Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Barbarian Blood Deed: Muslims Slay Sheep in Munich Hotel Rooms

In a hotel in Munich, a particularly disparate case of animal cruelty occurred last year. Arab hotel guests dared to smuggle a live sheep into their hotel room via the underground car park with a connected elevator. Then the incomprehensible happened: the family tied the sheep to their legs and shipped them into the bathtub. There it was brutally slaughtered according to Islamic ritual. Afterwards, the individual parts of the animal were prepared and eaten using gas cookers brought along especially for this purpose. The Arab guests left the Munich Novotel as if nothing had happened. Only during the cleaning of the rooms did the staff notice the actual bloodbath that the hotel guests had left behind. Half of the bathroom was blood-soaked and the bathtub was covered with blood, fur and bones. It must have looked like a horror movie to the cleaning staff. But out of political correctness, the police were not even informed. Rather, the hotel manager gave the order to conceal the incident. It is only thanks to the courage of a hotel employee that this disgusting incident has now become public. He revealed himself to anonymousnews. ru. Merkel's guests regularly behave like in their home countries and give free rein to their deviant impulses. For us today this is called "cultural enrichment". Not a word about the fact that the room in which the brutal slaughter ritual had taken place could not be rented for weeks. The press was also wisely not informed in order not to stir up any resentment among the population towards the numerous new citizens. If it is up to the top German politicians, Islamic slaughter on our roads will be taken for granted in the future.

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