Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Why did the Socal Democratic Party of Austria - scandal only become known after the election?

The horror all over Austria is immense: As was announced on Monday, a politically left-wing politician from Lower Austria is said to have sexually abused his own grandchildren. In addition, there is suspicion of the spread of Nazi symbols. Not only that, but the timing of the announcement of the scandal is now causing a stir. Thus, the heavy accusations came to light only one day after the Lower Austrian state elections - even though the suspect was already in custody on Thursday. For the FPÖ - whose top candidate Udo Landbauer made the headlines in the Lower Austrian state elections with the Nazi songbook scandal - the time of publication has a "particularly scandalous aftertaste": Leopold Bien, from the responsible public prosecutor's office in St. Pölten, sees no need for action in such cases. "It is not the job of the prosecutor's office to actively communicate such a case. The procedure is not public,"Bien states clearly in an interview with krone. at. A spokesman for the Lower Austrian regional police department in turn referred to the public prosecutor's office, which had "taken over the media work on its own. Why several days have passed between the arrest of the 50-year-old municipal politician and the announcement of the same, therefore, remains the subject of fierce debate. "I think it is extremely bad that people try to keep this secret, and keeping it a secret is also a crime for me against children. And only so as not to harm a party. Unbelievably sad,"sums up krone. at user "liebesmadlalex", while the accused social democratic politician is in custody in St. Pölten.

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