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Crying for 'New Americans' from the Lands of Jihad: And a lawsuit tries to stop Trump's executive order barring refugees from terrorist hotbeds

The executive order by which President Trump aims to temporarily stop the issuance of visas to “immigrants and non-immigrants” from seven hotbeds of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East and Africa says, in the plainest of English, that “in order to protect Americans,” it is vital to “ensure that those admitted to this country” clearly “support the Constitution,” “do not bear hostile attitudes toward [the U.S.] and its founding principles,” do not “place violent ideologies over American law,” do not “engage in acts of bigotry or hatred,” and do not seek to “oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

If Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were to have uttered these same words, the Left would be lauding their sober eloquence. But with things being as they are, the Left is instead apoplectic with both rage and torment. The normally cold-blooded political assassin, Senator Charles Schumer of New York, was reduced – by what he called Trump's “mean-spirited and un-American” action – to sniveling like a little girl who'd just dropped her favorite doll into a muddy puddle. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said there were “tears in the eyes” of the Statue of Liberty.

But the Left's reaction has consisted of much more than tears. As Aaron Klein reports, immigration lawyers from four leftist organizations have banded together to file a lawsuit aimed at blocking President Trump's executive order. The first is the Immigration Legal Services clinic at Yale Law School, which represents refugees from more than twenty countries around the world. The second is the ACLU, which denounces the “destructive” and “discriminatory” intent of Trump's “Muslim ban wrapped in a paper-thin national security rationale.” The third is the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), whose executive director has characterized Trump's order as a “heartless” and “discriminatory” policy that “turns its back on some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.” And the fourth is the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), which boasts that its own efforts in 2013 helped bring about a twelve-fold increase in the number of visas issued to newcomers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The mindset of IRAP – a typical “blame-America-first” operation – is emblematic of the worldview that animates each of the four organizations involved in the suit. After having initially emphasized “the clear obligations of … the United States in particular to provide relief to those who were unintended victims of the Iraq War,” IRAP has since expanded its list of beneficiaries to include also refugees from Afghanistan, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, “Palestine,” Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.

Would an influx of migrants or refugees from those particular countries be a positive development for America? The good news is that we have plenty of information about the types of people we'd be bringing in. The bad news is that the Left couldn't care less.

We know, for instance, from voluminous data provided by the Pew Research Center, that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and “Palestine,” 84 to 99 percent of adults fervently believe that divinely ordained Sharia – as opposed to any “man-made” legal construct like the U.S. Constitution – should serve as the official law of the land. In other words, importing newcomers from these places means that we would be receiving people who embrace Sharia principles like the call to jihadism, the quest for Islamic supremacy across the globe, the rejection of free speech and conscience in matters related to religion, institutionalized discrimination against non-Muslim “infidels,” and brutal punishments such as beatings, amputations, and death-by-stoning for sins like theft, adultery, the consumption of alcohol, and converting to another faith.

Sharia likewise entails the denial of many civil rights and liberties to women. Thus in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, “Palestine,” and Egypt, the percentage of Muslims who “completely or mostly” agree with the notion that a wife should always obey her husband ranges between 85 and 94 percent. How would that reality play among the “pussy hat” brigade that swarmed Washington a few days ago?

In those same five countries, 52 to 78 percent of Muslims believe that honor killings can be a justifiable means of punishing someone for engaging in pre- or extra-marital sex. In some Muslim countries, substantial proportions of the population (i.e., 40 to 50 percent) consider polygamy and suicide bombings to be morally acceptable, while scarcely half hold an unfavorable view of the monstrous, bloodthirsty savages of Al-Qaeda. Would there be something noble or beneficial about importing into our country a large number of people who hold these opinions and values?

There are also very significant economic issues to consider. What happens, for instance, when refugees to a given country instantly become dependent upon taxpayer support, perhaps for the rest of their lives? Has the Left learned nothing from the experience of Europe? Of the 163,000 Middle Eastern migrants who came to Sweden as asylees in 2015, fewer than 500 – or about three people per thousand – ever found a job. And of the 1 million Middle Eastern refugees who entered Germany in 2015, fewer than 100 – or about one person per ten-thousand – ever made it into the work force. Are numbers like these acceptable to a nation with a $20 trillion fiscal operating debt and $220 trillion in unfunded liabilities already casting a dark, menacing shadow over future generations?
The Left is incapable of factoring such realities into its thinking. It only understands American oppression and exploitation on the one hand, and Muslim victimization on the other. Thus we see the pathetic spectacle of NILC executive director Marielena Hincapié comparing the Muslim populations of present-day terrorist breeding grounds, to the helpless Jews who tried to flee genocide in Europe during World War II. “It would serve the president well to remember that our country’s past indifference and inaction led to the senseless killings of thousands of Jews who sought unsuccessfully to flee persecution in Nazi Germany,” she says, complaining that Trump's executive order “attempts to punish people based purely on where they’re from and what they believe.”

And that, in a nut shell, is the leftist worldview on full display: We're not supposed to notice – or even care – what people actually believe about life, death, law, violence, and civility when they arrive in the United States. We're supposed to simply roll the proverbial dice and have faith that the magic of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” will somehow resolve things happily for everyone involved, and that the lion shall inevitably lie down with the lamb.

Majority of Americans Support Trump Immigration Exec Order

Despite the non-stop media propaganda, the Reuters Ispsos poll shows a strong outbreak of common sense. 49 to 41 percent support President Donald J. Trump's executive order on migration.
More significantly, there's a total split on a ban on Muslim majority countries with a 1 percent difference. It's at 73% among Republicans,39% among Independents and 19% among Democrats.
Overall the answers are fairly predictable with Dem/GOP splits. They reveal that there is more work to be done with Independents. While Independents are weak on some proactive measures, a majority disagree on taking refugees and the vast majority support limiting refugee numbers.
This shows a pretty clear guide to the argument that the administration needs to be making.
Despite waffling on some questions, there's no real enthusiasm among Indies for taking in ISIS so-called refugees.

Petition Demanding Trump Welcomed in UK Passes 100,000 Signatures

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 13.51.05

A petition demanding U.S. President Donald J. Trump is invited to the UK for an official state visit has passed 100,000 signatures, the number at which it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

“Donald Trump should be invited to make an official State Visit because he is the leader of a free world and U.K. is a country that supports free speech and does not believe that people that appose our [sic] point of view should be gagged,” the petition demands.
It was launched just Monday by Alan Augustus Brown on the government’s official petition website and will be available to sign for six months.
The petition comes after one titled, “Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom”, achieved more that a million and a half signatures.
The data revealing where supporters of both the anti-Trump and pro-Trump petitions live shows those against the new president are highly concentrated in and around London, whereas supporters of Mr. Trump’s visit are distributed across England.

(Credit: petitionmap.unboxedconsulting.com)
(Credit: petitionmap.unboxedconsulting.com)
The new president’s 90-day pause on immigration from a list of terror-linked states, compiled by the Obama administration, has caused lively debate in the UK.
Monday, opposition MPs said the policy was “racist” and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told Parliament the government “disagreed” with it and had reacted “energetically” to it. However, he refused to criticise Mr. Trump and his administration.
Prime Minister Theresa May, too, has avoided directly attacking her American ally and has insisted the planned official state visit will go ahead regardless of opposition.
Anti-Trump protestors took to the streets across the UK Monday night, including in Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle, Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Leeds, Liverpool, and several other towns and cities.
The demonstration in London, organised by left wing columnist Owen Jones, took place outside the prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street.
Labour party politicians including Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott addressed the crowd.
“Donald Trump has been president for only a few days, and look at what he is doing,” said Mrs. Abbott, representing the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She added: “We need to resist the Islamophobia and scapegoating of Muslims, we have got to resist it whether it is in the United States or here in the UK.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister: Soros ‘In The Background’ of Organisations Helping Illegal Migrants ‘Violate Our Border’

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán is planning to deliver a “knockout blow” to George Soros, as foreign minister Péter Szijjártó tells Russian state media that the 86-year-old billionaire is “in the background” of organisations which help illegal migrants “violate our border”.

Soros, a financier who made his name as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” in 1992, is one of the world’s leading proponents of open borders and mass immigration, best known in the U.S. as one of the chief backers of  ‘Black Lives Matter’.
According to The Irish Times report, the Orbán government intends to subject the approximately sixty Soros-backed NGOs which operate in Hungary to greater transparency, with spokesman Zoltán Kovács saying that it is important to know “who pays them, and where do they get their funding” and “if from abroad, are they expected to meet any requirements in return?”
In a separate interview, foreign minister Péter Szijjártó agreed that “if there are NGOs in the country which are financed by foreign citizens, by other countries, by other governments, then it should be known to the people”.
The Fidesz representative said it was “very clear” that “[Soros] would like this government to fail, he would like to kind of ‘fire’ this government because he doesn’t like our approach, doesn’t like our policies – but, it’s not George Soros who has to make that decision… it’s the Hungarian people. We find it very anti-democratic”.
While the Hungarian government has been the staunchest opponent of mass migration in the European Union (EU), Soros has been one of its foremost cheerleaders, branding “national borders” an “obstacle” to “the protection of refugees”. Szijjártó believes that the financier has been actively aiding and abetting illegal immigration:
“What I understand from my colleagues, since I don’t supervise intelligence agencies, [is] that there were organisations which helped illegal migrants to find ways to Hungary, to find where they could violate our border, to find out how to apply for asylum status, and these reports have said that George Soros was in the background for these organisations,” he said.
The leadership of the EU has appeared to be largely in agreement with Soros on borders and migration, much to Hungary’s frustration.
“So, why the EU carries out this open-door policy? You should ask the high-ranking officials in Brussels, but I know that this is a bad policy. It’s harming the EU, it’s dangerous, because this policy of open borders undermines security and safety in Europe.”
Goran Buldioski, co-director of the Soros-backed Open Society Initiative for Europe and a member of the Soros-backed European Council on Foreign Relations, has characterised the Hungarian government’s NGO transparency drive as an “attack [on] civil society” and called on the EU to “not only take note but take action”.

Buldioski has previously called for UK newspaper the Daily Mail to be shut down for criticising judges who ruled that MPs must have the final say on whether the UK actually leaves the EU.

Migrant Stabs Bouncer at Gay Nightclub After Being Refused Entry

A 34-year-old bouncer at a gay nightclub in Cologne was stabbed over the weekend by an Iraqi asylum seeker after he refused him entry at the door.

The attack occurred early Saturday morning at a gay nightclub in Cologne called Iron on Schaafenstrasse just over a mile away from the Cologne cathedral, which was the site of mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve in 2015/2016. The 21-year-old Iraqi tried to gain access to the club with two of his friends, aged 17 and 21, Kölnische Rundschau reports.
After his 21-year-old friend was rejected by the bouncer for unknown reasons, the Iraqi migrant took out a knife and stabbed the 34-year-old in the back twice and then fled the scene. The migrant was later caught by police and has been arrested. It is likely he will be charged with assault and causing grievous bodily harm.
The management of Iron conveyed their shock at the incident, posted on their Facebook page, but were sure to say the migrant who had attacked their bouncer was not a North African, or “NAFRI”, but was an immigrant from the Kurdish area of Iraq.
The term NAFRI was highlighted during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne as police used the term to denote migrants of a North African origin that they suspected may cause trouble. As a result of using the word, left-wing activists and Green party politicians in Germany expressed outrage labeling the police’s actions as racist and said authorities were engaging in racial profiling.
The Iron bar went further writing, “this unfortunate incident in no way justifies that individuals or families who have fled from war and terror, be criminalised here, stigmatised or discriminated against”.
The gay club is not the first bar in Germany to have issues with migrant patrons. In November 2015, a German nightclub in Bad Tölz was the subject of protests from pro-migrant activists after ejecting migrants from the club who they say had been harassing their female clientele.
A year later in November 2016, a bistro in Waburn was the site of migrant violence after several Somali men refused to pay the €17 bill for their drinks. The five men told the owner, “We are Somalis, we do not pay,” and became aggressive and were told they were banned from the establishment. A short time later, the migrants returned with iron bars and smashed several of the windows of the bistro.

Even left wing pro-migrant clubs have had issues with migrants. A far left club in Leipzig admitted that migrants had caused a rise in sex attacks and violence after they let them in and as a result, many female activists simply stopped coming to the club. “It was simply not enough to hang multilingual posters outlining how to behave at parties,” they said.

Migrants with Airsoft Guns Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Cause Panic on Vienna Subway

Young migrants caused panic on the Vienna subway by chanting “Allahu Akbar” and waving around airsoft guns until a passenger intervened.

The incident occurred at 2pm Monday afternoon on the Vienna u-bahn, the city’s subway system. According to witnesses, the group of four young migrants began shouting “Allahu Akbar” at the Schweglerstrasse station on the U3 line. The migrants also shouted phrases in Arabic at the frightened passengers as they waved around their airsoft guns, Kronen Zeitung reports.
One of the witnesses was terror expert Amer Albayati who told the Austrian paper the migrant teens fired their airsoft guns on the subway car. As the teens screamed in Arabic, he said most passengers fled but one man did not. Mr. Albayati said that the man tried to overpower the migrants and get them off the train.
The migrants eventually got off the train at the Zieglergasse station two stops on the U3 line away from where the incident had begun. Several witnesses used their smartphones to photograph the teens as they got off the train. The four young people are currently being searched for by authorities and may face charges.
Daniel Amann, a spokesman for Wiener Linien, the state-run company that runs the public transportation system in the Austrian capital, said: “We have safety precautions on the train and on the platforms for precisely those incidents where passengers are not feeling secure”.
The incident comes only a week after the arrest of a 17-year-old who Vienna police say was plotting a terror attack in Vienna on behalf of Islamic State. Police say that the Albanian-born teen, known as Lorenz K., had travelled to the German town of Neuss where he was in contact with another Islamic State sympathiser.
German authorities later arrested a man believed to be in contact with the 17-year-old who was also plotting a terror attack. They claim the 21-year-old had experimented with bomb making alongside Lorenz who had visited him and planned to target soldiers and police.

In a separate case, Austrian authorities raided several properties in Graz and Vienna and took down a radical Islamist group who they say were plotting to overthrow the Austrian government and install an Islamic caliphate. Eight hundred police took part in the raids which were the culmination of an investigation that began in 2015.  Fourteen radical Islamists were arrested, among them several women and several Islamic preachers.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Seven Found Guilty of Robbing German Churches to Finance Jihad

A German court has found seven men guilty of burglarizing churches to financially support Islamic extremists fighting in Syria. Cologne’s regional court sentenced the men to between three years and 6 months, and four years and 10 months in prison for the robberies. Judges say that there’s sufficient proof the men – aged between 24 and 37 – broke into up to five churches and other buildings between 2013 and 2014. In Monday’s ruling, judges said it was unclear whether the funds they generated were actually used to support armed jihad and if so, to what extent. An eighth man was sentenced to two years and 7 months for serious bodily harm. Five defendants are German citizens, two hold German and Tunisian citizenship, and one holds German and Moroccan citizenship.

UK Also Needs ‘Extreme Vetting’ to Deal with Fallout from ‘The Merkel Madness’, Says Nigel Farage

Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage says Donald Trump is “fully entitled” to “get tough” on immigration, and recommends the United Kingdom also introduces new vetting measures to deal with the consequences of “the Merkel madness”.

Pressed in a BBC Sunday Politics interview on whether he agrees with the president’s executive order on ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States’, which temporarily restricts travel for asylum seekers and passport-holders from seven states identified as “countries of concern” by the Obama administration, the former UK Independence Party leader was unequivocal:
“I agree with a concept called ‘democracy’ … [Trump] was elected to get tough. He was elected to say he would do everything within his power to protect America from infiltration by ISIS terrorists.”
That Islamists have infiltrated Europe via the migrant influx is not in question, with Manfred Hauser, vice-president of the BayLfV intelligence agency in Bavaria, Germany, admitting that there are now “hit squads and sleeper cells” throughout the country.
“We have substantial reports that among the refugees there are hit squads”, he confessed. “There are hundreds of these reports, some from refugees themselves.”
Farage characterised Trump’s executive order as a logical reaction to the consequences of “the Merkel Madness”, as he terms the German Chancellor’s decision to declare “no limit” on migrant numbers, and called on the UK to follow the U.S.’s example.
“Trump’s policy, in many ways, has been shaped by what Mrs. Merkel did. He is fully entitled to do this, and as far as we’re concerned, in this country, yes, I would like to see extreme vetting.”
Farage’s statements echo the sentiments expressed by the spokesman for the Czech president, Jiří Ovčáček, who reacted to the executive order by tweeting that “Trump protects his country, he’s concerned with the safety of his citizens. Exactly what EU elites do not do.”
Farage had harsh words for these “EU elites” in another interview, saying that “the one thing that Donald Trump must not do is take advice on how to deal with terrorism from the French president or the German chancellor, because they’re the people who opened the door to ISIS, and we’re seeing that every month with attacks in Europe.”
The MEP acknowledged that terrorism in the U.S. has been largely homegrown since September 11th, 2001, but argued that this was no reason to exacerbate the threat by following Europe’s open-door example.

“When you’ve got a problem already, why on Earth would you wish to add to it? And I would remind you, that of the eight people that committed those atrocities in Paris, five of them had got into Europe posing as refugees.”

Quebec mosque mass murderers: Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir

In light of the witness statement that they screamed “Allahu akbar,” it is likely that Bissonnette is a convert to Islam, and that this was, as I suggested last night, a case of Muslims firing upon other Muslims whom they deemed heretical: a Sunni-Shia dispute, or adherents of the Islamic State versus opponents of it, or Sunnis firing upon Ahmadiyya — depending on what kind of mosque it is. But there is no basis at this point for the widespread assumption that this was an “Islamophobic” attack carried out by deranged Trump supporters who wandered north of the border.
“Quebec mosque shooting: Two suspects in attack identified in reports,” Montreal Gazette, January 30, 2017:
According to Radio-Canada and LCN, the two suspects in Sunday’s terror attacks in Quebec City are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.
Police are to give an update into the investigation Monday morning.
Officials from the Centre hospitalier de l’Université Laval say five people remain in critical condition following a terrorist attack at a mosque in Quebec City on Sunday that left six people dead and injured many others.
Of those injured, five victims are in the intensive care unit of the Enfant-Jésus hospital in Quebec City, said Geneviève Dupuis, a spokesperson for the hospital network. Three of those five have life-threatening injuries, while the other two are more stable, the hospital said.
Another 12 people who had minor injuries have been released from hospital.
Initial reports had six people in critical condition following the shooting, but a hospital spokesperson said the sixth person who came to the hospital with a gunshot wound was from an unrelated incident.
According to the Journal de Québec, the six dead include two Algerians, a Tunisian, a Moroccan and two others from African countries.
Around 8:30 a.m., reports indicated police had arrested another two suspects in relation to the attacks. Two suspects were already in custody.
The rector of Université Laval, Denis Brière, and vice-rector Éric Beauce addressed the media Monday morning in the Alphonse-Desjardins pavilion. Reports indicate that one or both of the suspects were students at the university.
Bauce said the university couldn’t confirm that the two suspects are students at the university. “We can’t confirm it and the police haven’t told us that,” he said.
Bauce said that security has been stepped up at the campus; the university has increased the number of security guards and stepped up patrols.
“We have a large Muslim community here,” he said….


Le Pen Favourite to Win First Round of French Presidential Vote

Marine Le Pen is one course to win the first round of voting in this year’s French presidential elections, a shock poll has revealed.

The Front National leader is still likely to lose out in the second round voting, however, as those from both left and right will unite against her, the Kantar-Sofres poll for Le Figaro suggested.
In the first-round vote in April, Ms. Le Pen would come first with 25 per cent. Conservative candidate François Fillon would garner 21-22 per cent and centrist Emmanuel Macron can expect 20-21 per cent.
In the runoff to be held on May 7th, both Mr. Fillon and Mr. Macron are projected to win if either is pitted against Ms. Le Pen, while Mr. Macron would beat Mr. Fillon in the knockout.
Both Ms. Le Pen and Mr. Macron’s campaigns have been boosted by a scandal engulfing their conservative rival, who is accused of giving his wife a “fake job”.
“A runoff without François Fillon is no longer ruled out,” Emmanuel Riviere at Sofres pollster told Reuters. “What boosts Emmanuel Macron’s momentum is above all Penelopegate,” he said, referring to Mr. Fillon’s wife Penelope.
Mr. Macron has also benefited from the ruling Socialist party choosing a hard-left candidate to stand against him. Benoît Hamon wants to introduce a universal basic income, legalise cannabis, and tax robots.
More bad news for Mr. Fillon is contained in the poll, which suggests he would beat Ms. Le Pen by a smaller margin than his centrist rival in the second round.
Mr. Fillion can expect 60 per cent of the vote against 40 per cent for Le Pen, while Mr. Macron would widen the gap to 65 per cent against 35 per cent, the poll indicated.

Another poll showing Ms. Le Pen taking the lead came out earlier this month. The CEVIPOF survey for Le Monde put her and the National Front (FN) with between 25 and 26 per cent of the vote on 19 January.

Polish Foreign Minister Says Trump Has the Right to Ban Immigrants

Poland’s foreign minister has defended President Donald Trump’s immigration order banning entry to people from seven mostly Muslim countries, arguing that every sovereign country has the right to decide its own immigration policy. Witold Waszczykowski said “no state has the duty to accept immigrants” and that Trump “was elected president, he has the right” to impose the ban. Waszczykowski made his comments Sunday evening on Polsat News, a private television station. Waszczykowski belongs to a conservative government that is strongly opposed to accepting Muslim refugees. Last year it played a key role in blocking a European Union effort to resettle refugees across the bloc. Trump’s immigration order has sparked protests at airports and the condemnation of many across the world as a human rights violation.

Canada: Gunmen screaming “Allahu akbar” open fire in mosque, murdering multiple people -- UPDATE: Muslims killing Muslims


Quebec City shooters have been identified.
Confirmed on Police Radio:
The two suspects are Bashir al-Taweed and Hassan Matti, Syrians who entered Canada as refugees last week!

The shooters could be “Islamophobes” who screamed “Allahu akbar” mockingly. Or they could be Muslims who were firing upon other Muslims whom they deem heretical: a Sunni-Shia dispute, or adherents of the Islamic State versus opponents of it.
In any case, this is being covered as if it were an “anti-Muslim hate crime,” and it may be. However, this story that notes that the gunmen were screaming “Allahu akbar” is notably free of the laments about “Islamophobia” that were in earlier stories about the shooting. There is no certainty at this point that it was an “anti-Muslim hate crime,” and the screams of “Allahu akbar” open up the possibility that this was yet another “anti-Muslim hate crime” committed by Muslims.
“Multiple dead, 2 arrested in shooting at Quebec City mosque,” CBC News, January 29, 2017:
Quebec City Police say several people are dead after shots were fired inside a Quebec City mosque on Sunday night.
Multiple people are also feared wounded. Their condition is not known at this time.
A few dozen people were inside the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood when the shooting began just after 8 p.m.
Quebec City Police Constable Étienne Doyon said mostly men were gathered at the mosque for evening prayers.
The director of the centre said at least five people were killed, but that information has not been confirmed by police.
Two suspects have been arrested, one of whom was apprehended after a chase that ended near l’île d’Orléans.
A large perimeter has been set up around the mosque.
‘A Quebecois accent’
A witness, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBC’s French-language service Radio-Canada that two masked individuals entered the mosque.
“It seemed to me that they had a Quebecois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head,” said the witness.
“There were even kids. There was even a three-year-old who was with his father.”…


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Patriotic Customs Officials Defy Illegal Obama Judge Order

Leftist activists are whining that patriotic customs officials are doing their duty by enforcing President Trump's executive order keeping Americans safe while ignoring underhanded efforts by Obama judges like Ann Donnelly and Allison Burroughs to sabotage his order.
These absurd activist overreaches by Obama judges fly in the face of what it takes to keep our country safe. And leftist activists allege that customs personnel are choosing to ignore them.
The ACLU, a radical pro-terrorist and anti-American hate group, is screeching that its activist lawyers and judges are being ignored while customs officials continue to do their jobs. The Obama era has ended. CPB is doing its job and following the orders of President Trump. Not those of Obama's leftist appointees.
While assorted aspiring Dem presidential candidates, notably Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, have done their grandstanding in front of the cameras, the hardworking patriots of CPB are the real heroes. Their defiance of illegal judicial activist orders should be a model for everyone working to keep us safe.

Merkel tells Trump that global fight against terrorism no excuse for banning Muslim migrants

Trump’s executive order isn’t really a ban on Muslims entering. It is a temporary halt on immigration from seven jihad terror hotspots. But that is too much for Merkel, who would rather see her citizens murdered in jihad attacks than stop the Muslim migrant influx, even though there is an unknowable number of jihadis among the migrants. The Berlin truck jihad massacre was not enough for Merkel. And she will see much, much more.
“Merkel says fight against terrorism no excuse for U.S. entry ban,” by Andrea Shalal and Andreas Rinke, Reuters, January 29, 2017:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel told U.S. President Donald Trump that the global fight against terrorism was no excuse for banning refugees or people from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, her spokesman said on Sunday.
Steffen Seibert said Merkel had expressed her concerns to Trump during a telephone call on Saturday and reminded him that the Geneva Conventions require the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds.
“She is convinced that even the necessary, decisive battle against terrorism does not justify putting people of a specific background or faith under general suspicion,” he said.
Seibert said the German government regrets the U.S. entry travel ban, would review the consequences for German citizens with dual nationalities, and would “represent their interests, if needed, vis a vis our U.S. partners”.
The German and Dutch foreign ministers issued a joint statement on Sunday saying they were pressing U.S. authorities to determine what the order meant for their dual nationals.
“We are determined to protect the rights of our citizens and will take rapid action within the European Union about the steps that are now needed,” Germany’s Sigmar Gabriel and his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders said.
Trump ordered on Friday a four-month hold on allowing refugees into the United States and temporarily banned travelers from Syria and six other mainly Muslim countries.
Seibert’s comments were the first indication of discord over the issue between Merkel and Trump, who had highlighted common interests such as strengthening NATO and combating Islamist militancy in a joint statement after their 45-minute phone call.
Thomas Oppermann, who heads the parliamentary faction of the Social Democrats, the junior partner in Merkel’s right-center coalition, called Trump’s order “inhumane and foolhardy” and said it would result in significant damage to the U.S. economy.
“The order contradicts everything that makes up the United States’ good reputation as a country of immigration,” he told Die Welt newspaper. “No one should be discriminated against because of their religious beliefs.”…


Populist Leaders Praise Trump’s Refugee Ban as Model for Europe


While Europe’s socialist leaders predictably denounced President Trump’s recent temporary ban on new refugees from a list of countries, rising populist leaders praised him as a model for what Europe should be doing.

Dutch populist Geert Wilders said in a tweet: “Well done @POTUS it’s the only way to stay safe + free. I would do the same. Hope you’ll add more Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia soon.”
Wilders, whose Party for Freedom is polling strongly before the country’s March 15 election, later tweeted: “No more immigration from any Islamic country is exactly what we need. Also in The Netherlands. For Islam and freedom are incompatible.”
Wilders also noted what he called the “#hypocrisy” of leftist critics of the ban, noting that in 16 Muslim-dominated countries, a person may not enter the country on an Israeli passport and yet no one on the Left protested.
The leader of Italy’s Northern League, Roberto Maroni, simply tweeted a photo of the news of the ban in the Italian press, along with his summation of the situation: “Super Trump,” while calling the U.S. President “Numero Uno” (Number One) in a separate tweet on the same topic.
Matteo Salvini, General Secretary of the same party and a long-time Trump supporter, tweeted in English, citing Trump’s move as a good idea for Europe.
What @POTUS is doing on the other side of the ocean, I'd like it done in Italy. An invasion is underway, it needs to be blocked. 
Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front Party and current favorite in an upcoming presidential election, said that what really annoys the media and politicians is that Trump honors his campaign promises and implements his program.
"Ce qui gêne les médias et les politiques, c'est que  respecte ses engagements et applique son programme." 
Meanwhile, the National Democratic Party in Germany, which has been extremely critical of Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s open-door policy toward migration, lauded the measure.
“The apostles of multiculturalism weep bitterly because U.S. President Donald Trump heavily restricts the entry of pseudo-refugees and Muslims into the USA,” they said on their Facebook page.

“For the first time ever one can say from a nationalist perspective: keep going, USA,” the party added.