Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Director of Sharia Watch UK, Anne Marie Waters, detained by London Police

Can somebody tell us where Anne Marie Waters is and why this tweet has been deleted? She is a hero of mine. Please retweet. Thank you.
Anne Marie Waters, director of the London-based NGO ‘Sharia Watch UK‘ was last night detained by the London Police.
The tweet above, in which she tells the world about her arrest, has since been removed. Why she did so is unclear, as is her current legal status; is she still facing charges or have they been dropped?
She retweeted the tweet below, which indicated that she is no longer in custody, but we have yet to obtain a comment from Waters herself.
@AMDWaters Glad you're free. A crowdfunded legal case against the police may be something to consider. Make them think twice in future.
Two hours ago, Waters tweeted the following.
Imagine being so filled with hate that you believe those who disagree with you politically should go to prison. Imagine that.

If any readers have additional information on the case, please contact us through our contact form at the top right op this page, or on Twitter.

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