Monday, January 29, 2018

Child Abuse, Nazi Cult: Social Democratic Politician in Prison

Severe accusations against a community politician in Lower Austria: Last Thursday the family man was arrested. The accusation: Multiple serious sexual abuse of minors. The victims are said to be the grandchildren of the 50-year-old. According to information from the daily "KRONE", this is a Social Democratic politician. The multiple father and grandfather is a recognized personality in his home town. But behind the bourgeois façade, however, human abysses appeared to have opened up. The 50-year-old is suspected to have abused at least two of his grandchildren for years. The stone began to roll when one of the girls entrusted herself to a teacher at school. The Social Democratic  Party of Austria politician denies the accusation of sexual abuse, he is in custody in St. Pölten. Due to the protection of victims, the public prosecutor's office does not disclose any further information on the investigation, but numerous weapons were found during a house search in the suspect's basement. In addition to knuckles, pistols and hand grenades have also been found . NS- devotional objects were also ensured.

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