Thursday, November 30, 2017

For Eastern Europe, Germany Is the Trouble

By Alex Alexiev

The inability of Angela Merkel and her putative partners to form a government has given rise to persistent calls, including from the chancellor herself, that what Europe needs now is a strong Germany. In fact, it is Germany’s unquestioned strength and willingness to throw its weight around that are to blame for much of Eastern Europe’s unhappiness with the European Union at the moment. A case in point is the growing rift between Berlin and its eastern EU neighbors on some of the issues discussed by Merkel and her potential government partners.
Take for instance Merkel’s position claiming that the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline is simply a commercial project. To most of her eastern neighbors, this is nothing if not crass German hypocrisy designed to further German business, while facilitating  the monopolistic endeavors of Vladimir Putin and Russia's energy monopoly, Gazprom, at the expense of Eastern Europe. Or the willingness of Germany's Free Democrats to give Russia a pass on Crimean annexation, which suspiciously sounded like an apologia of the old “might is right” axiom. Or the asinine suggestion of the Greens to settle entire Syrian villages in Eastern Europe to make the migrants feel more comfortable and the locals less so.
Beyond these specific disagreements, there are fundamental, perhaps irreconcilable, differences between Eastern Europe and Germany on at least two issues – defense policy and migration. Regarding the former, following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany, Berlin seems to have decided that there would never be another war in Europe and it stopped spending money on defense. As a result, in a short time the German military was transformed from being the second most powerful in NATO to a weakling spending barely 1.2% of GDP on defense instead of the 2% agreed minimum. Its personnel collapsed nearly four-fold (600,000 to 177,000) and it has glaring equipment shortfalls that make its functioning as an integral force very doubtful. According to Jane’s, close to half of its Leopard 2 tanks (95 of 244) are not combat ready, and neither are 28 of its 75 Tornado combat aircraft, nor are 41 of its 79 Eurofighters, nor are four out of ten Patriot air-defense systems.
More troublesome than these capability issues is Germany’s unwillingness to determine where the threat to Europe may be coming from. Unlike Eastern Europe, which invariably sees Russia as a clear and present danger, Berlin appears not to be sure. During the recent election campaign, Merkel’s socialist coalition partners called for disarmament and the withdrawal of American nuclear weapons from Germany, in the face of blatant Russian aggression in Ukraine and elsewhere. This fundamental divergence in threat perceptions also results in stark differences in attitudes toward defense spending, the United States and NATO priorities. There is a palpable and growing fault line between East and West Europe on defense matters that does not bode well for NATO.
There is also a huge gulf in attitudes toward migration. Western Europeans cite the easterners’s refusal to take any migrants as a sign of lack of solidarity, populist prejudice and perhaps racism.  The easterners respond that nobody asked their views on opening the borders and point out the failure of western societies to integrate the migrants as a reason to not rush into this experiment. They point out that Muslims that have lived for decades in Europe, yet nonetheless voted for the Islamist dictator Erdogan in much greater numbers than their fellow Turks at home. There are also spiking numbers of migrant crimes and sexual assaults.
There is another powerful reason for Eastern Europe’s reluctance to accept Muslim refugees that is seldom discussed, though it is important and it has to do with the region’s historical experience with Muslims. Very few in Western Europe are aware of it, but every child in Poland knows that Jan Sobieski saved Europe and Christendom from the Ottomans at Vienna in 1683. They also know that much of Eastern Europe, including the Balkans, Hungary, Podolia in Poland, Wallachia and Moldavia were for centuries under the Ottomans and subject to infidel taxes, rapacious military levies, the boy tribute, and the depredations of the slave raiders. It was not a happy experience and many historians trace the backwardness of Eastern Europe compared to the rest of it to its unfortunate experience with Muslim obscurantism. Not an experience that is easily forgotten.

Car EXPLODES in middle of Pinner high street near Christmas market festival in North West London

A CAR exploded in the middle of the street just yards from where children and families were celebrating a Christmas fayre. Firefighters were called to Pinner High Street in Harrow after the car burst into flames during the festive fun.People out for the annual Pinner Panto - attended by more than 10,000 - were ushered away from the burning vehicle by cops and stewards. Witnesses filmed the fireball after it exploded metres from the community event. Dramatic photos show the car engulfed in fire as firefighters battle the blaze. The car was parked metres from one of the children's rides along the high street.No injuries were reported and the fire was under control by 7pm. The Metropolitan Police had no record of the incident but a London Fire Brigade spokeswoman said they were sent to a car fire just before 6pm and left the scene after an hour.

KASSAM: Trump Tossed the Rulebook Out on November 8th

Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam accused the British Prime Minister Theresa May of seizing President Trump’s Twitter account as an opportunity to “virtue signal” and said since his election the rules of the political game had changed.

Responding to the assertion that Britain’s Theresa May was right to hit out at Donald Trump on Twitter after he retweeted a series of videos purporting to show Islamist attacks, Kassam pointed out that the political paradigm had shifted in the United States since the election.
He said: “The rulebook went out of the window on November 8th 2016 when the American people decided they wanted a Bombastic government, they saw it during the campaign and they elected it.”
Pointing out that Britain was in no position to waste political capital with their most powerful ally as the nation prepared to depart the European Union and begin to make its own way in the world, Kassam continued: “So for him to call out the Brit PM when she is using this event to virtue signal, and you have a situation where we need a trade deal with the United States. In the post-Brexit world that is imperative, and she’s flushing that down the toilet to virtue signal over a couple of tweets?”.

As reported by Breitbart London, Kassam also took the opportunity of speaking on BBC news about President Trump to state the reaction in the United Kingdom was “hysterical” and more akin to preparations for war than reasoned debate.

Kassam Blasts BBC Establishment Hysteria Over Trump Tweets… ‘You’d Think We Were Going to War!’

Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam hit back at the BBC’s rolling coverage of United States President’s Twitter account Thursday, remarking the response to recent Tweets was more akin to preparations for war than mere social media.

Criticising the massive, “breathless coverage” of Wednesday’s retweets by the President of a series of videos purporting to show Islamist outrages, Kassam told BBC anchor Jane Hill that ” the whole media and political establishment [has gone into] hysterical overdrive, over Tweets.”
Hammering the point home, Kassam continued: “An emergency debate in Parliament — are we so scared of these fringe organisations these days that we have to have an emergency debate in Parliament, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary. These are things you do in a time of war, not over a couple of Tweets.”
Drawing out the link between the inflated coverage of the Presidential Twitter account and Britain’s crutial relationship with the United States in the psot-Brexit world, Kassam said: “The British political establishment, I guarantee you, are calculatedly using this to drive a wedge, because they don’t want Brexit to happen.
“Theresa May, don’t forget, was a remainer, and this is an intentional way of trying to halt that.”
Responding to the BBC following the British government in pouring scorn on President Trump for retweeting videos of Muslim attacks, Kassam said: “You made a misstatement there. You call it inflammatory — two out of the three of those tweets we know are factual things that happened and the world needs to know about them.
“By the way, the Britain Firsts of the world wouldn’t exist if the mainstream media did their jobs in covering this stuff, in covering homosexuals getting thrown off buildings… all of your colleagues need to be across these things. That Christians in the Middle East are so heavily persecuted.
“Yet every day we hear a story about President Trump’s Tweets, but we don’t hear a story every day about real problems in that region due to radical Islam.
“We are scared of offending Muslims, but most Muslims aren’t radical Islamists, they want this dealt with the same way… What I care about is how much airtime we’re spending talking about tweets, but ignoring serious issues
“Not just radical Islam, by the way, but how manufacturing across the United Kingdom is down, we’re not talking about our fisheries, we’re talking about tweets.”

Moving on to London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan’s massive criticism of President Trump’s Twitter, Kassam said: “How many times can you keep going over this? How many front pages, how many commentary pieces, how many statements in parliament, how many Mayors of London coming out, Sadiq Khan saying he’s not welcome in the United Kingdom? Sadiq Khan does not speak for the United Kingdom.”


How much more? Three simple words. They need to be asked after every such case.
How much more can we take. How much more will we be forced to endure. How many murders, rapes, beatings, beheadings, bombings and stabbings? 
This latest story comes via our friend Grizzly Joe at Pamela Geller's site. It's one of many. Those poisoned jelly beans are everywhere. And they are destroying lives every day. The perpetrators get away with it and the victims of Islamic violence are left to rebuild their lives as best they can.
Mohammed Ali Mohammed raped two women at knife point. Now the Somali Muslim rapist will be set loose.
One woman, who was attacked and raped in her own Salt Lake City home by Mohammed, who then forced her at knife point to take money out at the ATM, said she is 'terrified' at the thought her rapist will be free to walk the streets where she lives.
Breaking down in tears in court, she told the judge: 'He did adult crimes and should have an adult sentence to match what he did.'
She says she still lives with the flashbacks and fear from that day and had asked for the strictest sentence for Mohammed.
Not in Utah, where pro-refugee politics unfortunately continue to dominate.
His other victim, who he grabbed outside her home and raped her with a four-inch switchblade to her throat, was not in court but prosecutors said her life had fallen apart shortly after the assault.
Then a promising college student in 2011, prosecutor Coral Sanchez-Rose said she fell into drug use and got in trouble with the law after the assault.
'We just lost track of her,' Sanchez-Rose said. 'I don't know if she's homeless, I don't know where she's staying at; we're unable to contact her. Clearly, this has had a great impact in her life.'
But in 2012, when he was sentenced to juvenile detention, she told the court he was 'getting away with less than he deserves.'
'I want him in prison. ... I want to have him feel what I felt.'
Instead we're the ones in prison.
Mohammed moved to the US in 2010 with his family. Less than 12 months later he committed the first heinous rape. 
On August 14, 2011, then then-14-year-old came up behind a woman, who was outside her home with her dog and put a knife to her throat, threatening it to cut it if she screamed. He then raped her behind her own house. 
The next night, he broke into a second woman's home, and went through her belongings before raping her, court documents show. He then forced her to go to an ATM and withdraw $400 which he later told prosecutors was for him to buy new clothes for the first day of ninth grade school.
Cue the usual sob stories, fake repentance and his family, in proper Sharia law fashion, blaming his victims. And now he's out again.
How much more?

‘Post-Free Speech Era’: Tommy Robinson Slams Appeaser Theresa for ‘Virtue-Signalling’ over Trump Retweets

Anti-Islamisation campaigner Tommy Robinson has slammed British Prime Minister Theresa May for her attack on President Donald Trump after he retweeted a controversial anti-mass migration activist, saying her virtue signalling about the “far right” detracts from the issue of radical Islamic terrorism and Islamism.

Following criticism from the political elite, including from Prime Minister May and left-wing London Mayor Sadiq Khan, after President Trump retweeted a series of videos from Britain First leader Jayda Fransen, anti-Islamisation campaigner Tommy Robinson told Breitbart News Daily host and Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam that he was “embarrassed” by the prime minister’s comments and fears she may have thrown a good Brexit deal with the U.S. under the bus.
“I feel completely embarrassed and I want the American public to understand that the majority of British people do not feel this way; this is an agenda being pushed by the media. We don’t feel this way at all,” Robinson said.
The English Defence League founder also slammed the prime minister for focussing on the “far right” rather than on the global issue of repressive Islamist regimes and Islamic terrorism.
“Our prime minister watches a video of a man getting thrown off a rooftop and a statue of the Virgin Mary being smashed on the floor… and she’s talking about the far right,” Robinson told Kassam.
“Two days ago… two men were arrested in the late preparations of a sophisticated terror attack. Why is our country not up in arms about that? It is happening every week.
“In the last seven months, we have had four terror attacks where children were killed, women stabbed in the throat, vehicular attacks… rather than Theresa May talking about this, she is on her high horse talking about tweets.”
“I think what Trump has done here is shone a light on the hypocrisy and what we’re up against,” Robinson added.
On free speech in the UK, the activist affirmed: “We live in a post-free speech era.”
“I faced nine years of harassment, persecution, and arrests for speaking about Islam,” he said, adding: “No matter what your politics are, we are in Britain and we have freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and we should be free to do that.”
“The country I thought I lived in when I started my activism is different to the country I thought we lived in.

“We live in a post-free speech era. It’s a facade that we have free speech. Anyone who steps outside the status quo will have the full force of the media, the state, and the establishment thrown at them to destroy them.”

Soros-Linked European Politicians Demand EU Cut Off Funding to Hungary

Four major European political figures have written a letter to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker demanding that the European Union stop payments to Hungary, arguing democracy had become corrupted by the ruling Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

The letter was signed by former German Finance Minister Hans Eichel, and ex-European Commissioners Pascal Lamy, Franz Fischler, and Yannis Paleokrassas. They wrote that the political bloc should cut off funding to Hungary unless “basic democratic freedoms are reinstated and corruption counteracted”, Euronews reports.
“We strongly believe that this is also a pre-condition for continuing EU funding to less developed regions – which is indispensable for the future of the European Union – in the period following 2020 in light of growing resentment all over Europe about the inefficient and improper use of EU funds,” the letter said.

Eichel and Lamy have links to Hungarian-born left-wing billionaire George Soros through the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) of which both are listed as members. The ECFR was created by Soros and his Open Society Foundations which continue to give the ECFR millions of dollars per year.Breitbart London spoke to Hungarian Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations Zoltán Kovács who said: “This is not the first time COM or other EU institutions, and/or persons related to former EU institutions try to politically blackmail us by threatening with cutting funds or introducing fines for allegedly not falling in line with ‘European values’.”
“It is a traditional method of the European left-liberal political circles — and we all know that it is about Hungary’s political stance on migration and related European issues,” Kovács added.
As for the cutting off of EU funds to Hungary, Kovács noted: “Cohesion funds are not a gift, but part of a carefully crafted distribution of EU taxpayers money to close the gap between countries of different economic stances.”
He called the letter, “another example of the workings of the Soros network that is going for a clear political agenda, a United States of Europe, against the existing treaties and the Hungarian stance, stronger EU through stronger member states”.
The threats are not the first time voices in the EU have called for action against Hungary. Earlier this year, Juncker called for sanctions after slamming the country, as well as Poland and the Czech Republic, for refusing to take in redistributed migrants from other EU countries.
Despite the threats, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has refused to change courserecently telling the EU, “we don’t want to resolve demographic or labour problems from the outside, through immigration.”
Orban has also campaigned heavily against George Soros, accusing the billionaire and his allies of having a plan to flood Europe with millions of migrants.