Sunday, August 07, 2016

‘Bloodstained Gunman’ Barricades Himself Inside Restaurant

A blood-covered “gunman” has barricaded himself in a restaurant in Saarbrücken, Germany this morning. Counter-terror police are standing by and the city centre has been sealed off by officers. Update 1130 — German media reassures us mental health is to blame
Police have not yet been able to speak to the gunman presently holed up in the Dubrovnik restaurant in central Saarbrücken, but German media including respected daily broadsheet Welt and tabloid Bild reporting a police spokesman who said there was “probably no political background” and that the man was presently in “mentally exceptional circumstances”.
The latest officially from officers is that a team of “police, psychologists, and conflict specialists” are attempting to contact the blood-soaked gunman.
The story so far from Reuters:
An armed man streaming with blood barricaded himself into a restaurant in Saarbruecken in southwest Germany on Sunday, a police official said.
The official said the man seemed to be psychologically disturbed and there were no indications that this was a terrorist-related incident.
He also said the man was not believed to be holding anyone hostage and police were trying to negotiate with him. It remained unclear how he injured himself.
Bild newspaper said that the man had run into the restaurant “Dubrovnik” in the town centre and shouted that everyone should leave.

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