Thursday, December 21, 2017


Sometimes poetic justice really can't be improved on.
The 19-year-old Afghan attacked his German ex-girlfriend and shoved her into the water. The young suspect jumped after her and tried again and again to push the 17-year-old under water, probably to drown the girl. However, the attacker apparently forgot that he himself can not swim at all.
So in the course of the attack,  he went under Meanwhile, his victim was able to save herself on the shore. In the meantime, the task forces had already arrived on site. The suspect was pulled out of the water and had to be resuscitated. His 17-year-old victim was hospitalized with hypothermia.
The suspect was subsequently removed by officers from the water police. He had to be reanimated by an emergency doctor of the fire department and was taken to a hospital. He is so far unresponsive
He is a refugee from Afghanistan living in Germany since 2015. Whether he lives in the refugee camp located near the crime scene is unclear. The teenager has German citizenship, she is reportedly from the Balkans. 
#DrownersWelcome. The Afghan is in a coma in intensive care. And that means he just keeps costing taxpayers more and more.
If he recovers, his lawyer will be sure to blame "cultural differences". That's been the excuse for a variety of assaults on women by migrants from cultures where that's the norm.
And violence against women is the norm in Afghanistan.
Lifetime Physical and/or Sexual Intimate Partner Violence :51 % 
Physical and/or Sexual Intimate Partner Violence in the last 12 months : 46 %
Importing Afghanistan leads inevitably to more violence against women.

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