media to recognise the killings as a terrorism, he said: “this is definitely an act of terror… the execution of an act of terrorism. He was setting out to scare people, and that is an act of terror”.
Pre-empting the emergency press conference held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in which she said her government stood by its policies and decisions which helped create the migrant crisis, and recognising the frustration of the German people with this approach, the academic remarked: “The Germans have had enough of this, which does not mean the government has had enough. These are two different approaches”.
Former specialist counter-terror police officer Mr. Wrona expressed his deep concerns for the future of Europe on the back of a summer of terror attacks across France and Germany. Noting the phenomenon of free movement of people across Europe which has effectively meant free movement of illegal ex-Soviet weapons from Eastern to Western Europe, the security expert said: “The whole Balkans are flooded with weapons, and from the Balkans have come two million people.
“Together with them came arms dealers, gangsters, drug dealers. Buying a Kalashnikov [Soviet automatic rifle] in Bosnia and Herzegovina is as it was with us after the war. You can buy one for peanuts”.
But the free flow of guns and grenades West is not the main problem Europe faces said the officer. Pointing to the existential crisis of a lack of faith and confidence, Mr. Wrona said: “The worst problem for [the police service] is political correctness… Europe is at the end of its existence. Western Europe is practically dead. These people live in a void, without ideas. And then come along the young, who [only want] to make money, as once did the barbarians”.
Polish politicians and public figures have consistently been at the forefront of robust responses to the Europe migrant crisis. Breitbart London reported the remarks of Poland’s interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak after the Islamist Nice attacks that saw 84 killed this month when he said multiculturalism, immigration, and political correctness were responsible for the killing. Earlier this year popular Polish magazine wSIECI splashed on the “Islamic rape of Europe” with a graphic front cover which was shared around the world as mainstream media reacted in horror to the frank discussion of the “clash of two civilisations in the countries of old Europe”.

Polish MP: Germans Going to Great Lengths To Cover Crimes Of Their Arab Guests

Professor Krystyna Pawłowicz, a Polish parliamentarian from the ruling PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, or Law and Justice) party and one of the more prominent eurosceptic voices in the Polish parliament, has lead the chorus of disapproval against the failed German and EU immigration policy this week, which culminated in Poland demanding answers from Germany in the wake of the murder of a Polish citizen in Ansbach last Sunday and the numerous other terrorist acts. The conservative MP has picked up on the fact the Germans went to great lengths to “cover up the crimes of their Arab guests, or even shift the blame upon themselves” ever since their arrival, for the sake of keeping the German public on Merkel’s side.
Prof. Pawłowicz further pointed out how in the interest of keeping the lefty spirits up, the “Berlin Gay Pride event went ahead despite the mourning in Munich”, suggesting the Germans have already adjusted to the “new normal” of living with terrorism without even being instructed by their politicians to do so. That is in complete contrast to how the French dismissed the advice to “live with terrorism” by Manuel Valls.
“Europe is ill and bleeding. We [Poland] survive with God’s help” said Prof Pawłowicz in the context of the World Youth Day celebrated by the Catholic youth currently converged from all over the world in Krakow, whilst pointing to the “white flag” and “colour pencil protest” attitude in France, Belgium and Germany, all of whom “rejected God in favour of a misunderstood liberty”.
Picking up on the German CDU parliamentary deputy Armin Schuster’s statement that “Germany needs a culture of farewell (Abschiedskultur), as opposed to the culture of welcome (Wilkommenskultur)” Pawłowicz expressed her doubts that the “German culture still has it in it to win against the alien culture in the struggle for the European territory which we are witnessing”. 
Commenting on Pope Francis’ homily in Krakow about “strengthening of Catholics’ faith”, Pawłowicz implored that Poles “should continue to defend the Cross and continue to help the needy in the geographic locations where the help is needed”.
She made clear, however, that it is a Polish duty “to defend the Cross, not the Crescent” and that “if the Poles don’t survive in Poland [due to the immigrant invasion spearheaded by Merkel], then no one else will defend the Cross in their place”; a powerful statement from a declared Catholic, and yet another Catholic voice seemingly at odds with Pope Francis’.
These comments were made before Angela Merkel reinforced her stance on support for the uncontrolled immigration, despite the clear failure of that policy. Hence, even more criticism should be expected from Poland in the coming days.

Merkel Ally Blasts ‘We Can Do It’ Approach To Migrant Crisis, Terrorism, Calls For Burka Ban

Bavaria’s premier, whose state bore the brunt of recent attacks in Germany, took aim at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy on Saturday by rejecting her “we can do this” mantra. The comments from Horst Seehofer, whose Christian Social Union is the Bavarian sister party of Merkel’s conservatives, exacerbate the chancellor’s difficulty in standing by a policy that her critics have blamed for the attacks and which risks undermining her popularity before federal elections next year. “‘We can do this’ – I cannot, with the best will, adopt this phrase as my own,” Seehofer told reporters after a meeting of his party. Five attacks in Germany since July 18 have left 15 people dead, including four assailants, and dozens injured. Two of the attackers had links to Islamist militancy, officials say. Germany is wrestling with how to respond. Jens Spahn, deputy finance minister and a senior member of Merkel’s conservatives, said that integrating the refugees was a Herculean task but the government needed to put more pressure on those new arrivals unwilling to make an effort to fit in. “A ban on the full body veil – that is the niqab and the burka – is overdue,” he told daily Die Welt. “My impression is that we all underestimated a year ago what would come upon us with this big refugee and migration movement.” Over a million migrants have entered Germany in the past year, many fleeing war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. In an editorial, magazine Der Spiegel noted that the government of Helmut Schmidt, who served as chancellor from 1974 to 1982, toughened laws to combat the ultra-leftist Red Army Faction, which attacked the political and business elite, but added: “the terrorists nonetheless carried on bombing.” The comments from Seehofer, who said following the latest attacks that “all our predictions have been proven right”, came after Merkel on Thursday defiantly repeated “we can do this” and vowed not to bend her refugee policy. “The problem is too big for that and the attempts at a solution thus far too unsatisfactory,” said Seehofer. “Restrictions on immigration are a condition for security in this country.” Merkel on Thursday set out a nine-point plan to respond to the attacks, including an early warning system for the radicalisation of refugees. She faced criticism on social media after failing to react until the next day to the bloodiest of the attacks, in Munich, where an 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman killed nine people.
  Breitbart London

New Police Task Force Visits Migrant Homes For Signs Of Terror, Sex Abuse, Drugs, Violence

 by Chris Tomlinson

Police in Austria have begun visiting asylum homes across the country to check for signs of radicalisation among the residents to prevent potential future terror attacks. Colonel Friedrich Kovar is head of a twelve-man task force which enters asylum homes to check for early warning signs of Islamic radicalisation and potential links to terrorist groups among asylum seekers in Austria.
The “early warning system” is a new scheme by the Austrian Home Office to root out potential Islamic radicals and Islamic State fighters living in asylum homes. The programme has received criticism, but many justify the programme after it was revealed that the Ansbach failed suicide bomber was also an asylum seeker, reports Kurier.
Colonel Kovar breaks down the practice of the team, saying that they first speak to the staff at the asylum homes to see if any persons posing potential risks have been identified. After talking with social workers and others, they proceed to engage directly with any migrants who have been flagged for risk, visiting them every other day. This way, Mr. Kovar says, the police are able to get a feel for the people they are interacting with and the various situations going on at the location.
According to Mr. Kovar, the task force doesn’t just handle potential terrorist offences; due to their proximity to the asylum homes they are better able to deal with other offences that plague the homes including drug abuse, sexual assaults, and violence. “Since we are close to the daily events, we also recognise the potential problem cases faster,” he said, and stressed that most investigations revolved around migrants, like the bomber in Ansbach, whose asylum applications have been rejected.
The early warning system has already had some success in the region of Tyrol where officers were able to arrest three migrants who are suspected of joining radical Islamist groups, though no evidence linked them to the Islamic State specifically.
Karl-Heinz Grundböck, a spokesman for the Austrian Interior Ministry, warned about potential public reaction regarding the programme saying: “Not everyone who has received a negative asylum decision is a terrorist or gunman. There must be no suspicion.”
His words echo those of German Deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer, who said: “Most terrorists who have committed attacks in recent months in Europe were not refugees,” after it was revealed that the Ansbach bomber was an asylum seeker.
The German Interior Ministry, while calling for Germans not to suspect migrants of being linked to terror, was forced to admit that at least 59 migrants were currently under investigation for terrorism links and they estimated over 500 migrants could have connections to Islamist organisations.
Earlier this year police and intelligence agencies were shocked at the size of Islamic State terror cells operating in Europe, and European police agency Europol has warned that more terror attacks will likely happen in the near future.

Claim: Nice Attacker Was ‘No Borders’ Activist… Yet Politicians Claim Rejecting Migrants is “What ISIS Wants”

 by Virginia Hale

While politicians and journalists rush to tell Europeans that rejecting mass migration from Muslim countries “is what ISIS wants”, police in Italy and France are investigating Mohamed Bouhlel’s links to No Borders activism. Police are looking into videos uploaded by No Borders activists of sit-ins and rallies in Ventimiglia, as among the protesters is a man who they believe could be the Nice attacker who pledged allegiance to ISIS and slaughtered 84 people earlier this month.
Italian police have confirmed that they already identified the terrorist as having been in Ventimiglia during clashes in June last year. The authorities are looking into contacts Mr. Bouhlel has in Italy. The Tunisian was stopped and identified in a routine check just metres from Ponte San Ludovico, where left wing activists were demanding Europe open its borders.
Last year it emerged that a No Borders activist stationed at Ponte San Ludovico, in Ventimiglia, was gang raped by African migrants but kept quiet about it for a month. Her fellow protesters convinced her not to report the attack as they feared it would set back their dream of a borderless world.
The headline of the website of No Borders Ventimiglia reads: “From Lampedusa to Calais we will not go back!” and condemns the fact that migrants are “not free to move around Europe in search of a better life”.
The website states that the group’s goal is for people to be allowed to live wherever they choose. The activists say that Europe should not distinguish between “economic migrants” and “refugees”, and instead provide “basic needs” of “earnings, a house and healthcare” to everyone who wants to come.
The news of the ISIS terrorist’s links to open borders activism has already inflamed the political debate in Italy. Liguria governor Giovanni Toti, wrote on Facebook: “The Nice killer was in Ventimiglia at a demonstration in favour of migrants. Does anyone still defend the indiscriminate reception?”
The right wing Northern League party’s Liguria branch called for “more stringent controls, and not only on illegal aliens but also on their supporters”.
The news that Mr. Bouhlel may have been involved in open borders activism contradicts the narrative repeated by Western journalists and politicians in the wake of an onslaught of Islamic terror attacks in Europe.
Former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, said that closed borders in Europe would fuel more terrorism, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that ISIS’ goal is to break down Europeans’ “willingness and openness” to take in millions of migrants.
Writing for the European Council of Foreign relations, Mattia Toaldo claimed that: “European xenophobes and the so-called Islamic State have a shared goal: stopping the migration of Muslims to Europe”. Similarly, an article in the Independent this week argued that Angela Merkel’s “open-door immigration approach” was the best way to protect the country from terror attacks. Germany this month saw four horrific attacks in the space of a week, three of which were done by recent migrants.

Relax, what bad things could happen to the good Germans?

 by Giulio Meotti

Four terror attacks in just one week, which have left dead and wounded on trains, in shopping malls, streets and restaurants, probably woke up Germany from a long sleep and its denial of reality. Nothing was real, it only seemed to be so.
In 2004, Madrid was bombed to push it to withdraw its soldiers from Iraq. In 2005, London was bombed because of its alliance with the US in the war on terror. France has been hit three times during the last year for its military interventions in Africa, the cartoons on Mohammed and its secularism (the ban of Islamic veil).
Since the Second World War II, Germany has devoted itself to a militant pacifism trying to follow Winston Churchill’s definition of the appeaser: “The one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.
First there was the German opposition to the war in Iraq, when Gerhard Schröder and Dominique de Villepin used the veto of the “old Europe” against the US intervention. Now German parliamentarians, such as the Green Renate Künast, even criticized the police for killing a terrorist after ax attack aboard a train in Würzburg. “Couldn’t the assailant have been stopped without killing him????”, asked Künast, with four question marks.
Germans wanted to show that they were good again by atoning for the sense of guilt for Nazism with the acceptance of million of foreigners. Their culture, famous for naivete and self-righteousness, has been infested with hatred for America.
The theater guru Peter Zadek said that Americans are comparable to the Nazis. And the Gestapo lives in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib is the new Auschwitz and the NSA took over the office of the Reich Security. A culture unable to forgive the Jews for Auschwitz and which scapegoated the State of Israel (see Günter Grass’ disagraced poem inciting against the Jews).
A mixture of wealth and pacifism has been a disaster for Germany and has caused cowardice. Germany today discusses transgender and burkinis in a moral decline associated with wealth. Seventy years of “peace” have caused Germany  to lose the will to fight for freedom and to even recognize mass violence (Cologne’s sexual pogrom).
“The German journalists are now in voluntary submission”, German Jewish intellectual Henryk Broder told me. After the last four attacks, if you open the German newspapers you will find very few free, unconventional voices. Take Christian Bommarius of the Frankfurter Rundschau: he has just written that “the likelihood of losing life on the roads is higher than the likelihood to be the target of a bomb”.
Another journalist, Arno Frank of Zeit, just asked people to answer to terrorism with a bizzarre weapon: “Serenity”.
Relax: what bad things could happen to the good Germans?

Will Europe Refuse to Kneel like the Heroic French Priest?

Imagine the scene: the morning Catholic mass in the northern French town of Etienne du Rouvray, an almost empty church, three parishioners, two nuns and a very old priest. Knife-wielding ISIS terrorists interrupt the service and slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel. This heartbreaking scene illuminates the state of Christianity in Europe.
It happened before. In 1996 seven French monks were slaughtered in Algeria. In 2006, a priest was beheaded in Iraq. In 2016, this horrible Islamic ritual took place in the heart of European Christianity: the Normandy town where Father Hamel was murdered is the location of the trial of Joan of Arc, the heroine of French Christianity.
France had been repeatedly warned: Europe's Christians will meet the same fate of their Eastern brethren. But France refused to protect either Europe's Christians or Eastern ones. When, a year ago, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, suggested transforming empty French churches (like that one in Etienne du Rouvray) into mosques, only a few French intellectuals, led by Alain Finkielkraut and Pascal Bruckner, signed the appeal entitled, "Do not touch my church" ("Touche pas à mon église") in defense of France's Christian heritage. Laurent Joffrin, director of the daily newspaper Libération, led a left-wing campaign against the appeal, describing the signers as "decrepit and fascist".
For years, French socialist mayors have approved, in fact, the demolition of churches or their conversion into mosques (the same goal as ISIS but by different, "peaceful" means). Except in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter of Paris, and in some beautiful areas such as the Avignon Festival, France is experiencing a dramatic crisis of identity.
While the appeal to save France's churches was being demonized or ignored, the same fate was suffered by endangered Eastern Christian being exterminated by ISIS. "It is no longer possible to ignore this ethnic and cultural cleansing", reads an appeal signed by the usual combative "Islamophobic" intellectuals, such as Elisabeth Badinter, Jacques Julliard and Michel Onfray. In March, the newspaper Le Figaro accused the government of Manuel Valls of abandoning the Christians threatened with death by ISIS by refusing to grant them visas.
Go around Europe these days: you will find not a single rally to protest the killing of Father Hamel. In January 2015, after the murderous attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French took to the streets to say "Je suis Charlie". After July 26, 2016, the day an 85-year-old priest was murdered in a church, nobody said "We are all Catholics". Even Pope Francis, in the face of the most important anti-Christian event on Europe's soil since the Second World War, stood silent and said that Islamists look "for money". The entire Vatican clergy refused to write or say the word "Islam".
Truth is coming from very few writers. "Religions overcome other religions; police can help little if one is not afraid of death." With these words, six months after the massacre at the magazine Charlie Hebdo, the writer Michel Houellebecq spoke with the Revue des Deux Mondes. Our elite should read it after every massacre before filling up pages on "intelligence failures."
It is not as if one more French gendarmerie vehicle could have stopped the Islamist who slaughtered 84 people in Nice. Perhaps. Maybe. But that is not the point. Ritually, after each massacre, Europe's media and politicians repeat the story of "intelligence failures". In the case of the attack in Etienne du Rouvray, the story is about a terrorist who was placed under surveillance.
The "intelligence failure" theory is a fig leaf to avoid mentioning Islam and its project of the conquest of Europe. It is the conventional code of conduct after any Islamist attack. Then they add: "Retaliation" creates a spiral of violence; you have to work for peace and show good intentions. Then, in two or three weeks, comes the fatal "we deserve it". For what? For having a religion different from them?
We always hear the same voices, as in some great game of dissimulation and collective disorientation in which no one even knows which enemy to beat. But, after all, is it not much more comforting to talk about "intelligence" instead of the Islamists who try, by terror and sharia, to force the submission of us poor Europeans?
Europe looks condemned to a permanent state of siege. But what if, one day, after more bloodshed and attacks in Europe, Europe's governments begin negotiating, with the mainstream Islamic organizations, the terms of submission of democracies to Islamic sharia law? Cartoons about Mohammed and the "crime" of blasphemy have already disappeared from the European media, and the scapegoating of Israel and the Jews started long time ago.
After the attack at the church, the French media decided even to stop publishing photos of the terrorists. This is the brave response to jihad by our mainstream media, who also showed lethal signs of cowardice during the Charlie Hebdo crisis.
The only hope today comes from an 85-year-old French priest, who was murdered by Islamists after a simple, noble gesture: he refused to kneel in front of them. Will humiliated and indolent Europe do the same?

Merkel MUST go! Germans plan ‘huge’ demonstration over leader’s open door asylum policy

GERMAN activists are planning to hold a “huge” protest in Berlin today against Angela Merkel’s open door asylum policy. Thousands are expected to gather in the capital’s historic Washington Square for an anti-immigration rally, where they will be addressed by right-wing politicians. News of the gathering is being spread under the hashtag #Merkelmussweg - meaning Merkel must go - which has been used more than 1,500 times in 24 hours reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Police are preparing for crowds of around 5,000 people from across the country to gather in the capital city from 3pm, with counter-demonstrations by anti-fascist groups also expected. The march is being organised by a coalition of anti-immigrant groups in Germany, where fears have been stoked by a succession of terrorist attacks carried out by refugees. It has been sparked by Mrs Merkel’s refusal to alter her path on unlimited mass migration despite the atrocities, and has been quickly organised by mass movements online. Germans have been sharing a poster for the demonstration which shows a placard depicting Mrs Merkel dressed in a Burka next to its slogan “Merkel Must Go!”. Supporters will hear from right-wing speakers from across the continent and are demanding that Mrs Merkel change course on immigration, introducing a cap on numbers and tough new security checks on asylum seekers. Posting on Facebook, the Swiss right-wing politician Ignaz Bearth said he expected the protest to be “huge” and confirmed that he would be addressing the crowds. In a post advertising the march Wir Dur Deutschland, one of the organisers, said that it wanted the event to be “peaceful” and added: “We can navigate this difficult path if we all just go together”. The group said that all weapons and alcohol were banned at the march as was any Nazi or far-right apparel, but added that flags of “Germany and all European countries” were welcome. They told people to obey the police and added: “All participants must contribute to a peaceful and orderly event.” Mrs Merkel has been savaged online since her surprise announcement that she would not alter Germany’s immigration policy even in the face of a growing threat from Islamist terrorism. She was branded a “traitor” and accused of “creating terrorism” by furious Germans, who used the Merkel Must Go hashtag to register their disgust with her leadership. Critics also mocked her famous phrase ‘we can do it’ - which she made when she first threw Germany’s doors open and repeated one more as she publicly renewed that stance this week. One user tweeted: “I suggest we make ‘we can do it’ the taboo phrase of the year.” And another added: “It is unbelievable. We can make it? Mrs Merkel and Co - WE cannot make it!” A third pointed to the heavy security surrounding the German leader, observing: “So easy for Merkel to repeat we can make it. She’s well protected. Make that awful woman resign.” Meanwhile one exasperated German said: ”Whoever still says ‘we can make it' after what’s happening in Germany right now, this person can’t be helped." Germany has been rocked by its bloodiest week in recent history with a succession of terror attacks - some of which were carried out by asylum seekers - stoking growing tensions over mass migration.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Here's why Europe is plagued by Islamic terror

By Raymond Ibrahim  

In "an astonishingly savage tirade" – to quote from the U.K.'s Express – Hungary's Prime Minister Victor Orban recently tore into the European Union "over [Muslim] migration and taunted Angela Merkel for failing to protect German people from Islamist terror." 
(Click here to learn why central and eastern European nations, Hungary chief among them, are wary of Islam.)
In the course of his speech, Orban made two important points that I habitually make, and that explain the true reasons behind the unprecedented rise of terrorism in EU nations: 1) Islam's Rule of Numbers and 2) Western enablement of Islam.
In regards to the first point, Orban:
... issued a stunning rebuke to Mrs Merkel on migration, blaming recent terror attacks on the mas[s] influx of refugees…  Migration, he argued, "increases terrorism and crime" and "destroys national culture" in a thinly-veiled swipe at Mrs Merkel's decision to roll out the red carpet to millions of people from the Middle East.
This is as simple as it gets.  Over three years ago, in May 2013, I explained why a Muslim man decapitated a British solider in the middle of a busy street in London as follows:
It reflects what I call "Islam's Rule of Numbers," a rule that expresses itself with remarkable consistency:  The more Muslims grow in numbers, the more Islamic phenomena intrinsic to the Muslim world – in this case, brazen violence against "infidels" – appear. ...
Thus as Muslim populations continue growing in Western nations, count on growing, and brazen, numbers of attacks on infidels – beheadings and such.
And so it has been.  While EU leaders and Western media scurry to find pretexts to explain the rise of terrorism – from "Muslim grievances" to wars for "money" and "natural resources," as Pope Francis recently claimed after Muslims slaughtered a priest in France – reality is much simpler: Islam promotes hate for and violence against non-Muslims.  Accordingly, wherever Islam is in power (the Muslim world, for example) non-Muslims are grossly persecuted – and not just by ISIS, but by "regular Muslims" – from heads of state to police to educators down to the mob. 
If Muslims persecute non-Muslims where they are strong, is it any wonder that, as Muslim numbers grow in Europe, as they have in recent times, attacks on non-Muslims will grow with them?  Or, as Orban put it, Muslim immigration "increases terrorism and crime."
The Hungarian prime minister's second important point agrees with another point I've been making:
Those who seek to reverse this situation [growing Islamic terrorism] must begin by embracing a simple fact: Islam is not terrorizing the West because it can but because it is being allowed to. ...
Today [as opposed to historically], Muslim terrorists, rapists, and criminals are not entering the West against its will but because of it[.]
Orban agrees:
We must make it clear that our problem is not in Mecca, but in Brussels [capital of the EU]. The obstacle for us is not Islam, but the bureaucrats in Brussels.  We would be able to deal with Islam if we were allowed to deal with it in the way we think we should. 
Simply put, whatever Islam is or teaches – whether it is violent or not, whatever it does "over there" in Mecca and elsewhere – is not the immediate problem. 
Rather, EU "bureaucrats in Brussels" have brought Islam "over here," making it a big problem – or, as I more bluntly concluded:
Western policymakers who insist that Islam is peaceful (despite all evidence otherwise) and that the West is "obligated" to receive Muslim migrants, are 100% responsible for the daily victims of jihad, most recently an octogenarian priest. ... The war begins with them.  Kick them and their suicidal policies out, and watch Islamic terror on Western soil fizzle out.
It's all very simple: More Muslims equals more violence against non-Muslims.  This formula acknowledges that not all Muslims, or even the majority, are inclined to acts of terrorism.  However, as Muslim numbers grow in general, it's only natural that the numbers of "radicals" will grow with them (e.g., 10% of 100 is only 10, but 10% of a 1,000 is 100).  And the immediate issue isn't whether or why Islam is violent; the immediate issue is that Western leaders are the ones enabling it, by importing it into the West.
It still remains to be seen if Orban is right "that other European nations [will] come around to Hungary's no-nonsense way of thinking as the reality of regular terror attacks set in."