Friday, December 08, 2017

Florida man gets 15 years prison for breaking windows and leaving bacon at a mosque

Fifteen years? For vandalism? He smashed lights, cameras, and windows at a mosque, and left some bacon by the front door. The vandalism is inexcusable and the bacon obnoxious, but fifteen years? The sentence, says AP, “had a hate crime enhancement.” In other words, he is being made an example of. Because he did this at a mosque, he is getting this draconian sentence. If he had broken windows and smashed lights and cameras at a church, his sentence wouldn’t have been nearly as severe. But all too many American authorities today hold to the false notion that Muslims are victims of wholesale persecution and harassment in the U.S., and so when someone actually does target them, as opposed to the large number of fake anti-Muslim hate crimes, the full weight of judicial authority crashes down upon the offender.
This is not a Sharia sentence. If Michael Wolfe were in a Sharia state, he would probably be killed. But it’s close.
“Vandal who left bacon inside mosque gets 15 years in prison,” Associated Press, December 6, 2017:
…The state attorney’s office serving Brevard and Seminole counties said Michael Wolfe was sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 15 years of probation after he pleaded guilty Tuesday. The sentence had a hate crime enhancement.
The 37-year-old was sentenced as a habitual offender. Titusville police arrested Wolfe in January 2016 after the New Year’s Day vandalism. A surveillance video showed him smashing lights, cameras and windows with a machete.
Bacon was left by the front door. Consumption of pork and pork products made from pork is forbidden in Islam.

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