Friday, August 12, 2016

EXPOSED: Muslims Are Celebrating Murderer Of The Glasgow ‘Apostate’ Shopkeeper

Muslims around the world are celebrating a British man, who murdered an innocent shopkeeper who they considered an “apostate”, as an Islamist hero. On Tuesday, Tanveer Ahmed was jailed for 27 years after driving more than 200 miles from Bradford to Glasgow to murder Asad Shah – a man who was targeted for “disrespecting Islam” by wishing Christians a happy Easter. Some of Mr. Ahmed’s fans and family members shouted Islamic slogans in court and one supporter outside argued the sentence was not “fair”.
Mr. Shah was an Ahmadiyya Muslim – a peaceful sect who are persecuted and classed as apostates in Pakistan. The Muslim Council of Britain – the largest and most influential Muslim group in Britain – was until recently officially affiliated to a group calling for “capital punishment” against the sect on posters in mosques and universities around the UK.

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