Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Sweden: Muslim with knives and Qur’ans in car drives into three cars, attacks policeman

Police refused comment. They don’t want the Swedish public to realize what’s happening to Sweden. But very soon it will be painfully obvious to everyone there.
“Terror alarm in Gothenburg – A man with several knives and Qurans in the car drives into traffic,” translated from “Terrorlarm i Göteborg – man med flera knivar och koraner i bilen körde mot trafiken,” Fria Tider, February 28, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Domestic. A 30-year-old man collided with three cars as he drove into traffic going through the Lundby tunnel in Göteborg on Tuesday. The event was first described as a traffic accident, but now it appears that the man had knives and several Qurans in his car. The man also abused the police and is now suspected of attempted murder. However, when Fria Tider called police and prosecutors on Wednesday, we did not get any comments at all.
It was at 4:30 PM on Tuesday that the police were alerted that a driver was driving in the wrong direction from Älvsborgsbron towards the Lundby tunnel.
The driver, a 30-year-old, drove into three other cars before stopping his car inside the tunnel.
His car had been damaged to the extent that he could not drive on.
“When police arrived, the man resisted and was sprayed with OC spray,” the police wrote in their event report.
He was first arrested for attempted gross maltreatment, violence against civil servants and violent resistance. The three cars he drove into were lightly damaged, but no one was injured by his recklessness.
But at 8:00 PM on Tuesday night, the prosecutor changed the charge from attempted gross maltreatment to attempted murder.
Now it also appeared that the man had several knives and copies of the Quran in his car, reports the Göteborg Post.
The Bomb Squad and Säpo were called for fear of a terrorist crime, and this became a so-called special event. A search was also made of the man’s apartment.
Nevertheless, sources tell the GP that this is not believed at present to be a terrorist act, but is simply an offender who was behaving badly.
But the police are very protective of the incident. When Fria Tider called the Göteborg Police on Wednesday, we did not receive any comment at all, but were referred to chamber prosecutor Håkan Johansson.
We reached Johansson by phone, but he did not want to say anything at all.
“I have no comments,” said Håkan Johansson to Fria Tider.
He also did not want to comment on the information that there were knives and Qurans in the man’s car.
Today, the authorities do not want to comment on the event. But yesterday, police spokesman Peter Adlersson spoke to the GP, saying that the 30-year-old man, among other things, hit a policeman in his face.
The GP has also talked to someone who was in one of the cars damaged by the driver’s recklessness.
“I saw the lights through the car in front of me and he just came straight ahead. I had to throw myself to the side of the car but was still hit,” says the person to the newspaper.


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