Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Austrian-Jewish artist Arik Brauer:"Immigration is the problem"

Jewish artist  Arik Brauer (VIDEO) sees an anti-Semitic danger less in Nazi songbooks than in immigration from the Arab world. This was explained by the 89-year-old Holocaust witness on ORF television. At that time, Arik Brauer had still witnessed hundreds of thousands of people screaming "You Jew die !" at Vienna's Heldenplatz. In the 1930s and even before that,"every ordinary person was an anti-Semit".  This is no longer the case. On the scandalous  text, which was found in a vocal book of a student fraternity, Brauer says on ORF television:"This song would be dangerous if many people were to sing it. According to Brauer, however, immigration is the basic cause of the emergence of right-wing ideas to all intents and purposes. There are a quarter of a million Arabs who would rather bury us or see us at the bottom of the Mediterranean. There are many of them who immigrate here. If someone kills me in the street, it's certainly not one of those fencers (members of a student fraternity , A / N) who sing such a song."

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