Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Germany: Because his asylum request was rejected, a Nigerian threatens to circumcise his daughter

The story is almost unbelievable: in mid-November 2017, an asylum seeker from Nigeria appears at the police station in the town of Altötting and tells the official on duty that he will soon be circumcising his daughter, who is barely two years old. His wife, however, was opposed and had already threatened to call the police. In a manner of speaking, the Nigerian asked the police officer to simply not respond to a call from his wife and not to go home to him under any circumstances. But that was exactly what the police did, but not without first informing the Nigerian that circumcision is a serious crime in Germany. In the asylum seeker's apartment, the officials found all the utensils needed for the barbaric procedure: razor blades as well as various medicinal herbs and healing earth from Africa. Circumcision is also known as "female genital mutilation". Under often unhygienic conditions, the outer female genital organs are partially or completely removed with a razor blade or glass shard. This barbarism is founded on tradition. In Altötting, police officers and the youth welfare office were able to prevent the allegedly planned circumcision of the little girl from Nigeria. "Allegedly" because the threat of circumcision of one's own child increasingly serves as a "scam " in order not to be deported to one's home country.

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