Thursday, August 25, 2016

Germany devises quick fix to thwart sexual assault

By Carol Brown 

Germany’s a mess thanks to Angela Merkel and others who breathlessly embrace those who wish to destroy the country – killing, raping, and wreaking all manner of havoc as they go. No matter how much violence Muslim imports heap upon the populace, immigration policy does not shift. The policy seems to be founded on the idea that the sooner the country can be destroyed, the better.
Go figure.
Among countless issues along the path to hell is that of rising sexual assault perpetuated by Muslim barbarians against German women and girls.
But not to worry. Germany has devised an answer to nip this escalating problem in the bud: temporary tattoos.
Yes, that’s right. Temporary tattoos are being placed on the arms of young girls in public swimming polls to fend off would be attackers. The terrifying tattoo says: “No!” The potentially life-saving message (/S) is bracketed by an image of angel wings.
If only Germans would realize that their new Muslim friends are more concerned with 72 virgins than angels, but that’s beside the point.
Is this insane? (Answer: Yes.)
And as a quick aside, Muslim colonizers in Germany are referred to as the “new citizens.” Gee, that was quick. They went from being “migrants” to “immigrants” to “citizens” in a heartbeat. Then again, as noted at the outset of this blog, Germany is in a rush to get her demise over and done with, so I guess it makes sense to get these barbarians on the citizen fast track.
But I digress.
The genius who came up with the tattoo idea is quick to point out that she doesn’t want her tattoo campaign to be associated in any way with migrants because, you know, there have always been problems with sexual assaults in swimming pools across Germany. Translation: I love dishonest moral equivalence and please, new citizens, don’t target me.
This dumbbell also said she hopes the tattoos will serve as an incentive for young girls to think about what is normal and what is abnormal interaction and what does or doesn’t need to be reported.
Right. Great. Put the onus on girls who just want to go swimming and have fun without having to worry about some Muslim goons trying to grope them. Or worse.
The Daily Caller reported that “[i]n July, a manager of 6,000 pools in Germany commented on the migrant sex assault epidemic” and that a leaked police report from one German city stated that “sexual offences are recording a huge increase” while singling out a “significant” uptick in “rape and sexual abuse of children at bathing establishments.”
But, but, but the tattoo brain said Germany has always had problems with sexual assault at swimming pools, well before “migrants” started arriving. Damn reality! It really messes with the leftist-Islam-apologist-cowardly-dhimmi meme.
Looping back to unreality and in closing: Who knew a person could fend off a sexual assault simply by having the word “no” written on their arm? Leave it to the left to figure it out, clever little lads and lassies that they are. (Or is it vads and vassies?)
Editor's note:
Richard Terrell offers his own commentary on effective methods:
Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs, UK Express

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