Wednesday, February 28, 2018

British student, 18, raped and beaten by two men in shisha bar during trip to Berlin film festival

AN 18-year-old British student was raped and beaten by two men in a shisha bar on a college trip to Berlin. The girl was on a trip to the German capital’s film festival when she ventured into the pipe-smoking bar on a night out with pals.She became separated from the group and was subjected to a horrifying ordeal by two men who cornered her. Sources said she was locked in a room by the pair who raped and viciously attacked her as she resisted. Her injuries and trauma were so severe she spent two nights in hospital before flying home with her distraught parents last Friday. A source at her college, which cannot be identified, said: “Everyone is so shocked. I hope the police in Berlin find the animals responsible.” The girl became separated from her friends and was locked in a room at a shisha bar and subjected to a horrifying ordealThe victim was said to be among more than 100 students who travelled. It was unclear whether the night out had been sanctioned by teachers. Cops in Berlin declined to comment on the rape near the city’s Potsdamer Platz or give the location. It was unclear whether arrests had been made and no description of suspects was released. Thousands of shisha bars have sprung up all over Germany after a huge influx of refugees from the Middle East.

How freedom of speech is dying in Merkel’s “police state”

A worrying infringement on freedom of speech is taking place in Germany. Ever since NetzDG became the law, more and more people are getting censored online. More people on the right but oddly enough also satirical left wing magazines like Titanic.
Beatrix von Storch of the populist AfD party was banned and even accused of having committed the crime of inciting the people of Germany. Needless to say the case was without merit and was closed by the authorities without an investigation even taking place.
The same happened to Michael Stürzenberger, a reporter for posting a historically accurate picture of the Grand Mufti and Hitler. He was even sentenced to a 6 month prison term, which was only dismissed later in the appeals court.
However this attack on freedom of speech is not just taking place online anymore. The women’s march against migrant violence in Berlin on the 17th of February was approved but blocked by the left anyways. Obviously people have every the right to start a counter protest but they don’t have a right to block a peaceful protest for over 3 hours.
This illegal blockade was aided by Green and Leftist politicians. The police didn’t just fail to do their job by not clearing the way for the march. AfD politicians and demonstrators have made claims that the police lied to them about attempting to do so.
One of the speakers also experienced firsthand what happens when you hold the wrong opinions. David Berger was banned from Facebook for 30 days for speaking at the demonstration. YouTube even took down the #120db video of women standing up to migrant violence. It was only reinstated after a massive push back.
Sadly intimidation doesn’t just happen online. Uta Ogilvie the organizer of the anti-Merkel demonstration in Hamburg under the motto “Merkel muss weg”, which translates to “Merkel has to leave”, had to experience something far worse.
Antifa thugs attacked her home and threw a stone through the window of her children’s room on the 12th of February. Luckily nobody was injured but one pauses at the thought of what kind of people would endanger children this way. She has since announced not to plan anymore demonstrations out of fear for her children.
Not enough that this is being done to the people now politicians like Heiko Maas, who is one of the architects of NetzDG wants the AfD, a democratically elected party, to be monitored by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The agency offered the following statement in the middle of February:
One sees at present “no sufficient indications for a right-wing extremist endeavor” in the AfD. “An influence or even control by right-wing extremists is currently not recognisable”.
On the other hand Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka(CDU) has just been found guilty of a violation of the constitution by the Supreme Court. She called for a boycott of an AfD demonstration in 2015. The court ruled that she was in violation of “equal opportunity” towards them.
Nonetheless there is hope as more and more Germans are waking up to the reality of censorship and are not having it. Some protests have already taken place against Merkel and her policies of open borders and more are yet to come.
On the 3rd of March a large demonstration in Kandel is planned. The 15-year-old German girl Mia was murdered there by an Afghan asylum seeker. He claimed to be 15 but medical tests have shown him likely to be much older.
Furthermore AfD board member Steffen Königer has announced that a large demonstration in spring in Berlin is planned in a bid for new elections. These developments are certainly worth following if nothing else than to see if Merkel will be able to keep her grip on power.

Germany: woman raped multiple times at local cemetery, authorities hide case from public

On 28 February 2018, German local newspaper Rheinische Post (RP) published an article about “a particularly heinous act” perpetrated on 18 February in Bochum. A 30-year-old man is accused of having, on the morning of that day, raped a 33-year-old woman in a cemetery. An internal police memo details how the man grabbed her from behind in a meadow, pulled her hood over her head, strangled her and pushed her on the ground. While pushing her down, he held his victim’s mouth and nose closed. He then ordered her to undress herself completely, before doing the same himself. He subsequently proceeded to rape her multiple times.
However terrible, the main reason why the RP and German magazine BILD have published about the case, is not the crime itself. But because the authorities chose to keep the case under wraps, classifying it as VS, meaning only for official use. The details haven’t even been released to be recorded in the national police crime statistics. Possible ground, according to RP: the suspect is on a so-called “Kurs”-probation.
Kurs stands for “Konzeption zum Umgang mit Rückfallgefährdeten Sexualstraftätern” (Conception for Dealing with Sexual delinquents for whom there is a danger of Recidivism) and is a program in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. The program is a cross-jurisdictional, administrative regulation instigated by the Ministries of Interior, Justice, and Labour. Its stated goal, is to protect the public from those convicted of sexual crimes, for whom there is a high danger of recidivism. It is in place to prevent former convicts from slipping into anonymity after their term in prison, which would enable them to make  new victims.
The police in Bochum didn’t want to comment on the case and referred RP to the responsible District Attorney. When asked, District Attorney General Paul Jansen commented:
We can confirm the case. We have issued a warrant for his arrest. And this warrant has been awarded by the district court on 22 February. Consequently, he is in jail. Before this criminal act, he has committed two more sexual crimes in the years 2009 and 2010.
Despite attempts, RP could not reach the Ministry of the Interior prior to publication. It did manage to speak to a senior police detective, who criticised the decision, which goes against normal procedure, not to be open about the rape:
The public has, in my opinion, a right to know that a convicted sex offender poses a real danger, when he is back on the streets. When something as dreadful as in Bochum happens, it has to be called what it is. No ifs and buts. When important information like this is withheld, people think that everything is as it should be and those in the Kurs-program don’t relapse.
When BILD contacted the District Attorney, Paul Jansen explained the reason why the public wasn’t told:
This is what happened. He was in the Kurs-program. Based on the traces on the crime scene, we were of the opinion that the crime could be solved relatively quickly. The perpetrator was at a service petrol station shortly after the act, and had himself picked up by a taxi from there. On the basis of the petrol station’s video footage and descriptions by the taxidriver the man could be identified in no time and apprehended a few days later.
Further research by BILD shows that the man was categorised as Kurs-category B, which means “risk subject with high potential for danger,” indicating that if measures were not taken, he would again commit a crime. BILD also says, that after his release in 2014, the man behaved unremarkably. He went to therapy, had found a steady job and was engaged. Arnold Plinckert, head of the Police Union of Nordrhein-Westfalen, in BILD:

Fundamentally, the Kurs-program has proven itself since 2010. The rate of recidivism is between 3 and 4 percent and thus clearly below the normal rate for sexual crimes of around 15%. But in the current case, there were absolutely no grounds why the public couldn’t be told what had happened after the arrest of the perpetrator.

“You have to call it by name”: Merkel publicly admits “no-go areas” in Germany

Many Leftists still insist that there are no “No-Go Zones” in Europe, and that only racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” think otherwise. Will they now denounce Merkel for her sudden adoption of “Islamophobia,” and demand she retract on pain of political ruin? And will she jump to do their bidding? Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.

“‘You have to call it by name’: Merkel publicly admits ‘no-go areas’ in Germany,” RT, February 27, 2018:
“No-go areas” do exist in Germany, Angela Merkel admitted in an interview, adding that the arrival of “so many refugees” in the country “has raised multiple questions.”
Speaking with RTL, Merkel acknowledged that there are areas in Germany where people cannot feel safe. She also made it clear that it’s time for the authorities to do something in order to ensure public safety.
“It’s always a point to me that [ensuring] domestic security is the state’s obligation, the state has the monopoly of power, the state has to make sure that people have the right to it whenever they meet and move in a public space,” Merkel argued.
She then took aim at “no-go areas,” which gained notoriety all across Europe during the refugee influx that reached its peak in 2015. Merkel bluntly dismissed the claim that ‘no-go areas’ are non-existent in Germany, stressing instead that “there are such spaces, and you have to call that by name and you have to do something about it.”
Merkel, who is steps away from her official fourth term as the Germany chancellor, said her government had a “tough time” in the past. She then referred to harsh criticism over her “open-door policy” and her reluctance to set an upper limit for the new refugee arrivals: “Of course, the arrival of so many refugees has raised multiple questions.”…
While the chancellor refrained from touching upon the subject of rising violent crime among refugees, her interview came several weeks after a government-sponsored study showed a drastic increase in violent crime committed by male migrants aged 14 to 30. The massive influx of asylum seekers led to a spike in violent criminal acts, the study, which was conducted by a group of criminologists and forensic experts, stated. The review was conducted at the request of the German Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth….

German Medical Board Raises Alarm over Foreign Doctors After Mistakes Cost Patient Lives

Medical authorities in Germany have sounded the alarm over gaps in professional knowledge of doctors from outside of Europe, which they say threaten the quality of patient care.

The incompetence of foreign doctors has cost lives, according to the medical association of Westphalia-Lippe, because district authorities can only test foreign recruits’ language skills and are prevented from checking their professional capabilities.
The failure rate of doctors taking language tests in the region is 50 per cent, according to association president Theodor Windhorst, who said the tests have exposed “extreme technical deficiencies” in candidates, on which the board of Westphalia-Lippe is not allowed to act, in addition to highlighting language problems.
“It is a thorn in our side that we are not permitted to take action if we notice shortcomings in their professional ability,” he said, telling local media that such skill gaps had cost patients’ lives in the district and that this has been evidenced by judicial decisions.
For example, the Neue Westfälische pointed to a case in which a baby died during birth at a hospital in Westphalia-Lippe due to apparent lack of medical knowledge shown by a gynaecologist who was qualified in Libya.
Though handed a suspended sentence for negligent homicide, the doctor went on to work in another German hospital, according to the newspaper.
It referred to a second case, in which a man who was heavily under the influence of alcohol died of a brain haemorrhage, having been taken to hospital in an ambulance then referred to psychiatry.
The Westphalia-Lippe Medical Association highlighted that both the person responsible for the patient’s emergency care and the on-duty psychiatrist were physicians “with [non-EU] foreign degrees and questionable proficiency in the German language”.
Commenting on the story, the Neue Westfälische said it has no wish to “bring about general suspicion” of non-European doctors — without whom it claimed, “our medical care would be unimaginable and undesirable”.
But the newspaper stated in an editorial: “It is unacceptable that indications of technical skills deficits in the language tests are ignored for formal legal reasons, as it were, then revealed in practice.
“If, in language tests for foreign physicians, well-founded doubts about a sufficient professional qualification of the examinee emerge, there must be bureaucratic mechanisms that take up and look into these doubts, so as to strengthen the trust between the patient and the medical profession as a whole,” the Neue Westfälische concluded.
An investigation by the Sunday Telegraph in 2012 revealed that three-quarters of doctors struck off in Britain were trained abroad, with foreign doctors five times more likely to be removed or suspended from the medical register than those trained in the UK.

India was the country with the biggest single number of doctors who were struck off or suspended, followed by Nigeria and Egypt, according to data obtained by the newspaper using Freedom of Information requests.

German court decision to have devastating impact on its auto industry

By Thomas Lifson

The tectonic plates are shifting underneath Germany's huge automobile industry.  The industry has just lost its huge bet on diesels, and Germany's champion exporters are hobbled.
As fuel prices soared in the late 20th century, Japan's Toyota developed the first hybrid car, the Prius, followed by Honda and then a flood of other Japanese, Korean, U.S., and German (and other Euro) makers.  But the Germans, who invented the diesel engine, believed that the simpler and cheaper (and durable) diesel engine offered more promising opportunities and placed their R&D and marketing bets accordingly.
But a German federal court decision yesterday rings a death knell for that strategy and the huge financial, technological, and marketing bets that underlie it.  William Boston write in the Wall Street Journal:
A German court on Tuesday rang the death knell for certain diesel cars in a blow to the country's flagship auto industry, which could now be forced to spend billions to upgrade or replace millions of cars.
In a landmark decision, a federal court ruled that German cities Stuttgart and Düsseldorf could ban diesel vehicles from their streets as a way to reduce pollution, rejecting an appeal of a lower-court ruling.  Ultimately, the ruling clears the way for any German city to ban older diesel vehicles and could inspire similar measures in cities around Europe, analysts said.
Germany's blue chip DAX index fell sharply on the news
Germany's auto industry dominates the European industry and exports a large share of its production:
And exports of autos and auto parts account for a huge share of Germany's exports:
The bloom started go off the rose when Volkswagen was busted by the U.S. EPA for rigging its tests of diesel engines.  A massive fine of $18 billion was reduced to $2.8 billion after a guilty plea in court, but the incident tipped off Germany's powerful greens that they had been hornswoggled about the pollution diesels generate.
Before the 2015 Volkswagen emissions scandal, more than half of new cars sold in Europe were equipped with diesel engines.  Now, the share is around 44%, consisting largely of vehicles used by craftsmen and in corporate and delivery fleets, according to analysts, who predict that by 2025 just 20% of new cars sold in Europe will have a diesel engine.
That scandal led to the regulations and court cases in Germany that now have crippled diesel sales in Deutschland.  With cities able to ban older diesels, the resale price of diesels is plummeting.
With resale values down, and likely to crash further, the market for new diesels becomes a lot tougher.
Now Germany must play catch-up, and so will its French and other European competitors.  They already feature some hybrids and pure plug-ins, but they face costs in developing more models and costly write-offs of investments in diesels.
Make no mistake: the global auto industry is a cutthroat business, with huge economic stakes for major industrial nations, as well as the giant companies that dominate it.  In many regards, Germany's giants – especially upscale Mercedes, BMW, and Audi – have enjoyed the fattest margins, as the cachet, styling, and reputation for technological leadership of these brands has persuaded global customers to shell out generous sums for the privilege of driving cars with their badges.  American, Japanese, and Korean makes have only envied the margins that the Germans have been able to command.
Any small advantage they can gain is eagerly pursued.  The hobbling of the German industry driving from this court decision and the scandal that preceded it is no small thing.  Stand by for some major scrambling as the dust settles and new plans are devised.
And Frau Merkel now has another big problem on her plate, as green initiatives already have hurt Germany's manufacturing sector deeply.

Italian psychiatrist: Muslims will outbreed Europeans and take over the continent

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist and criminologist, known for his politically incorrect views on migration.
In a radio interview, Meluzzi talks about the announcement of the Libyan coastguard that another million Muslim migrants will be coming to Europe. He says the “European civilisation, with its rights, freedom for women, for homosexuals… is at risk”.
Meluzzi concludes that (African) Muslims clearly have more children than Italians and looking at history, he thinks Europe will be “conquered” by Muslims by outbreeding the native population.
“As long as they’re a tiny minority, they enjoy our very own rights; then they conquer us using those same rights, and they’ll take over our laws and occupy”, Meluzzi said in the interview.

French Court Denies ‘Perverted Guru’ Tariq Ramadan Bail, Citing Re-Offending Risk

Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan has been denied bail by a court of appeal after his arrest for rape, claiming that he is not only a flight risk but there is a possibility he may engage in the same type of behaviour he is indicted for.

Ramadan and his legal team have been attempting to get the Muslim scholar out of custody on bail for medical reasons after he was hospitalised for multiple sclerosis-related ailments earlier this month, French broadcaster RTL reports.
The scholar’s team argued for him to be released and allowed to reside at a Swiss Islamic association building with an ankle monitor, but the judges denied the proposition saying that Ramadan was too much of a flight risk.
Several women also testified at the hearing, denouncing the “brutal sexual behaviour” of Ramadan, leading one of the judges to add that even with an ankle monitor Ramadan could be expected to continue his behaviour and possibly commit further offences.
More than 100,000 supporters of Ramadan have signed a petition to have him immediately released and over 100,000 euros have been raised on the French crowdfunding platform CotizUP.
Supporters of Ramadan claimed last year on social media that the allegations were a “Zionist plot” before he was arrested in January by French police.
His followers also made threats against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in November after they released an issue with Ramadan on the front page sporting a giant erection, along with the caption: “I am the sixth pillar of Islam.”
Ramadan has been accused of rape by two different women. The Swiss author Henda Ayari who claimed Ramadan had assaulted her in 2012 at a Union of Islamic Organisations of France conference and an anonymous woman known as “Christelle”.

Christelle, a 40-year-old disabled woman, claims that the Muslim scholar attacked her in Lyon in a hotel room in 2009.