Monday, December 18, 2017


If you believe the media, smashing Jewish store windows, firebombing synagogues and chanting, "Kill the Jews" isn't anti-Semitic. But criticizing George Soros is. If you believe reality, it's another matter.
The new Austrian government, headed by conservative Sebastian Kurz, whose establishment was announced at the end of the week, includes in its platform a clear reference to the Jewish character of the State of Israel, reports Israel Hayom's Eldad Beck.
The platform of the new Austrian government also includes explicit reference to the recognition of Austria's guilt in the Holocaust and its responsibility for it. This, too, is a political precedent, accompanied by a clear reference of the need next year to cite, in a respectful fashion, during commemorations of the 80th year since the Anschluss - the annexation of Austria to the Nazi Reich - "one of the greatest tragedies in human history," the Holocaust.
The consent of the rightist Freedom Party to include these points in the new government's platform indicates the party's new policy regarding Israel and Austria's Nazi past.
I won't delve too deeply into the Freedom Party's dark history. It's there for anyone who wants to find it. But the bottom line is that Jews in Austria, and across Europe and the world, are facing Islamic violence. That's quite true in Austria where the left's support for the PLO led to, among incidents, a terrorist attack on a Bar Mitzvah at a synagogue. 
Anti-Semitic violence in Europe, especially of the ideological kind, is increasingly an Islamic hobby. And any conversation about anti-Semitism that fails to make it front and center is worthless.

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