Sunday, February 25, 2018

Essen / Germany: Antifa-Mob vandalizes in front of the Food Bank "Essener Tafel"

Bild könnte enthalten: im Freien

Graffiti scribbles on at least six vehicles and the doors of the Food Bank "Essener Tafel" are invastigated by the Essen police. Unknown people probably smeared the words "Nazis" and "Fuck Nazis" on six parked vehicles and doors of the food bank in the city of Essen with spray cans during the night from Saturday to Sunday (24th to 25th February). Police and State Security are now investigating. It is possible that someone has been watching the persons or can give clues that lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. The police will take the information under the telephone number 0201/829-0.

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