Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbek Muslim terrorist who killed 8 in a Car Jihad attack, at one point used a Paterson, NJ address. His truck had been rented in Jersey City.
Paterson has been nicknamed "Paterstine" due to its large Muslim settler community with noted pro-terrorist sympathies. The PLO terror flag flies over Paterson's City Hall. And Muslims there celebrated on 9/11.
Danusha Goska noted some of the accounts at Front Page Magazine.
Tom Penicaro: "I worked for PSEG in Clifton on the Paterson boarder and I witnessed it firsthand. They were celebrating in the streets cheering and stomping on the flag. I am a Marine and I remember very very clearly because I was so pissed I wanted to engage them with a bat I had in my van."
Walter Emiliantsev: "I lived in NJ at the time on Demott Ave., Clifton! When I tried to go to Paterson to my brother in laws shop, I usually took Main Ave. There were so many people dancing on Main, I couldn't get through! I KNOW what I saw!"
Finally, we know that six of the 9-11 hijackers lived in Paterson, NJ, and they used the computers of a nearby campus in planning their attacks.
 The Uzbek Muslim settler terrorist had also apparently rented his truck in Jersey City. That was where even more notable Muslim terrorist celebrations took place.
"When I saw they were happy, I was pissed," said Ron Knight, 56, a Tonnele Avenue resident who said he heard cries of "Allahu Akbar" as he shouldered his way through a crowd of 15 to 20 people on John F. Kennedy Boulevard that morning.
A retired police captain, Peter Gallagher, said he cleared a rooftop celebration of 20 to 30 people at 6 Tonnele Ave., a four-story apartment building with an unobstructed view of Lower Manhattan, in the hours after the second tower fell.
"Some men were dancing, some held kids on their shoulders," said Gallagher, then a sergeant. "The women were shouting in Arabic and keening in the high-pitched wail of Arabic fashion. They were told to go back to their apartments since a crowd of non-Muslims was gathering on the sidewalk below and we feared for their safety."
Carlos Ferran, 60, who lives in the same building as Knight, said he was on his way to a liquor store to buy beer when he came across the gathering on the sidewalk.
"Some of them had their hands in the air," Ferran said. "They were happy."
And Jersey City was also a terror hub for the original World Trade Center bombers. The van used in that attack was rented in Jersey City. Just like the truck in the current attack.
New Jersey has an enemy population. And it poses an ongoing terror threat.

NYC “Allahu akbar” truck jihad mass murderer identified as Sayfullo Saipov from Uzbekistan

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, Bart und Text
Photo: Sayfullo Saipov

“Sayfullo” means “sword of Allah.”
When Saipov was admitted into the U.S., he was no doubt deemed “moderate.”
“Eight people killed after terrorist Sayfullo Saipov of Uzbekistan drives Home Depot truck through bike lane,” by Reuven Blau, Jillian Jorgensen and Rocco Parascandola, New York Daily News, October 31, 2017:
Eight people were killed Tuesday afternoon in a Tribeca terrorist attack as a rental truck plowed through helpless riders on a lower Manhattan bike path, officials said.
Driver Sayfullo Saipov yelled “Allahu Akbar!” — Arabic for “God is great!” — after running the riders down from behind, their mangled bodies left scattered behind his runaway white pickup.
The 29-year-old suspect, a native of Uzbekistan, was arrested after a hero police officer shot him in the right hip following a Tribeca crash between the truck and a school bus.
Saipov, who came to the U.S. in 2010 and lived in Paterson, N.J., was waving a paintball gun and a pellet gun when Officer Ryan Nash arrived. The cop opened fired when the suspect refused to drop his weapons.
“This was an act of terror,” declared Mayor de Blasio at a somber One Police Plaza news conference. “And a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians.”
The truck jumped the curb near Houston St. at 3:04 p.m. and began bearing down on the unsuspecting bicyclists and pedestrians, officials said. Video showed crumpled two-wheelers and four bodies left in the vehicle’s deadly wake….


Despite being the setting for the worst Islamic terrorist attack in our history, New York has done pretty well after 9/11. And that's largely because the NYPD and, to a lesser extent, the FBi, were on the ball. 
The left hated the tactics that they used. But those tactics worked. The NYPD broke up plots that the Obama Feds didn't want to touch. And the leftist allies of Islamic terror did their best to undermine the NYPD's ability to engage in surveilance and break up Islamic terror plots.
We don't know if the left's neutering of the NYPD led to this attack. But it couldn't have helped.
The Islamic terrorist attack in Manhattan strongly resembles the Car Jihad tactics we've seen in America and Europe. Here's what we know so far.
The driver of a rental truck drove down a busy bicycle path in Manhattan near the World Trade Center, killing eight people and injuring about a dozen others in what officials said was an "act of terror."
After crashing the truck into a school bus, the suspect exited the vehicle while displaying imitation firearms and was shot in the abdomen by police, according to the NYPD.
That's almost identical to a number of European Jihadist attacks apart from the bike path. Right down to the fake gun.
New York City officials aren't even bothering to deny it. Which tells you all you need to know.
The incident is being investigated as terrorism, officials said. Witnesses reported the suspect was yelling "Allahu Akbar," according to four law enforcement sources. The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is taking over the lead of the investigation.
The statements made by the driver moments after leaving the truck and the method of the attack were consistent with other terrorist attacks, New York City Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill said. 
Good odds are he admitted it. That'll make it harder for the ACLU and the usual crowd.

Video: Broken bikes after “Allahu akbar” driver makes “purposeful turn,” at least 7 dead


Lower Manhattan attack : Driver barreled into a bike path shouting "Allahu Akbar"

At least six people are dead after a driver barreled into a bike path and crashed a rental pickup truck into a crowd in Lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, shouting "Allahu Akbar," law enforcement sources tell Fox News and The Associated Press. Another nine people were injured, authorities said. Police tweeted that one person -- who police shot twice -- has been taken into custody and is expected to survive. Police added that there are "no others outstanding."FBI officials confirmed to Fox News that they have agents responding to the situation "with NYPD." A bomb squad is also on scene examining a vehicle.

Report: Multiple Wounded in Downtown NYC After Driver Runs Over Pedestrians with Truck

A suspect is in custody Tuesday afternoon after driving his vehicle into pedestrians in lower Manhattan, injuring at least six, according to early accounts.

It was unclear initially whether the suspect used a gun, a truck, or both.
SOURCES: man driving box truck hits multiple people while going wrong way in bike lane near West & Chambers St. He crashes & exits w/ what is believed to be BB gun. He was shot by police & is in custody.
The New York Police Department reports it has one suspect in custody.
Currently there is one person in custody. No others outstanding. All information is preliminary as the investigation is ongoing.
According to NBC News, multiple people have been killed.
UPDATE: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been briefed on the incident in downtown Manhattan pic.twitter.com/AtxW4CsPXK
BREAKING: Multiple people are dead and several are injured following an incident in lower Manhattan, per a senior New York City official
Update 4:09 pm eastern: 
According to Fox News, the FBI is responding to the scene.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio are both en route as well:
I have been briefed with preliminary information on the situation in Lower Manhattan and am heading to the scene.
No information on the suspect has been released at this time.
Update 4:15 pm eastern:
From the Associated Press: “Police and witnesses say a motorist drove onto a busy bicycle path near the World Trade Center memorial and struck several people, then emerged from the vehicle screaming and firing something that appeared to be a gun.”
An Associated Press photographer on the scene Tuesday witnessed at least two bodies lying motionless on the path beneath tarps.
The New York Police Department posted on its Twitter feed that one person was in custody. The department says it’s unclear whether anyone was shot.
A man who was riding in an Uber along the West Side Highway near Chambers street says he saw several bleeding people on the ground after a truck struck several people.
A witness said the truck had also collided with a small bus and one other vehicle.
Update 4:22pm eastern:

The suspect was shot twice by law enforcement after he was stopped on a bike path by a school bus that got in the way, according to Fox News.

Highly biased report by Soros’ Open Society and Amnesty concludes Dutch Jihadist are detained in ‘Inhumane Ways’

The Dutch section of Amnesty International, in co-operation with George Soros’ Open Society Justice Initiative published a report (PDF) on 31 October, about the detention of those suspected of, or convicted of terrorism in the Netherlands. As usual, Amnesty International claims that Human Rights were violated, without specifying which. Neither does the report make any attempt to put itself in the position of the Dutch state – sympathy in the report is completely with those held in detention. No true consideration of possible victims of terrorism, or the awkward position of the state in fighting terrorism is considered.
The slant of the report becomes painfully obvious in the use of terms. Amnesty International does it utmost to minimise the number of times it has to classify as convicted terrorists. Not only does it reserve the term ‘prisoner’ to persons “who have been convicted at the final stage of all proceedings without a further chance of appeal” it indiscriminately uses the term ‘detainee‘ for any

person who is held pending trial at the first instance or awaiting the further
stages of appeal in their case. At the time of writing, the vast majority of people detained in the Terrirism Wing (TA) were
detainees who had not been convicted at the first instance or people who were awaiting appeal. For that reason, this report generally uses the term ‘detainee’ to describe the people held in the TA.

 This kind of definition seems designed to suggest the innocence of those in a special TA. It also has the rhetorical effect of making the Dutch state look worse for ‘detaining’ people, instead of imprisoning those convicted. Nowhere in the report is a clear indication given of how many ‘detainees’ were, or were later, convicted.
What is more worrying, is the seeming willingness of Amnesty International in the report to accept, without giving any sort of context, and without any critical questioning, sentiments offered by ‘detainees’. For example, even though the report later says that “persons suspected or convicted of terrorist offences are automatically assigned to the TA,” when confronted with the sentiment that
Due to the TA’s predominantly Muslim population, former detainees and civil society groups have heavily criticized the TA for being discriminatory against Muslims and at times have taken public action to protest the TA for being a ‘Muslim detention centre’,
the report, in one sentence both claims it
does not assess whether this is the case or whether terrorism legislation is applied in a discriminatory manner, [but] it is important for the government to recognize that many former detainees interviewed shared the strong belief that the TA was a detention facility that specifically targeted Muslims. 
Amnesty International here leaves out the context that the vast majority of terrorism in Europe is Jihadist terrorism. In failing to assess the claim, while at the same time stressing the importance to ‘recognise a strong belief’, Amnesty International appears to lend it credence. It might have been wiser if Amnesty International had declined to take a position on the issue.
Unfortunately, Amnesty International seems unwilling to leave its opinions out of the report. They creep in every now again, leading to statements such as the following:
Additionally, TA population growth has been, and will continue to be, the result of
investigators and prosecutors relying on overly broad definitions of what constitutes a ‘terrorist offence’
and an ever-expanding set of counterterrorism laws that criminalise preparatory acts not closely linked to
a principal offence. This expansion, for example, has resulted in a woman being detained and convicted
for re-tweeting a single tweet that, according to a court, disseminated a message that incited people
to fight in Syria, and a man being convicted for transferring 1,000 Euros to a childhood friend who
travelled to Syria. 
However, when investigating the examples given, it seems like there was substantial cherry-picking. As becomes clear from the (unofficial translation by the official website) translation of the verdict in the case of the woman. Although she was indeed convicted for
one inciting retweet and sentenced to seven days of imprisonment,
this was in the context of a court case involving eight others, and she was acquitted of participation in a criminal organisation with terrorist intent. Unlike the other eight, who received sentences of up to six years in prison.
And the man convicted for transferring €1000 to a ‘childhood friend’? That friend was actually a jihadist, something the man knew, as became clear from messages they exchanged. As such, he wasn’t convicted for transferring money to a childhood friend, but for being
guilty of collecting and providing money on account of a jihadist present in the conflict zone in Syria, meant to finance the armed struggle there. In this way, the defendant has substantially contributed to, or meant to contribute to the violent jihad in Syria. The actions of the defendant were, after all, aimed at continuing that conflict, a conflict that sees many die in gruesome manners every day. It is common knowledge that jihadist groups in Syria are guilty of gross violations of human rights. Defendant is guilty, by his actions, of a serious terrorist crime.