Tuesday, February 27, 2018

“Migrants want to benefit from European consumption and economic goods”

The Czech writers of a new book about migration say they want to battle the “misleading notion that migration is a positive and completely natural process”. Václav Klaus, the former President of the Czech Republic, wrote the book together with his former advisor and Arabist, Jiří Weigl.
Weigl mentioned in Hungary that “Immigrants en masse from the Middle East, Africa and Asia did not start out to contribute to the enrichment of European societies, but want to benefit from European consumption and economic goods.”
Speaking in Hungary, Weigl also criticised the EU: “We must back away from a supranational union, and return to the original idea of a static, pragmatic union based on cooperation between nations.”
His co-writer Klaus says “Europe has no need for the current artificially generated and organised migration”. Klaus emphasises Europe’s political elite is to blame for the migrant crisis because it created the narrative that migration is something positive.

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