Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hamburg: Explosion Of Improvised Device In Subway

An original translation from MoPo (Hamburger Morgenpost)
Perpetrator On The Run – Explosion at the Subway Station Veddel
Explosives-alarm on the Veddel! According to first information, Sunday evening, around 5:30, an explosion took place at the subway station. The perpetrator(s) apparently are on the run. Fortunately, no one was wounded, according to the police.
According to the police, a pyrotechnic item exploded in a plastic bag deposited at the train station. The windows of an air trap were damaged, people were not harmed, according to police.
The perpetrator used a stop of the subway. He exited, deposited the bag on the platform, and quickly entered the train again. Shortly thereafter, there was a small detonation.
Witnesses report that after the bang, a lot of screws flew through the air. A policeman replies to this that indeed, screws were found at the scene.
It is now being investigated if these are connected to the explosive. The police was still working on the scene in the late evening. Several police deployments combed the area for more traces. The manhunt is in full swing. It is currently investigated as to whether the surveillance cameras give cues.
The subway traffic has just resumed. The S3 line was not able to stop at Veddel station until 10PM.

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