Sunday, January 28, 2018

Detmold / Germany: Bloody battles of Afghan gangs -- One person critically injured

Yesterday's Saturday, there was a violent clash between two groups of Afghan nationals at the Detmold railway station. The dispute involved the use of thrusting and stabbing weapons, causing a man to be critically injured. According to current knowledge, two groups of young men aged between 18 and 22 met at the station in Detmold, Bahnhofstraße, at about 5.30 pm and got into a fight. The dispute developed into a brawl, which also involved the use of thrusting and stabbing weapons. An 18-year-old Afghani man was injured by stabbing his chest with a knife. The men of the opposing group fled the scene. As part of the search, police were able to arrest a total of four young men in the Detmold metropolitan area. In the course of the further investigations, the suspicion arose against a fifth man, who was then detained provisionally in his apartment in Horn-Bad Meinberg. The police headquarters in Bielefeld has set up a 12-murder commission with the support of the police because of the attempted homicide under the direction of Chief Criminal Investigator Thorsten Stiffel. During the arrest of the suspects, batons and knives were seized. The suspects of Afghan origin are resident in Bielefeld, Gütersloh and Lippe county. All suspects were interrogated at night and gave different information about the course of events and the involvement in the crime. The critically injured victim underwent emergency surgery in a hospital. At the present stage of the investigation, the participation in the crime and the course of the crime are still unclear. The number of persons involved in the dispute has not yet been conclusively clarified. All suspects were released after interrogation. The investigation is continuing. The Bielefeld police is asking for information on the dispute. Please contact the police in Bielefeld at phone 0521/545-0.

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