Friday, February 23, 2018

Germany: Muslim migrant gets year and a half of prison dawah for jihad massacre plot

“The Chamber was convinced that the defendant was and is a threat.”
So what will he be in a year and a half? A solid, stolid German burgher?
Lord, what fools these dhimmis be.
“Asylum seeker sentenced to prison for planned terrorist attack,” translated from “Asylbewerber wegen geplanten Terroranschlags zu Haftstrafe verurteilt,” Deutsche Presse Agentur, February 21, 2018:
A 19-year-old refugee who has been living in Germany for three years is said to have planned a terrorist attack. A regional court sentenced him to a prison sentence without parole. The man was also found with much incriminating material.
Because of the planning of a terrorist attack, the Bayreuth district court sentenced a young Syrian to one and a half years in prison. The youth penalty for the 19-year-old refugee was not suspended – which is unusual, according to a court spokesman. “The Chamber was convinced that the defendant was and is a threat.”
Also, the presiding judge Michael Eckstein said: “We assume that the defendant was a danger and could conceal this from his environment.” The court sees the man as a flight risk. The verdict is not yet legally binding.
The terror plans of the man, who entered Germany as a refugee about three years ago, became known by chance. When police searched his home in Pegnitz near Bayreuth last summer for other crimes, they discovered propaganda material from the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia, videos of executions, bombing instructions, and a child pornography video.
In the indictment, the Attorney General of Munich states: “At the latest in mid-June 2016, the accused made the decision to commit a terrorist attack in Germany or Syria, in which many people should be killed.”
On the phone of the Syrian was also stored a confessional video of the assassin of Ansbach, according to a policeman. In the bomb attack in July 2016, 15 people were seriously injured. The Syrian assassin was killed. The IS claimed the attack.
The defendant justified the discovery by saying that he received several thousand messages a day on his mobile phone. He opened a bomb-making video without knowing what was behind the link. He did not care, either. He admitted that he owned the child pornography material.
The Attorney General had demanded two years and ten months in prison, plus four weeks of juvenile detention.

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