Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gelsenkirchen / Germany: Muslim threatens sellers and calls for alcoholic beverages to be removed from shelves

 Already on 22th of november 2017 in a supermarket at the Ückendorfer Straße in the city of Gelsenkirchen there was a compulsion of the local staff. An initially unknown man asked a 21-year-old employee to remove the bottles of a Russian vodka brand from the liquor shelf, since in his opinion the logo of the brand resembles the Arabic script for "Allah". He saw this as an insult and threatened to destroy the bottles if one did not comply with his demand. He then left the shop. Within the next few days there were similar coercion in two more shops in the city area. In order to protect the investigation, in the course of which a 41-year-old  Muslim man from Gelsenkirchen could be identified as a perpetrator, the police initially refrained from reporting.

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