Thursday, February 15, 2018

Florida mass shooting: Another deranged Democrat obsessed with guns, violence and “resistance”

By now, you’ve probably heard that a horrific mass shooting tragedy has unfolded in a Florida school, where a former student returned to the school grounds and opened fire. So far, the death toll is 17.
Because the fake news media always reports false “facts” to push a gun control narrative, it’s important that you know the real facts about this shooter. In summary, the shooter (“Nicolas de Jesus Cruz”) is another deranged Democrat who is obsessed with guns, violence and “resistance.”
Here are the facts you need to know:
  • His name is “Nicolas de Jesus Cruz,” according to multiple news sources (including the Miami Herald).
  • The left-wing media isn’t reporting his full name because it sounds Hispanic.
  • According to the Florida registration database, he is a registered Democrat who identifies as “Hispanic.” (See this link for proof.)
  • He has been receiving “mental health treatments” at a mental health clinic, according to the Boston Globe. This almost certainly means he was also on psychiatric medications, just like nearly every school shooter we’ve seen over the past two decades.
  • He purchased a firearm in the last year after passing a background check.
  • He was reportedly “abusive to his girlfriend,” according to news reports.
  • Nicolas de Jesus Cruz was into guns, knives, smashed frogs and all sorts of weird stuff.
  • He followed “resistance groups” on social media, including Syrian resistance and Iraqi fighters, according to Fox News / Nick Short (see tweet below).
  • According to that same source, he was also actively involved in “YouTube chat room discussions” about “the building of bombs.”
shooting suspect Cruz followed all types of gun groups as well as resistance groups on social media including the Syrian resistance & Iraqi fighters. Cruz apparently was told last year he was not allowed to come back on campus because of threats against students.

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