Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Europe's governments fail the Jews - again

by Giulio Meotti

The resolution at the UN Security Council, in which Egypt asked not to move the embassies to Jerusalem, as the United States  pledged to do two weeks ago, ended with 14 votes for the resolution against 1 - the US veto. For the first time in a year, the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resoluton aimed precisely at Israel.
China, Russia, England, France, Japan, Italy, Egypt, Bolivia, Uruguay, Sweden, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Senegal voted in favour.
Europeans now regularly vote for UN resolutions that deny and erase the Jewish history of Jerusalem and define Israel as an “occupying country” in its own capital. Thus Israeli legitimacy is denied. The resolution at the Security Council cancels the history of Israel's capital. The Jewish State is the only country in the world that has no right to define and choose its own capital.
Europe is telling the Jews that they have no rights in Jerusalem.
There lies the paradox. Countries like France and Sweden, which are struggling internally with a frightening rise in anti-Semitism, vote against the Jewish State at the UN.
In France, the Jews are victims of an “internal exodus”: there is not only the alyah of the 40.000 Jews who moved to Israel in just ten years, there is also the flight of the Jews within the French republic, from the suburbs to the cities.In Sweden, in recent days, Molotov cocktails were launched against synagogues and slogans such as “death to the Jews” were heard in the squares of the main cities, from Stockholm to Malmo.
By isolating, stigmatizing and assaulting the Jewish State in the international forums, Europe encourages the same anti-Semitism that is embarassing it. Rich and democratic states (like France and England), failed and poor states (like Senegal) and authoritarian giants (like China), all got together at the UN. All agreed to condemn before the international public a state that covers 0.0001 percent of the earth's surface, as big as New Jersey, whose inhabitants amounted to a thousandth of the world's population - but that is the only state in the world of the Jews.
Sitting in a corner at the UN was the Israeli ambassador, Danny Danon. He looked like the witness at a horrendous trial.

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