Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Majority of Americans Support Trump Immigration Exec Order

Despite the non-stop media propaganda, the Reuters Ispsos poll shows a strong outbreak of common sense. 49 to 41 percent support President Donald J. Trump's executive order on migration.
More significantly, there's a total split on a ban on Muslim majority countries with a 1 percent difference. It's at 73% among Republicans,39% among Independents and 19% among Democrats.
Overall the answers are fairly predictable with Dem/GOP splits. They reveal that there is more work to be done with Independents. While Independents are weak on some proactive measures, a majority disagree on taking refugees and the vast majority support limiting refugee numbers.
This shows a pretty clear guide to the argument that the administration needs to be making.
Despite waffling on some questions, there's no real enthusiasm among Indies for taking in ISIS so-called refugees.

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