Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Children's zoo Neukölln: Pregnant sheep stolen, desecrated, slaughtered and eaten in Berlin

The police call it "professionally slaughtered". You should check out the relevant youtube videos to see what happens when animals are slaughtered. Berlin Neukölln is a multicultural model quarter. No-Go-Area for the police. Not so long ago, a dwarf pony was raped by Islamists in the petting zoo in Berlin. Now the next case of animal cruelty. A pregnant sheep was stolen, presumably raped, slaughtered and eaten. Now the remains of the carcass have been found. The inhabitants of the Neukölln district are mainly Muslim.The Neukölln Zoo is a popular destination for families in Berlin. Situated in Volkspark Hasenheide, sheep, goats and chickens, but also fallow deer and white storks live here. As a police spokesman said on Tuesday, two sheep were stolen during the night from Friday. One animal - a pregnant milk sheep called "Rosé" - was killed. "We were able to find the second animal injured and apathetic," the zoo announced on its website. "It's in veterinary care now."

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