Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nuremberg / Germany: Dark skinned men try to steal baby from a pram

This afternoon there was an incident in the Nuremberg pedestrian precinct that triggered investigations by the criminal investigation department. Two strangers might have wanted to take a baby out of a pram.
According to the mother (33), who was carrying the child in a pram, the incident was reported to have taken place in Karolinenstraße, near a financial institution, at about 2 pm.
Accordingly, the 33-year-old had just left the bank when she was suddenly arrested by a Mediterranean-looking man. Another man with the same description wanted to lift the child out of the pram and said he wanted to take it with him. As a result, an unknown witness verbally intervened in the incident, so that both men fled.
Immediately after the incident became known, the police initiated extensive investigations. Unfortunately, they have not been successful so far. The mother, who seems to be completely disturbed by this event, was escorted to the criminal investigation department. Like her child, she remained unharmed.
Description of the two unknowns:
1. ca. 25 - 30 years old, ca. 190 cm tall, slender, dark skin color, black short hair, striking gold chain around the neck, dressed with red adidas jacket with writing on the chest, spoke broken German
2. approx. 40 years old, approx. 175 cm tall, strong stature, dark skin colour, short black hair, nothing known about clothing.
Unfortunately, there is no description of the interfering witness. This man, as well as other passers-by who have seen or heard the incident, are kindly requested to contact the Crime Long Term Service Mittelfranken on the telephone number 09 11 2112 - 3333.

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