Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jena / Germany: Syrian shoplifters attack cops -- "You fucking Germans will still see." (VIDEO)

The police were busy on Wednesday in the city of Jena in the Goethegalerie. A shoplifter was spotted there at 7.30 pm on Wednesday evening. The 20-year-old Syrian had stolen two wristwatches worth 20 euros in a shop. He was observed by witnesses. They informed the security service of the shopping mall. The two security forces approached the young man who had meanwhile left the shop. He then hit one of the security forces with his fist in the neck. When he tried to strike again, the security guard fought him off and injured his right hand. The two guards got the situation under control and then brought the 20-year-old into the shop's office. On the way there he insulted and insulted the two of them. The young man also showed himself to be unruly towards the police officers and insulted them as well. The shoplifter belongs to a group of young people of non-German origin who have also witnessed the incident. As the group had already been making trouble several times in the past, the security service had to prohibit these people from staying in the Goethegalerie. The police officers present were asked to collect the personal details. A 17-year-old Syrian refused the measure aggressively and had to be fixed on the ground with handcuffs in order to prevent further dangers. He fought back violently by hitting and kicking. Now further members of the group were added. They also reacted aggressively to the policemen, pulling them at the uniform, pressing and pushing them. They also tried to kick an officer in the abdomen. That's how they tried to free the shoplifter. Only when the officials threatened to use pepper spray did the situation calm down. When the 17-year-old was to be taken to the police car, he insulted the policemen again. He shouted:"You fucking Germans will still see","You fucking Germans have nothing to say to me" and "Kurdistan above all". He and another teenager then spent the night in a prison cell in detention. The juvenile ward is now working on charges of resistance, prisoner liberation, attempted assault, insult and incitement of the people. That is why the police ask the population for help: Who saw the incident in the Goethegalerie? Passers-by filmed and photographed the incident. These records are urgently needed to clarify the crimes. Whoever can give information about the facts of the case or has made film and photo shots on this evening, is asked to contact the Jena police under tel. 03641-81 1123.

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