Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hamburg knife attacker known to authorities 'but not considered dangerous'

By Rick Moran

The terrorist who stabbed 6 people at a Hamburg supermarket, killing one, was known to authorities as an Islamic extremist but was not considered dangerous.
The attacker was a rejected asylum seeker who was waiting for deportation papers, say authorities. They say that "Ahmed A" had "contact with the Islamist scene" but did nothing to keep an eye on him.
City-state Interior Minister Any Grote on Saturday thanked bystanders who caught the fleeing knife assailant near the supermarket in Hamburg's Barmbek district in scant minutes before police arrived.
Friday's civil arrest was "very courageous and very determined," Grote told a press conference, adding that pre-weekend shoppers' outings had been turned into a "nightmare."
The attacker, a rejected asylum seeker, who earlier on Friday had inquired at a city office for foreigners on whether expulsion papers had arrived, had become radicalized, but his exact motive was still being probed, Grote added.
I guess screaming "Allahu Akbar" while brutally stabbing six people isn't a big enough hint for the clueless German authorities.
The suspect had no criminal record in Germany, with the exception of an alleged shoplifting incident in April that was dropped as a "slight" matter, according to Jörg Fröhlich from the Hamburg state prosecutors' office. He is likely to be charged with murder and five counts of attempted murder, Fröhlich said, adding that German federal prosecutors in Karlsruhe might take up the case.
There were no indications of inclusion in a terror network or links with background instigators, said the interior minister, who made no direct reference to previous reports that the suspect was from the United Arab Emirates.
Police on Saturday said they had searched a refugee shelter in the Hamburg district of Langenhorn, where the 26-year-old suspect, from the United Arab Emirates, was believed to have been staying. Nothing was found, police said.
Some can't fathom why he would attack Germans who had been so nice to him:
Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz said the attack had been motivated by "hate."
It appeared that the suspect was facing deportation but this had not proceeded because necessary papers were lacking, Scholz said.
"I am furious that the offender is apparently someone who has claimed protection with us in Germany and then directed his hate against us." the mayor added.
Many more Germans are going to die because of this dangerously ignorant attitude. Can they really not fathom the enemy they are facing? Are they so besotted with political correctness that the nature of the threat facing the German people escapes them?
They are so terrified of being accused of Islamophobia that the rational centers of their brains have been short circuited. 
What are they going to do now that the ISIS "caliphate" is disintegrating and thousands of trained fighters disperse across the world? What measures will they take to protect German citizens from not only organized, mass casualty attacks but the random bloodshed caused by violent jihadists who will gladly sell their lives to murder westerners?
The first step is to identify the enemy as an enemy. To date, the German government has yet to take that first step, putting all of its citizens at risk.

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