Friday, January 26, 2018

Amsterdam: One Dead, Several Wounded in Shooting

Dutch police are responding to an apparent mass shooting on Great Witten Street, east Amsterdam Friday evening which has left one dead and two wounded.

UPDATE 15:40 EST: Dutch media have claimed that the victim in the shooting was a teenage male and that the shooters were wearing balaclavas to conceal their faces. Police have so far not commented on the identity of the victim or the shooters who are still on the loose.
The Amsterdam police released a statement Friday evening stating one man had been killed in the “multiple shootings”, while two others had been transferred to a nearby hospital with injuries.
A police manhunt for suspects is underway and several streets adjacent to the shooting have been closed off. No arrests have yet been made.
Schietincident Grote Wittenburgerstraat:

1 persoon is overleden, 2 andere personen zijn met onbekend letsel naar ziekenhuizen overgebracht.
Recherche is uitgebreid onderzoek gestart.
Er zijn 2 PD's ingericht en straten zijn afgezet. Meer info volgt indien beschikbaar.

National newspaper De Telegraaf states police have received a large number of enquiries over whether the shooting was related to terror, to which they reportedly responded: “that is certainly not the case… it seems to be a criminal matter.”

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