Sunday, January 28, 2018

German TV station manipulates boo-calls against US President Trump in Davos

Trump in Davos without protest? That doesn't work at all, thought the chief editorship of the German state broadcaster ARD and went deep into the bag of tricks to make isolated buzz audible for the viewer.

In his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Trump once again addressed one of his favourite topics:"Fake News" and the malicious media coverage he received. A number of journalists in the audience expressed their resentment at the US president's decision, and apparently he also received occasional booing.

But it was precisely these alleged buzzings that were highlighted in the German press. This also applies to the Tagesschau of ARD. When the viewers noticed, the editors had to react and wrote on Twitter:

"We actually made the sound a little louder in the end, so that you could hear the booing. Only in this way can we reflect what our correspondents have reported. The microphone in the room recorded mainly trump and little of the atmosphere in the room."

Some Twitter users reacted immediately and insulted the ARD. Others said there were no booing after the Trump speech.

"Hinterhältige, gemeine, bösartige, falsche Presse" - hier wird Trump nach seiner Rede beim in dafür ausgebuht.

Above: Statement of the ARD

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