Thursday, February 23, 2017

Muslim Leader Says Only Beat Your Wife if Flowers Don't Work

The Muslim version of Valentine's Day is just much more unpleasant.
Muslim community leader Keysar Trad says an angry husband can beat his wife as 'a last resort'.
The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils made the remarks after Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt quoted a verse from the Koran, saying: 'It is permissible for him [the husband] to beat her [the wife] light with his hands.'
The controversial Muslim leader, who has previously called for polygamy in Australia, said he had studied the text with 'a number of Islamic scholars' to reach a conclusion about the meaning of the verse.
Trad suggested counseling and chocolates and flowers first. Before the beating.
That comes from the President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils who is still apparently seeking Wife No. 2.
WHEN his wife was away in Lebanon for several months with their six children, Keysar Trad was lonely and considered taking a second wife.

Well obviously. Sadly the search doesn't seem to be going so well.
From emotional 'love poetry' to brutal instant messages - a Muslim leader has opened up about the 'heartbreak' he has felt in his search for a second wife.
But the prominent Islamic community spokesman has been left crushed by two women who he courted - but eventually rejected him.
'You wouldn't believe how heartbreaking it is,' he said. 'It’s always very very devastating.'
The whole thing is probably a little more heartbreaking for Wife No. 1.
'It's like they've beaten me to a pulp, every single one of them,' Mr Trad said.

You can't blame them. They did it before he could do it to them.

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